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Raw Craft with Anthony Bourdain - Episode Fourteen: SJC Drums with Tré Cool of Green Day BalvenieUS
2 years back
In the final episode of Raw Craft, The Balvenie and Anthony Bourdain travel to the unassuming small town of Southbridge, MA. They visit SJC Drums and watch ...
Zildjian Drumsticks - Tré Cool Avedis Zildjian Company
2 years back
Designed by Green Day's drummer, Tré Cool, this stick features an oversized acorn wood tip and moderate taper for maximum sound projection. It is constructed ...
Sound Legacy - Tré Cool of Green Day Avedis Zildjian Company
2 years back
Zildjian sat down for a totally normal, not any way out-of-the-ordinary interview with Tré Cool, human drummer for the band Green Day. He looks great! Songs: ...
Tré Cool of Green Day Talks SJC Drums & More! Sweetwater
2 years back
Enter to win the WORLD'S LARGEST PEDALBOARD GIVEAWAY | Win a Piece of History --~-- Before ...
Tré Cool - The Jeff Matika Show Edición Internacional S01E07 Green Day
2 years back
The Jeff Matika Show Edición Internacional featuring interview with Tré Cool. Originally uploaded in 2013 to
Grohl, Copeland, Tre Cool and more on Ringo's drumming Charles Hawtrey
4 years back
From Ringo Starr's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame presentation on HBO.
GREEN DAY Argentina 2017 | Tré Cool Drum Solo / 'Knowledge' with Juan / 'Basket Case' araivso
2 years back
Estadio Vélez - 10 Nov. 2017 • Pido disculpas por las vibraciones/temblores del video. No es fácil grabar cantando y estando entre el público xD • La luz hacia ...
Groove Analysis: Tre Cool DRUM! Magazine
3 years back
Cool suddenly emerges out of a mellow vocals/rhythm guitar introduction with fierce fl at fl ams between floor toms and bass drum. Two sextuplet groupings ...
TOP 10 Tre Cool (of Green Day) Drum Beats! Kyle Adams
5 months back
Funny story about this video, this was my first time in my entire life playing drums along to a Green Day song. I always gravitated towards listening to Green Day ...
Tré cool singing and playing guitar O.O fruwah
11 years back
I was very surprise when I saw Tré cool with a guitar in the middle of the stage .. i truth is that this made a pro! And Billie behind a mask of monkey ..? and with a ...
Tré Cool - All by myself/Dominated love slave - live in Chicago 1994 BubbiXD
12 years back
I OWN NOTHING Thought I would put this up for everyone to watch! ENJOY!
Top Ten Tré Cool Drum Fills and Solos (Green Day) Dookie-182
5 years back
Tré Cool's energetic and explosive drumming has been a crucial part of Green Day's continued success. With drumming that compliments Billie Joe Armstrong's ...
All By Myself by Green Day (featuring Tre Cool) RockConcertNo1Fan
6 years back
Performed LIVE at Liacouras Center in Philadelphia on April 3rd, 2013 as part of the Green Day 99 Revolutions Tour.
Green Day Drummer TRÉ COOL talks musical approach | Brent's Hang GibraltarDIY
6 years back
Subscribe to Gibraltar on YouTube: New videos every Tuesday. It was loud but fun getting a chance to talk drums with Tre Cool at NAMM.
Sometimes, A Note On The Windshield Isn't Enough The Happy Grouch
6 years back
i don't own this video and i have no clue were it came from...
Tré Cool Presents Basket Case The Happy Grouch
7 years back
Tre Cool from Green Day is talking about the Video Basket Case...
The Official Green Day Reverb Shop Preview | Reverb Reverb
8 months back
Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong, Tre Cool, and Mike Dirnt have amassed a career-spanning collection of incredible gear, and soon these items will be ...
Mike Dirnt & Tre Cool Interview '95 PopC35801
11 years back
a cool interview inwhich mike talks about billie and mikes 1st songs how dookie was made and touring and tre talks about parent hood and his offspring lol ^_^ ...
Tre Cool talks The Coverups, The Longshot backstage at BottleRock 107.7 The Bone
1 years back
BottleRock Napa music festival was this last week and when Tre Cool appeared on stage for a cooking demonstration with celebrity chefs Green Day super-fan, ...
Billie Joe Armstrong and Tre Cool billies80
11 years back
Favorite clips.
