India's Geography Problem


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  • Jhingur
    Jhingur  13 hours back

    bhenchod what?

      ATTIQ ALBANIAN  1 days back

      Where are My Pakistani Boys And Girls at Come on Guys 🇵🇰 ❤✌

      • Mak1
        Mak1  1 days back

        Some facts for your information only

        • Mak1
          Mak1  1 days back

          Sorry, dude! but a lot of facts which you mentioned are wrong.

          • Mak1
            Mak1  1 days back

            But don't forget above all India alone is having 27% of poverty of the world

            • S D
              S D  2 days back

              Dude full of wrong information 😓😓

              • Christopher Herrera
                Christopher Herrera  2 days back

                Wow! You have some very very informative well done videos. Your videos, topics are goo enough for the History Channel and the Smithsonian channel. Good job and thanks.

                • Pritesh Mathur
                  Pritesh Mathur  2 days back

                  हमने चीन को बुद्ध दिया... चीन ने हमे युद्ध दिया

                  • 橙色黎明
                    橙色黎明  3 days back

                    The word no problem, your fucuking American make problem all over the word and enjoy it.

                  • Mahesh M V U
                    Mahesh M V U  3 days back

                    BS Video. Skip it.

                    • Theolich
                      Theolich  3 days back

                      A fine example of how the British (somehow intentionally) left messes everywhere as then cleaned up what's left of their colonial empire.

                      • Azaz Ali
                        Azaz Ali  3 days back

                        India is the mother of terrorism . From kabul afghanistan

                        • Dhurav Singh Chauhan
                          Dhurav Singh Chauhan  3 days back

                          Misconceptions miss inception

                          • Chian Yee Lee
                            Chian Yee Lee  3 days back

                            I feel like the british created a lot of harm to the world.

                            • T.L. Watkinson
                              T.L. Watkinson  3 hours back

                              Interesting your feelings are not consonant with fact. But then, facts don't care about your feelings.
                              The world economy was better integrated in 1913 than in 2013 and the British were largely responsible for that.
                              One of the legacies of empire, is the pervasiveness of the English language around the world.

                          • Matt
                            Matt  3 days back

                            india is gross

                            • Manoj Kumar
                              Manoj Kumar  3 days back

                              Not exactly factually correct...but still a good job

                              • Tayyibah Shahadat
                                Tayyibah Shahadat  3 days back

                                India before the Mughal and British didn't exist, it was a list of smaller countries

                                Thanks to Mughal who united all these states currently known as India

                                Mughal India was richest in the world

                                British India was left the poorest in the world

                                • Love Is Life
                                  Love Is Life  2 days back

                                  Before mughal. India was also known as GOLDEN BIRD .

                              • Yamin Shaikh
                                Yamin Shaikh  4 days back

                                Indian transportation is great even in 2017... What r u walking about??

                                • Lost in Atlantic
                                  Lost in Atlantic  4 days back

                                  British tried to unite india,hahahahaha.
                                  India has a weak transportation system..are u stupid?? We have more railroads than any country in the world.this video was made just by some local research on said unfortunately,british rule ended,wtf??????

                                  • Chetanya Singh
                                    Chetanya Singh  5 days back

                                    MADARCHOD ANGREJ SAALE

                                    • dishant sharma
                                      dishant sharma  5 days back

                                      Very poor knowledge of subject matter !!
                                      1) Railways and roads were not build to integrate Nation but to allow british goods, build in british industries to reach and replace indigenous products in far flung areas
                                      2) Yes there were fragmented states all over , but the concept of whole territory being a Single nation existed even before the CE and the Indian Nation was called "Bharatvarsha"
                                      3) India had a strong navy till 10-11th centuries and naval expeditions by Chola Kings (Southern Indian Kingdom) were as far as China, Indonesia Cambodia, Malaysia. Even till the Britishers arrived Indian had some big Ship building centers in Surat and Bengal. These were eventually destroyed by britishers by giving british made ships monopoly over trade routes from and to India.
                                      4) India did had relations with China over its history with some ex being Silk Route from China through India to middle and central Asia, and propagation of Buddhism from India to China, propagation of Cotton from India to China and even to Japan , and propagation of Silk from China to India.

