10 WWE Wrestlers You Didnt Know Were Dating! Secret Couples 2019


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  • Everlyne Namaemba
    Everlyne Namaemba  14 hours back

    Please this video is not for 2019 this is Old video for undertaker it is mixed up for 2019 and for passed years

    • Jordy Cabadas
      Jordy Cabadas  20 hours back

      How old are you ? 😂 making me feel old and I’m not

      • Peter September
        Peter September  2 days back

        Your hilarious bro 😂👊 Braun is my favorite wrestler BTW

        • DatBoi Nick15
          DatBoi Nick15  2 days back

          Years ago zach ryder was like james Ellsworth

          • TFxA Destroywrus
            TFxA Destroywrus  3 days back

            Did yall know that The Miz and Maryse are actually married!?!?!?!?

            • Book Enthusiast
              Book Enthusiast  3 days back

              The only ones I didn't know where Braun and the Sonya one

              • Ayesha Nand
                Ayesha Nand  3 days back

                Alexa Bliss and Buddy Murphy are Dating

              • Jerry Leonard Jr
                Jerry Leonard Jr  3 days back

                Alexa is engaged to Buddy Murphy

                • Jerry Leonard Jr
                  Jerry Leonard Jr  3 days back

                  @Luke Goodwin That's a bit curious given they made an appearance together on Oct 1st. Maybe they reconciled but as of that appearance they were planning a summer wedding. Besides Corbin is married.

                • Luke Goodwin
                  Luke Goodwin  3 days back

                  Jerry Leonard Jr they broke up a while ago

              • D Mihawk
                D Mihawk  5 days back

                Charlotte please date me not the dummi

                • ohemaa bako
                  ohemaa bako  5 days back

                  Him: 10 Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins

                  Me: MICHAEL COLE HE DOESNT KNOW!!!

                  • JESSE B
                    JESSE B  5 days back

                    Wrestler's dating Wrestlers... What's the BIG DEAL???

                    • Mary Green
                      Mary Green  5 days back

                      I knew becky and seth were dating cuz I'm related to becky.

                    • lolol596
                      lolol596  5 days back

                      Love ur vids, keep up the good work

                      • ruthleesblaze 45
                        ruthleesblaze 45  6 days back

                        Wait i just remembered to that she use to be American ninja warrior

                        • Alex Curtis
                          Alex Curtis  6 days back

                          A New One Is Carmela And Corey Graves lol

                          • Icy boy
                            Icy boy  6 days back

                            So cool

                            • Shaniyah Wood
                              Shaniyah Wood  1 weeks back

                              I love you so much♥️

                              • Stacey Ball
                                Stacey Ball  1 weeks back

                                Um Seth and Becky are actually together and engaged

                              • SteveB 67
                                SteveB 67  1 weeks back

                                Camilla is Nick Aldis' valet in NWA

                                • Lynn Dorsette
                                  Lynn Dorsette  1 weeks back

                                  Now Sasha Banks has more money than her dad he will now need her sooner or later and he might feel would it be like to be left out not cared for.

                                  • TJ
                                    TJ  1 weeks back

                                    Corbin and Bliss aren't dating, Corbin is married 😂😂

                                    • Gr8 Wh1te
                                      Gr8 Wh1te  1 weeks back

                                      You forgot that Vince McMahon and Roman Reigns are married

                                      • tommy2chips
                                        tommy2chips  1 weeks back

                                        You should have talked about Bayley and her boyfriend/fiancé Aaron

                                        • Robert Matton
                                          Robert Matton  1 weeks back

                                          WWE is total garbage

                                          • Jayden Madigan
                                            Jayden Madigan  2 weeks back

                                            Isn't Charlotte dating an styles

                                          • Kongmeng Xiong
                                            Kongmeng Xiong  2 weeks back

                                            Kog Xiong

                                            • Roger Seegren
                                              Roger Seegren  2 weeks back

                                              FINALLY.... I have subscribed to your channel. Really enjoy your content. Please keep it coming

                                              • Heiliger Bimmbamm
                                                Heiliger Bimmbamm  3 weeks back

                                                I want the real Bray Wyatt back. The Fiend is a joke...

