It Doesn't Matter How You Feel

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  • Chubbyemu
    Chubbyemu   3 years back

    💪💪 fat loss week 11 will be out later this week! 💪💪
    did you catch yesterday's video?

    • Syxx V Ralrock
      Syxx V Ralrock  1 years back

      Again this is very black and white thinking. You say as a leader your opinion matters even less than those who enjoy what's being produced. The issue with that idea is as a leader or a person who is being followed, your work literally is the pavement for those people following you to walk on. Even for instance the person helping you lose weight. You're determined to listen to him because you trust them to know what they are talking about, and they as a result have a 'responsibility' to help you get results.

      So if they think that, "Hmm, he isn't getting the results I expect, I better tweak X or Y here to try to help him out." Then that's actually very valueable. It might be that very thinking that helps a person on a diet stay on it because their results aren't flat-lining which keeps their mood positive in trying to keep that diet. Many people stop dieting and working out because of 2+ week stint of flat-lining.

      If you're trying to relate that same sort of thinking to youtube I am going to say that you are both wrong and right. Your feelings will determine the quality of what you produce but to some extent not how often you produce if you are determined enough. On youtube this can mean that you are putting out videos that follow their guidelines and their formula but you could hate every moment of it. This means that you could end up with alot of videos. The difference between youtube and working out is when people are bored THAT is the time they watch other people. So you could hate it and it might not matter because it's entertainment for them when they are bored. On the flip side if they notice you don't like what you are doing and your quality is that poor either people can start worrying or never really like what you have to present because of how you are presenting it.

      Basically what you feel does matter, but it matters in a specific manner. Like having a poor attitude towards yourself can lead you having bloated expectations of others. That bloated expectation of others can either bloat your ego and keep you powering through or you can become humble but still be determined to finish the goal. They seem similar but how you feel is a huge deal when realizing who you are, where as getting what you need done is like the 'achievement's' along the way.

      Maybe despite you yelling at this guy from frustration or whatever, you felt bad not only after but during and was able to keep yourself under control just enough so that you didn't get kicked out of the gym. Another you who didn't care about this guy and was smug probably could've been kicked out and could've had a hard time working out in general because of how smug he was, and therefore would've had a harder time finding success.

    • Alexandra
      Alexandra  2 years back


    • Ozai
      Ozai  2 years back

      I really enjoyed how thought provoking this video was, it really had me constantly referring to a quote:
      No man is your friend
      No man is your enemy
      Every man is your teacher

    • Tech tonik
      Tech tonik  2 years back

      Chubbyemu what about trying a vegan diet ?

    • Kaecilius
      Kaecilius  2 years back


  • MrsQuietMusic
    MrsQuietMusic  1 months back

    This guy is good to listen to.

    • Chris billing
      Chris billing  1 months back

      The bible says "judge nothing before the time". I think this is a similar message in that were blinded by our limited perception and it's only once the truth is revealed we can judge correctly

      • collin ownbey
        collin ownbey  1 months back

        Is that how you feel?

        • Ahmed Awad
          Ahmed Awad  3 months back

          Man remember when this Channel was about fitness and just regular old vids like this. Seems like it was yesterday ..

          • Giannis Tsoupakis
            Giannis Tsoupakis  3 months back

            music is the time machine man have already created...

            • John Doe
              John Doe  4 months back

              2019 October now. While all this may make one feel good to listen, it is rhetoric. Its easier said than done especially when one's emotions are rooted in one's own physiology or biology. If one has an amygdala that gets overactivated frequently, it is a Olympic task to ignore one's own feelings.

              • Michael
                Michael  4 months back

                I think this is too extreme, but I understand the part about swallowing pride to avoid having outbursts at people. People in our culture do need to hear that their feelings are transient and that their perspectives aren’t shared by everyone. Feelings are very important, though it’s not advisable to become absorbed in them, especially not in sedentary, indoor, and isolated settings.

                • Dr. Q
                  Dr. Q  4 months back

                  Chubby emu is my favorite

                  • RainStricken
                    RainStricken  4 months back

                    I get what you're saying, but I have to disagree with you. Your own feelings matter just as much as any other person's. There's a lot of things that can effect you if you don't take care of yourself, such as mental illness, loneliness, deprivation of love, etc. Stretching yourself too thin just to be kind isn't good for you.

