TOOL - Pneuma (Audio)


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  • Robert Demeter
    Robert Demeter  33 minutes back

    Brainwashed religious fanatics like christians have always told other people that Rock and Heavy Metal music is "Evil". But what isn't "evil" to them ? EVERYTHING is "evil" to them because they will DEMONIZE everything, anyone, and everyone that does not worship their fake religion full of lies. They will demonize everything they do not understand, and they understand NOTHING, therefore they will demonize EVERYTHING ( including YOU if you question them on their stupid beliefs that they need to protect - as darkness PROTECTS in their illusions of the blind Ego-mind). As they have no depth whatsoever, which is why they cannot understand anything. as they're always at the surface of images of their blind ego-mind of silly beliefs.

    They're Totally SHALLOW in their DARKNESS and their total self hatred. So they DEMONIZE everything and hate everything and hate the world, and hate all of nature, they have absolutely NO PRESENCE!!, They hate the Earth like no other, as its a reflection of their Self hatred.. in their cold and closed inner prisons of endless Bondage and hells within them.

    But the Divine Truth is, Heavy Metal and Rock music is a divine creation of the infinite intelligence of the Universe of Spirit and Nature, to wake humanity up, hence why it's LOUD and Screaming ! Heavy Metal and Rock music started out as being the "REBEL" music of society during the psychedelic (sacred divine plants) era. As EVERYTHING in human society is a LIE (even your American holidays are ALL totally fake man-made lies, as humans are stupid enough to believe christmas has something to do with a persons birthday, search "America's occult holidays" to see the total sham of it all)..

    And since Rock music and Heavy Metal is the Rebel of society, and EVERYTHING in Human western society is a LIE, then OBVIOUSLY there will be far FAR more Truths in Heavy Metal. Rock N' Roll and Heavy Metal music is absolutely LOADED with infinite Spiritual Truths that the ego-based mind is afraid to see and afraid to understand.

    There is NO genre of music on the planet that "ASKS" so many deep questions as heavy metal and rock music. And that's why christian idiots have to label it as "evil" , as they have absolutely no answers to anything, therefore they HATE any deep questions ! Because they hate themselves.

    Listen to rock bands that speak about the illusion of time, and alchemy of sacred divine plants,

    And speak also your divine 7-chakras in their songs. As well as talking about the countless lies of the "I" as who you think you are is total illusion (just as Corrosion of conformity does so well through their discography). Those 4 things are vital, and when you do you will find beautiful Spiritual music from bands like Iron Maiden, Blind Guardian, Death, Testament, Epica, Amenra, Isis, Dio, Neurosis (very special band !!), and Tool, Black Sabbath, and Queensryche (and many more), as well as softer magical bands like Pink Floyd and Neil Young etc, that is speaking to Soul (not the ego-mind) ;-) . Fake 'party" bands like the van halen's and the ac/dc's of the world cannot touch these bands.

    And stay away from "Nu metal" bands and 'commercial bands like the Limp Bizkit's of the world and the Papa Roach's of the world. It's total society garbage about the blind ego-mind, or about labeling and blaming (like pathetic pop diva's and eminem who are always labeling and blaming in stupidity of victim consciousness), and "victim consciousness" nonsense that doesn't serve you in any way. < 3

    A band like "Blind Guardian" for example is loaded with beautiful Spiritual truths in their music catalog. It's very deep so you have to look beyond what people tell you what the songs mean. Don't follow "labels" of what other people say the songs mean as the mind can only label things at the surface of images and is blind, as these songs all mean YOU in many deep ways that the left-brain thinking ego mind of thought cannot see or understand.

    In one of my Ayahuasca ceremonies after total surrender of the ego as I surpassed the illusions of death, eye was given the sword of light from the Universe. The sword of Light came through me in magical beauty as I was downloaded massive amounts of knowledge love and wisdom through my heart chakra. This magical sword is far beyond how you see a sword in a picture in the illusions of images as this sword is multi-dimensional as I became "one" with the sword, the sword was me and I was the sword, as ONE in infinite beauty and magic in the 5th dimension of Consciousness. The sword of Light is only to be used for love and light and becoming in full awareness of my Soul purposes and missions on this planet to help awaken humanity out of the countless illusions of human society. Not a sword that can ever be used to harm anyone or anything.

