The Best Pizza I've Ever Made - Homemade New York Pizza | SAM THE COOKING GUY 4K

  • Published: 11 September 2019
  • Make the best pizza EVER w/ this recipe 4 New York-style pizza - w/ homemade dough & sauce!
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    ►extra virgin olive oil
    ►canned whole peeled tomatoes
    ►chili flakes
    ►kosher salt
    ►extra virgin olive oil
    ►spicy italian sausage




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Comments • 1 708

    SAM THE COOKING GUY   2 weeks back

    ➡ Promo Code: PIZZAPARTY 🍕

    • Ron Booker
      Ron Booker  20 hours back

      @Jayycapp - DTLA You really should work on your grammar. You sound like such a dirty little BOY.

    • Chris Davis
      Chris Davis  1 days back

      @Ron Booker fair point

    • George Miaris
      George Miaris  1 days back

      SAM THE COOKING GUY can you make a pennie maderia

    • Ron Booker
      Ron Booker  7 days back

      @Chris Davis Go suck an egg Ill comment when and where I want to !!!!!!!!!

    • Chris Davis
      Chris Davis  1 weeks back

      @Ron Booker how is this a reply to a merch code? Put your comments in the right place.

  • nypinstripes
    nypinstripes  18 hours back

    I like the sauce I'm gonna try this.

    • David Suttles Jr.
      David Suttles Jr.  18 hours back

      dough doesn't look well.

      • les peck
        les peck  1 days back

        Sam , what is the brand of the can opener?

        • dl poen
          dl poen  2 days back

          homemade pizza is always many times better than store bought pizza. Ive made it from scratch a few times and everyone said it was the best pizza they ever had. It may cost twice as much as a store bought but is so much better. and is worth the time and effort.

          • Richard Mika
            Richard Mika  2 days back

            is it really home made if your using someone elses oven heller funny him running around with an uncooked pizza

            • Chris
              Chris  3 days back

              You are the man, but that pizza looks trash. Let us in the Northeast worry bout the pizza vids. Everything else in other vids always looks great though.

              • Senor GOOCH
                Senor GOOCH  2 days back

                Word. I have family members in the west coast that say the pizza is not shit compared to the northeast

            • Ben Capps
              Ben Capps  3 days back

              Sam put some damn toppings on there and some cheese!!! Looks like a cheap frozen knock off. Come on your better then that JACK!!

              • Jawn
                Jawn  4 days back

                Quite shocking how a lot of people in the comment section seem to be able to offer a lot of knowledge on how Sam is undercooking/incorrectly cooking a meal, yet somehow none of them seem to have any notable prior experience or a successful online medium where they can share that knowledge with the masses. Not saying they don't know how to cook, but jeez, since when do we need to nitpick every single thing? HOMEMADE is right there in the title, and Sam's videos typically tend to be in the vein of a follow-along tutorial that most viewers out there can create as well. How many people do you know that just have a pizza stone lying around, or who are willing to buy one because they're going to be crafting "authentic" NY style pizzas at home often enough to benefit? If you're familiar enough with the channel to comment, you're familiar enough to know that he typically does things his own way, with his own twist, but with as much done as close as possible to the "real-deal" to make it worthwhile. And I'm sorry, but for the "New-Yorkers" out there, I have trouble believing you're actually from NY. A pie made in this fashion can't be made to some perfect godly standard in modern times just due to general population and demand. For all intents and purposes, especially done at home without a wood-fired oven and any specialty equipment (which I can guarantee almost nobody here has) he did a fine job. Not a fanboy, not a subscriber, not even really a regular watcher, just stating facts. Get off your high-horse, and if you want to continue to criticize a well-decorated cook for actually doing justice to an age-old recipe and cooking style given his tools and equipment, ride that horse right on over to whatever cooking channel you think can do it better, and give your praise there rather than spreading your hatred here.

                Also as a side note, I challenge you to learn a little more about the typical film camera, lighting, and white-balance. What you see on film is not always what you see in person, so if you're basing your feelings on the dough of this recipe on what you see in the video, you shouldn't. No shade thrown at Max (dude needs to churn out videos like crazy, props for what he does), but look at the light in the background of the video when Sam is eating the pizza. Look at the logo on Sam's shirt. Does natural white/light glow that vibrantly in person? Of course not. So clearly the pizza would be nowhere near that "undercooked-looking" in person, it would be far less pale and white, much closer to a traditional light-brown. Try to use a bit more brainpower before judging a group of people who take a lot more effort out of their day than you to create something and post it to a public forum. I'm pretty sure most people learned these basic lessons of life in the first grade.