                    • thunder bucket
                      thunder bucket  4 months back

                      You are a very insightful individual. I enjoy your content immensely. Keep doing it if you enjoy it as much as we do.

                      • Psychokore Underground Rap

                        Hmm! i have that same white ikea rat you have on your desk.. + a black one and a smaller grey one.. a happy rat family in my living room

                        • Artanail Lazentujin
                          Artanail Lazentujin  5 months back

                          Mind BLOWN

                          • Sagacious Assessor
                            Sagacious Assessor  5 months back

                            Smashing pumpkins 1979 will invoke nostalgia of a time you never lived in. Just one of those songs I guess

                            • StrangeOne1987
                              StrangeOne1987  6 months back

                              All I can think of is The Rock.
                              Rock: How do you feel?
                              Me: I feel..
                              Rock: IT DOESN'T MATTER HOW YOU FEEL!

                              • Pranaya Shyoran
                                Pranaya Shyoran  7 months back

                                Isnt what you said is your own perception again?

                                • Recycle Bin
                                  Recycle Bin  7 months back

                                  even upbeat music can make people feel sad in their own way however it should still be enjoyable and should NOT illicit negeative or dark thoughts. That is very different.

                                  • Kevin Gill
                                    Kevin Gill  7 months back

                                    Bernard you are definitely someone I’d want to be friends with

                                    • Mateusz
                                      Mateusz  8 months back

                                      anyway, facts dont care about your feelings

                                      • Håkon Lillebo
                                        Håkon Lillebo  8 months back

                                        I really want to play heroes of the Storm with you :P

                                        • TheDragonFanatic
                                          TheDragonFanatic  8 months back

                                          1999 was pretty terrible if you lived where I live.

                                          • Sam Labo
                                            Sam Labo  8 months back

                                            Dude your a kid

                                            • Scumbigula
                                              Scumbigula  8 months back

                                              idk how this made me feel. my feelings make me cut myself but you're still right, no one actually cares and it doesn't matter. no one cares if anyone functions correctly

                                              • LASH
                                                LASH  8 months back

                                                Although I disagree with your beta martyr mindset of other people’s lives matter more we see eye to eye on the overall topic. Love, hate, joy, depression, stress, are all self inflictions. They all begin internal and are projected outward. So you can wallow in all and be as miserable or giggly as you allow yourself to be. Of course you don’t have total control but you can at least recognize when you’re thinking irrationally or have and learn from it each time. This all leads down a road of control and higher thinking though. So unless you want to be a nihilist hermit I suggestion you drink alcohol and say everything that comes to your mind like the common retarded filth reproducing around every corner of the Earth.

                                                • tt ogun
                                                  tt ogun  8 months back

                                                  Hi chubbyemu how old are you may I ask ?

                                                  • RunItsTheCat
                                                    RunItsTheCat  8 months back

                                                    I'm all for understanding that other perceptions exist, but to keep silent, to not even express it in a non-assertive manner, seems rather unhealthy to me.

                                                    • Bradley Olmos
                                                      Bradley Olmos  8 months back

                                                      I would say you need a healthy balance of both. There are dire consequences when you ignore your own emotional warning signs that your body evolved to make you aware of.

                                                      • Hugo
                                                        Hugo  10 months back

                                                        A Man finds out it doesn't matter how he feels. This is what happened to his brain.

                                                        • Pagan Posse
                                                          Pagan Posse  10 months back

                                                          Great lecturing voice!

                                                          • Isaac Roebuck
                                                            Isaac Roebuck  10 months back

                                                            He looks like he was born in 1999

                                                            • RVA Live Sound
                                                              RVA Live Sound  10 months back

                                                              Been to many Grateful Dead shows and I've never been on a diet, but I hear what you're saying. I try to explain myself sometimes, but it's not easy. I'm learning to judge the context of the situation and the feelings of the other people in a given situation. Not easy, but definitely crucial to avoid the arrogant side of life!

