Rémy Producers Season 6 Featuring Jermaine Dupri: Who Will Get The Ultimate Co-Sign? | [email protected]


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  • CQ Channel
    CQ Channel  3 weeks back


    • Drae Lawson Music
      Drae Lawson Music  3 weeks back

      If Jermaine Dupri is behind it, my expectations are low. Not hating on the man but none of the artists he co-signed in recent years became anything...ie THE RAP GAME. what has has he done for any up and coming artists (LATELY??) I'll wait.

      • mae patterson
        mae patterson  3 weeks back

        Nothing which is why he need not speak on the ladies of rap today, he is yester year.

      JAMESBOND LEGAL2G  3 weeks back


      • My Opinion
        My Opinion  3 weeks back

        I thought they was talking about remy ma producers my badd

        • Saddik Laaraiche
          Saddik Laaraiche  3 weeks back

          Help me paradise God's son's bless américain i need money 🇩🇿🅿💲💒✌💍😍😍😈😈👅👅❎❎🆔🆔👮👮⚓⚓🔞🔞🎱🎱🎄🎄🈹🈹🈹🈹🅿🅿🅿🅿

          • Authenick Official
            Authenick Official  3 weeks back

            Man I wanna know do any of the winners of stuff like this really get put in positions to create a successful music career or is is just beneficial for the big names

            • Deidra B
              Deidra B  3 weeks back

              I read the title so wrong lmao I thought it said remy ma was producing music for jd

              • Marni Etn
                Marni Etn  3 weeks back

                Who else isn’t watching full screen?.😁

                Btw I’m sußßîñg to everyone who sußs to mè❤️✔️
                *👇🏾Hit that*

                • Marin Roshi
                  Marin Roshi  3 weeks back

                  the first who liked

                  • Prolific Beatz
                    Prolific Beatz  3 weeks back

                    I'm a producer looking for dope artists to work with HMU