World's Happiest Drummer Plays "Eye Of The Tiger" (Drum Cover)

  • Published: 23 July 2019
  • The fastest way to get faster on drums:

    Watch the happiest drummer in the world – aka the one and only Dom Famularo – play “Eye of the Tiger”. Survivor’s 1982 hit is best known as the theme song of Rocky III. Are you ready to rise up to the challenge of your rivals?

    Make sure you watch to the end, where Dom has an inspirational message for you!

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    About Dom:
    Dom Famularo is a drummer, author, and motivational speaker who’s arguably the most influential educator in the drumming community. He’s traveled the globe for the past 40 years holding masterclasses and clinics, and has been one of drumming’s most sought-after private instructors from his fans around the world. Dom has been tutored by legendary greats, including Joe Morello, Jim Chapin, Al Miller, Charlie Perry, Colin Bailey, and Shelly Manne, among many others. He has recorded and/or performed with artists such as the Buddy Rich Big Band, B.B. King, Lionel Hampton, Chuck Leavell (Rolling Stones), and “T” Lavitz (The Dixie Dregs), and has shared the stage with other drumming giants such as Dave Weckl, Steve Gadd, Vinnie Colaiuta, Simon Phillips, Billy Cobham, Bernard Purdie, and Chad Smith.

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  • Drumeo
    Drumeo   3 months back

    🥁 For a chance at winning free swag, post a picture of your practice space with the hashtag: #drumeoshed on Instagram. We will then pick the top ten posts and send free swag to all ten winners!!!

    • Dom Famularo
      Dom Famularo  2 months back

      Eli Ramos Evolution Ride. 10/12” splash HHX

    • Happychicx
      Happychicx  2 months back

      Woww how kind❣️👍

    • Eli Ramos
      Eli Ramos  2 months back

      What is the name of that nice dark shiny cymbal to the left of the two xhh crashes? I want get me one!

    • Alister Gibbons
      Alister Gibbons  2 months back

      @Had Enough yeah did that.

    • Had Enough
      Had Enough  2 months back

      Don't reward those who posted videos of themselves playing. Instructions were: post PICTURES of your practice space.

  • Jaroslaw S1989
    Jaroslaw S1989  1 hours back

    I love this kick sound....

    • g
      g  6 hours back

      Super bad ass !

      • Cynthia Corpus
        Cynthia Corpus  10 hours back

        Why do I see Dean Winchester in my head when I hear this song?

        • Dom Famularo
          Dom Famularo  8 hours back

          Cynthia Corpus Not sure but thanks for watching!

      • Bryann Eremita
        Bryann Eremita  11 hours back

        Now that is pure joy on the drums

      • Garth Seeman
        Garth Seeman  21 hours back

        Please...please do Jars of Clay Frail. I love the drums in this song. I'd love to see your rendition of this beautiful song.

        If not, keep on rocking you maniac!! Love you videos.

        • Dom Famularo
          Dom Famularo  19 hours back

          Garth Seeman I’ll check it out! Thanks

      • quincylevern
        quincylevern  1 days back

        Its skillz are phenomenal, but his FACE EXPRESSES AN INSPIRATION I CAN'T DEFINE BY WORDS!!!

      • BX0207
        BX0207  2 days back

        I don't think I've ever enjoyed watching a drummer play drums as much as I just enjoyed watching this man right here ...that was so pleasant to watch good job awesome playing

      • Sven Baljeu
        Sven Baljeu  2 days back

        Pure joy!

      • chielog ebit
        chielog ebit  2 days back

        imagine dom being ur uncle . 👌🤘

        • Dom Famularo
          Dom Famularo  2 days back

          chielog ebit It would be fun! Thanks

      • jy
        jy  2 days back

        look at the man’s face ...look so happy

      • Rich Tan
        Rich Tan  2 days back

        I envy this guy's passion for drums. He's still pumped up after more than 2 decades since the song released.

      • Zach K
        Zach K  2 days back

        3:07 - 3:35 Legend

      • Zach K
        Zach K  2 days back

        Love this classic. The cymbals sound amazing, never seen that brand before. The overall set I love. Deep muted sound, without the resonance sounds good with this song. Looks like a fun song, great job on it !

      • Ergananda Eka S
        Ergananda Eka S  2 days back

        I saw it, like seeing a papih Edoth... His spirits are still burning..