                                                              • Debra Witte
                                                                Debra Witte  10 months back

                                                                omg yes, i yelled at someone today LOL low-carb deb was denied a ride today because of it. my first offense. thank you so much for telling me it is important to keep my mouth shut, when i am feeling so arrogant.

                                                                • iamtheiconoclast3
                                                                  iamtheiconoclast3  11 months back

                                                                  I still remember the moment ten years or more ago when I realized that it was okay to do hard work even if it didn't feel good. Probably the single most liberating moment of my life.

                                                                  • tbpom1003
                                                                    tbpom1003  11 months back

                                                                    that's true, but it's all matter of balance. When I was in the army, I had to intentionally ignore other's feeling because, as you know, it's not a kid's playing ground, and someone can be literally killed if they mess up. When I teach kids, I had to yell them when they don't focus and play each other in the class unless they will just come to school for nothing.
                                                                    But, I did care my guys when they are not in schedule. I gave them enough rest, best work schedule, advice and etc so that they do their best at work and other stuffs in their life.
                                                                    So yea, there's nothing one fits all. It all depends on situation.

                                                                    • CK Vargas
                                                                      CK Vargas  11 months back

                                                                      It doesn't matter how you fell if you're not famous.

                                                                      • Yanna Olga
                                                                        Yanna Olga  11 months back

                                                                        But isn’t one of the points of living is to be happy? What’s the point of becoming a billionaire or eating ice cream everyday if you’re not happy or fulfilled with it?

                                                                        • Pepe The Great
                                                                          Pepe The Great  11 months back

                                                                          This is what sjw's and feminists doesn't understand

                                                                          • 3n1productions100
                                                                            3n1productions100  11 months back

                                                                            Excellent video in my opinion God bless you and your family.

                                                                            • Český Hráč
                                                                              Český Hráč  11 months back

                                                                              how soon rippedemu?

                                                                              • Cassandra
                                                                                Cassandra  11 months back

                                                                                I think if we all stopped expecting everyone else to be responsible for our own feelings (while still being considerate of others to the best of our abilities), then this world would be a better place to live.

                                                                                • Dinoslay
                                                                                  Dinoslay  11 months back

                                                                                  Feelings are very subjective. That's why we can't always rely on them in an objective world. It's not like your feelings don't have a purpose. They do. You need them to experience life. Just don't use them as a basket to house all of your eggs because, as hard as it is to accept, they absolutely do not matter much in the big picture which is the world, no matter how ambivalent and ugly that big picture is. When people behave too selfishly or too selflessly(there are always two extremes) it is because they place their feelings before everything else in the moment. The only thing to say to that is, stop virtue signaling and keep working. Nuff said.

                                                                                  • audiotron1003
                                                                                    audiotron1003  11 months back

                                                                                    Electric funk does that for me it takes me back to the early 80s

                                                                                    • Merlin Klink
                                                                                      Merlin Klink  11 months back


                                                                                      • Swibble
                                                                                        Swibble  11 months back

                                                                                        guess you can't escape your genes

                                                                                        • CluelessBeeKeeping
                                                                                          CluelessBeeKeeping  11 months back


                                                                                          • corn-dog lebron
                                                                                            corn-dog lebron  11 months back

                                                                                            just like The Rock said,
                                                                                            IT DOESN'T MATTER HOW IT MAKES YOU FEEL

                                                                                            • K9
                                                                                              K9  11 months back

                                                                                              The song has an ending/transition theme, I listen't to it for 5 sec and i felt that feeling before you even said it. Also, I think our minds connect it to the past which IS over... a sort of melancholy. Sometimes i get this feeling of how the present will be the distant past... and it makes me melancholic for the present... humans are weird.

                                                                                              • Jason Howell
                                                                                                Jason Howell  12 months back

                                                                                                It seems to me like you can go too far in this direction. Recently, I've
                                                                                                been trying to express how I feel more, because when I was younger I
                                                                                                got too good at suppressing my feelings, and it seems like I come off as
                                                                                                kinda emotionless. Its a good skill to have, but it's not something to
                                                                                                live your life by 100% of the time.