Gene Noble Delivers Two Incredible Love Songs Performances In The Imagine Room


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  • Treasure Mngadi
    Treasure Mngadi  1 weeks back


    • Baraka Smith
      Baraka Smith  2 weeks back

      Who. Is. That Guitar player!? Gene, you sound amazing. I love you. Who is the guitar player?

      • Iamcrisstylez McFadden
        Iamcrisstylez McFadden  2 weeks back

        He truly inspires me as a vocalist and writer everytime I see him perform.

        • Todd Johnson
          Todd Johnson  2 weeks back

          Voice is butta!

          • Frank H
            Frank H  2 weeks back

            Gene Noble for the win. Hands down my favorite artist!!!!!

            • Shannon Saulsberry
              Shannon Saulsberry  2 weeks back

              Love your music! I can’t wait for your album to hit Apple Music. This is real music, I could put What You Know and Whatever It Is on repeat all day! I can’t wait for the kind of love that you sing about. Your music gives me hope; hopeless romantic.

              • J-aRt Diaz
                J-aRt Diaz  2 weeks back

                Gene Nobles name is James Gene Rostov. He and I grew up together in Long Island, NY in a city called Baldwin. He’s always sang this way all the time. Especially during lunch. He’d sing anything and everything. We both graduated from Baldwin Senior High School. He’s an awesome guy.

              • Jameal S
                Jameal S  2 weeks back


                • hate2 bya
                  hate2 bya  2 weeks back

                  Yessssssss I'm so happy for him

                  • Tanisha Magee
                    Tanisha Magee  2 weeks back

                    So AMAZING!!!

                    • Christopher Alexander
                      Christopher Alexander  2 weeks back

                      He is a sanger! I really wish he could be bigger because his talent is needed in an era and industry where sounding like a goat is praised. I been a supporter since his Jaiden the Cure days. He has complete control over his range and can riff you up and down.

                      • Carmel Capricorn
                        Carmel Capricorn  2 weeks back

                        Experience teach u alot. Can't Google the word 💘.2 know the meaning. 💘 is a verb. It's a feeling. ❤📻

                        • Tamra Nicole
                          Tamra Nicole  2 weeks back

                          I love this song! And his voice is wonderful.

                          • HiC Michigan
                            HiC Michigan  2 weeks back

                            Love it!

                            • Abaddon The kitten killer

                              E=mc2 5=133(2)

                              • Abaddon The kitten killer

                                Love is a temple, love is joy, love is pain, and most of all love is a reason for living...... House of love is getting unbalanced tho, getting more hate pain and attacks in return for the love that was given.. Emptiness does not support love I'm affraid.... The great Nothingness is threatening to swallow the magic place..

                                • Ra Ka
                                  Ra Ka  2 weeks back

                                  lol......right. I know this about love/ it ain't always beautiful.... like they say it is!

                                • Roland Koliyah
                                  Roland Koliyah  2 weeks back

                                  Love is overated

                                • Annie Heard
                                  Annie Heard  2 weeks back


                              • Tarlee Hawke
                                Tarlee Hawke  2 weeks back


                                • Frederick Fiati Junior
                                  Frederick Fiati Junior  2 weeks back

                                  I want to fall in love😍☹️☘️

                                  • Stone Snowden
                                    Stone Snowden  2 weeks back

                                    This is everything! 😍