                Sorry for the long-winded post, but wow, this is the first time I've felt passionate enough to comment like this just based upon the few wannabe-chef posts that I've seen right at the top of the comment section. Try to be nicer. You'll feel better about yourselves. (No hatred towards those who commented just trying to help though, I see where you guys are coming from too.)

                • danoesq2
                  danoesq2  4 days back

                  550 or 500? which is it and how long? How come you don't specify those things?

                  • MrLicalicalarry
                    MrLicalicalarry  4 days back

                    I'm a New Yorker as well. Born, raised and still living in NY. Sam my man have you ever been to NY and tried a slice? If you have please let us know where if you are comparing your pizza to that NY pizza so not to ever go there. I hate to admit it but a NY $1 slice looks better than your pizza. Next time you're in NY try Lomdardi's pizza. It's the best in NY pizza.

                    • Eric McManus
                      Eric McManus  4 days back

                      Those workers didn't look too happy.

                      • colto1000
                        colto1000  4 days back

                        To be completely honest, the subscribe, notification, and social media (and etc.) graphics have become very cringey, in the way, and overused. I don’t mean this in just a criticizing way, I am just trying to suggest that some changes are made in that way, maybe no sound effects or graphics that cover the shot... it just feels like old YouTube to be. Take all of this with a grain of salt I guess, this is just my opinion that I’m trying to provide in the most helpful way possible. The videos are still great and the food always awesome, so thanks for the great stuff! Have a good one 🤙🏻

                        • edien hincapie
                          edien hincapie  4 days back

                          Bottom undercooked

                          • eorsk
                            eorsk  4 days back

                            Butter the crust please. I'm so ready to kill it in the kitchen

                            • Weysi ๖ۣۜǤнσsτ༻一

                              Clearly undercooked

                              • Steve Grenier
                                Steve Grenier  4 days back

                                What cutting board do you use?

                                • Caleb Borden
                                  Caleb Borden  4 days back

                                  You need to visit a chain pizza place that still tosses dough. Watch how they do it I've made pizza for over 8 years but I could bang out dough to toss within 30 seconds week one. It only takes about 20-30 to learn its just they have to be floured so wasting 20-30 would be a waste. Maybe someone will show you. However your outcome is impressive considering the technique. Well done sam. A New York thin the way I was thought is you take the smallest dough and stretch it thin as possible over sizing you pizza pan or screen. Then you cut the excess off and top normal. The result is a very thin pizza.

                                  • wishbone20t
                                    wishbone20t  4 days back

                                    Though I enjoyed the video as I enjoy them all- Sam pizza is not your thing.

                                    • R3lik101
                                      R3lik101  4 days back

                                      Crust is a bit pale. I had the exact same issue as this video when it came to how my crust looked and felt while making a fairly authentic NY style pizza. Partially freeze your shredded mozz. Use a pizza stone. Boom. More time to cook the dough without burning the cheese and you are going to have a better crust due the cooking surface keeping its heat on contact with the pizza. I also recommend proofing the dough for longer because damn it will taste good.

                                      Some advice for others: Depending on your oven, you may wanna turn up or down the temperature but keep it around around 500 degrees. I recommend trying to cook with as hot an oven as possible first. IIRC NY style is cooked in 500 degree ovens so keep it around there if you are worried. Adjust your oven's rack height if you still are getting issues.

                                      • Tyler Tanto
                                        Tyler Tanto  4 days back

                                        a must make

                                        • David Slone
                                          David Slone  5 days back

                                          Forgive me if this issue has already been addressed by one or more of the thousands of comments before mine, but…

                                          … It’s probably been a few decades since I actually paid attention to anyone in a slice joint while they’re cooking. If I’m in a slice joint, it’s probably because I’m busy and preoccupied with whatever nonsense it is that seems like the most important thing in the world at the moment. However, while I’ve certainly seen people use a pizza pan to finish shaping the dough, and dressing the dough, I can’t recall anybody ever putting one of those pans in the oven. After the pie cooks, directly on the floor of one of the many decks of the oven, it’s transferred back into the pan for presentation and slicing. I’ve certainly never seen anyone at a slice joint transfer the pie to a wooden cutting board for slicing. Where are we? In f’in’ California?

                                          That said, this was, as always, a thoroughly entertaining video. Keep doing your thing.

