Michael Vick ranks 7 best divisional playoff moments of all time | QB7 | FOX NFL


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  • FOX Sports
    FOX Sports   2 weeks back

    Which moment was your favorite?

    • Lavontae Ball
      Lavontae Ball  2 weeks back

      THANK YOU!!! Dez 🤬 caught it. Should’ve been a touchdown smh

      • Peter Ineleo
        Peter Ineleo  2 weeks back

        In the off chance that the Ravens are eliminated from the playoffs, could the NFL please let Michael Vick play a few snaps for the NFC in the Pro Bowl, so that we can get Michael Vick vs Lamar Jackson, Once in a Lifetime

        • Jay Barker
          Jay Barker  2 weeks back


          • Timothy Wing
            Timothy Wing  2 weeks back

            2015 Packers Cardinals the final drive of regulation Rodgers 2 amazing passes, and then Larry Fitzgerald in OT.

            • Jerdell Riley
              Jerdell Riley  2 weeks back

              Tha god😇

              • Blasian warrior
                Blasian warrior  2 weeks back

                ??? no Edelman Double pass against Baltimore

                • THExONLYxGOAT
                  THExONLYxGOAT  2 weeks back


                  • Aiden Martinez
                    Aiden Martinez  2 weeks back

                    Micheal vick is the god

                    • Jaze
                      Jaze  2 weeks back

                      I respect you for saying dez caught that vs green bay

                      • Jaze
                        Jaze  2 weeks back

                        @Souperman Boi good for you youre a green Bay fan

                    • Carlos Escobar
                      Carlos Escobar  2 weeks back

                      MILE HIGH MIRACLE????

                      • Run Ronaldo Run #THEBESTINTHEWORLD

                        So glad I got to witness the Minnesota Miracle. Unfortunately though Case Keenum is the most inconsistent QB ever and will easily be the most forgettable Quarterback for creating the most epic last second play in football. Now it's Kirk Cousins turn.

                        • Macabree
                          Macabree  2 weeks back

                          Very true especially about case keenum being most forgettable quarterback in terms of unforgettable moments

                      • Jay Brown
                        Jay Brown  2 weeks back

                        This is a great way to use MV7

                        • C P
                          C P  2 weeks back

                          Michael Vick should be in jail He is an animal abuser

                          • Doggy World Boxing
                            Doggy World Boxing  2 weeks back

                            5th 🤦🏾‍♂️

                            • KeepPounding Panthers
                              KeepPounding Panthers  2 weeks back

                              Did u just try to use logic with cowboys fans

                            • 9373JKT Pass
                              9373JKT Pass  2 weeks back


                              • A.D
                                A.D  2 weeks back

                                1:50 I do not see. lol

                                • Super Crazy kid
                                  Super Crazy kid  2 weeks back

                                  First comment do not know what to say

                                  • Jordan Mendoza
                                    Jordan Mendoza  2 weeks back