                                      Dude next time make a video after doing some research !

                                      • chandan sinha
                                        chandan sinha  3 days back

                                        dishant sharma ya true india was fragmanted but all of them called them self bharat varsha nivasi
                                        These brits always want to take all credits

                                    • Zayn
                                      Zayn  6 days back

                                      British presence is the reason why Indian economy is growing fast today 😂😂 what the hell this motherfucker is saying.
                                      India's share of the world economy went from 24.4% in 1700 to 4.2 in 1950.infact Britain's thrive was premised on the very loot and destruction in funny it is to exploit, loot, torture, and kill people for years and then celebrate they are growing faster after it 😂 and according to this motherfucker English has brought development..but Chinese do not speak English so according to his logic china must not be developed as it is now. And India is not federation but Union of States. chutiya maderchod😂.I had just subscribed u , and I have just unsubscribed u asshole

                                      • Hungry Estonian
                                        Hungry Estonian  6 days back

                                        he didn't say that, he even said the British did a lot of damage to the economy but because of the english language literacy western countries are outsourcing jobs to India because Indians learned English from the British

                                    • djinn Man
                                      djinn Man  7 days back

                                      India won't fail. It has FAR too many intelligent people and is too use to navigating chaos to do so. Whether it can sustain and reach its intended goals is another issue.

                                      And that said, I disagree that India's problems are purely or largely Geographical.

                                      Rather :

                                      1) China also had massive rural population at same start point in the 1980s( If not more). The reason China has been able to get ahead is not just cheap labour which India and other nations can provide but LOGISTICS and INFRASTRUCTURE. It can get goods to market quickly and efficiently. Contrast India's roads and railways (improving but not at similar pace)

                                      2) Partially this is due to India's large democracy. Partially bc India has also inherited and propogated enthusiastically British Colonial Bureaucracy.

                                      Its political system (as oppose to China ...itself having other faults) means things do not get done as quickly and are often log jammed. See infrastructure. This is more so a cultural thing than any geographical dictate.

                                      3) India's education lags not bc of rural /urban divide but other factors including less equality for women (as oppose to China...unless you are a Ghandi) and of course the Hindhu cultural baggage of the caste system.

                                      But things are slowly changing for the good here.

                                      None of these issues are weighted down by Geography.

                                      4) One other thing is the border with Pakistan. I would think the Thar dessert is as much a benefit to Indian defense as the populated area on the Pakistani side is a risk to Pakistan.

                                      More so again the issue of getting on with each other is again cultural (and irrational) rather than any geographical dictate. This is again due to Indian politics (and Pakistan) where Nationalist like to stoke the fear of the other side to gain power.

                                      Indian oceans are as much an advantage for the sub continent as it is any impediment. Indian traders use to exchange knowledge with the Arab world in the golden age (7th and 8th century) with the monsoons as much as they did with South East Asia (see Hindhu temples in Vietnam, Indonesia and Buddhism)

                                      5) And as much as the Himalayas are an impediment, it did not stop Chinese monks from crossing over before Christ to bring Buddhist text to East Asia or indeed an Indian monk to make positive impact with the Shaolin Temple.

                                      Again there is no issue with linking China and India (Roads on the Chinese side and rail all already highly developed)

                                      The issue is rather again cultural. Indians love a good bargain and they are holding back on territorial settlements for more favourable outcomes in the future.

                                      • BHANU PRATAP SINGH
                                        BHANU PRATAP SINGH  7 days back

                                        We are not that bad at HTML

                                        • Alan Zapp
                                          Alan Zapp  1 weeks back

                                          My quibble with Wendover: all the vids focus on war/conflict/strife. The graphic and production quality is impressive but the endless "if so-and-so launches a Thing, then geography dictates that the other tribe will likely launch their Thing." Every single Wendover vid devolves into war-games theory.

