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The Chevy Corvette C5 Z06 Is an Insane Sports Car Bargain Doug DeMuro
4 months back
GO READ MY COLUMN! http://autotradr.co/Oversteer THANKS TO STICK SHIFT STUDIOS! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfvKcSCWCkNNCcVGtH1W6sw ...
C5 Corvette Buyers Guide Toys4Life C5
2 months back
Considering a C5 Corvette? If so, I will walk you through the 97 through 2004 models and steer you away from issues and towards the more reliable and ...
Here’s What It's Like Owning a C5 Corvette..... David Van Voris
7 months back
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Chevy Corvette C5 Z06 - это безумно выгодная спортивная машина Doug DeMuro Русская Версия
4 months back
Объявления по продаже Chevrolet Corvette на Авто.ру https://autoru.me/HCBWD Обзор ZR1 2019 https://youtu.be/C8O7Ujp-C5g Обзор Z06 2017 ...
She Wanted This C5 Corvette....Until We Found This Out.... David Van Voris
4 months back
She Wanted This C5 Corvette....Until We Found This Out.... https://teespring.com/stores/david-van-voris Use coupon code: vanv39 on blackoakled.com ...
Redesigning the soft lines of the Chevrolet C5 Corvette | Foose on Design - Ep. 2 Hagerty
2 weeks back
The C5 Corvette has established itself as a performance bargain, but few have ever praised its styling as the best-looking Corvette. To see what might be ...
Modified LS3 C5 Corvette - One Take TheSmokingTire
3 years back
Considering I own one of these C5 Corvettes, you'd think I'd have more experience driving them, but in fact, this is the first C5 I've driven that isn't my own in over ...
Regular Car Reviews: 2001 Chevrolet Corvette C5 RegularCars
3 years back
Oh look, Grandpa bought a C5 Corvette and he thinks it's an investment. Newsflash Pops, worms will eat your bone marrow before the C5's will be worth money.
Here's why I secretly love the C5 CORVETTE Shifted Perspective
1 years back
In this video we go for a drive and I tell you why I still really like the C5 Corvette. Special thanks to Richard for letting me take it for a spin! @stangvette Instagram: ...
Corvette C5 Z06 | Best Sports Car for $20,000? savagegeese
2 months back
We review the 2001 - 2004 Chevy Corvette C5 Z06 and why it may be the best value in the used sports car market. We discuss the best and worst features and ...
Secrets of the C5 Corvette My Corvette Life
1 years back
My Corvette Life: Episode 136: Secrets of the C5 Corvette More C5 info: ...
1999 C5 Corvette Review!! Best Bang For Your Buck! Cars, Tech and More!
9 months back
This is my 1999 Corvette and I look forward to making many videos with this car! let me know how I am doing! This video is kind of old I am working on getting ...
Corvette C5 w/ Corsa Exhaust Sounds Demoniac! WorldSupercars
6 years back
Thanks to a good friend, I had the opportunity to have a ride in his Chevrolet Corvette C5, fitted with some Corsa exhaust. The exhaust has valves and they can ...
Cammed C5 Corvette Review Car Mod Guy
8 months back
Quick review of my cammed C5 Corvette. It's been a few months since I finished all of the upgrades. The car still drives great. I took it for a quick spin; when the ...
Common Problems with the C5 Corvette - Know This Before Buying! Car Time
2 months back
Today I talk about some of the common issues you may run into with C5 Corvettes! Every new video will have a free giveaway! Remember to Subscribe and ...
FAKE LOW | C5 Corvette Side Skirts | WHOREVETTE Tyler Fialko
3 years back
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BEST of Corvette SOUNDS! - C5, C6, C6 Z06, C7 Stingray & More! Gumbal
6 years back
This video is a 'best of' compilation of many different Corvette cars I have recorded in the past years. It contains new & old video footage. The video shows ...
1997 Chevrolet Corvette C5 | Retro Review MotorWeek
2 years back
'97 saw the 5th generation Corvette and its swap it into anything that it will fit LS1.
C5 Corvette Convertible Review and Road Test J. ANTHONY
4 years back
A quick review of my 2004 C5 Corvette 6SPD. Welcome to J.Anthony Your portal to the good life. This channel is primarily about cars, watches and luxury goods.
17 Years of Progress: Civic Type R vs C5 Corvette JAX
4 months back
The Civic Type R performs about as well as a Chevy Corvette from nearly twenty years ago, which is quite interesting if you really think about it. Does that mean ...
Is this 1997 C5 Corvette so GREAT that it saved a father's life? Raiti's Rides
8 months back
The Chevrolet Corvette is such an iconic sports car. In 1997 this Corvette was produced. It was the first year of the C5 generation of Corvettes. This particular one ...
C5 Corvette Cam, Wrap and MORE! YellowVette04
2 months back
I got to drive LeftLaneOnly732 C5 Corvette that has a Texas Speed and Performance 228R Cam and 3600 stall and of course thr obvious Camo Wrap.
Corvette C5 Is The Best Value Sports Car Today Mod2Fame Vlog
12 months back
Please watch: "Does Catless Downpipes Really Mean More Horsepower? Panamera Turbo Test " https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4q5dqTA1yYU --~-- So as I ...
Heads/Cam C5 Corvette Z06: How Have the Mods Held Up? Jamal's Garage
1 months back
How have all of the mods help up on my h/c/i c5z? I go over all of it in this video! Song: Pixels- Pure Imagination Link for Pixels - Pure Imagination: ...
Matt's C5 Corvette - New Wheels - One Take TheSmokingTire
5 years back
Peek around Matt's whole garage on WheelWell! https://www.wheelwell.com/profile/54a87c441b035a475a2f2d8c/garage Matt finally pulls his Corvette out of ...
