Philadelphia Sixers vs Brooklyn Nets Game 3 Reaction

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  • salemram15
    salemram15  5 months back

    why do you hate Philly so much?

    • Jadenz2
      Jadenz2   5 months back

      salemram15 I feel like they can play a lot better. I know they can beat the nets but I don’t think they can beat bucks, raptors or even the Celtics who bin have a little bit of trouble with cemetery this season

  • grizzlednutz
    grizzlednutz  5 months back

    damn lots of sixers hate.

    • Jadenz2
      Jadenz2   5 months back

      grizzlednutz I’m just mad because the team can be a lot better than it is right now.

  • Conal McAinsh
    Conal McAinsh  5 months back

    You can hate without just talking straight shit that's never gonna be backed up - Sixers are winning this series without a doubt so how are they not a playoff calibre team?

    • Jadenz2
      Jadenz2   5 months back

      Conal McAinsh They are not living up to their potential. I know they will win this series but I bet they won’t win the next one