Diablo IV Official Gameplay Trailer


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  • A N
    A N  19 minutes back

    If no one ever told me this was the D4 trailer I would have thought it was an expansion for D3.

    • flemaster12
      flemaster12  2 hours back

      Poe 4.0 looks awesome!

      • Miojo depressivo
        Miojo depressivo  2 hours back

        Well, the gameplay trailer for diablo 3 was released 2 years before it launched, so maybe, it will launch in 2021.

        • B E E Z Y M U R D E R Z

          This Game Looks Unbelievable, I Will Get This.

          • Mohamed Ashraf
            Mohamed Ashraf  3 hours back

            Who is that guy?

            • Erik
              Erik  3 hours back

              Ich hab so lange dafür gewartet !!!!!

              • Dave Hetzel
                Dave Hetzel  4 hours back

                they made the barbarian go from 7ft tall to midget...

                • Bomb Kids
                  Bomb Kids  7 hours back

                  Can radeon hd 7850 run this game ? 😅

                  • David Hansson
                    David Hansson  7 hours back

                    Wait. So i can buy Diablo not only for mobile, but for pc.! Amsing! For only 55euro!!! and not get 100% of The game! Sweet. Still need to spend another 100 och Micro transactions.!

                    • Jason Chou
                      Jason Chou  13 hours back

                      (Diablo 3) “We want skill tree and rune system back. ”
                      (Diablo M) “We want Diablo 4 or D2 remake. ”
                      Now….the news of D4 comes out.
                      “It just a better graphics D3”“lost ark will rekt this game” blah blah….
                      Hater always have something to say.

                      Thing's simple.
                      If game's good. Then buy it.
                      If game's suck. Then save your money.
                      Congrat you don’t have to ask mom to buy this trash for you anymore.

                      Why don't you hater just stfu and play Poe, lost ark or something else you like, instead of talking trash of other games?

                      • Tumi Slapz
                        Tumi Slapz  14 hours back

                        OMFG YASSS!!!!!

                        • Sergeant Danelarton
                          Sergeant Danelarton  17 hours back

                          Now that's a Diablo game!

                          • sicxyuz lml
                            sicxyuz lml  18 hours back


                            • Johnatan Andrea
                              Johnatan Andrea  22 hours back

                              ITS ABOUT TIME YESSSS BLIZZARD YESSS

                              • Padpaw22
                                Padpaw22  1 days back

                                maybe everyone else has forgotten, but it ended up turning out that the diablo 3 "gameplay" trailer was a fake designed to sell gameplay that didn't exist. Remember the hero's head getting bitten off, and it ended up being a lie. I think I will wait and see what china's whipping boy actually does with diablo 4 rather than what lies they tell to promote it.

                                • Tianlin Lu
                                  Tianlin Lu  1 days back

                                  winter is coming...

                                  • yuriy yakimov
                                    yuriy yakimov  1 days back

                                    I don;t know guys I'm big fan of Diablo games
                                    But ...this one doesn't look as great for a game of 2020+

                                    This Diablo IV the engine is similar to Diablo 3, Is like they have upgrade the engine by make things a 30-35% better.
                                    Wish they can improve even more the gameplay

                                    I don't know, things like: improving the camera to be able to focus in a fun way the map, to detail things, make it a bit more 3d
                                    Make a realistic environment with deep graphics

                                    I don't know I just want an epic game, and this one doesn't look that great for a 2020+ :(

                                    Sorry for my ugly grammar!

                                    • Tylericous
                                      Tylericous  17 hours back

                                      Graphics do look meh. I think they are trying to make it seem more dark and gritty which is cool, but it doesn’t have the same level of detail as I would have thought. I know it’s different games but Modern Warfare looks fantastic despite little color. But the game could still be good, who knows

                                  • chase buttons
                                    chase buttons  1 days back

                                    So druid sorc Barb...am I missing something? Also the graphics look like some chinese mobile rpg game. Not the same feel imo. I'll stick with d2lod

                                    • Krronos Zergberus
                                      Krronos Zergberus  1 days back

                                      WAIT WHAT BLIZZARD DONT HAVE TO RESET THE DISLIKE COUNTER i think they understand... I HOPE they have listen and learn!

                                      • paramount
                                        paramount  1 days back

                                        hopefully it's harder than Diablo 3 was

                                        • Kidm0bius Gaming
                                          Kidm0bius Gaming  1 days back

                                          wow game 4 and cant create a character x.x only 3 characters to start most likely rest will be microd or dlc x.x seems very light in terms of abilities, and wayy to far away from gothic vibe x.x

                                          • Xzar the necromancer
                                            Xzar the necromancer  2 days back

                                            BTW still waiting Diablo II Remastered

                                            • MrDgf97
                                              MrDgf97  2 days back

                                              haha le funny phone joke

                                              • Joshua Doss
                                                Joshua Doss  2 days back

                                                Only three classes?

                                                • nerd Surfer
                                                  nerd Surfer  2 days back

                                                  It lacks variety like d3.
                                                  Can't say it was worth 6 years, it really isn't that impressive looking.
                                                  Also, forced co-op shouldn't be tolerated.

