Original iPhone Unboxing! 11 Years Old Today

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  • No Mercy
    No Mercy  1 hours back

    Roses are red
    Lapis is blue
    The unboxing starts
    At 4:32

    • Bella’s Hair
      Bella’s Hair  2 hours back

      “It can rise to 30 40 50,00 dollars” lmao no ones gonna buy a phone with money that they can buy an apartment with💀

      • SubieRebelution
        SubieRebelution  3 hours back

        im glad you got scammed you idiot.

        • Gerald Rodriguez
          Gerald Rodriguez  4 hours back

          I feel for you man. I feel.

          • Not Ornstein
            Not Ornstein  8 hours back

            Boycott eBay scammer

            • Alex Lee
              Alex Lee  9 hours back

              Roses are red
              Lapis is blue
              The unboxing starts
              At 4:32

              • Hooded Dreamer
                Hooded Dreamer  10 hours back

                The fact they changed the box to an unused iPhone and switched the phone inside is very clever way to do it.

                • E# Ferdinand
                  E# Ferdinand  13 hours back

                  Did you get your money back after all?

                  • Oskar Baczynski
                    Oskar Baczynski  14 hours back

                    Who’s after the iPhone 13 ?

                    • NarrowPath
                      NarrowPath  18 hours back

                      Why would you pay that much for this phone? You act so spoiled and entitled. Wow

                      • HiTechKing
                        HiTechKing  19 hours back

                        im siccccckkkkk

                        • Roberts Olivia
                          Roberts Olivia  20 hours back

                          Wait is the phone fake? I’m so confused as to why he is mad? Surely it’s only a scam if it’s a fake phone, but it looks real...

                          • PlanOH
                            PlanOH  7 hours back

                            Roberts Olivia it's a real iPhone, but it was sold to him im guessing as factory sealed, but it isn't.

                        • Crash World TV
                          Crash World TV  22 hours back

                          Buy iPhone 11 and help my Studies - https://amzn.to/2O6B4Yt

                          • Boss Boys
                            Boss Boys  22 hours back

                            I have a old iPhone like that it’s so little and weird but it’s not the old one like that it’s like either a three four or five

                            • Zeph King
                              Zeph King  1 days back

                              What type of virgin does this shit

                              • Serenity Ross
                                Serenity Ross  1 days back

                                He opens the box at 4:29 thank me later

                                • Love Alexia
                                  Love Alexia  1 days back

                                  Lmao i have that phone lying around i used to have it

                                  • Donte' Smith
                                    Donte' Smith  1 days back

                                    You were an idiot when you clicked “PAY NOW” for a old iPhone that’s worth 3k 😂😂

                                    • *łėåfиσтнιиg *

                                      My mum has one of the oldest I pods -3-

                                      • Gonna Cry
                                        Gonna Cry  1 days back

                                        You do realise that they don't make them anymore so it obviously would be a re seal

                                        • John Sherrit
                                          John Sherrit  1 days back

                                          got his money on this vid alone...

                                          • IRA Pontojas
                                            IRA Pontojas  1 days back

                                            Talk to much

                                            • Jay Bisky
                                              Jay Bisky  1 days back

                                              I hate to break it to you, outdated technology never holds its value. A 6 wave oscilloscope from the 80’s was 10k dollars initially. Now they’re in the bargain bin at flea markets

                                              • HUDISCOOL
                                                HUDISCOOL  1 days back

                                                Sorry man you look so disappointed I feel for you!😥

                                                • 于侑立
                                                  于侑立  1 days back

                                                  Unboxing starts at 4:15
                                                  Thank me later

                                                  • Felicity Baker
                                                    Felicity Baker  2 days back

                                                    RIP Steve Jobs

                                                    • star wars hour
                                                      star wars hour  2 days back

                                                      8:46 how many SIM cards do you own

                                                      • atlantaboi501 954
                                                        atlantaboi501 954  2 days back


                                                        • Cameron Cooke
                                                          Cameron Cooke  2 days back

                                                          Had an ad to watch every 15 seconds to pay for it!!!

                                                          • Chloe McKeon
                                                            Chloe McKeon  2 days back

                                                            My mom has the Iphone 4 and I'm gonna wait some years and see how much it'll cost

                                                            • ANONYMOUS
                                                              ANONYMOUS  2 days back

                                                              Who is watching after iphone 11 got released

                                                              • Angelo Cordisco
                                                                Angelo Cordisco  2 days back

                                                                that chrome exterior looks cool

                                                                • Marlon Campbell
                                                                  Marlon Campbell  2 days back

                                                                  I feel bad for you, but hopefully you get your money back

                                                                  • John Walsh
                                                                    John Walsh  2 days back

                                                                    Did you get your money back

                                                                    • Madde
                                                                      Madde  2 days back

                                                                      My god i got the first Iphone and it is just laying in my closet

                                                                      • Holden Lane
                                                                        Holden Lane  2 days back

                                                                        quit fucking talking so much and just open the damn phone holy shit

                                                                        • MrAuroral
                                                                          MrAuroral  2 days back

                                                                          Did he get back his money

                                                                          • Loganplayzz
                                                                            Loganplayzz  2 days back


                                                                            • Christian Morgan
                                                                              Christian Morgan  3 days back

                                                                              Soooooo did he ever get his money back?

                                                                              • unbox iOS
                                                                                unbox iOS  3 days back

                                                                                0:43 who hears that ASMR...

                                                                                • SLABRI
                                                                                  SLABRI  3 days back

                                                                                  LOL Scammed

                                                                                  • basketballboy24
                                                                                    basketballboy24  3 days back

                                                                                    It’s still an iPhone 1

                                                                                    • Lil Gucci
                                                                                      Lil Gucci  3 days back

                                                                                      Well it is an older phone and plastic that old I believe looked like that

                                                                                      • leozerouf
                                                                                        leozerouf  3 days back


                                                                                        • Amanullah Ayam
                                                                                          Amanullah Ayam  3 days back

                                                                                          Who cares, about the iPhone 2G, today, is iPhone 11 today.

                                                                                          • ellesorbit
                                                                                            ellesorbit  3 days back

                                                                                            Wish he wasn’t dead bc they just messed up his brand 😭

                                                                                            • Mortal Tiv
                                                                                              Mortal Tiv  3 days back


                                                                                              • How To
                                                                                                How To  3 days back

                                                                                                I have a iPod 2