Что лучше? IQOS Или Juul: сравнение, обзор и личный опыт TECHNOGUIDE
4 months back
Все видели, что на улицах люди ходят с джулами, вейпами и прочими айкосами, типа такого https://www.iqos.com.ua/. Вейпы...
Can Juul Pods Really Destroy an iPhone? TechSmartt
11 months back
Can Juul Pods Really Destroy an iPhone? That's what I find out in this video after making a series of vape and vaping videos on fidget spinners, hoodies and ...
JUUL v.s. Cigarettes: Physicians Weigh In | The Differential Now Medscape
1 years back
Related Article: https://wb.md/2MK0jMq Our medical student representative, Neil C. Bhavsar, discusses the success of JUUL, an e-cig company. He discusses ...
Как заправить картридж Juul. B L
7 months back
В этом видео я рассказываю как заправить картридж от компании Juul, как избавится от попадания жидкости в...
6 months back
This video contains nothing illegal or agains YOUTUBE COMMUNITY GUIDELINES! It is for educational purposes only! This video follows everything youtube ...
Обзор - сравнение нового JUUL C1 Starter Kit | Как установить приложение и пройти регистрацию?! Dr.Smoke Vape Shop
1 months back
Привет наши любители JUUL! Сегодня праздник на вашей улице, к нам заехал JUUL C1 Starter Kit! Так что в этом ролике,...
Ali Biçim Juul E-Sigarayı Anlatıyor! w/ Kendine Müzisyen, Alper Rende Twinkle
4 months back
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/kendinemuzisyen Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kendinemuzisyen/?hl=tr Youtube: ...
Juul accessories unboxing Alina Childs
1 years back
Hello and Welcome back to my channel, today I have a Juul accessories unboxing video. I'm way over dramatic but that's what makes it funny. Hope you guys ...
Don't Juul in School Celine Lai
2 years back
All music credits given to The Piano Theorist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mF2vfCTvN9I For MUSC 201 at TAMU.
E-Cigarettes & JUUL School Presentation Rutland Regional Medical Center
8 months back
Sarah Cosgrove, RCP, TTS-M, AE-C from the Community Health Team at Rutland Regional Medical Center, presents to school kids at Christ the King school in ...
How I got addicted to Juul at 13 | My story Next DDE
8 months back
If you think I'm still 13 right now, I'm not LOL im 16. Thank y'all for watching, I hope you all enjoyed this video I made about my JUUL addiction lolll, and also ...
JUUL Alternative - Best JUUL Alternative Teagardins TV
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JUUL Alternative - Best JUUL Alternative In this installment, we will be reviewing a few JUUL alternative vapes. Instagram: @TEAGARDINS Youtube: ...
Juul Addiction | Here’s What You NEED To Know Authentic Mental Health
3 days back
I have been using Juul for nearly 2 years now, here is my personal experience with Juul and what you need to know about it.
Unboxing my JUUL while I’m HIGH Jenna Jadee
1 years back
Instagram: Brazyjenna Snapchat:Jenna_141401 Lauren's Instagram:Issa.l.a.
JUUL is not COOL | Health Project thericekrispie
7 months back
Just a school health project "Study: Lead and other toxic metals found in e-cigarette 'vapors'" ...
how to do juul tricks on an island Sofie Sedgwick
8 months back
Today Liz and I teach you how to do juul tricks, buy sushi, and get really high (on the swings) at the park. All of this occurs while on an island. MY SOCIAL ...
People Who JUUL Michael Uy
4 months back
People with Juuls be like... *LISTEN UP! This video was intended to be entertaining and poke fun at those who do Juul. No, I do not condone juuling or ...
JUUL Starter Kit Unboxing, Setup and First Impression Review React Reject
2 years back
JUUL starter kit unboxing This video is for ages 18 and over. Viewers discretion is advised.
How To Fix Your JUUL (Leaking/Not Pulling) RaidenHasGame
10 months back
Juul #Tips #Tricks #Fix leave a like if this helped! :)
JUUL juanje molina
6 years back
Buscando en la biblioteca material educativo para niños y adolescentes donde poder trabajar la autoestima y los valores sociales me he topado con este ...
Why Juul is Opening Temples to its Brand (Stores) Section4
3 months back
Juul is shifting investments from pre-purchase to distribution by opening high-end stores. Scott uses the "Clock Model" to break down why it's a smart move for ...
