Joe Rogan and Neil deGrasse Tyson Tackle Gravity


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  • Theodore Tharau
    Theodore Tharau  58 minutes back

    This guy is plain dumb. He doesnt say anything just jiberish. FULL ON IDIOCRACY MODE

    • lerri popi
      lerri popi  14 hours back

      Neil is getting pissed off cause he feels challenged by the question, that's cause Joe is used to have wise people in his podcast who use their knowledge to make good conversations, but Neil doesn't know that much about this stuff, he has to remember like someone who prepares for a test at middle school, he doesn't know this stuff at heart so he can't use it as knowledge to just talk and get to some interesting points, he's repeating what he knows and wants Joe to stop challenging him

      • Kobus Labuschagne
        Kobus Labuschagne  16 hours back

        Aaaaaand he doesn't know...and he's being an asshole about it.

        • Myk Check
          Myk Check  19 hours back

          “We got this” meaning continuing following blindly little sheep

          • Jonne Soimula
            Jonne Soimula  21 hours back

            Rogan owned Neil.

            • Sound Truth
              Sound Truth  1 days back

              'Gravity' is the downward push of aether, not caused by mass. See:

              • Ayman sykes
                Ayman sykes  2 days back

                0:44 Well Corey Taylor pushes his fingers into his eyes whenever he faces a Duality stance so i thought that would help

                • Drew Pierce
                  Drew Pierce  2 days back

                  Neil is the kind of person that makes me question anti-bullying. He looks like he spent half his childhood upside down in a trash can but he sounds like he deserved it

                  • Jacob nathan
                    Jacob nathan  2 days back

                    'Why does matter & energy curve the space of time?'.. no one knows... We just ve to take it... Huh.. science is jus another religion... N Neil is a religious punk....
                    He is just another man who is judgemental about questions and sensitive abt his Faith(Gravity - an invisible force not yet fully known but understandable)

                    • 2WhiteAndNerdy
                      2WhiteAndNerdy  2 days back

                      NEVER quit asking "why?" or "how?" or you might as well give up on science all together. The way NDT was giving Joe grief for pondering on the mystery of gravity is NO DIFFERENT than a corrupt religious leader saying "Don't worry about why. Just trust us on this one, OK? You don't need to dig aaaaaaany deeper." It sounded eerily UN-scientific to hear Neil speak in this manner. After watching the Cosmos series, I would have thought that Neil would've LOVED a question like this, but apparently not. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wondering about the deeper mysteries of the universe. NOTHING.

                      • 2WhiteAndNerdy
                        2WhiteAndNerdy  2 days back

                        Neil was being SO pedantic throughout this entire episode. Historically I've enjoyed NDT, but this convo was a seriously tough one to listen to.

                        • ddh540
                          ddh540  2 days back

                          Why no reference to Higgs field? Found prior to this episode at CERN, no?

                          • Aragorn II
                            Aragorn II  2 days back

                            Everyone wants to ignore the elephant in the room. God made gravity work, thats why it works

                            • Piotr Dzwiniel
                              Piotr Dzwiniel  3 days back

                              Jeeez... They just misunderstood eachother. Joe thought about 'what is gravity, what causes it, and will we be ever capable to control it artificially'. The Joe's 'why' was in fact 'how'. Neil from the other hand should give some time space for Joe to describe his thoughts and instead of fixating on 'why' describe what we know about achieving by matter mass and how mass with energy curve space and time. It's speculated that gravitons are involved in the process but we don't have confirmation of their existence from CERN yet. Chill Neil.

                              • FreshAsImIz
                                FreshAsImIz  3 days back

                                Just say you dont know neil, its okay well still love you

                                • Econymous
                                  Econymous  3 days back

                                  0:36 there's a similar question in the book that means a little bit more philosophically...

                                  Okay no .
                                  Joe didn't ask "why" in a philosophical context.

                                  This was just a bad miscommunication.

