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  • T Wells
    T Wells  7 days back

    Jenny literally had a comment every 15 seconds. Her comments literally add nothing tho the debate.

    • Kamou flage
      Kamou flage  6 days back

      Some of you just hate women 😂

  • Cody Fast
    Cody Fast  1 weeks back

    Shannon: Tom Brady is the greate... people say Tom Brady is the greatest.

    Bahahaha dude. You say you won’t deny it, and you’ve said it in the past.. it’s okay to say it, buddy.. I know it hurts you to admit it.

    • William Semere
      William Semere  4 days back

      @Cody Fast and am telling you that it doesn't hurt him, it seems you think you know what's in his heart, stop the assumptions

    • Cody Fast
      Cody Fast  4 days back

      William Semere this had nothing to do with what Shannon has or hasn’t done in his career.. that’s reaching lol I was just making fun of the fact that it hurts him to admit toms greatness. Has nothing to do with Shannon’s accomplishments. Next.

    • William Semere
      William Semere  4 days back

      Why would it hurt him? He has proven himself with 3 rings, theres nothing there, your just reaching

  • Chris Dodges
    Chris Dodges  1 weeks back

    1:12:12 Lebron had point guards that handled the ball until 2014

    • Plain Simple
      Plain Simple  1 weeks back

      49ers vs. Baker: The 49ers are on their way to that NFC championship glory... along with 'guess who'?... Dallas has to step up because they are not playing at a high level... hopefully everyone for the 49ers can stay healthy because I like how their team plays - wouldn't be shocked to see a Jimmy-G/Tom Brady Super Bowl.

      Dwayne Haskins: Just give the guy you drafted a chance to compete... if he's not ready then let him sit down and get ready for the future.

      Zion/LeBron: These are two different players and LeBron James has NEVER been an NBA standard for a player - he cannot shoot or lead a team when he plays vs. good/great competition without another franchise player or all-time great right next to him helping him out. Zion Williamson has his own game, style, and will have his own development as a player. I'm tired of watching LeBron James because it's too worn out and there's no real production.

      Christian McCaffrey: His dad was a great athlete and Super Bowl champion with a lot of guts so it's not an accident that when trained properly to be a pro, guys like McCaffrey are productive; just like 'The Matthews Family' and 'The Manning Family' and others who have cousins, nephews, and sons who play(ed) in the NFL - there's a standard and production and Christian McCaffrey is no different.

      • Plain Simple
        Plain Simple  6 days back

        @Tyrone Franchize Well those are assumptions concerning what I like or don't like concerning players.... I'm not a Jordan fan at all or a LeBron James or Kobe fan; I can just see through the bull of the NBA - I can tell when someone is trying to get me to buy into something vs. actually watching good basketball vs. staged events where opponents bow to the opposition. Jordan had it easy because his opponents bowed to him; LeBron had to join the second best two-guard in his prime Wade and a top 3 power forward to win a title - which means he couldn't get it done.... I don't see how anyone cannot see that when league marketed him like he's a great solo Jordan act, when he's not. Jordan's teams 1991-1993 were weak and the competition like Barkley, Ewing, Miller, etc. bowed to Jordan because his only competition was Detroit... the other "stars" in the 90's were weak and babies in the 80's and didn't know how to win in the 90's because they really weren't serious. LeBron James is just a business man, what's best for business is what's good for him so he makes business decisions - when it comes to actual basketball, he's Scottie Pippen with a frame like Karl Malone/Magic Johnson but his mentality is that of a role player and not a superstar... which is why he's 3-6... all you have to say is 3-6... I'm only watching to see who wins and how they win and who they played.

        As far as the landscape of a conference.... Don't you realize that if you stack top free agents in one area (West) and you leave him in the East it's easier? His competition in Miami was Boston (that's it)... so he had only one foe... he goes to the West and cannot make the playoffs and then needs A.D., Dwight Howard, and Rondo to even have a team? Why? Because they know he cannot lead a team to a title unless he stacks a team. In the 90's the Bulls' titles were based upon the competition not knowing how to win and politics, so that Jordan era was all fake as far as I was concerned - that was used to sell merchandise... but Jordan wasn't a bad leader or basketball player; LeBron has the marketing machine but his actual basketball play has been weak combined with his opponents bowing down.