    And through that experience I was taken back to Blind Guardian's "Somewhere Far Beyond" album that I listened to as a young man in the early 1990's, and Mother Ayahuasca showed me that Blind Guardian album cover and she said to me: " You see Robert, You have always been one of the chosen ones of Light, and you will always be one of the chosen ones of Light" .. and she showed me what a sword really means (that has absolutely nothing to do with what silly humans think a sword means as the blind human mind takes everything beautiful and sacred and twists it in countless lies)..

    Blind Guardian's "Somewhere Far Beyond" album cover is an Ayahuasca circle, with the Shaman playing Ayahuasca icaro's at the top through some kind of flute in the shape of an Ayahuasca vine on his chest, the flute at the bottom pointing to the light at the center of the circle. And he's elevated above everyone else sitting on a stool and wearing a crown (not just a hood like the others). And he also has a condor sitting on his shoulder (the highest flying bird that also has the ability to shift between Spiritual dimensions). In Ayahuasca art you will see the condor depicted quite often, and for infinite good reasons. Ayahuasca is the oldest and purest, and is by far the most effective form of Spiritual practice on the planet. Nothing could be more obvious as you listen to that album ;-)

    I so clearly remember as a child listening to heavy metal during the 1980's, & entire worlds opened up for me, bands such as Iron Maiden, Testament, Sabbath, Dio, and other great bands such as "Death" and Queensryche ( "Roads To Madness" by Queensryche for example is an Eternal Spiritual Truths classic), etc. A little later on in the early 1990's I got into the beauty of Blind Guardian with their beautiful album 'Somewhere Far Beyond". So many beautiful things that fake bands like ac/dc could never come close to offering. I never understood when people would tell me that Heavy Metal music is far too heavy to get into and too overwhelming. I always laughed, since I was a child, how people would tell me that this isn't music, but only loud cannons firing.

    I ALWAYS laughed as they tried so hard to sway me, but could never sway me an inch. From family members to friends to pathetic pastors in churches (and let me tell you that you will NEVER find more fake people on the planet than fear-monger pastors and priests in churches), as nobody hates our beautiful Mother Earth and Nature and divides people's more with hatred than pastors in churches, and they mostly hate themselves. And I never once cared for their blind and pathetic opinions, I always laughed hysterically inside. I always laughed hysterically how they couldn't "get it." . Because to me, when listening to heavy metal, it was always a blissful sweet symphony of beauty !!

    For me, it was always so soft, and wonderful, so welcoming, and Magical !! I feel so sorry for the humans that have no capability to ever understand the beauty of real heavy metal music, because heavy metal has so many beautiful Spiritual messages from the infinite Universe that the blind ego-based mind of duality is afraid to see, and afraid to understand.

    Mother Ayahuasca showed me in infinite ways how Heavy Metal music was so vital and so beautiful in so many magical ways for my Spiritual growth. And this magical band of beauty, Blind Guardian, was absolutely Massive and monumental for my Spiritual journey of the Universe of be-ing and infinite truths of beauty of Light and Spirit. ;-) .. Mother Ayahuasca showed me how my Soul always chose the right bands and the right music, far beyond my mind. Intuitively I knew it all along... but my goodness Mother Ayahuasca showed me so many deep Spiritual truths in deeper ways of infinite understandings of Spirit, that the blind ego-mind that lives in the illusion of time and the illusions of duality, is totally incapable of understanding.. <3

    Blind Guardian is a very special and very blessed band that the infinite multi-dimensional Universe of Spirit respects and holds very highly. Be in full Gratitude as the infinite Universe of Spirit is speaking to you very deeply through these amazing songs and true Art . Not just Blind Guardian but Iron Maiden , Neurosis, Dio , DEATH. Testament. Black Sabbath, Epica, Amenra, Corrosion of Conformity, ISIS, Tool, Pink Floyd, as well as many others like Queensryche (Geoff Tate of Queensryche sat with Mother Ayahuasca for example, I spoke to him on facebook extensively about Ayahuasca) and alot of other great bands have as well. You just won't find them on mainstream radio, you have to dig more. As your fake government owned media ( Tell- LIE - Vision) will never tell you these beautiful things.