Corvette C5 vs Ferrari 512TR autobahn Germany 57explorateur
7 years back
Why don't you drive on the right line ???
Oversteer - E46 M3 vs. C5 Corvette Road Test OversteerShow
4 years back
What is the best sports car for $15000? Mitchell Weitzman & Daniel Blodgett attempt to find the answer! This is a road test and comparison of the BMW E46 M3 ...
Ant Transforms A Corvette C5 Z06 Into A "Mean Looking Machine” | Wheeler Dealers Wheeler Dealers
12 months back
On this episode of #WheelerDealers, Ant gets to work on an iconic Corvette C5 Z06 by fixing its wobbly seat. Meanwhile, Mike attends to the car's exterior to ...
I Should Have Done This To My C5 Corvette A WHILE AGO... Jimbo's Channel
2 years back
The good ol' C4 made a comeback in this video! The poor battery has been dead for a little while so I figured I should give her a jump. We also talk about the ...
1999 C5 Corvette Burnout Donuts Jon Corwin
8 years back
Corvette burning off what's left of the rear tires. Listen to the Corsa exhaust scream! WATCH IN HD! RATE & COMMENT!
C5 vs. C6 Corvette review/analysis - which is better? Toys4Life C5
2 years back
Major upgrade complete! The C5 is now SUPERCHARGED!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s1reP7M_kY4.
Labib's 650HP C5 Z06 My Corvette Life
7 months back
My Corvette Life: Episode 201 - Labib's 650HP C5 Z06 NEW MERCH NOW AVAILABLE! https://teespring.com/stores/mcl-merch Contact Me Via Email: ...
I Love Corvettes So I Spent 30 Hours Restoring One That Sat Outside For 8 Years. DIY C5 Restoration. LegitStreetCars
4 months back
Here's the $45 Ceramic Coating kit - http://bit.ly/2JHURci Enter Coupon Code - LEGIT25 Here's the Corvette engine restoration video! http://bit.ly/2kPEiDm The ...
C5 Corvette NRG Steering Wheel Install! Taylor Ray
3 years back
If I made a list of the top 5 mods to do to a drift car, this would be number 3. So stoked on the wheel/quick release setup. Boosted Factory ...
Track Ready 2004 C5 Corvette Z06 AutotopiaLA
1 years back
This was my first time driving a C5 Z06 Corvette and although this one is mildly modded you can tell what the starting point is a great car. Plenty of power ...
How to Buy a C5 Corvette – Trials and Tips and What to Look For Street Rod Jim
5 months back
Jim discusses how to buy a used C5 Corvette and what to look for. He uses techniques from Chris Fix and adds corvette specific knowledge to the list. To see ...
GETTING EVICTED Because My New C5 Corvette Exhaust is *TOO LOUD* Jimbo's Channel
2 years back
CHECK OUT ZFGco! https://www.zfgco.com/ NO JOKE. Rob Ferretti (Superspeedersrob) my boss hit me with the "Get an exhaust, or you can't live there." Line.
WHY YOU SHOULD NOT BUY A $8,900 C5 Corvette! Problems and issues Jon- David
2 years back
WHY YOU SHOULD NOT BUY A CHEAP C5 Corvette! Problems and issues!
Is NOW the time to BUY a 2003 C5 Corvette 50th Anniv Edition? Raiti's Rides
4 months back
Since the Corvette first hit the streets back in 1953 it was time to celebrate in a very big way. The2003 50th Anniversary Special Edition Corvette has a special ...
The ULTIMATE C5 Corvette - SO MUCH Carbon Fiber! 1320video
2 years back
The ULTIMATE C5 Corvette and it's covered in carbon fiber! Joe Cordes (owner of Cordes Performance Racing in Tempe, AZ) took his love for Vipers, Corvettes, ...
DIY: How to lower Corvette C5 Base/ z06 (FRONT) HD BassMovementEnt
3 years back
In this video I will be showing you how to lower a C5 Corvette, this method will work on any c5 Corvette 1996 - 2004. Enjoy! if you have any questions or ...
C5 Corvette 2 Year Cost of Ownership YellowVette04
2 years back
Owning a C5 Corvette does not break the bank. This video I discuss how much it has cost me over the last 2 years. The price of a C5 Corvette makes it one of the ...
How To Jack Up a C5/C6 Corvette My Corvette Life
5 months back
My Corvette Life: Episode 214 - How To Jack Up a C5/C6 Corvette NEW MERCH NOW AVAILABLE! https://teespring.com/stores/mcl-merch Contact Me Via ...
2011 Corvette Grand Sport vs. Matt's Modified C5 Corvette TheSmokingTire
9 years back
The Smoking Tire hits the Malibu Canyons with two torch red Corvettes: a 2011 Grand Sport, and Matt's 1998 C5. Matt set out to turn his Corvette into a better ...
C5 Corvette - Top 8 Reasons it is a Sports Car Bargain Toys4Life C5
7 months back
Although the C5 corvette is 22 years old, it was a huge sports car leap and is still very competitive today. Many of these cars were coddled by their middle age ...
C5 Corvette Building The Fifth Generation Corvette VHS Movie JT
6 years back
60 minute movie that describes the design process, building process, and everything relating to the new 1997 C5 Corvette.
C5 Corvette BC Racing Coilover Install Taylor Ray
3 years back
The drift vette gets some suspension work. We delete the transverse leaf springs and go with full coilovers instead. One step closer to being a full blown drift car!
C5 Corvette Fixed Roof Coupe Cam and MORE!! YellowVette04
1 months back
I got to drive Team 512 C5 Corvette Fixed Roof Coupe (FRC) that has a custom grind Lunati Cam, monster clutch and other modifications. The C5 Corvette Fixed ...