8 months back
Basket Case Drum Cover (EXACTLY how Tre Plays it)(Green Day)(Tre Cool) KM 17
11 months back
Basket Case Drum Cover Exactly How Tre Cool plays it on the album. WHOOO this one was a hard one haha. After 70 takes and years of practice I got it down ...
Interview with Tré Cool SJC Custom Drums
5 years back
A quick interview with Tré Cool while he records @ Hurley Studios in Costa Mesa, CA Tré Cool Signature Drums available now!
Tre Cool at Namm with Owen Babbey Jackson Shaffer & Tristan Brooks Chris P. Shaffer
4 years back
un edited footage NAMM 2015 The television show "The Profit" was filming an episode with SJC Drums & Tre' that day and got some great footage from Owen.
Tre Cool All By Myself billies80
12 years back
the title says all.
How TRE COOL uses 16th note triplets Drum Lesson (Green Day) KM 17
9 months back
Hello there!! In this video I show you how Tre Cool from Green Day uses 16th note triplets. He uses 16th note triplets in songs such as “Somewhere now” ...
Tré Cool - SJC Drums Kit Showcase SJC Custom Drums
10 months back
An in-depth look at our Tré Cool kit display at SJC! It has been an honor to work with Tré and Green Day these past years. From the 'Dookie' snare to the 'Rev ...
Analizando Bateristas - Tre Cool (Green Day) - Capitulo 43 Leandro Ibañez
3 months back
Tré Cool ● Manic Drummer Junkpunker21
8 years back
check out my band's new single: "When I started, I had too many drums. I was a little reggae-happy and into fancier beats than ...
Jaded Drum Cover (EXACTLY how Tre Plays it)(Green Day)(Tre Cool) KM 17
7 months back
Jaded Drum Cover exactly how Tre plays it on the album! This song is so fast the fills are so cool! Sub robe if you love Green Day and thanks for watching!
American Idiot,I TreCool drum solo.wmv LunaRock1978
8 years back
Other edited video by me, showing takes of Tre playing,i hope you enjoy though the mistakes. Copyright,all rights reserved to authors.
Tre at His Best suburbia711
10 years back
(video 1) This video shows some of Tre's best moments. Hope you enjoy it, and don't forget to rate and subscribe:)
Brain Stew-Kid's Band Plays for TRE COOL Derailed-Band
5 years back
Pipeline to a Cure held a benefit concert last night for Cystic Fibrosis. Great job to Derailed to rocking the house again! Even got to play in front of Tre Cool, the ...
Tré Cool Presents Good Riddance (The Time Of Your Life) The Happy Grouch
7 years back
Tre Cool from Green Day is talking about the Video Good Riddance.
Drum Solo in the style of TRE COOL (Green Day) KM 17
5 months back
Drum solo Tre Cool style using some of Tre's coolest drum Drum lesson for techniques used in this drum solo coming soon! Stay tuned and don't forget to ...
Tre Cool Greenday Erick Simamora
2 years back
Saya membuat video ini dengan Editor Video YouTube (
​ 2 Drum Fills TRE COOL Uses All The Time Drum Lesson (Green Day) KM 17
2 years back
Thanks for watching my video. In this video I teach you 2 Drum fills that Tre Cool from Green Day loves to use in his drumming. After a brief explanation of how to ...
Tre Cool(Green Day) sings shout, Billie Joe plays drums iaintrie
10 years back
Live in Nagoya, Japan, January 25th, 2010. Oh I love Tre! He's so funny.
Green Day's Tré Cool on SJC Custom Drums Sweetwater
2 years back
Enter to win the WORLD'S LARGEST PEDALBOARD GIVEAWAY | Win a Piece of History ...
WE SAW TRE COOL! BE JEALOUS!(unless you got to have a conversation w/ him, then we're jealous) GuessWhatItsAmanda
10 years back
umm... enjoy... watch the other vids e.e We saw Tre before the concert in line...
American Idiot Drum Cover (EXACTLY how Tre Plays it)(Green Day)(Tre Cool) KM 17
9 months back
American Idiot drum cover exactly how Tre plays it on the album!!! This one killed my right arm haha. Super fast awesome drumming. Tre's drumming is so good!
Tre Cool - Like A Rat Does Cheese w/ lyrics TheAmericanIdiots76
8 years back
Title says all!!!! I do not own this song... Tre Cool does!!!! :)