The US' Overseas Military Base Strategy

  • Published: 27 August 2019
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Comments • 4 425

  • Chillbanter
    Chillbanter  3 hours back

    US military soldiers raped at least dozens of Japanese school girls in Okinawa. There is even a Japanese movie about it.

    • Mil Dot
      Mil Dot  6 hours back

      USA are acting like the Muslims..
      USA -Go forward build a base..
      MUSLIMS- Build mosques ( theirs bases)

      • dark phanthom
        dark phanthom  22 hours back

        thank god no us bases in my country.

        • Doogie Chen
          Doogie Chen  1 days back

          CCP China already are spreading theirs military in other small countries by lending money . Also CCP China want all the countries knee down to the emperor of CCP China by using their people who lives in America, England , Australia... and their money....

          • DemonCore44
            DemonCore44  1 days back

            It’s the winter contingency

            • 0Guiltyone0
              0Guiltyone0  1 days back

              So how many bases do you have have?
              America: Yes!

              • Rothschild
                Rothschild  2 days back

                *o and you forgot about the bases on the moon, mars, and alpha centauri*

                • Inceptor
                  Inceptor  2 days back

                  shut the fuck up.

                  • Music is life
                    Music is life  2 days back

                    “Not much in South America” the CIA operatives don’t need entire military bases to operate

                    • v44n
                      v44n  2 days back

                      you don't even need CIA to operate in south america, a couple of dollars to pay a politian Is enough to buy you whatever you want

                  • Andrew Brown
                    Andrew Brown  2 days back

                    I’ll blame you when the Russians come

                    • William White
                      William White  2 days back

                      Economic burden on Okinawa..... yep thats why every time we went on lockdown for more than a couple days the whole island lost millions because US servicemembers wernt spending their money. Yep, economic burden. More economically dependent than anything else.

                      • John Doe
                        John Doe  13 hours back

                        @William White If your fancy little theory about "US military bases being great for the economy!" would have any truth to it, then modern-day Germany would be in economic ruins after the mass closure of US bases in the 90s.

                        The reality is nothing like that happened, US bases were replaced with living spaces, schools, kindergartens, businesses. You know: The kind of stuff people actually need and want, particularly when land comes at a premium due to high population density.

                        Just look up what happened to places like Pinder Barracks, everything around NBG MIL COM: Mass exodus of US military.

                        Since then the region has seen an economic boom and where once US soldiers were isolated in their little Americas, there are now whole new communities thriving, fully integrated and participating in the local economy.

                        What evidence to the contrary can you offer? I mean besides the obvious self-interest of the occupier going "We are only occupying you for your own good, it's a win-win! (for literally US)".

                      • William White
                        William White  14 hours back

                        "You are nothing but a war-tourist who thinks people should be glad you spend a fraction of your pay on the domestic economy" One of the most ignorant statementsI have read in my life. You are ignorant and are not worth the air you breathe.

                      • John Doe
                        John Doe  21 hours back

                        Oh please, it's not like we've had plenty of examples for this in Germany: The US military using land is an economic drain on the region. A whole lot of them are their own little economic zones that take up space that otherwise could fuel domestic economic activity for the people actually living there.

                        You are nothing but a war-tourist who thinks people should be glad you spend a *fraction* of your pay on the domestic economy, while in reality, your occupation of valuable land is costing them real economic growth and progress. Particularly in the context that US military bases are usually environmental disasters.

                    • dallas yap
                      dallas yap  2 days back

                      America has a lot of bases and is very powerful. It's definitely a benefit for the host nation cuz its extra security provided by the most powerful Armed Forces in the world.

                      • John Doe
                        John Doe  21 hours back

                        Yes, having an oppressive foreign military force stationed in your country is really beneficial, particularly for the psyche of the citizens of said country.

                        Just for a second imagine it would be the US that had to host a foreign military power because it lost a war, you know, like a whole lot of that US military presence originally came about. Imagine spending your childhood in a kindergarten across the street of a PLR barracks, the culture everywhere suddenly being dominated by the invader's culture, while they engage in mass surveillance on scales not even the Stasi could have dreamt about. Abusing your country as a launching platform for even more wars of aggression, which then end up flooding your country with refugees of war for *decades*

                        How would you feel if all that happened in the US, to US Americans, forced upon them by an outside power for "guaranteeing security". Would you feel "secure" or would you rather feel "occupied"?

