Apple Watch Series 5 // Fitness & Sports In-Depth Review


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  • Matt Litherland
    Matt Litherland  3 days back

    awesome review. thank you! would love to see a review of the Whoop strap 3.0

    • Mohammad Tohidi
      Mohammad Tohidi  4 days back

      Thanks a lot! I am an athlete who is looking for an apple watch, and I am planning on when to be getting one. your information was very helpful. Now I know that this watch isn't quite worth buying, even because of its' two major flaws (1) battery life and (2) fitness tracking and pricing.

      • twowheelslater
        twowheelslater  4 days back

        I would say in this day and age those results are not acceptable. Maybe they will address it with updates but I don't think im in until hr and gps is better.

        • WhatDoYaThink
          WhatDoYaThink  4 days back

          This is another amazing and super helpful review. Thank you so much!

          • WhatDoYaThink
            WhatDoYaThink  4 days back

            DesFit Both of your Apple Watch 4 & 5 reviews helped me make up my mind to order a series 4. Thank you!

          • DesFit
            DesFit   4 days back

            Awesome, glad it helped! Thanks!

        • Igor Belogurov
          Igor Belogurov  5 days back

          do you think it makes sense to upgrade from series 3?

          • 5vnt
            5vnt  5 days back

            how come most of the graph is from DC Rainmaker?

            • DesFit
              DesFit   5 days back

              I upload my data to the DC Rainmaker analyzer tool for further analysis. Anyone can use it.

          • Salty Apple
            Salty Apple  5 days back

            Thanks for the review. This video was the deciding factor for me to buy the new apple watch. Subbing to you from now on :)

            • Genysmen runner
              Genysmen runner  1 weeks back

              Do you ever use a smartwatch like the apple with lte alone? Do you like it?

              • Genysmen runner
                Genysmen runner  7 days back

                DesFit thanks I am waiting for the galaxy active 2 review

              • DesFit
                DesFit   7 days back

                The Series 3 is great...especially the price, but the always on is a very nice to have!

              • Genysmen runner
                Genysmen runner  7 days back

                DesFit that is my main purpose for lte and having the music on it without a phone. If I never own an apple watch do you recommend me jump right into the series 5? I like that always on to prevent falling when running

              • DesFit
                DesFit   7 days back

                The use case for LTE from a fitness and sports perspective, for me at least, is running without my phone while still being able to be contacted as well as having the ability to contact someone in case of emergency.

            • Genysmen runner
              Genysmen runner  1 weeks back

              Great review Des. If you could mention the disadvantages of using the active 2 with an iphone I will appreciate!

              • Joana Levcheva
                Joana Levcheva  1 weeks back

                Amazing review

              • TheKauaiboyz51
                TheKauaiboyz51  1 weeks back

                love your reviews but you need a bigger hat lol

                • Marius van der Heijden
                  Marius van der Heijden  1 weeks back

                  what about the stratos 3 ?

                  • Kyam Villkhu
                    Kyam Villkhu  1 weeks back

                    Impeccable in-depth review, the analysis is mind-blowing and greatly appreciated!

                    • DesFit
                      DesFit   1 weeks back

                      Glad it helped. Thanks!

                  • Carrot Cruncher
                    Carrot Cruncher  1 weeks back

                    Lets be honest the GPS is awful compared to Garmin, mine shows me on the other side of the road going through house its just crap, how apple can put out such a bad gps and think its acceptable is beyond me, Jobs would never have allowed it, Maybe if they increased the GPS polling to every second it nay improve but for the price they are charging its just plain crap, the other functions are pretty good and the heart rate is not bad at all but the GPS ? Jeez it sucks balls !

                    • Andreas X
                      Andreas X  2 weeks back

                      Finally someone who tests the most important functions. Have you found any reason why Series 5 behave differently on the heart rate monitor?

                      • ErikTheRed
                        ErikTheRed  2 weeks back

                        Is it wrong to wear a Garmin on one wrist and Apple Watch on the other? #lovestats

                        • DesFit
                          DesFit   7 days back

                          I'm very wrong then ;)

                      • Tory Grey
                        Tory Grey  2 weeks back

                        Hi, curious to hear what results are after the latest update. Have you re-done any of these tests to see if the software update helped?

                        • Carrot Cruncher
                          Carrot Cruncher  1 weeks back

                          Tory Grey I was wondering the same thing, the new software has greatly improved the stability of my watch and my phone

                      • Fabio Martins
                        Fabio Martins  2 weeks back

                        Thank you, it was a very nice review! Just one tip, when comparing the smartwatch GPS data it would have been easier to understand if you'd made the text the same color as the data in the map for each device, instead of writing the color name in white.

                        • DesFit
                          DesFit   2 weeks back

                          Ya, that was an oversight but thanks for the feedback!

                      • usernameagian
                        usernameagian  2 weeks back

                        What software version where you on and have there been any updates that may have fixed these issues?

