My 90s are insane, UNDERRATED CONSOLE PLAYER. #pokimaneDNAtest big MEMES
4 months back
my 90s are faster then shitphonys.
POKI & MOE TAKE AN IQ TEST ON STREAM! Duo w/ Yassuo! Pokimane
2 years back
Sponsored by Lineage 2: Revolution. Come check it out here: http://bit.ly/2BsyoOC I duo'd with Moe again today! We decided to see who has the higher IQ and ...
Reacting to Shocking DNA Results I MyHeritageDNA Dating Beyond Borders
1 years back
People from around the world react to surprising DNA results. We partnered up with MyHeritageDNA for this video. Order HERE: https://bit.ly/2rGo4f9 and use ...
Is Pokimane Asian- I take a DNA test! Daily Entertainment Videos
4 months back
Such a large number of individuals get some information about my race, ethnicity, or nationality; I chose to at long last take a DNA test and look at my Ancestry!
Am I underrated? akaGemini
2 months back
SAC: KP2L9E Socials: °Twitter: akaGemini_ Just a 15 year old tryna make it out the jump Song: Adventure Time Island Song Remix (Osue) #FortniteMontage ...