    Eye am so grateful to the infinite enchanted multi-dimensional Universe for having the priceless experiences of growing up in the 1980's !! Infinite endless eternal GRATITUDE !

    • Rachel Weber
      Rachel Weber  1 hours back

      Pneuma = *breathe of life.

      • Draco Malfoy
        Draco Malfoy  2 hours back

        I do the pneuma pneuma

        • Joshua Nesseth
          Joshua Nesseth  3 hours back

          I crank this song up when I shower and get ready for work, perfect timing. 🙂🙃

          • Scott Roff
            Scott Roff  3 hours back

            Tool RRHOF 2020

            • plumbrsbutt
              plumbrsbutt  6 hours back

              Been waiting 13 years to lounge around in my onesie...

              • Cristina Tei
                Cristina Tei  6 hours back

                Thank you <3

                • Bbdell
                  Bbdell  6 hours back

                  Shroom it up bois this one is going deep and strong

                  • LoKi Entertainment
                    LoKi Entertainment  7 hours back

                    There's 2.2K that need to be eradicated from Planet Earth..

                    • Robin
                      Robin  2 hours back

                      learn to swim

                  • amazingaiden1
                    amazingaiden1  8 hours back

                    Thank Fuck for Tool!

                    • lDeepBlueSkyl
                      lDeepBlueSkyl  9 hours back

                      i put headphones on my 1 month old baby, shes smiling bahahahah

                      • The Ancient Voyager
                        The Ancient Voyager  9 hours back


                        • DJPK
                          DJPK  9 hours back


                          • Dj.Knowzbest 5150
                            Dj.Knowzbest 5150  10 hours back

                            FromOutOfTheDarknisThese TracksHaveReachedOut AndThrownMyMindsBodyOf VibeRationIntoAnEv3rEvolvingRythumMoveForwardMyBrothren #Tool u have and will always be #TOOL #MyGoTo 4 ∞ #1GroupOfOGArtests #1OfMyFyckingFavoriteBands

                            • cyberscriptor
                              cyberscriptor  10 hours back

                              Music that you can see

                              • Farhan Khan
                                Farhan Khan  12 hours back


                                • James Graham
                                  James Graham  12 hours back

                                  OH MY HOLY HELL....

                                  • JoshMcGrady
                                    JoshMcGrady  12 hours back


                                    • Kirstie Weldon
                                      Kirstie Weldon  13 hours back

                                      311 use of time

                                      • Bruce Lee
                                        Bruce Lee  13 hours back

                                        Rick Nelson where the fuck you at in these comments?!

                                        • Chrismex Presence
                                          Chrismex Presence  13 hours back

                                          7:36 sounds like bag pipes

                                          • Ashutosh Ravindra Purohit

                                            18 year old tool fan here , give me blessings bros !

                                            • Will
                                              Will  14 hours back

                                              Who elses favorite song on the new album is Pnuema?

                                              • Nakul Jaiswal
                                                Nakul Jaiswal  14 hours back

                                                This album has potential to become the decade defining sound of our era

                                                • Juan Carlos Cruz Guzman
                                                  Juan Carlos Cruz Guzman  15 hours back

                                                  Cool what a philosophical good song

                                                  • Jamie Craighead
                                                    Jamie Craighead  15 hours back

                                                    How many of you have just continuously hit repeat on this track since the album dropped?

                                                    • C. D. Carney
                                                      C. D. Carney  16 hours back

                                                      Sounds like it belongs in the scene where Keanu Reeves walks through the club in Constantine II...

