Ryan Reynolds Talks Parenting & Blake Lively | EW Radio


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  • Laura White
    Laura White  8 months back


    • Diletta Dile
      Diletta Dile  10 months back

      “ my child is the only one who ever exited a womb “ 😂😂😂😂 ahahahah “ she says dada and I would walk through a cement wall “ awwwww

      • ROB Brown Robbie's Page

        Such a Good Dude

        • Srija Chakraborty
          Srija Chakraborty  2 years back

          Ryan and Blake make a better pair than Ryan and Scarlett

          • Andrew Drow
            Andrew Drow  2 years back

            His voice is so cartoonish its awesome haha

            • Diana Shaula
              Diana Shaula  2 years back


              • Diana Shaula
                Diana Shaula  2 years back


                • Scott Russell
                  Scott Russell  3 years back

                  If that little girl doesn't grow up to be super model beautiful, it will be a huge surprise. I'd hate to grow up with that pressure.

                  • knowzmyname
                    knowzmyname  3 years back

                    Debbie Reynolds son Todd and Ryan Reynolds look quite a bit alike ! It's true that Debbie is well known for the song ' Tammy' Has anyone actually seen Tammy Reynolds and Debbie Reynolds together ? ...hmmm, interesting.

                    • eryn.
                      eryn.  2 years back

                      tf r u talking abt

                    • Kelly
                      Kelly  2 years back

                      Ryan Reynolds is in no way related to Debbie, Todd, or Carrie Fisher. Reynolds is a pretty common last name

                  • TF FOC Dinobots
                    TF FOC Dinobots  3 years back

                    Green Lantern and Star Sapphire actually got married. In real life. Cool! :D

                    • Sara Cielo
                      Sara Cielo  3 years back

                      His voice is 😟

                      • rd rd
                        rd rd  1 years back

                        Shes saying his voice sucks (sounds ugly)

                      • Duaa
                        Duaa  3 years back

                        Sara Cielo what

                    • thunderdrake13
                      thunderdrake13  3 years back

                      Jokes on fox. Deadpool not only made a lot of money, it became the highest grossing rated R movie

                      • Heather Van Ness
                        Heather Van Ness  4 years back

                        "ya know" lol

                        • knowzmyname
                          knowzmyname  4 years back

                          Poor Ryan has such a challenge to speak with any intelligence at all. I'm surprised he didn't mention his talented mother, actress/singer/ comedian, the legendary Debbie Reynolds.

                          • Desire Tesi
                            Desire Tesi  1 years back

                            knowzmyname what exactly is it about this video that sounded unintelligent??? You say it's your opinion but can it okay for my opinion to be that you're an idiot?? U know since we're both stating opinions and have no facts to the contrary

                          • Jessica MB
                            Jessica MB  2 years back


                          • Kelly
                            Kelly  2 years back

                            That dude is such an idiot lol. It's not that "his fans take this quite personally." It's just that he's straight up wrong

                          • knowzmyname
                            knowzmyname  4 years back

                            It has been brought to my attention that Ms Debbie Reynolds is in fact not the mother of actor Ryan Reynolds. I was wrong and I apologize. I can understand Mr. Reynolds may have fans that feel very strongly about his intelligence being questioned and take this quite personally. I feel that after giving this serious consideration and not wishing to deeply offend or anger anyone that I will make no further comments on this You tube video. Have a great day to you all.

                        • Meg E
                          Meg E  4 years back


                        • Weabe
                          Weabe  4 years back

                          It's crazy how his father dies during the whole deadpool stuff, :/

                          • TheSimon00019
                            TheSimon00019  4 years back

                            You Gerk

                            • Kayla Anderson
                              Kayla Anderson  4 years back

                              Daughter hit the genetic pool jackpot

                            • Barbara Money
                              Barbara Money  4 years back

                              so cute