Why Airbus Nearly Didn’t Happen: The A300 Story Mustard
1 months back
Watch over 2400 documentaries for free for a month by signing up at: and using the code “mustard” at checkout. In 1974 ...
Airbus Commercial Aircraft formation flight: 50-year anniversary Airbus
3 months back
Celebrating 50 years since its creation, Airbus conducted a formation flight that included representatives from each of its in-production commercial jetliner ...
The Differences Between BOEING and AIRBUS FTD Facts
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New Spanish Channel! - FTD Facts Espanol: The Differences Between BOEING and AIRBUS ...
Flugzeugbau bei AIRBUS Hamburg - BELUGA, A380 & co | Doku WELT Nachrichtensender
2 weeks back
Das Airbus-Werk in Hamburg-Finkenwerder zählt zu den weltweit größten Standorten für den modernen Flugzeugbau. An 365 Tagen im Jahr produzieren hier ...
3 months back
Who wants to take a roller coaster ride in an Airbus A380? Yesterday a storm crossed the netherlands and I filmed my first Airbus A380 go around at Amsterdam ...
INCREDIBLE Airbus A380 CLOSE UP Takeoff & Landing | Qantas | Melbourne Airport Plane Spotting HD Melbourne Aviation
1 years back
Melbourne Airport is a main hub for Qantas and have 3 of 12 A380s currently based there. The Los Angeles A380 service is by far the most popular flight by ...
Airbus A320 - самый популярный европейский самолет SkyShips
3 years back
Airbus A320 - семейство пассажирских самолетов, созданных концерном Airbus в конце 1980-хх. Один из самых массовых...
Airbus Family from the A300 to the Massive A380! (Inc A350-1000!) PilotSanderHD
6 months back
Seen here are (most of) all the airbus aircraft types including the A300, A310, A318, A319, A320, A320Neo, A321, A321Neo, A330-200, A330-300, A340-300, ...
One thing to say to Boeing Airbus
3 years back
Airbus and Boeing compete every day to connect people across the globe, so Airbus has just one thing to say as Boeing marks its 100th anniversary…
Airbus A350 - the most advanced airliner Skyships Eng
8 months back
Airbus A350 XWB (eXtra Wide Body) - a long-haul wide-body airliner, developed by the Airbus corporation. Being a completely new aircraft, this model is the first ...
Why Airbus will Stop making A380s neo
5 days back
Twitter: @neo_channel_ Facebook: E-Mail: [email protected] Video Description: As someone fascinated ...
Boeing vs Airbus - How Do They Compare - Airplane Company Comparison The Infographics Show
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How does Boeing compare to Airbus? Which company is bigger and which is more successful? Subscribe to The Infographics Show : ...
First flight of Airbus' #BelugaXL Airbus
1 years back
With an Airbus test crew aboard, the BelugaXL completes its maiden flight on 19 July 2018. Performed from Toulouse-Blagnac Airport in southwestern France, ...
Airbus Beluga XL AEROBATICS DISPLAY - Fly Past, Wing Wave & Landing at Broughton - February 2019 MT Aviation
7 months back
The new, bigger version of the Airbus Beluga cargo aircraft, the Beluga XL came to the UK for the first time today with a flight from Toulouse, France. En route, it ...
AIRBUS - A Day at Hamburg FSX flyinnjim
8 years back
Hamburg-Finkenwerder pls check out:
BelugaXL - Airbus' next-generation cargo airlifter Airbus
3 years back
The first BelugaXL has entered the final assembly process. In celebration of this key production milestone, achieved in December 2016, Airbus highlights the ...
PARIS AIRSHOW 2019 | Airbus Recap Dj's Aviation
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As the Paris Airshow 2019 Trade days have come to a close it's time to recap Airbus and how they performed. In today's video, I'll take a look at the A220, ...
Why Airbus And Boeing Dominate The Sky CNBC
8 months back
Airbus and Boeing dominate an already under competitive airline manufacturing industry. The duopoly owns the sky by making up 99% of global large aircraft ...
Мегазаводы. Airbus A380 (Аэробус А380). Самый большой пассажирский самолёт. - всё об авиации.
5 years back
Мегазаводы - это передача телеканала National Geographic. В этом выпуске рассказ пойдёт об одном из самых больших...
2 years back
AMAZING Airbus A380 near VERTICAL Take-off ✱ LARGE COMMERCIAL BOEING vs AIRBUS Todos os videoclipes estão licenciados sob a licença Creative ...
9 months back
Magufuli #AirTanzania #Tanzania.
Airbus The Airliner Profile History of all models Friðrik Friðriksson
6 years back
Most major aircraft manufacturing companies have been founded by flying enthusiasts who combined the properties of an innovator, engineer, and entrepreneur ...
Sabrina makes perfect Airbus landing! JustPlanes
3 years back
In the cockpit of the Air Arabia A320 for a flight from Peshawar Pakistan to Sharjah UAE. Find the full film at FOLLOW ...
Airbus Commercial Aircraft - Formation Flight Airbus
3 years back
Get a behind-the-scenes perspective as Airbus showcases its product line of modern jetliners with an impressive formation flight, which included the A320neo, ...