      • Tyrone Franchize
        Tyrone Franchize  6 days back

        Plain Simple ok and im still waiting on those stars who won titles without other all stars😂 and how do you just not consider 07😂 ur literally just in denial and cant accept the fact his pushing for goat status bc u wanna kiss up to ur fav athlete. Give it a break. And this is coming from a kobe fan. Not even mj changes the landscape of a whole conference throughout 17 seasons like lebron has. You really needa get over urself and show respect where its duep

      • Plain Simple
        Plain Simple  7 days back

        @Tyrone Franchize I was referring to LeBron James past 2007 - that's the point, that's why he left Cleveland the first time because they didn't have help and he could NOT lead a team to win a title vs. competition just as good or better... that 2007 Pistons team had changed and blown away so many NBA Finals' appearances in 2006, 2007, and 2008 while choking a title in 2005 - so that team was like a door-mat for other Eastern Conference Finalists - Boston proved that in 2008 defeating LeBron who had experience of being in the NBA Finals and he had another all-star in 2008 when they lost to Boston in the second round... you know the rest of James' history but he needed Kyrie and Love (all-stars) along with the league office to beat Golden State in 2016 then messed up those teams by not being a good enough teammate to let Kyrie shine ... okay? The man cannot lead a championship team vs. just as good or better competition without the league office enabling him and they did it this year with the Anthony Davis trade... so it's all in the project of making LeBron James great but he's not great, he's just a good player that does a little bit of everything... you take any player with size, sill, a handle and you build around him with other franchise players and league office help while reducing the talent in the Conference - you should be better than 3-6 in 9 tries - there's a reason why this man is 3-6 and not 7-2 or 6-3 or 5-4... I mean there is no excuses for a man "that great" to lose that much at the highest level - it always shows who you are when the light comes on.

      • Tyrone Franchize
        Tyrone Franchize  1 weeks back

        Plain Simple lmaoo u just another fan in denial😂😂 lebron cant lead against good teams??? Howd he take that trash 07 roster to the finals? Name me 3 superstars who didnt have another all star and went to the finals. Im waiting...😂 clown just appreciate greatness while u can

    • Elliott Thomas
      Elliott Thomas  1 weeks back

      8:07 🗣"A HUNNNDOOOO!!!" 🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😭

      • Andrea Diamond
        Andrea Diamond  1 weeks back

        Hasn’t Baker Manzfield 2.0 been benched?

        • saucerification
          saucerification  1 weeks back

          The best sports talk/debate on television. Thanks alot for the pleasure of listening to the show while earning my paycheck daily. Job WELL DONE.

          • Byron Zuchowski
            Byron Zuchowski  1 weeks back

            Debate* show is all they have besides that they are terrible as it relates to sports

        • Peanut Arbuckle
          Peanut Arbuckle  1 weeks back

          "2+2 doesn't equal 4"
          -Skip Bayless

        • Marcus Trevino
          Marcus Trevino  1 weeks back

          Skip eating some good food while shannon talks

          • bud knowitall
            bud knowitall  1 weeks back

            you stole that comment from someone else earlier. faker

        • Jeff Ricker
          Jeff Ricker  1 weeks back

          I guess the Rockets GM Daryl Morey story is to minor to cover.

        • Louis Johnson
          Louis Johnson  1 weeks back

          Shannon is right!, Baker Mayfield need to realize he is in the NFL which is a privilege, as well as a pleasure, because not many make it to this level. he need to show some respect, and he is learning the hard way.

        • STJ
          STJ  1 weeks back

          Cry harder Skip Clueless, you ridiculous biased knobhead

          • William Freeze
            William Freeze  1 weeks back

            Thanks for the show!

            • breez dibiase
              breez dibiase  1 weeks back

              Why are we not giving the Niners props or respect, they have had great drafts as of late. Throw in some vets here and there and that's a contender. We'll see against the division opponent The Rams next.

              • Gerald Stelly
                Gerald Stelly  1 weeks back

                @xKvvy Nobody except the bills. the Niners havent played a team that has a winning record.

              • xKvvy
                xKvvy  1 weeks back

                Gerald Stelly who exactly have the pats played?

              • Gerald Stelly
                Gerald Stelly  1 weeks back

                The Niners havent played anybody thats why.

            • breez dibiase
              breez dibiase  1 weeks back

              Thx u

              • Goddywap Boomin
                Goddywap Boomin  1 weeks back