                                                • Luke Goodwin
                                                  Luke Goodwin  3 days back

                                                  Heiliger Bimmbamm so you want bray to go back to being nothing who loses every match he is in...

                                              • Sebastian Lento
                                                Sebastian Lento  3 weeks back

                                                You go

                                                • STEPHEN ROBERTS
                                                  STEPHEN ROBERTS  3 weeks back

                                                  Stop cussing please

                                                  • John Gilani
                                                    John Gilani  3 weeks back

                                                    2:40 voice crack

                                                    • Call Me Jynx
                                                      Call Me Jynx  3 weeks back

                                                      Yowie Wowie

                                                      • Dayem218
                                                        Dayem218  3 weeks back

                                                        I love you and WWE

                                                        • Lewis Rowlands
                                                          Lewis Rowlands  3 weeks back

                                                          I love you

                                                          • Grog Vaughan
                                                            Grog Vaughan  4 weeks back

                                                            Many years ago in the middle 90's I was working in Cleveland and every so oftenI would stop by the Eastside Harley Davidson for food and 🍻 after work when I had my bike. It was a old 70's Honda. They had some kinda show or whatever there going on when I was leaving. Well I guess WWF was in town and I walked out to see these 2 big ass guys messing with my ride so u walk over ranting about it. It was Mark & Paul (big show) Paul was sitting in my bike and Mark was telling him to get off it. Once I saw who they were I offered to give him the bike. Honda 500 1973! I ended up getting both of them to sign my bike!! Then Paul said he would leave 4 Tix for me at will call. It was just a fantastic day!

                                                          • bangtan chim chim23
                                                            bangtan chim chim23  4 weeks back

                                                            i am new to this wwe world but ...... is not seth rollins dating becky lynch ???

                                                            • bangtan chim chim23
                                                              bangtan chim chim23  3 weeks back

                                                              @Chloé Mitchell I LOVE THAT COUPLE!!!! THANKS FOR THE GREAT NEWS.... I WISH THEM THE BEST! 😁

                                                            • Chloé Mitchell
                                                              Chloé Mitchell  3 weeks back

                                                              @bangtan chim chim23 Seth & Becky are now engaged.

                                                          • Emanuele de pasquale
                                                            Emanuele de pasquale  4 weeks back

                                                            Molto bello vdeo io sono un tuo grande fan Alexa biss ela mia fidanzata io sono fidanzato

                                                            • x sunshine
                                                              x sunshine  4 weeks back

                                                              You curse too much

                                                              • Theresa Smith
                                                                Theresa Smith  4 weeks back

                                                                ja Lee

                                                                • edith mutinda
                                                                  edith mutinda  4 weeks back

                                                                  I love you

                                                                  • Jordan Barrett
                                                                    Jordan Barrett  4 weeks back

                                                                    Sonja Daville shouldn't be in the wwe

                                                                    • Jordan Barrett
                                                                      Jordan Barrett  4 weeks back

                                                                      Andrade and Flair bad couple

                                                                      • Josh Keller
                                                                        Josh Keller  1 months back

                                                                        462 days a year? There’s only 365 days in a year.

                                                                        • zoro cas
                                                                          zoro cas  1 months back

                                                                          The only reason i watched this video is the picture of alexa bliss and corbin together..and i thought.. wtf does she dated corbin!!??!!?

                                                                          • MOSES THE EGYPTIAN BEN .DAVID

                                                                            You forget about Chelsea green was impact wrstling women's champion she better knowing by the name of laurel van nass. You should go search for that besides that all the couple that you mentioned I already know that because of the Instagram post.
                                                                            Here is the link to the Chelsea green aka laurel van nass


                                                                            • Michael Davis
                                                                              Michael Davis  1 months back

                                                                              stop saying bad words please

                                                                              • kanthi k
                                                                                kanthi k  1 months back

                                                                                All womens r my wifes

                                                                                • Richard W. Smith, Jr.
                                                                                  Richard W. Smith, Jr.  1 months back

                                                                                  Seth Rollins & Becky Lynch: 3 words; WWE's Superman & Wonder Woman.

                                                                                  • tyent bonto
                                                                                    tyent bonto  1 months back

                                                                                    Richard W. Smith, Jr. those were five words