US and Australia Are Building Credibility With Southeast Asian Countries to Balance China's Strength


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  • leekkang
    leekkang  4 days back

    동지나해/남지나해  작명이 잘못됐다.... 중국인들은 착각하게 만든건 모두의 잘못이다...

    • Steven Quinlan
      Steven Quinlan  5 days back

      China's belt and road to dictate to the world unless the countries defeat China once and for all. !!!!

      • Fernando Villegas
        Fernando Villegas  5 days back

        US will do nothing beyond rhetoric and free navigation charades. . China just will tolerate the passing of US chips and in the meantime will put more and more resources to becomes owner of the sea. A parade of ships does not change a thing. Like in GO, they just get space and accumulate de fato situations.

        • ed huff
          ed huff  5 days back


          • Rhonda Clark
            Rhonda Clark  5 days back

            President trump will protect. Australia 🇦🇺 and all Asia nations. , Israel.

            • The Proud American
              The Proud American  7 days back

              As Chinas military grows, the US is going to do the same thing. Chasing the dragon so to speak. No country can match US Military power. It will never happen. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

            • Victoria Benton
              Victoria Benton  7 days back

              Heavenly father guide and protect all you guys..God bless you USA and all allies

              • Truong Ngo
                Truong Ngo  7 days back

                USA is 1

                • Abo Rahman
                  Abo Rahman  7 days back

                  Nice!!!. Relationship with USA must be builded. Not with china, because ASEAN will collapse. With US ASEAN WILL SUCCESS!!!. VIVA ASEEAN AND VIVA DONALD TRUMP!!!. Thanks MR. DONALD TRUMP!!!.

                  • nemesio ayuban
                    nemesio ayuban  7 days back

                    good help philippines.

                    • aung bathan
                      aung bathan  1 weeks back

                      Anticolonialism power is indispensable in Asean waters .

                      • Angelica Ching
                        Angelica Ching  1 weeks back

                        Chaina upakan na!!!!!!

                        • Angelica Ching
                          Angelica Ching  1 weeks back