                        • Sohan Chodankar
                          Sohan Chodankar  3 weeks back

                          Maybe it’s a software glitch 🤔

                          • Brett Wilson
                            Brett Wilson  3 weeks back

                            Great review as always. Purchased AW3 a couple years back after watching your review, and have loved it. What is your daily driver? As a current iPhone user, would you recommend sticking with AW or go towards a garmin? The battery life brings me down at times, cheers!

                            • syumassh
                              syumassh  3 weeks back

                              Great work. Liked.

                            • Wittig
                              Wittig  3 weeks back

                              Nice review, I think this convinced me to finally upgrade from my series 1 🤙🏼 ps would these features pretty much be identical to the Nike+ version of the watch?

                              • Anton S.
                                Anton S.  2 weeks back

                                The features of the watch are the exact same. You can even download the third party Nike+ App. You won’t get the Nike+ watchfaces though. Nike+ straps only come with the Nike+ version or can be purchased later on and will fit any other Apple Watch from the same series.

                            • siaphra
                              siaphra  3 weeks back

                              does S5 come with fall detection?

                              • Blair Oliver
                                Blair Oliver  3 weeks back

                                How’s everyone faring on 6.1?

                                • IASOU2005
                                  IASOU2005  3 weeks back

                                  Does he even jump rope?

                                  • Kel
                                    Kel  3 weeks back

                                    good review thanks man

                                  • Ahmed Nagy
                                    Ahmed Nagy  3 weeks back

                                    So please i need a help
                                    Currently i have Samsung Gear Sport and i want to switch to apple watch
                                    Between series 3,4,5 which is the best value for money!
                                    Btw Thanks man for the review you are the best.

                                    • JCSion
                                      JCSion  3 weeks back

                                      Good Review. How did you replicate the Series 4 AOD data (@2:10) if that feature is not available for series 4?

                                      • DesFit
                                        DesFit   3 weeks back

                                        JCSion oh my gosh! Good catch! That’s a mistake in the caption - it should say “Always-On Enabled on Series 5”. But I think the data still is illustrating the point. Thanks for pointing that out! 👍

                                    • Jack Xu
                                      Jack Xu  3 weeks back

                                      Does anyone know if you can pair the apple watch with polar/garmin chest HR monitors?

                                      • Steven Love
                                        Steven Love  2 weeks back

                                        That's my question too. I want to be able to use a Polar OH1 up high on the arm and have the watch over the outside cuff of my drysuit when winter paddleboarding. My Polar OH1 has been pretty solid in use with my Samsung S7 and Endomondo.....BUT, I want an LTE watch so I can ditch the phone when on the water.

                                    • Christopher Bolton
                                      Christopher Bolton  3 weeks back

                                      Why do the graphs of the data all dat DC Rainmaker on the top? He is a cool guy with great reviews for sure. Are you associated with him? Does he have a site were other people can post their data to etc? Just curious. Great review.

                                      • DesFit
                                        DesFit   3 weeks back

                                        Thanks! That’s the DCR analyzer tool that anyone can use to take a deep dive into their datasets. It’s fantastic! We’re not officially affiliated or anything but we’re good friends :)

                                    • Lee
                                      Lee  3 weeks back

                                      Wow! This is the best review on YouTube Des. Subscribed. Also, I went from the Series 3 to the 5, so it saddens me that the HR sensor sucks compared to last years model. Do you think they are trying to save power? The sensor is the same I could only imagine they are trying to help battery life. I hope you can try another Apple Watch Series 5 and wait for a .x software update. I see quite a few bugs on the watch as it is.

                                      • Lee
                                        Lee  3 weeks back

                                        DesFit I was going to say Apple should be notified of this. I look forward to the revisit! I hope you have a friend that will let you borrow their watch cause I’ll let you borrow mine. It’s still pretty amazing that it works as well as it does.

                                      • DesFit
                                        DesFit   3 weeks back

                                        Thanks! Even with the inconsistencies I experienced, the HR sensor still is better than most. I don’t have the means to purchase another one, but I have shared all my data with Apple so there could be a software update, but I will be revisiting it here in the next couple weeks.

                                    • Chis james
                                      Chis james  4 weeks back

                                      incredible video, so in-depth and detailed. I recently upgraded to the series 5 and never take it off. the always on feature is a plus. many thanks for your sports expertize with the watch which is the main reason for my initial purchase. Will continue to watch and like your videos

                                      • DesFit
                                        DesFit   3 weeks back

                                        Thanks a bunch and thanks for tuning in!

                                      • Lee
                                        Lee  3 weeks back

                                        Chis james it completely changed my wearing habits. I honestly wear my watch 20x more than my Series 3.

                                    • the very hungry Human
                                      the very hungry Human  4 weeks back

                                      I’d be curious to know if the heart rate monitor was more accurate with the always in display switched off hmmmm

                                      • the very hungry Human
                                        the very hungry Human  4 weeks back

                                        Chris Bowler The heart rate monitor might be compromised due to the battery life allocated towards the always on display. Just a thought, since hardware is almost identical

                                    • Daydreamer
                                      Daydreamer  4 weeks back

                                      Amazing review bro!

