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Every Sonic game is blasphemous | Unraveled Polygon
8 months back
You might think Sonic the Hedgehog has a storied history, but Brian David Gilbert is here to unravel why that history is completely wrong. Subscribe to our ...
FULL SONG: The Perfect PokéRap | Unraveled BONUS Polygon
5 months back
For those who want the studio recorded version of The Perfect PokéRap, Brian David Gilbert made this for you. WATCH THE FULL PRESENTATION HERE: ...
The Perfect PokéRap | Unraveled LIVE at PAX East 2019 Polygon
5 months back
At PAX East 2019, Brian David Gilbert revealed his magnum opus: the perfect PokéRap. It has every Pokémon, is emotionally vulnerable, and includes ...
I wasted 3 weeks of my life finding Castlevania's hottest monster | Unraveled Polygon
10 months back
Castlevania's bestiary is terrifyingly large. In this Unraveled, Brian David Gilbert tries, multiple times, to understand the monstrosity of Dracula's domain, and ...
Smash Bros. owes millions of dollars in OSHA violations | Unraveled Polygon
9 months back
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has a ridiculous amount of stages... but are they all death traps? Brian David Gilbert consults the Occupational Safety and Health ...
Scientifically calculating the game of the year | Unraveled Polygon
9 months back
Wouldn't it be nice if we no longer had to argue about which game deserves the GOTY crown? Good thing Brian David Gilbert has unraveled a statistical formula ...
Understanding Kingdom Hearts (and every other story) | Unraveled Polygon
8 months back
Everyone wants to get caught up on Kingdom Hearts' story before the new game comes out. But Brian David Gilbert will do you one better: he'll help you ...
how to make jorts | bdg brian david gilbert
5 months back
make your own jorts (jean shorts) in two easy steps! this is where i am: ...
you should be watching brian david gilbert felicity hannah
6 months back
i made this in hopes my friends would watch him. watch his polygon series unraveled. now. stop reading this, go.
this video got me a job | bdg brian david gilbert
2 years back
spoiler alert: i have a job now i work for polygon you should go to their website and youtube channel because that is where i will be, and then we can hang out ...
new shoes | bdg brian david gilbert
1 years back
those new shoes? thank you to the good pat gill: this is where i am: ...
shingle jingle | bdg brian david gilbert
1 years back
don't touch me please this is where i am: SUBSCRIBE: ...
Blindfolds & Cyberpunk Predictions — WEEK IN REVUE, Jan. 12, 2018 Polygon
2 years back
BDG is back with your one-minute musical revue of this week's gaming news, chock full of blindfolds, predictions and fanfics. Articles discussed: Switch eclipsing ...
"Wet City, USA" — Polygon Plays QUIPLASH 2, Feat. Griffin, Brian, Jenna & More! Polygon
2 years back
The Polygon crew gets together for another wholesome, family-friendly game of Quiplash 2. But this time, we're playing by Brian's rules: one word answers only.
Siblings | bdg brian david gilbert
3 years back
welcome to the family SUBSCRIBE for more existential hilarity: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: ...
Give up on Your Dreams of Becoming a Baker | bdg brian david gilbert
2 years back
tag your roommate who needs to give up on their dreams of becoming a baker SUBSCRIBE for more of whatever this is: TWITTER: ...
See The Day - Brian David Gilbert - [CLEAN CUT] Rebecca's Trash Hole
1 years back
I've loved this song for a bit now, and I hated how the only youtube video that had this song had like 2 minutes of filler, was a bit echoey, and had *DANCE ...
polygon's brian david gilbert out of context part 6: i had to re-edit this 3 times be grateful June Kwon
3 months back
Lemme tell you a story about how this had to be re-edited 3 times. THIRD TIME'S A CHARM I GUESS So the first time I edited this, I edited it along side part 3-5 ...
gill and gilbert except it's just them singing gilbertandgill
1 years back
i went to hell and back to make this. thanks for 1k subs!!! : ) also i have a (g&g ...
Celeste will make you better at every video game | Polygon's 2018 Games of the Year Polygon
9 months back
Celeste's level design mirrors actual rock climbing, and Brian David Gilbert is here to explain why that will help you be better at every other game you play.
Justin & Brian Are The 7th Guest — FMV QUEST, Episode 4 Polygon
2 years back
Justin needed fresh blood to join him on his quest to play every FMV game, and Brian was the one person naive enough to help him out. Today, they dive into ...
Learn The Alphabet with Brian David Gilbert I love one man, Brian David Gilbert
4 months back
Learning is fun! I guess,,, Follow me on TWITTER: @nocontextbdg Audio from:
Brian David Gilbert running his fingers through his hair for 6 minutes (sometimes Pat) I love one man, Brian David Gilbert
4 months back
A compilation of Brian running his fingers through his hair, because we love long haired Brian in this household aight Follow me on TWITTER: @nocontextbdg ...