                    • Game Gamer's
                      Game Gamer's  2 days back

                      So it's mean America is 18 year old virgen and everyone want to take advantage of it

                      One thing there is no bases of us in Pakistan and India

                      • Game Gamer's
                        Game Gamer's  21 hours back

                        @John Doe lol that's why they are asking Pakistan to start talk's between Taliban and America
                        There drones can't kill Taliban in 19years

                      • John Doe
                        John Doe  21 hours back

                        They don't need a base in Pakistan, they just drone it from Afghanistan where they have plenty of them.

                    • hype train
                      hype train  2 days back

                      Most military people are cringing right now.

                    • Yoda Yoda
                      Yoda Yoda  2 days back

                      i was in LA, more homeless people then in the majority of Western Europe. maybe use your money on other things!

                      • otto meyer
                        otto meyer  2 days back

                        all you need are heavy mortas and bingo goes the base

                        • Luis Sanchez
                          Luis Sanchez  3 days back

                          Check out the book base nation

                          • libbya2
                            libbya2  3 days back

                            The Antarctica station is also supplied by the Air National Guard station up the road from me, not the Air Force.

                            • FutuRE
                              FutuRE  3 days back

                              US military bases also provide employment for locals (all those 50,000 personnel working rammstein are german citizens), military training with allies, economic growth and infrastructure development, and political stability (looking at you, south korea). The DOD also pays for the lands they occupy, and ensure personnel abide by rules set forth by the native country and the US. Also, AFRICOM (Africa Command) is headquartered in Germany

                              • Cyrille
                                Cyrille  3 days back

                                Very interesting video as always and yup loss of strenght gradient is probably one of the reason of so many bases all over the World but let's not forget the need of intelligence, the protection of geo-strategic interests or just political domination.

                                • O
                                  O  3 days back

                                  I reckon we will see the fall of the US empire within our life times

                                  • Prohor Gladkikh
                                    Prohor Gladkikh  3 days back

                                    This is exactly how you make all the world hate you

                                    • The End Is Near
                                      The End Is Near  4 days back

                                      Too much curvature of the earth...that's a good one.

                                      • Dylan Shramko
                                        Dylan Shramko  4 days back

                                        "Welcome to the University of Oklahoma"

                                        German Citizen Visiting: Was zum Teufel

                                        • hype train
                                          hype train  2 days back

                                          Dylan Shramko transition plz

                                      • John
                                        John  4 days back

                                        "the real number could be far different than that". far different than 800? 2 million? i mean, if they ended up being 1200 bases, it woulnt be far different

                                        • moses 1997
                                          moses 1997  4 days back

                                          Us military is the dumbest military

                                          • Clorox Bleach
                                            Clorox Bleach  4 days back

                                            The Okinawans have just forgotten that we saved them from the Japanese Army using them as meat shields in WW2

                                            • Chico Mendez
                                              Chico Mendez  4 days back

                                              US' "Overseas Military Base Strategy" is global domination ! Plain and all empires they think they have the right to occupy anywhere in the world !! US has the arrogance to have bases on Russia's border...yet do the Russians have any near the US ? That's why the world hates the United Nazi States of America !! We Canadians do too !!

                                              • Chico Mendez
                                                Chico Mendez  3 days back

                                                I'm not making this's reality when U.S does it it's ok...U.S foreign friendly policy...blah blah...when others do it..." It's a direct threat" CNN reported few yrs ago..."RUSSIAN BOMBER LANDS ON U.S's backyard" this was in Venezuela...since when ??? it's U.S's back yard ???

                                              • Chico Mendez
                                                Chico Mendez  3 days back

                                                And what do you call Guantanamo ?? It is Cuban territory...not U.S ! The U.S empire uses an agreement made by former corrupt criminals,dictators.."Lease" ? I like Mexico should build bases all over Texas,California...or Cuba has all the right to have a base in Miami ??
                                                Ok list of bases on the Russian border...Ukraine,Lithuania,Latvia,Moldova,Bulgaria,Poland...they are either US or NATO...that's just a few..
                                                By the way I LOVE the Russia such a rich culture !! As a Canadian we are multi cultural society... !Finally I want to be clear I don't hate the U.S citizens or people...I I hate the government,terrorist group:CIA,and their politics,or Illusion of democracy...2 party dictatorship,and their trans national corporations...!! And her are a few I admire Mark Twain,A.Lincoln,Malcolm X,Dr.Martin Luther King,Angela Davis,J.F Kennedy,Jimmy Carter,Bernie Sanders...
                                                When a country arrest people for crossing illegal over the border,and separates the men,women, and children to house them in cages...or fathers,mothers, and their young as 2-&up...that's abuse...and a FAILED STATE !! Who else did that in past history...??? Nazis,British,Portuguese,Belgian,Spanish,Dutch,French...all empires who traded in slaves !!!!