                                  • darthsock86
                                    darthsock86  3 days back

                                    I think that the point Neil was trying to make is that no matter how many "Whys" we are able to answer, it will always be able to be followed by a "Why?" that we are not yet able to.

                                    • E Martinez
                                      E Martinez  3 days back

                                      Yeaahhhh, Neil DeGrass Tyson is starting to become dickish... in all the clips I saw of this 1347 experience.

                                      • chas w
                                        chas w  3 days back

                                        Sometimes "why?" Is not a valid question. Why is green? Why is love? We can tell you what we identify as green, and how it occurs/we perceive it... But to keep going and ask again and again "why is green" is asinine. Why is air? Why is up... See where I'm going here? Natural phenomena often don't have a why in that sense. Sometimes there is no purpose, and in that case, 'why' is not a useful question.

                                        • Hugh Victor Merkle
                                          Hugh Victor Merkle  3 days back

                                          “Why does matter and energy curve space and time? That’s a frontier, we’re still working on that”
                                          “But that’s all I’m asking”
                                          It took 7:30 of nothing to get to the answer

                                          • stealthassulter
                                            stealthassulter  3 days back

                                            This is the part where scientists get scared .. to say I don't know. .. so emotional to just say .. hay man I don't know any thing about creation.

                                            Just because you are a dam scientists don't mean you have to dismiss religion.

                                            • horse face
                                              horse face  3 days back

                                              Neil could of just simply answered
                                              how he did in the end.
                                              " it's a frontier. We are still working on."
                                              Ask HOW next time Joe lol

                                              • Activity Boys
                                                Activity Boys  3 days back

                                                I think we’ve all had enough of Neil.
                                                How about, we take a fiver (Five year break)?

                                                • Prodigy0013
                                                  Prodigy0013  3 days back

                                                  Neil is the biggest bullshitter ever

                                                  • Colonial Rebel
                                                    Colonial Rebel  3 days back

                                                    Well Neil, to question gravity is to question the supposed force which your religion claims holds all of life and everything together. Literally nothing in "space" would come together without it according to you. If science told me gravity was simply density I wouldn't give a fuck! I wouldn't have to ask...but when your explination starts 200 years ago, to 70 years ago to present day, and then spend 5 more minutes using a funnel and a vase to belittle people's intellect and dodge the question with hubris every single time you are asked. YES! Im still going to ask about gravity because you NEVER explained it!! You just sat there on your academic high horse and belittle people seeking the truth!!. Pisses me off.

                                                    • Throttle Dude
                                                      Throttle Dude  3 days back

                                                      To beat gravity, you need to fly off into space. You can beat gravity by taking a rocket to space but that's the only way. Using helium balloons don't count though. Using a lighter element than air is just using a loophole.

                                                      • frasier crane
                                                        frasier crane  3 days back

                                                        This man is so full of himself .

                                                        • Joel Valasek
                                                          Joel Valasek  3 days back

                                                          Ndt is so awful, just my opinion

                                                          • Riptide Joyride
                                                            Riptide Joyride  3 days back

                                                            Anyone notice more movie ads than usual ?

                                                            • James Drainer
                                                              James Drainer  3 days back

                                                              Every time Neil comes thru joe is like “lemme throw on a green shirt” lol

                                                              • Vamsi Cyberrisk
                                                                Vamsi Cyberrisk  3 days back

                                                                “Spooky action at a distance” was said by Einstein, not Newton. He was referring to quantum entanglement when he said that, because Einstein disliked the idea at that time.

                                                                • Jack Ash
                                                                  Jack Ash  3 days back

                                                                  I disagree, why, as annoying as it maybe is a legitimate question, whether scientific or theological. None of it should be ignored, even if it cant be answered, right now. Maybe there is a purpose and maybe there isnt, but stop asking questions or listening to answers out of contempt is despicable, and unadmirable. Ignorance be beginning less, but it comes to an end, but first we must question it, no matter how absurd it is. Asking questions and searching will lead us to answers. "Why do I not have supervision while Superman does?"