                                          • Bhavik Shah
                                            Bhavik Shah  1 weeks back

                                            I am still waiting for your response
                                            Or eale I need to move this issue to Government of india and YouTube

                                            • Sangram Chore
                                              Sangram Chore  1 weeks back

                                              Caucasian s love to define India which they can not and will not.

                                            • agni mitra
                                              agni mitra  1 weeks back

                                              Bull crap video with a guy reading out bull crap. Promoted video.

                                              • Kindrêd dōj
                                                Kindrêd dōj  6 days back

                                                @Raheel Abeed Alam lol what too scared .😂

                                              • Raheel Abeed Alam
                                                Raheel Abeed Alam  1 weeks back

                                                Or you're just too scared to accept the truth, like most Indians.

                                            • king arthur
                                              king arthur  1 weeks back

                                              "India has forgiven, but it should not be forgotten"

                                              Before the arrival of British, India had a world GDP share of 23%. By the time they left, it was down to 4%.
                                              The 200 years rule of British has changed the course and status of Indian history of being the richest to the poorest country when Britishers left.

                                              It will take India a painstaking hundreds of years to recover from the economic losses incurred.

                                              So, it can't be said that British ruled only for a few period.

                                              • Utkarsh Yadav
                                                Utkarsh Yadav  1 weeks back

                                                your fact is absolutely wrong india was never a hindu state , india was not seprated as a Request of hindu state only pakistan was seprated & made an islamic or muslim state ... after that indian politians n people wanted it to be a hindu state but it never went to become as Mahatma Gandhi ji believed its diverse n wanted it to be secular .. so since indipendence & partition india has never been a hindu state & now as well

                                                • Utkarsh Yadav
                                                  Utkarsh Yadav  6 days back

                                                  @Md. Ali i think you are not enough with your knowledge 😂
                                                  Gazwa e hind has happend Centuries ago 😂 that's what pakistani are tought .. & its still isn't able to develop their facilities in its basic requirements 😂 hope some day you become well educated & one day work for advancement & in technical fields of your country to make it modern after 20 years as india is now in the developed world 😅😂👏
                                                  Don't be ashamed but because of your islam religion you both countries ain't able to develope & grow properly ... so sad ... that's why your people are eager to come india because a daily living is fatisfying here 😅😂

                                                • Md. Ali
                                                  Md. Ali  6 days back

                                                  Haha😂 and thats how we took two islamic countries from you fool hindu indian just back in 1947.😂
                                                  We both are islamic state (pakistan and bangladesh).
                                                  And no hindu, can become prime minister or president in our country thats clearly mentioned in our Constitution 😂.
                                                  And you are secular country that gives me great hope that one day we all Muslims of subcontinent including Indian will finish dream of Prophet MOHAMAD Gazwa e hind.
                                                  😂 Secularism Mubarak.
                                                  We dont need Secularism here in our Islamic Pakistan and Kashmir is coming you ENDIA 😂

                                              • Karthik Raghu
                                                Karthik Raghu  1 weeks back

                                                British helped India...Good joke of 10 centuries!!!!

                                                • dishant sharma
                                                  dishant sharma  5 days back

                                                  @Raheel Abeed Alam lol 🤣 yes .. They helped us in education and that's why our literacy level in 1947 when britishers left was less than even 10% ... India , the country which invented zero, surgery and countless other mathematical, Scientific discoveries was left in shambles during british !!!

                                                • Raheel Abeed Alam
                                                  Raheel Abeed Alam  1 weeks back

                                                  They actually did help the Indians with education and infrastructure in exchange for resources.

                                              • Aakash Shailendrakumar
                                                Aakash Shailendrakumar  1 weeks back

                                                How to watch this video in hindi

                                                • Subhasis Debnath
                                                  Subhasis Debnath  1 weeks back

                                                  This video contains a lot of misleading content!!!!!!

