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Coins Have Hidden Booby Traps And Secret Levers Art Insider
5 months back
This artist uses coins to create intricate pieces of art. Roman Booteen is an artist from Russia who carves Zippo cases and transforms the US Morgan dollar into ...
Making Your Own Custom Coin Switch & Lever
4 years back
In this video we're looking closer at how to make your own brass coin, all the way from getting a 3d model of a head to put on the coin, to milling and finishing the ...
How to Make Custom Coins - Aluminium Sand Casting || Quick Cuts Brothers Make
4 months back
In the run up to Makers Central 2019, we have made some aluminium 'Maker Coins' to trade with other makers at the event. If you are going to Makers Central ...
What is a challenge coin? Christopher Chaos
1 years back
What is a challenge coin? In this video ill explain a little history about these coins that service members might receive and share some stories about the ones I ...
Minting My Own Currency How To Make Everything
1 years back
Go to or text HTME to 500-500 to get a free book and 30 day free trial. After extracting my own silver, I now attempt to recreate a ...
12 months back
This artist engraves coins in a hobo nickel style! The hobo nickel is a sculptural art form that involves the creative modification of small-denomination coins with ...
Making Challenge Coins the Cheap and Easy Way NanoBurger
3 years back
Video to accompany my step-by-step tutorial on making challenge or geocaching coins out of ceramic (clay). The Instructable is found here: ...
11 months back
Russian artist Roman Booteen (featured previously) continues to create some of the most interesting 'Hobo nickels' we've ever seen. In his latest artwork, ...
Casting Custom Coins & Keychains in Pure Aluminum BRONZE ArtByAdrock
5 months back
Today I'm melting Aluminum Bronze into custom coins & keychains. I melted old pure aluminum bronze ingots I had laying around from previous projects and 3D ...
Electro-Etching and Casting Brass Challenge Coins: Maker Adventure 10! Brett McAfee
5 months back
We need money...Luckily we've got magicks to take care of such things. Finally, some hard earned rest. M.O.G. Support the adventure: ...
DIY Metal Fantasy Coins - Tabletop Craft # 34 Roll for Damage
2 years back
This episode were gonna make copper fantasy coins and etch them with salt water, then use zinc to get silver and gold colored coins. You can also join my ...
Lost PLA metal Casting at home Game of Thrones Copper Coin - challenge with ArtByAdrock + BigstackD VOG
3 months back
Grab some old copper pipes, melt them, and make something - that was the Challenge this time, and I went with a Copper Coin bearing the Direwolf sigil of the ...
Different Edges for your Custom Challenge Coins! Info GS-JJ
2 months back
How to choose the proper edge for your challenge coins? All six types of custom edges displayed here for you to discover. Leave a comment if you desire to ...
Stamping custom coins with a flypress Mark Teece
2 years back
Using a flypress to stamp custom coins for a Kickstarter campaign. A custom stamp was made and then stamped into copper and brass coin blanks. www.
Coin Production Process Celebrate Excellence
6 years back An informational video about our coin production process. View more challenge coins options or to create a coin of your ...
Make Your Own Campaign Coins, D&DIY Episode 1 OneCutStudio
2 years back
This is the first video in a new segment on crafting for tabletop games like Dungeons and Dragons. In this first installment of DM's Craft, I am going to show you ...
Casting a Custom Coin in Silver Billy-Bobus Foundry
2 years back
I've got some new toys. This new casting sand allows me to get finer details than before. I make a sand mold of one of my custom coins and pour molten silver ...
How Custom Coins Are Made With Diamond Cut Borders Monterey Company
4 years back
Ever wonder how custom-made coins are made? This informational video shows how diamond cut borders and 3D imaging are cut into custom coins.
Challenge Coin Design 101 Celebrate Excellence
7 years back
The number one viewed Challenge Coin video on YouTube! If you are considering a challenge coin for your organization - this is the informational video for you!
How To 3D Model & 3D Print Custom Vlogger Fair Coins : Tutorial Barnacules Nerdgasm
5 years back
I show you how to use Photoshop, 3DSMAX, netFabb & CURA to design, 3D model & 3D print a collectible coin I will be distributing to Vloggers at Vlogger Fair ...
Difference between 2D and 3D coin designs for custom coins at CoinsAndPins
6 years back
This video shows the differences between 2-D leveling, multi-leveling, and 3-D images as they are interpreted by the custom coin and lapel pin manufacturing ...
Coin Collecting : About Custom Military Coins eHowArtsAndCrafts
9 years back
Custom military coins are considered to be challenge coins, which are issued by the services so that particular units can identify themselves. Find out how ...
Challenge: Casting Bronze Maker Coins from a 3D Printed Pattern Paul's Garage
9 months back
And finally, the Metal Casting Maker Coin Challenge! (or so i think it's called.) I 3D printed some patterns, made them into a matchplate, and today I am sand ...
