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  • Mr Ed
    Mr Ed  2 days back

    Get a life people!

    • MAjor Rivers Family
      MAjor Rivers Family  2 days back

      I’m not a member just saying

      • Insomn3ak
        Insomn3ak  3 days back

        The amount of resources and discipline it would take for him to make enough money to buy that house in the end is sadly, never gonna happen 😢. The ending seems like a commentary on the hope that poor people all around the world have to someday lift themselves out of poverty and be rich. Like hamsters in a wheel, never realizing the deck is stacked against them and they’re not really going anywhere. That ending was heartbreaking.

        • ali atik
          ali atik  4 days back

          hi grace i am a big fan of yours from algeria can i get a shout out that would be amazing

          • residentgood
            residentgood  4 days back

            Parasite anime was way better

            • Theresa Nguyen
              Theresa Nguyen  5 days back

              Hi Grace! Just wanted to let you know that the jars of plums are plum wine or Maesil-Ju. It’s actually quite refreshing because it’s sweet and tart and not pickley at all. It’s very popular in Asian countries like South Korea and Japan.

              • Zach Nephew
                Zach Nephew  5 days back

                Is it like the anime

                • Frank Dominguez
                  Frank Dominguez  5 days back

                  I watched it last night and it had so much to say in such an entertaining way.

                  • 이초록
                    이초록  5 days back

                    i think , joker's dancing scene is inspired from bong joon ho's "mother" ending scene .

                    • stingersplash
                      stingersplash  5 days back

                      Not out in the UK until March I think and so it will be June or July for the bluray.

                      • kbg12ila
                        kbg12ila  5 days back

                        It's so strange watching this without the movie on... But I'm still watching...

                      • Michelle Foucault
                        Michelle Foucault  5 days back

                        It should win the Oscar for Best Picture but honestly it won the Palme d'Or and a bunch of other prestigious awards so if the Academy doesn't give it to them then it's their loss for not supporting a masterpiece. I know some of you want Joker to win but I think that this is the whole package.

                        • 이초록
                          이초록  5 days back

                          yea. many of koreans are saying like me .. check it on youtube. ==> mother ending scene

                        • Michelle Foucault
                          Michelle Foucault  5 days back

                          @이초록 Really? I had no idea. I will check it out.

                        • 이초록
                          이초록  5 days back

                          also i think , joker's dancing scene is inspired from bong joon ho's "mother" ending scene .

                      • NateTurdTheThird
                        NateTurdTheThird  5 days back

                        I didn't like this movie😬

                        • Scarab
                          Scarab  12 hours back

                          How come?

                        • kbg12ila
                          kbg12ila  5 days back

                          Really? May I ask why?

                      • Kķn_D :
                        Kķn_D :  5 days back

                        "you need you OWN copy of the movie"

                        Is downloaded count 😂 i almost watched it like 10+ time now, love watching it whenever i am alone 😂😂

                        • Kķn_D :
                          Kķn_D :  4 days back

                          Nah, it all fun and Re-watchable just skipping only the climax. Sometime do sometimes don't, because it feels so relatable by actings, backgrounds and dialogues😄

                        • kbg12ila
                          kbg12ila  5 days back

                          Really? haha. I think this movie would be hard to rewatch.

                      • Michael Edwards
                        Michael Edwards  5 days back

                        nice snacks

                        • Decon
                          Decon  5 days back

                          So hot.

                          • Decon
                            Decon  5 days back

                            I wasn't talking to you.

                          • MelonHead
                            MelonHead  5 days back

                            Dude grow up

                        • JR
                          JR  5 days back

                          Very good movie.. I just watched it today.. Highly recommended

                          • Sapphire Cordelia
                            Sapphire Cordelia  5 days back

                            Where did you get a copy of it?

                            • Kķn_D :
                              Kķn_D :  5 days back

                              Download it😂

                            • BoneyardCaptain
                              BoneyardCaptain  5 days back

                              Sapphire Cordelia It’s on Amazon Prime Video but you only have the option of buying it for $15. I’d say it’s worth it though.

                          • Carlos Portela
                            Carlos Portela  5 days back

                            The first minute was the best asmr ever!

                            • Jordan Ingram
                              Jordan Ingram  5 days back

                              Can the next watch a long movie be zombie land double tap?

                              • HoopleHeadUSA
                                HoopleHeadUSA  5 days back

                                OK Grace now please talk about the CW and DCEU crossover 👀 Haha thanks

                                • Androva J.
                                  Androva J.  5 days back

                                  "How does the city allow them to build a residence down there when it has flooding problems"

                                  Oh grace if only you knew how much they don't give a shit about those people

                                  • Carlos L.A
                                    Carlos L.A  5 days back

                                    I love how she does this, and I haye how I missed this. I’ll be quicker next time

                                    • Jamiela Harris
                                      Jamiela Harris  6 days back

                                      Grace you truly lighten my dull grad school nonexistent life with your true dedication passsion and love for the movies,tv, and of course the numbers; thanks for being a channel <3

                                      • Weird Drew
                                        Weird Drew  4 days back

                                        @Frank Dominguez yea i just saw it. Thanks for informing me

                                      • Frank Dominguez
                                        Frank Dominguez  4 days back

                                        @Weird Drew Look up her video on the experience. She makes a cameo 🙂

                                      • Weird Drew
                                        Weird Drew  5 days back

                                        @Frank Dominguez wait really? What do you mean she came on screen?

                                      • Frank Dominguez
                                        Frank Dominguez  5 days back

                                        Lol I talk about Grace as if I knew her. My daughter and I cheered when she came on screen at the end of Zombieland 2

                                      • Geoffrey Lane
                                        Geoffrey Lane  5 days back

                                        But grace is the best.

                                    • DC Marvel
                                      DC Marvel  6 days back

                                      Ezra millerrrr in flashhhhhh crisisssss

                                      • Noel S.
                                        Noel S.  6 days back

                                        Best movie of 2019!