                                                  • MrLuckyarch
                                                    MrLuckyarch  1 weeks back

                                                    There is an inherent assumption in this video that speaking English is a sign of being literate and Indians have thus been benefited this way by the British. Those are preacarious statements, and the research is shallow.

                                                    • Bhavik Shah
                                                      Bhavik Shah  1 weeks back

                                                      I object on map of india which you have shown in this video. Kashmir is part of india and its shown under disputed line in white color.
                                                      Kindly correct that I need to take strict action for this against this

                                                      • Bhavik Shah
                                                        Bhavik Shah  1 weeks back

                                                        @Raheel Abeed Alam kashmir is not a disputed part. It's part of one india. Stay out of it

                                                      • Raheel Abeed Alam
                                                        Raheel Abeed Alam  1 weeks back

                                                        Kashmir isn't part of India. It's disputed territory.

                                                    • Krishna Verma
                                                      Krishna Verma  1 weeks back

                                                      Wooh well tried but it gave me headache buddy

                                                      • NH6 Talkies
                                                        NH6 Talkies  1 weeks back

                                                        I love my India :-) jai hind hit like if u agree!!

                                                        • Kaushal Maurya
                                                          Kaushal Maurya  1 weeks back

                                                          Seemed more like a report of '90s India in 2019..

                                                          • rishabh uniyal
                                                            rishabh uniyal  1 weeks back

                                                            12:40 says the british rule didn't last long,,, 200 years

                                                            • SteelBucket.
                                                              SteelBucket.  1 days back

                                                              compared to the 5000 years of indian existance, just like rome or china

                                                          • THE STONE
                                                            THE STONE  2 weeks back

                                                            should have talked about the Geography ONLY..all other things are unwanted and unnecessary

                                                          • VARUN VJ
                                                            VARUN VJ  2 weeks back

                                                            To all those people saying India Benefitted from British! Please tell ur queen to give us the Kohinoor diamond! Britishers ruined every nation they went

                                                            • indresh Awana
                                                              indresh Awana  2 weeks back

                                                              European knowledge about India lacks. those who never visited India stretched boundary lines ( Cyril radcliffe) .

                                                              • piyush tripathi
                                                                piyush tripathi  2 weeks back

                                                                First correct your map

                                                                • Shivan Anirudhra
                                                                  Shivan Anirudhra  2 weeks back

                                                                  He says India is getting ahead because they'll work for cheap, but it's that's true then why doesn't hopeless Africa do the same??

                                                                  Instead of always crying for charity and hand outs shouldn't African nations focus on getting their people smarter and gaining economically?? No they can't because they don't have the smarts for those jobs... JP Morgan, Apple, Facebook and Amazon can go to any country on Earth but they choose India because they're the smartest people on earth

                                                                  You people are just naive and stupid lol

                                                                  • Raheel Abeed Alam
                                                                    Raheel Abeed Alam  1 weeks back

                                                                    "Indians (are) the smartest people in the world."

                                                                    The statistics prove that wrong. You guys are braindead retards.

                                                                • Shivan Anirudhra
                                                                  Shivan Anirudhra  2 weeks back

                                                                  Enemies to the left, enemies to the right, enemies above

                                                                  It's like bloody game of thrones lol

                                                                  • trolling god
                                                                    trolling god  2 weeks back

                                                                    India had world class navy under Maratha rule which beat Portuguese and British navy. Yes we didn't colonise anyone....
                                                                    And we were indians before Britishers as well. We used to call India as Bharata and ourselves as bharatvasi. When you said someone from this region will call himself bahamani, nope, bahamanis did rule but that didn't mean one will stop being an Indian ( or bharatvasi)

                                                                    • Kunal Deshmukh
                                                                      Kunal Deshmukh  2 weeks back

                                                                      All Indians hit like

                                                                      • Utkarsh Shah
                                                                        Utkarsh Shah  2 weeks back

                                                                        never talk bad things about my mother india or i will kill you