15 Things You Didn't Know About AIRBUS
2 years back
15 Things You Didn't Know About Airbus SUBSCRIBE to ALUX: In this video we'll try to answer the following questions: What ...
Air France Airbus A380 Catastrophic Engine Failure
2 years back
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Airbus Secures New Order Dj's Aviation
3 weeks back
Airbus has secured a brand new order from a long-time customer for their A330neo and also A321XLR! In today's video, I take a look at the order! Social Media: ...
How it's made .? Airbus 380 for Etihad Jetline Marvel
3 years back
How do they do : Manufacturing Airbus A380 Aircraft for Etihad Airline.
24 BIG PLANE LANDINGS and DEPARTURES - AIRBUS A380, BOEING 747, B787 ... (4K) Cargospotter
2 weeks back
Big planes, beautiful weather and rare airlines - What else do you need for a perfect august? In this video I sumed up all heavies I filmed last august and I start ...
Airbus a380 landing This Is What Professionals pilots Do on wet runway Topfelya
2 years back
Powerful reverse Thrust . A380 is looking awesome on a wet runway, it must be noted . I filmed this stunning footage last week whilst awaiting the Antonov ...
The reasons Airbus hasn't killed Boeing... yet! Mentour Pilot
4 months back
For 2 months of FREE Skillshare premium The Boeing company is experiencing its worst crisis in decades due to the 2 Boeing ...
A family that flies together: Airbus’ commercial aircraft Airbus
3 years back
Airbus' “family flight” brought together its market-leading commercial product line of single-aisle and widebody jetliners. In the skies together was the most ...
Airbus Launches A321XLR Dj's Aviation
3 months back
Airbus has officially launched its brand new A321XLR! In today's video, I discuss the upgraded A321LR and what if offers to customers, who's ordered the aircraft ...
AIRBUS A380 CROSSWIND LANDING + 2 GO AROUNDS during a STORM at Amsterdam (4K) Cargospotter
4 weeks back
Watching an Airbus A380 deal with crosswinds is always an incredible sight. Two planes were not able to land immediatly and had to try again after a go around.
Airbus Mania 2 | Biggest Airbuses in the World Today! Techno Blog
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Give a Support for make Smile → Airbus Mania 2 | Biggest Airbuses in the World Today! Don't forget to subscribe ...
Megastructures Airbus A380 Horacio Fernandez
6 years back
The National Geographic documentary series titled Megastructures now shifts its focus on to aeronautical wonder called the Airbus A380. Its intricate design ...
4 years back
Model: Airbus A400M RC Electric Model Pilot: Hannes Heppe Wingspan: 3.78m Length: 3.87m Weight: 38Kg Meeting: Airliner Meeting in Oppingen Germany ...
Emirates'in 100'üncü Airbus A380'in içinde dolaşıyoruz kokpitaero
2 years back
Dubai merkezli Emirates Havayolları, Airbus'ın iki katlı dev yolcu uçağı A380'in en büyük kullanıcısı. Emirates geçtiğimiz günlerde filosuna 100'üncü A380'i ...
✈️ Airbus - Logistik eines Flugzeuggiganten [DOKU] Doku24
5 months back
Pro Jahr liefert Airbus bis zu 800 neue Flugzeuge an Airlines auf der ganzen Welt. Ein Milliardengeschäft, das seine Tücken hat: Bei 1.500 Zulieferern aus 30 ...
¡DIFERENCIAS ENTRE AIRBUS 320 Y BOEING 737! (#119) Capi Leyton
1 years back
Cuales son las principales diferencias entre un Airbus 320 y Boeing 737?, estos dos son los aviones comerciales mas populares del mundo, los mas vendidos ...
Die Airbus Flotte vom A 300 bis zum A 380 above the clouds
2 years back
Doku über die Entstehung der Airbus Flotte vom A 300 bis zum A 380. Mit wunderschönen Bildern und imposanten Flugaufnahmen.
FF A320* REAL Procedures I Back to work I Airbus Pilot LIVE V1-Simulations
3 days back
Support the stream: Back to work V1 fans! As I prepare myself to get back on the line I step into the cockpit of the Flight Factor ...
Галилео. Тестирование Airbus GalileoRU
6 years back
816 от 03.11.2011 Продолжение рассказа о самом большом в мире пассажирском самолете Airbus А380. В этом сюжете вы...
Airbus A380 na Lotnisku Chopina (Warszawa/EPWA) - wersja pełna HD LotniskoChopina-YouTube
8 years back
Airbus A 380 na Lotnisku Chopina w Warszawie 19 marca 2011 r. A380 to obecnie największy na świecie samolot pasażerski mogący pomieścić na swoim ...
Obras Incríveis: Airbus A380 - O Gigante do Céu Júlio Cesar
9 years back
O maior avião de passageiros do mundo já está sendo construído e deverá entrar em operação em 2006. A aeronave pode pesar até 560 mil quilos e tem ...
Airbus 50th Anniversary Fly-Past LIVE from Toulouse #Airbus50 Big Jet TV FREEVIEW
4 months back
It's easy to watch the FREEVIEW shows – simply subscribe to our dedicated channel via the website...