Custom coins Just Forwards
11 months back
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Super Mario Challenge Coins Blind Bag Opening | PSToyReviews pstoyreviews
2 years back
Today we have a full box of Super Mario Challenge Coins blind bags. We are on the search for a full set. You can collect 8 different characters and also gold ...
Custom Power Ranger Coins and Legacy Morphers Dex Antares
1 years back
EDIT: I just realized at the five minute mark I called the Tigerzord coin another Dragon coin =_=;; I think I have to turn in my Morpher in shame now... or at least ...
Making coins custom engraving OSMTH MCO challenge coin Kurt Bleyweert
3 years back
How we make a custom made metal coin for OSMTH MCO Belgium using CNC engraving and a plexiglass inlay that has been full color UV printed.
Custom Coins Maker- Bespoke Challenge Coins, Military Coins, Souvenir Coins JIN SHEU
1 years back
Check our website for more information about custom coins/ bespoke coins for challenge coins etc. Custom coins is usually made of brass or zinc alloy; zinc ...
Custom Coins Alexa Sophia
5 years back
Custom Challenge Coins Specializing in Custom Coins,Challenge Coins,Custom Military Coins, and Custom Challenge Coins.Call Today For Free Quote (855) ...
Custom Coins james wales
3 years back - Embleholics designs and manufacturers custom corporate and organizational products. Create custom products for any event ...
Custom Coins Saber mustafa
7 years back
برامج 2013،شروحات البرامج ،شروحات الفوتوشوب ،فرش فوتوشوب،ملفات مفتوحه،شروحات فى عالم النت ، برامج المونتاج...
Spartan Coins talking custom coins plating versus painting Spartan Custom Challenge Coins
3 years back
Hey everyone, Rob here for talking custom coin design and more specifically paint color versus plating. I am of the opinion that plated ...
DIY MINI COINS 💰⚒ The Dream Syndicate Art Dolls
2 years back
DIY Mini Coins are super easy & give you a lot of options for making custom coins with polymer clay. Watch the rest of my St. George & the Dragon art doll ...
Challenge Coins FitzenKnives
8 years back
John talks about challenge coins, incuding our own coin.
Super Mario World - Custom Coins mikeyk730
12 years back
These custom blocks award Mario a configurable number of coins and turn into the next Map16 block. Download them from:
Challenge Coins - My collection and some mail! Super Collector
2 years back
Our first non-toy video! I received a new challenge coin in the mail, so I thought it was a good opportunity to show off my collection. Subscribe to our channel: ...
Police Firefighter and EMT custom coins by CoinsAndPins
7 years back
This video is just a small sampling of coins we have minted. Contact us to have your custom coins made at We make coins for ...
Custom Spinner Challenge Coins - Signature Coins Signature Coins
10 months back
Who needs a fidget spinner when you've got custom spinner challenge coins? These custom coins have been created making use of our special ...
1,We have made 10000+ custom coins chan olivia
4 years back
If you want to make a coin, and don't know how to do? Ready Blog: We teach you step by step. you could check teaching video bellow.
1 months back
Let me know if you want any of them. 1 for $15 or 2 for $20. ☆ PO BOX For Fan Mail/ Lottery Tickets ☆ PO Box 41, Iberia, OH 43325 ☆SUBSCRIBE☆ ...
Jian Showroom displays various custom coins & medal 济安
3 years back
Our showroom displays the best top selling products of Jian including metal pins, badges, Medals, coins, keychain, belt buckle, cuff links in superior quality.
Custom Coins for Organizations and Businesses by CoinsAndPins
7 years back
Some of the custom coins and medallions we have made for businesses and organizations. We can make your custom coins for awards, promotions, events, ...
Custom coins Just Forwards
11 months back
coins across magic, coins across david roth, coins across tutorial, coins across revealed, coins across routine, coins across penn and teller, coins across magic ...
Challenge Coins: Custom Military Coin Rotating PinProsPlus
6 months back
PinProsPlus offers a wide array of coin creation services, including gold, silver, copper, nickel or bronze metal coins with a variety of finishes and edges.
2D/3D Custom Coins Star Lapel Pin Co., Ltd 時達有限公司
1 years back
Custom coins can be minted with a 2D or 3D design on one or both sides. 2D coins have two layers, a background, and a raised surface. 3D coins have a full ...
Opening packs of Super Mario Challenge coins! The Games Shed
2 years back
I went out and grabbed 8 packs of these blindbag Super Mario Challenge coins. Lets open them up and see if I get lucky and get a GOLD one? :) Each Pack ...
C. Forbes | Art Process - Challenge Coins CForbesInc
11 months back
Making a challenge coin is quite a task. There are dozens of options that affect price and turnaround. With 20+ years of challenge coin program experience, C.