                                            • GERMAN RAGNOR KING
                                              GERMAN RAGNOR KING  4 days back

                                              Also the US Darwin base in Aust & island in the pacific near Fiji

                                              • Danny
                                                Danny  4 days back

                                                our founding fathers would be rolling in their graves, if they knew how many military sites we had overseas... lol

                                                • Julio Goodsaid
                                                  Julio Goodsaid  2 days back

                                                  Both Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson wanted the US to be an Empire.

                                              • FloridaSpotter
                                                FloridaSpotter  4 days back

                                                9:55 : “not much in South America” sees Central America

                                                • Peter Geramin
                                                  Peter Geramin  3 days back

                                                  Central America isn't part of South America

                                              • Graham Drew
                                                Graham Drew  5 days back

                                                Or... the Saudi's ran a false flag to draw the US into their beef with Iran. Notice the impacts on the oilfields were precise with NO near misses on ground nearby....So every missile or drone was accurate over 1000's of KM and had no near misses....Ya right....So if you believe the Saudi's, Iran has better cruise missiles and drones than the US....Ya right...much more likely this was a Saudi op.

                                                • Sifaq Jordan
                                                  Sifaq Jordan  5 days back

                                                  Stop it US, you are not the owner of the world.

                                                  • Gina San Pietro Kirchner

                                                    Umm OPSEC ??!!

                                                    • Red Power.红色的力量

                                                      And there is nuclear weapons.. if war breaks between USA and Russia or China it will end with nuclear. And hypersonic missilies it doesnt have to land in USA it still enough to end the world as we know it.

                                                      So does this bases worth it?

                                                      • Jason Gingrich
                                                        Jason Gingrich  6 days back

                                                        Ramstien is actually a huge base it truly is like a small city.

                                                        • ingusmant
                                                          ingusmant  6 days back

                                                          You kind of forgot to mention all the cases of Okinawan women raped by US soldiers, a big issue there

                                                          • Charles Bredfield
                                                            Charles Bredfield  7 days back

                                                            Love all the C-130 footage!! Keep it coming!!

                                                            • MrXcman92
                                                              MrXcman92  7 days back

                                                              Does anyone know what those vehicles at 3:14 are called? They look like a modern flat fender jeep.

                                                              • TriVos Ahren
                                                                TriVos Ahren  7 days back

                                                                they said north korea is dangerous. they said russia is dangerous. .... ..............

                                                                • Adam Mathis
                                                                  Adam Mathis  7 days back

                                                                  800+ military bases, but we can't have healthcare. We're the modern day Roman Empire, and we'll someday fall just the same

                                                                  • John Smith
                                                                    John Smith  7 days back

                                                                    Sorry Japan but you lost the WAR.
                                                                    If Japan had won the war do you think they still would not be in China,Korea and America today?

                                                                    • John Smith
                                                                      John Smith  7 days back

                                                                      Thats alot of Police Stations making the world safe.
                                                                      Yet there are many rundown US Cities where you can not walk down the street.

                                                                      • Kristopher Logan
                                                                        Kristopher Logan  1 weeks back

                                                                        Niggas like tou make it hard for the US military to combat threats. I hope you keep that in mind, not only by making this video you also endanger these facilities & personnel of attacks from foreign threats. It would be smart & wise to remove this video.

                                                                        • John Smith
                                                                          John Smith  7 days back

                                                                          Most of the bases are in screwed up countries who could not organize a bank robbery let alone attack a enclosed US base.
                                                                          Watch the the movie "13 hours" and that was just a few US soldiers defending one building.

                                                                      • Kevin Hill
                                                                        Kevin Hill  1 weeks back

                                                                        lol - US service member

                                                                        • Josh Towner
                                                                          Josh Towner  1 weeks back

                                                                          You basically said they lied but then they didn’t.... all within the opening minute.... half this video seems like you were just trying to make it longer by contradicting yourself and explaining it later.

                                                                          • Josh Towner
                                                                            Josh Towner  5 days back

                                                                            m m are you having a stroke? Because that made no sense and was a lil retarted....

                                                                          • m m
                                                                            m m  5 days back

                                                                            Did someone get triggered, awwww how cute look its a little triggered

                                                                        • Dot Dot
                                                                          Dot Dot  1 weeks back

                                                                          lol I mean why wouldn’t they hide it, our military is so open about a lot of things that it’s almost a national security risk

                                                                          • Will Harris
                                                                            Will Harris  2 weeks back