                                                      • Rock78 Rock78
                                                        Rock78 Rock78  17 hours back

                                                        I WANT SOME L---S---D.........

                                                        • Goth Farmer
                                                          Goth Farmer  14 hours back

                                                          Learn some deadhead chem-i-stry.

                                                      • GrandpaGohan
                                                        GrandpaGohan  17 hours back

                                                        If Pneuma sounded twice as good, it'd be Numa Numa.

                                                        • mattphillips66
                                                          mattphillips66  17 hours back

                                                          The last decade has made me so cynical and nihilistic. So boring. Tactical nihilism. This song has reminded me that we are gifted to live in this mathematical puzzle. I feel like we have clues whispering to all of our senses from every direction all the time. We are kids again. Tomorrow I start painting again. I have breath left in my lungs and I want to be a positive force in the universe.
                                                          God bless Tool.

                                                          • George Cosgrove
                                                            George Cosgrove  18 hours back

                                                            Is this Perfect Circle or Queensryche? 😜😂😂

                                                            • Robin
                                                              Robin  2 hours back

                                                              it's 2019 TOOL

                                                          • themisto57
                                                            themisto57  18 hours back

                                                            This song has made my third eye grow to size of the sun.

                                                            • Ant Sara
                                                              Ant Sara  19 hours back

                                                              2.2k people are upset that they cant tap their foot to a beat machine:)

                                                              • Nig gah
                                                                Nig gah  19 hours back

                                                                I cried this song is so beautiful

                                                                • Spuck1983
                                                                  Spuck1983  19 hours back

                                                                  Seeing them live is sooo hard in a way. Won't leave. Need to pee. Getting thirsty. Need to smoke. Can't leave.

                                                                  • Darkstar8473
                                                                    Darkstar8473  19 hours back

                                                                    I like listing to this song through when I only have 5 mins to spare.

                                                                    • Derrick Kei
                                                                      Derrick Kei  19 hours back

                                                                      God it sure does make up for Maynard mistake with dissolution

                                                                      • Busternutt69
                                                                        Busternutt69  20 hours back

                                                                        Is it 1994 again?

                                                                        • Mithrin Galad
                                                                          Mithrin Galad  20 hours back

                                                                          Danny Carey is a BEAST

                                                                          • Ryan O'Doherty
                                                                            Ryan O'Doherty  20 hours back

                                                                            I finally got to listen to this album today and I can't get passed this song!

                                                                            • Sammy Merzel
                                                                              Sammy Merzel  21 hours back

                                                                              I’m a rare species: a millennial and a TOOL fan (thanks, Dad!). Now, I’ve been listening to TOOL for “only” 7 years, but from the moment I heard my first song, (it was either Schism or 10,000 Days), I immediately fell in love. The complexity and the peculiar subject matter of each song just pulled me in like a magnet. Also, it doesn’t hurt to have one of the best vocalists and drummers in Metal.

                                                                              In short, I’m a simple man: I see TOOL, I click.

                                                                              • Андрей Мартини :

                                                                                I’m a tool fun for so fucken long time ago

                                                                                • 17Nilrem
                                                                                  17Nilrem  22 hours back

                                                                                  The best die young...

                                                                                  • Typical RockHound
                                                                                    Typical RockHound  22 hours back

                                                                                    Everyday ;)

                                                                                    T00L <3

                                                                                    • Akuma Bakemono
                                                                                      Akuma Bakemono  22 hours back

                                                                                      I cried when heard this for first time... and you know that you cried to.

                                                                                    • Silvia Hüßon
                                                                                      Silvia Hüßon  23 hours back

                                                                                      Somebody: Are you high or what??? Me: Yes I´m on TOOOOOOL!!!!!

                                                                                      • Winchester Alexander
                                                                                        Winchester Alexander  23 hours back

                                                                                        Just Awesome!

                                                                                        • None of your Business
                                                                                          None of your Business  23 hours back

                                                                                          im rocking this song while i play arcbishop character in Ragnarok Online and use PNEUMA skill. *thumbs up*