                                                                  • soldatheero
                                                                    soldatheero  3 days back

                                                                    Isn't saying matter warping space-time a contradiction since you are using gravity itself to explain gravity? if gravity did not exist already matter would not be possible since it is gravity that creates matter in super nova and in suns

                                                                    • soldatheero
                                                                      soldatheero  3 days back

                                                                      lol "WE DO UNDERSTAND GRAVITY THATS WHY WE CAN LAND ON THE MOON" this is bullshit because descriptions are NOT explanations and understanding how a phenomenon behaves is NOT the same as defining what it is. It makes him uncomfortable because he does not want to admit he KNOWS NOTHING as he does not know what gravity is or what electricity is and if you ask him to define what a field is he will screwm like a worm

                                                                      • David Wheeler
                                                                        David Wheeler  4 days back

                                                                        The only thing I don't like about niel is his nose up in the air like everything he believes & understands is so perfectly alligned that you must be crazy to disagree with him. He knows some stuff, but not everything is proven fact

                                                                        • Roy Rosario
                                                                          Roy Rosario  4 days back


                                                                          • Roy Rosario
                                                                            Roy Rosario  4 days back

                                                                            old time

                                                                            • sean rogan
                                                                              sean rogan  4 days back

                                                                              Science is supposed to be an unending search for knowledge. A real good question is why does he not want to keep working on the frontier?

                                                                              • Joe Dannar
                                                                                Joe Dannar  4 days back

                                                                                I view Einstein's spacetime as a super-liquid and the Earth is the same volume as said liquid, because the Earth behaves in space exactly like a ball would in a vat of water if it were the same volume of the water it were in.

                                                                                • Allistair Neil
                                                                                  Allistair Neil  4 days back

                                                                                  Newton never knew the word "spooky". Besides, he wrote in Latin. Einstein used the phrase concerning spooky action at a distance when referring to two electrons being quantum entangled with spin.

                                                                                  • King David
                                                                                    King David  4 days back

                                                                                    Joe Rogan "I don't think there is a purpose to life"

                                                                                    Also Joe Rogan - working, dressing up, talking to people and living day to day as if what he just said was wrong and he had purpose

                                                                                    Lol, this is why I cannot be an atheist, because no one that I know if actually lives there atheism out and is consistent with it

                                                                                    If you say there is no purpose then don't be a hypocrite and live as if there is

                                                                                    In other words, the way you live, treat people ect shows what you really believe, feel etc

                                                                                    Joe says he thinks there might be no purpose yet with his life and actions he proved he actually thinks he has purpose

                                                                                    The fact he brought this guy in to talk with him proved he thinks there is propose in it

                                                                                    God gave us purpose, science is simply figuring out how God did it and the process behind how things work

                                                                                    Take God out of the picture and you might as well take your brain out and throw logic out the window

                                                                                    After all if it was true there is no purpose Joe and other atheist are the biggest hypocrites for acting as if they do and living as if they do

                                                                                    In other words, your actions prove what you really believe

                                                                                    Someone who doesn't believe there is a cliff will keep walking as if there is no cliff, the proof someone doesn't actually believe that though is when they go to walk over a cliff then stop as if there is one

                                                                                    In other words, Joe and others are quick to call belief in God foolish and claim there may be no purpose

                                                                                    Yet all of these same non believers and atheist live there like AS IF what they said is not true

                                                                                    If Joe thought there was no purpose then he wouldn't be getting angry or come to work dressed in the morning or have conversations as if they matter

                                                                                    Atheism is illogical

                                                                                    If I told you I don't believe in gravity but I refused to jump off a cliff, it is sure proof that I deep inside believe gravity exist or is a force other wise I would jump

                                                                                    And in the same manner, these people claim there is no God or purpose, yet they live as if they have purpose and come to work everyday

                                                                                    Thanks for proving deep inside you know God exist and you know people have purpose

                                                                                    After all would you invite this guy to your show if there is no purpose to it?

