How to paint a cake using edible dust Nauty Little Treats
1 years back
Fondant/food colouring Rolling pin Turntable Plastic smoothers Acrylic smoothers Edible lustre dust Rejuvenator spirit Large flat brush Large soft brush.
How to Paint a Cake With Luster Dust minetterushingcakes
5 years back
Minette Rushing, owner of Custom Cakes is Savannah Georgia, demonstrates how to apply luster dust to create a beautiful, shimmering cake.
Star Wars Cookie Spheres - OVEN MITZ Mitzetto
4 years back
Everyone (including me) is going star wars mad at the moment - the perfect excuse bake some more geeky goodies! Thanks for watching, please leave any ...
Warboy Test 1 Tollivandi
4 years back
Featuring Wilton's Silver Cake Spray. Advice: manic warboy grin not recommended. The inside of your lips does not like this stuff. But it looks GREAT.