                                          • CipherBytes
                                            CipherBytes  5 days back

                                            No pecorino or pizza.

                                            • JEDFTW 777
                                              JEDFTW 777  5 days back

                                              Yup, that’s not any where near as a nyc style but it sure looks good

                                              • Devlin England
                                                Devlin England  5 days back

                                                Thx Sam for the pizza recipe last night my family loved it I could not find that tin of tomatoes (Australias selection is shit) But I worked with what I got.

                                                • Stedman Bird-Chakita
                                                  Stedman Bird-Chakita  5 days back

                                                  **** Is that your restaurant ****

                                                  • Lorett 7-ONE-1
                                                    Lorett 7-ONE-1  5 days back

                                                    14:10, thats where youre wrong bud

                                                    • Drew Hall
                                                      Drew Hall  5 days back

                                                      It was better with the overhead light ..

                                                      • Alan George Barstow
                                                        Alan George Barstow  5 days back

                                                        Why are the packets of yeast labelled "Active" yeast? Since one expects yeast to be alive and "active", no one would buy a packet of "dead" yeast!

                                                        • Drew Hall
                                                          Drew Hall  5 days back

                                                          All these fucking haters bro.......u can't do this trust me or we would be watching ur ass and not Sam's....losers. 😆😎😎😄

                                                          • Drew Hall
                                                            Drew Hall  5 days back

                                                            Like for sandlot... when boys were boys and girls were girls 😂😎😍

                                                            • KEE, KAM, & The FAM
                                                              KEE, KAM, & The FAM  5 days back

                                                              Watching this video makes me want pizza 🍕 I really enjoyed this video 👍

                                                              • Arthur Kraemer
                                                                Arthur Kraemer  5 days back

                                                                Whomever taught you how to make sauce and dough must not be Italian and definitely not from NY. Crust is also way undercooked. Go back to the kitchen and learn a few things :)

                                                                • D Rivera
                                                                  D Rivera  5 days back

                                                                  You need a pizza stone Sam I’m not trying to be one of those freaks that tell you what you need to do but you need a pizza stone, you but the stone in the oven and preheat it before you but the pizza on so the Dough can really cook

                                                                  • OGPokey151
                                                                    OGPokey151  5 days back

                                                                    Great save Sam. Always entertaining

                                                                    • Michael Grove
                                                                      Michael Grove  5 days back

                                                                      uneven toppings and undercooked pizza? that's the best pizza you've ever had?

                                                                      • Aritra Dasgupta
                                                                        Aritra Dasgupta  5 days back

                                                                        That looks yuck

                                                                        • JusBidniss
                                                                          JusBidniss  6 days back

                                                                          Or, just bend up an inch of the pan to close the oven door.... Have to anyway, unless it's going to be pitched, given away, or only used in the restaurant.

                                                                          • Marcus Archibald
                                                                            Marcus Archibald  6 days back

                                                                            WTF SAM! You're website doesn't actually have the long sleeve pizza party shirt? :'( My Monday is ruined!!! (<3 you though)

                                                                            • Brian Smith
                                                                              Brian Smith  6 days back

                                                                              I'm inspired to make my own pizza now, this might be my weekend project

                                                                              • No Left Turns
                                                                                No Left Turns  6 days back

                                                                                No basil or oregano in the pizza?
                                                                                sounds like a candy-apple without the apple

                                                                                • mr zed
                                                                                  mr zed  6 days back

                                                                                  Sammy boy I'm a new Yorker and that is not a new York pizza

                                                                                  • Livealittle888
                                                                                    Livealittle888  6 days back

                                                                                    Hey Sam and Max... you might have already said but why the 2nd hide away location? Just wondering....

                                                                                    • Mo Mamba
                                                                                      Mo Mamba  6 days back

                                                                                      White people smh

                                                                                      • Sport Fanatic
                                                                                        Sport Fanatic  6 days back

                                                                                        Try honey and white wine to the yeast mixture. It’s amazing!!!!

                                                                                        • Rodney Henrichs
                                                                                          Rodney Henrichs  6 days back

                                                                                          That pizza looks like garbage Chicago pizza is the best... Tell your son to get a job

                                                                                          • braeden march
                                                                                            braeden march  6 days back

                                                                                            I couldn't find the if fat means flavour t shirt in the merchandise website.

                                                                                          • Jonathan Cain
                                                                                            Jonathan Cain  6 days back

                                                                                            now i wanna see a deep dish