                                      ***Practical and realistic***

                                      • Stephen Higgins
                                        Stephen Higgins  4 weeks back

                                        Great review, the best to date! Do you think they will fix the issue with further updates?

                                        • Taigan Neibaur
                                          Taigan Neibaur  4 weeks back

                                          You do awesome work! Thanks so much for your dedication and full varied activity reviews! It's nice having a real athlete that likes tech doing sports fitness reviews instead of tech nerds that fake fitness lol. Keep up the great work!

                                        • prezo
                                          prezo  4 weeks back

                                          You said that 5 is not good as 4 , it’s not accurate and not reliable and if that’s true I am not happy the bought the bloody thing🤦🏽‍♂️

                                          • TPP Wilnis
                                            TPP Wilnis  4 weeks back

                                            I’m a bit confused, did you do those tests or did DC Rainmaker? You’re showing us data from DC Rainmaker if I’m correctly...

                                            • DesFit
                                              DesFit   4 weeks back

                                              And yes, that’s my workout data :)

                                            • DesFit
                                              DesFit   4 weeks back

                                              That’s the DCR Analyzer which anyone can use to analyze their data files.

                                          • Pepello
                                            Pepello  4 weeks back

                                            "jumped around a little bit" while showing a chart in which the series 5 is really all over the place 😅

                                            • Sam Chiu
                                              Sam Chiu  4 weeks back

                                              Nice review.
                                              Question. Would thing improve in-terms of comparison by waring both series 4 and 5 on the same wrist?

                                              • Sean Bennett
                                                Sean Bennett  1 months back

                                                Excellent review. Have you shared your findings with Apple? If not I hope you will as this type of fact based feedback is indispensable.

                                              • Emil Dimanchev
                                                Emil Dimanchev  1 months back

                                                Thanks for the detailed review! Could you share any advice on the value-add of the cellular model vs. non-cellular, purely with regard to fitness and workouts? For someone not interested in getting notifications during a run, for example, are there still benefits to having cellular (I am imagining it can be beneficial to be able to sync with internet for example). Curious about your thoughts.

                                                • Emil Dimanchev
                                                  Emil Dimanchev  4 weeks back

                                                  @DesFit Thanks!

                                                • DesFit
                                                  DesFit   1 months back

                                                  My reasoning for cellular in regards to fitness is more from a safety standpoint of being able to have the ability to connect with others if I were to need assistance. Just like you, I’m not interested in receiving notifications when I am workout out. Thanks!

                                              • Tech Jungle
                                                Tech Jungle  1 months back

                                                Excellent in depth comparison between the series 4 and series 5 in regards to health tracking. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

                                              • Morris Pontifect
                                                Morris Pontifect  1 months back

                                                Sweet brother thank you

                                                • Andal Alvar
                                                  Andal Alvar  1 months back

                                                  Is there any functionality for having a training plan show while your swimming? I can never remember what I’m supposed to do next...

                                                  • Howie Hirsch
                                                    Howie Hirsch  1 months back

                                                    I've upgraded from Series 3 to Series 5. I was surprised and disappointed to hear that the Heart Rate Monitor on the Series 5 is not as accurate as the Series 4. Things should get better, not worse on the new model. I have a couple of questions about the testing.

                                                    I was glad to hear that you check this on both wrists, since I thought that perhaps there are different movements in the wrists that could effect the accuracy. Also - I think it would be best to test both Series 4 and 5 with a sport loop where you can adjust the tightness and try to make sure it's the same on each wrist.

                                                    1. Have you contacted Apple about this?

                                                    2. Are you running the same software version on the Series 4 and Series 5 that you used for this testing?

                                                    3. Did you test the Heart Rate accuracy with the Always-on display set to off? I have heard that perhaps the Series 5 is lowering the power to the Heart Rate Monitor in order to preserve the battery life. Perhaps it would be different if the always-on display is set to off. If the power is in fact being lowered, and that is compromising the accuracy of the HRM, this should be an option where the user can choose better accuracy or better battery life.

                                                    I'm hoping that this is some kind of software issue and that it will be something that Apple can fine tune in future releases of watchOS.

                                                    Please update us if you find any changes with this in the future.

                                                    Thanks for the great review.


                                                    • DesFit
                                                      DesFit   1 months back

                                                      1. Yup.
                                                      2. Always - first rule of testing: most current firmware.
                                                      3. Yup, both enabled and disabled.

                                                      And just to be clear, the Series 5 and 4 still are pretty much the best out there, it was just surprising to see a few inconsistencies with the 5 where the 4 was a bit more in line.

                                                  • Sascha Robitzki
                                                    Sascha Robitzki  1 months back

                                                    Good to know I can save the money. Great review!