                                                                                    Inviting this guy to talk proved he believes there is a purpose to it or he is actually a moron

                                                                                    Take your pick 😂

                                                                                    Life has a purpose given to us by God, the sure proof is the fact everyone around you keeps sucking wind everyday and gets up to go to work as if it matters

                                                                                    Like I said, take God out if the picture and you make yourself a fool

                                                                                    It doesn't matter how smart you are, remove God and you might as well say goodbye to logic and throw out your brain

                                                                                    Oh and the fact you read this comment proved you thought there was a purpose of reading it

                                                                                    Thanks for also proving yourself wrong lol by reading this

                                                                                    God wanted me to say "In God's universe, logic and reason shows his handiwork and shows whom to trust and not"

                                                                                    • George Costanza
                                                                                      George Costanza  4 days back

                                                                                      Ask him why he never lost his virginity or why he feel so strongly about religion? No problem.

                                                                                      Ask him why gravity works? Fuck you bald man 😡

                                                                                      • Philip Zuchetti
                                                                                        Philip Zuchetti  4 days back

                                                                                        Irritating....there is no "why".

                                                                                        • canbalcioglu
                                                                                          canbalcioglu  4 days back

                                                                                          and this is why we see Neil only on tv/radio shows "talking" about but not actually contributing to science. he has lost his curiosity which should be the fuel of any scientist. Scientists like R. Feynman comes into my mind... Love the show, Cosmos though😅

                                                                                          • Grant Odermatt
                                                                                            Grant Odermatt  4 days back

                                                                                            It is very important to know why and how gravity works not just to measure it , because that's the only way we are going to master it.
                                                                                            There are to many unanswered questions in general relativity and to many wrong astronomical predictions for us to say lets move on
                                                                                            we know all there is to know about gravity.

                                                                                            • Connor The Hill
                                                                                              Connor The Hill  4 days back

                                                                                              Most people are saying Tyson looks like a douche in this and is mean to Rogan, but at the end of the day all he’s trying to do is help Rogan learn. He could be. Dick and be like “lol you idiot you don’t know anything compared to me” but he doesn’t. He tried to explain in his own weird way that if you keep asking why why why over and over again you eventually get to a point where an answer can’t yet be found. You can reach that point with asking about baldness and make it seem we don’t know anything about baldness or how it comes to be. Tyson seemed a little frustrated that people can keep asking “why” about gravity until they make it seem like we don’t know anything about it. Tyson misunderstood Rogan a bit and thought he was in a way having a go at what we know in science. Tyson ofc wants to defend that the best he can so he tried to teach Rogan as in depth as he could and so he may have interrupted Rogan a but but only to fully get his point across in the name of accurately explaining his ideas. In my opinion as long as you’re genuinly explaining something for the greater good (in this case, explaining a concept in science that will reach thousands of people which needs to be done properly) then it’s fine to interrupt someone a couple times as long as they know it’s not malicious or disrespectful. Because of who Tyson in and how people see him, he has to be really careful with what he says and how he says it especially when he’s explaining concepts in science so cut him some slack here guys. Joe was curious so he asked a why question, Tyson answered in a careful way. That’s all.

                                                                                              • thestrugglewithin
                                                                                                thestrugglewithin  4 days back

                                                                                                Conclusion is the cessation of thought. This attitude of black science man just highlights The pompous self aggrandisement of the scientific community. They conclude, without fully understanding the concept, declare it consensus, and anyone asking alt questions is met with this dissonance and denial of defense. Fuckn lame.

                                                                                                • MTPatriot1787
                                                                                                  MTPatriot1787  4 days back

                                                                                                  All he needed to say was: I don't have the answer, but I am good with the general exception and understanding. --- the statement of most.

                                                                                                  He always gets argumentative about anything anyone asks for more understanding and elaboration.