Rejected Old Bay Jingle | bdg brian david gilbert
3 years back
i don't understand why mccormick was so crabby about it SUBSCRIBE for more existential hilarity: TWITTER: ...
the 19 ways you can say "ha ha, what" | bdg brian david gilbert
1 years back
these are the ONLY 19 ways this is where i am: SUBSCRIBE: ...
STEP TOUCH — Dances Moving! Ep. 1 | bdg brian david gilbert
2 years back
Ladybug - Original TheAltogether
6 years back
Like us on Facebook! Picking up the tempo and lightening the mood, we are back with another original. This time ...
Our FAVORITE GAMES of E3 2018! | Polygon @ E3 2018 Polygon
1 years back
It's the final day of E3, so Simone, Pat, and Brian sat down to gather their thoughts and gush about each of their personal favorite games of E3. Watch ALL of our ...
STRANGER SINGS — A comedy musical backing track! | bdg brian david gilbert
2 years back
It's a full musical backing track for the first episode of Stranger Things! This was so much fun to make, and it's infinitely more fun to watch with friends, so please ...
My Autobiography | bdg brian david gilbert
3 years back
rip brian david gilbert january 29, 1994 - may 6, 2030 SUBSCRIBE for more existential hilarity: TWITTER: ...
Polygon Presents: "Wario's Viscous Sweat" — Let's Play JACKBOX! Polygon
2 years back
It's Saturday, which means five of your favorite Polykids (plus one Adam Moussa from are gathering 'round the ol' personal computer for a clean, ...
Gill and Gillbert - Brian sings Love On Top Adam Sakiyama
1 years back
GillandGilbert The vocals are still very good. So I made another backing track. Thanks Polygon.
Unraveling Brian David Gilbert's "Unraveled" Peter L.
7 months back
i have a patreon now! please check it out and join if you wanna support my dumb content: you asked, so here it is: me ...
The Most Annoying Octopath Traveler Polygon
1 years back
Still holding off on choosing your main character in Octopath Traveler? If you go by tactics, you might end up with an insufferable cad. Brian's here to make sure ...
Brian David Gilbert/Unraveled MV: Touch-Tone Telephone Noot Doot
5 months back
I made this because I have no self-control. Enjoy! Unraveled belongs to (Here's the link, you should really watch it if you haven't) ...
Gill & Gilbert - I2I (full ver from the S2 finale) robin bobbin
1 years back
the lads gifting us with wholesome, uplifting content. forgive the less-than-stellar rendering, my comp is ancient. i just needed an isolated version of this to put on ...
happy father's day (bdg radiating big dad energy for 4 minutes) June Kwon
3 months back
alternate titles: bdg, more like bde (big dad energy), bdg being a dad (although he also he has big mom energy as well), happy father's day to the internet's ...
Thumbnail - Louie Zong; Brian David Gilbert (Lyrics) • Mery •
4 months back
Thanks for wachting! ⭐ •Thumbnail• Keep it quick, say it brief If it's fast, it will be a relief Short on time- that's a gift Count your seconds, and they'll catch the drift ...
Crystal Chronicles Has the Best Final Fantasy Music Polygon
1 years back
Does Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, a game long forgotten in the Final Fantasy series, have the best soundtrack of all of the games? Brian thinks so. Let him ...
FREESTYLE — Dances Moving! Ep. 7 | bdg brian david gilbert
2 years back
TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. IT'S THE FINAL EPISODE. Show me your best freestyle with #DancesMoving SUBSCRIBE for more dance instruction: ...
Gill and Gilbert - BDG sings i2i Adam Sakiyama
1 years back
GillandGilbert The vocal was too good. So I made a backing track. Thanks Polygon.
The Most Special Review---Merry Christmas!! | Zhiyun Crane Zhiyun-tech
3 years back
brian david gilbert This is a very special review of Zhiyun Crane---a song from Brian. Thank him for this interesting creation! And merry christmas everyone!
Beyoncé (Brian Gilbert) Leaves Michael Caine (Pat Gill) at a Loss for Words #GillandGilbert Jill Hurley
1 years back
Watch Gill and Gilbert on every Wednesday This video is for entertainment purposes. All content belongs to Vox Media.
WEEK IN REVUE: A Musical Recap of Gaming News — Jan. 5, 2018 Polygon
2 years back
Don't have time to read? Well in our new video series, let BDG serenade you — in one minute — with the minimum required info to keep up with Polygon news.
Polygon's Brian David Gilbert out of context because I'm unoriginal alexander_slamilton
3 weeks back
Our lord and savior BDG ((I know this has been done before, don't sue me))
a quick compilation of why brian david gilbert breathes life into my soul Dawnriser
5 months back
yeah wow okay I know Im not the first person to make this, and even though they comps are all pretty much the same, I needed to make one that perfectly fit my ...
I’m sorry I love one man, Brian David Gilbert
2 months back
I'm going to let you figure out whatever this is Just know that this is probably the by product of watching Good Omens too many times Follow me on TWITTER: ...