USB Killer vs iPhone XS Max/XR Fake, Note 9 & Juul! Instant Death? EverythingApplePro
1 years back
What Happens? USB Killer Into a iPhone XS, XS Max, XR Clone, Galaxy Note 9, USB Wall Outlet, Juul Vape, Mini iPhone & More! + EMP Torture. Do NOT Try ...
❖ CIGARETTES vs JUUL vs Novo ❖ How much does it really cost? Cloud Theorem
4 months back
The true cost of smoking cigarettes compared to using JUUL or an open pod system like the SMOK NOVO. The findings will surprise you! ...
〖 manifest a juul + pods subliminal 〗 rhoses sublimimals
12 months back
for the eDGy teens UwU. || hi! call me niy, or rhoses. // which ever you prefer. // i'm new i guess,, i'll try to upload subliminals when i can so please be patient!
How to make a juul (that works) Ney-Fen Forti
10 months back
juul is cool My brothers channel: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCtyfJMiffoFPyVg49QJZ80A.
1 years back
Myle vs Juul Review Indonesia.
Tord Juul spiller på dommerutvelgelsen (Norske talenter 2018) TV 2
2 years back
Ikke gå glipp av noe – abonner på TV 2s YouTube-kanal: https://goo.gl/eJKKfL Se hele episoder her: https://goo.gl/JQKrNk.
Phix + (Plus) v JUUL Comparison - Which Do I Use? Hamood's Reviews & Tips
1 years back
Here's my personal opinion on which of these two closed pods I like the best. They both are good overall systems but both have their own strengths and quirks or ...
Juul to cut 16% of workforce CNBC Television
2 days back
Juul will cut 650 jobs, up from the previously planned 500 jobs, as it slashes nearly $1 billion in costs next year. The job cuts represent 16% of Juul's 4051 ...
2 years back
The name is the best part.
I Found a Working JUUL and iPhone Underwater While Scuba Diving! (Worlds Fastest Underwater Scooter) DALLMYD
5 months back
In this video my friends and I search Ginnie Springs for lost valuables! Subscribe if you want to watch more treasure hunting videos like this!
[JUUL] 쥴 파드를 소개합니다 쌈박쥬스닷컴
10 months back
100% 정품 멘솔. 멀티팩. Cool Cucumber 3가지 맛이 있습니다. CSV의 원조. 전자담배의 조상이라 감히 칭합니다.
ZiiP Pods for the JUUL Dubai Vapers
12 months back
ZiiP Pods for the JUUL Look more on https://www.arabianvapers.com/ ZiiP Pods for the JUUL are 3rd party e-liquid pods designed specifically for the JUUL ...
Juul Announces Plan to Combat Underage Use VapePassion
1 years back
Juul will be investing $30 million dollars over the next three years to support research, educate the public, and support efforts to raise the age to buy tobacco to ...
JUUL by PAX | Review Vape Bros, Inc
2 years back
Check out all Juul Vapor products at: https://www.juulvapor.com/ Juul Device: https://www.juulvapor.com/shop-juul-device/ Juul Starter Kit: ...
JUUL - neuer E-Zigaretten-Trend | BR24 BR24
10 months back
Der Markt für E-Zigaretten boomt. Zwischen zwei und vier Millionen Deutsche "dampfen" schätzungsweise zumindest gelegentlich. Jetzt kommt eine neue ...
JUUL The Best Alternative to Cigarettes Review Jake Biel
2 years back
JUUL is the best e cig for adult smokers seeking a satisfying alternative to smoking cigarettes. Beautifully designed, compact and discreet. This device has kept ...
Mi experiencia fumando Juul Mister Martinez USA
1 months back
Amigos en este video les muestro cómo funciona el cigarro electrónico Juul, sus riesgos y consecuencias, no olviden seguirme en IG j.martinez.13 y en FB ...
Chaqueta Piaggio - Juul (Videoclip Oficial) CernicaloPeru
6 years back
Artista: Chaqueta Piaggio Canción: Juul Álbum: Espejismos Producido por: CERNICALO http://www.cernicalo.com.
JUUL บุหรี่ไฟฟ้า วิธีดูของแท้ กับของปลอม Angels Pleasure
1 years back
JUUL บุหรี่ไฟฟ้า วิธีดูของแท้ กับของปลอม * เปรียบเทียบให้ดูว่าของแท้จากอ...
סיגריות JUUL כבר כאן, ובארה"ב הכריזו על הסיגריות האלקטרוניות כמגפה פואנטה חדשות צרכנות
1 years back
קראו להן סיגריות אלקטרוניות, קראו להן סיגריות אידוי - הסמנטיקה לא משנה, אלא כמות הניקוטין, ההתמכרות המהירה...