                                                  • ISPY4ever
                                                    ISPY4ever  1 days back

                                                    You didn's see nothing of this game by now. Just wait.

                                                • Paul Alwarski
                                                  Paul Alwarski  2 days back

                                                  rather blizzard team if you design diablo 4 like the game lost ark of the gameplay then it will become best game ever :D

                                                  • pedro Teseu
                                                    pedro Teseu  2 days back

                                                    crossplay monstro?

                                                    • Nano Kona
                                                      Nano Kona  2 days back

                                                      С нетерпением жду.

                                                      • Lady Bloodie
                                                        Lady Bloodie  2 days back

                                                        och if that the Game play bring that bad boy on. the few live streams I peeked at look like a laser show. and was worried i was going to be playing league of legend style which not bad but definitely not why my my game above all games was/is DIABLO!!!!!!!! I wish the D team luck and that there sanity holds ^_^ ! NOW back into darkness

                                                        • ScootieXP
                                                          ScootieXP  2 days back

                                                          He must be talking to Deckard Cain's burial stone.

                                                          • beerye3
                                                            beerye3  2 days back

                                                            Wish he’d told the grave stone: “Stay a while and listen...”

                                                        • Brian Dawkins
                                                          Brian Dawkins  2 days back

                                                          What's the voice actors name? His voice is insane.

                                                          • Carl Marl
                                                            Carl Marl  3 hours back

                                                            I'm 99% certain its Ralph Ineson. Sounds exactly the same as he did in The Witch.

                                                        • Psypher Veritas
                                                          Psypher Veritas  2 days back

                                                          I heard the that on the Diablo 4 Terms of Service page you have to pledge allegiance to the Chinese Communist Party before playing the game. Lame.

                                                          • Milán Molnár
                                                            Milán Molnár  2 days back

                                                            Diablo 4 needs the colours of Diablo 3 implemented ASAP.

                                                            Don't worry, just kidding. :Dd

                                                          • Nyzma Kumala
                                                            Nyzma Kumala  2 days back

                                                            3 hero come on blizz last game have 5

                                                            • Frederik Petersen
                                                              Frederik Petersen  2 days back

                                                              im born in 1996, my very first game my favorite game. cant wait

                                                              • Fxdil Azhxri
                                                                Fxdil Azhxri  3 days back

                                                                Better than *MOBILE LEGENDS* tho

                                                                • Tyler Marquardt
                                                                  Tyler Marquardt  3 days back

                                                                  So its just path of exile but you pay for it, and it has less classes and less abilities...

                                                                  • Sergey
                                                                    Sergey  3 days back

                                                                    Looks great

                                                                    • 01010000011000010110110001100001

                                                                      looks like a similar enginne as D3, let's hope is more optimised than D3

                                                                      • tnv caydog
                                                                        tnv caydog  3 days back

                                                                        This game sucks

                                                                        • Trav Ass
                                                                          Trav Ass  3 days back

                                                                          MEPHISTO WANTS TO KNOW YOUR LOCATION

                                                                          • Steve Wilson
                                                                            Steve Wilson  3 days back

                                                                            In a game like this feel and sound is EVERYTHING. The game play should be much more Gothic and Horror in its look and sound. It should almost haunt you after your done playing it. Also I feel that the sounds effects should be focused on the creatures and not so much on the spell effects. Diablo II was great in recreating the gurgling noise of killing a fallen or the fiendish noise coming from the fetishes. It made each encounter with a new monster feel that much more unique and not just another thing to kill for loot. I already felt the mindless feel seeing the gameplay from hearing your attack spell for the 1000x time. Overall I think most Diablo fanatics appreciate that sense of dread from exploring a new area that you got from the first two series. Which bring me to my last point Blizzard should really think about revamping character death in Diablo 4. It was more or less inconsequential in Diablo 3. When the Diablo cutscene came on in Diablo 2 and he said "Not even death will save you from me" you really felt the dread of the possibility of having to claim your body without any of your armor with him still running around causing havok. Please Blizzard bring back the corpse run or at least make the player feel their own mortality.

                                                                            • illidur
                                                                              illidur  3 days back

                                                                              D2 had hardcore mode which was great. Dead = dead.

                                                                          • 2009Bandman
                                                                            2009Bandman  3 days back

                                                                            Can't wait to see how much they charge for classes that should have been included in the base game!

                                                                            • Jorge Valdez
                                                                              Jorge Valdez  3 days back

                                                                              Am i the only one that want the monk to comeback?

                                                                              • Red Rock Seven
                                                                                Red Rock Seven  3 days back

                                                                                Micro transactions is coming brother, Micro transactions is coming... Got to repeat this.

                                                                                • RaZzer Beatz
                                                                                  RaZzer Beatz  3 days back

                                                                                  Blizzard: DO YOU GUYS DONT HAVE MOBILE PHONES?

                                                                                  Fans: No

                                                                                  Blizzard: Ok here Diablo 4.

                                                                                  • Lars Guerra
                                                                                    Lars Guerra  3 days back

                                                                                    if only they announced assassin with lightning sentry's xd

                                                                                    • CynicVash
                                                                                      CynicVash  3 days back