      • Jun Yeop Kim
        Jun Yeop Kim  3 days back

        he looks like a tiger..haha

        • Dom Famularo
          Dom Famularo  2 days back

          Jun Yeop Kim Lol. Thanks so much!!!

      • Arya Asylum
        Arya Asylum  3 days back

        Those double pedal were on point! 😍

      • HoKage_888
        HoKage_888  3 days back

        honestly as a drummer, if i was jamming to this song, I'd have a big smile on my face too. Epic. You're a legend sir

      • Diego Kartodikromo
        Diego Kartodikromo  3 days back

        These audio files should be on Spotify so we can enjoy them even more!

        • Dom Famularo
          Dom Famularo  3 days back

          Diego Kartodikromo Excellent! Thanks

      • KieranGunnOfficial
        KieranGunnOfficial  3 days back

        Left handed drummers are a different breed, dangerous aliens from an outer realm possessing unparalleled limb discipline. 😂

        This is awesome. I have some work to do.

      • Jim Cole
        Jim Cole  3 days back

        Nice playing

      • הילה לדני
        הילה לדני  3 days back

        Great ! Superrr!! Good job !

      • Jesse Stone
        Jesse Stone  3 days back

        For those who want to know, you can actually see the Eye of the Tiger at 4:25

      • gabebabe1
        gabebabe1  4 days back

        Sorry but that kit sounds horrible. Thin, thwacky, no tone. I think Drumeo over paid.

        • Dom Famularo
          Dom Famularo  3 days back

          No one over paid...This was about having fun! The kit sounded fantastic! Sorry you did not get that! Thanks!

      • Abe Banerman
        Abe Banerman  4 days back

        Straight up SMASHING those symbols

      • SerapH7577
        SerapH7577  4 days back

        This tune gets you shit done

      • makis pas
        makis pas  4 days back


      • ddangie
        ddangie  5 days back

        is that santa claus

        • Dom Famularo
          Dom Famularo  4 days back

          Yes...when my boys were young I did become Santa! Just having fun with drums! Thanks!

        TARCISO AMORIM  5 days back

        WOOOOWWW...! AMAZING, MAN...!!!

      • TV Kabel Indonesia
        TV Kabel Indonesia  5 days back


      • Michael Pietzsch
        Michael Pietzsch  6 days back

        This is the proper way to play this kids... ive seen this song done many times in cover bands by uninspired drummers.... theres so much you can get out of this song... just go for it and stay tight!!!

      • JohnX Drum Lessons
        JohnX Drum Lessons  6 days back

        Great job, Dom. Loved the intro. You never cease to amaze me.

        • Dom Famularo
          Dom Famularo  6 days back

          JohnX Drum Lessons Thanks so much!!!

      • JohnXdrums2
        JohnXdrums2  6 days back

        Great job, Dom. Love the intro. John X

      • webmillions
        webmillions  6 days back

        At first I thought it was just a funny video of a terrible drummer but then after he got to the studio I realized - oh he’s pretty good actually 😎

      • Kanzo FG channel
        Kanzo FG channel  6 days back

        Grandpa that’s my favorite song

      • konstantinos filias
        konstantinos filias  6 days back

        You are a true inspiration man

        DARK SIDE OF REALITY  7 days back

        Holy crap! That’s all I can say

      • Ross Coe
        Ross Coe  7 days back

        The joy of drumming by Dom Famularo! Luv yr cymbal setup!

        • Rossi 21
          Rossi 21  1 weeks back

          Teeth 😬

        • René Guthke
          René Guthke  1 weeks back

          love the sound

        • motorcity Mayhem
          motorcity Mayhem  1 weeks back

          That was fantastic !

          • Dom Famularo
            Dom Famularo  1 weeks back

            motorcity Mayhem Thanks so much!!!

        • david zaldua contreras
          david zaldua contreras  1 weeks back

          amazing energy

          • Dom Famularo
            Dom Famularo  1 weeks back

            david zaldua contreras Thanks so much!!!

        • North Guy
          North Guy  1 weeks back

          This guy doesnt get tired of playing this song

        • Manuel Zapata
          Manuel Zapata  1 weeks back

          My english is regular you sound is great

        • alexshchet
          alexshchet  1 weeks back

          Dom, I love your videos. Right on the money. I love your enthusiasm. Right to the point.
          Great guy, great job, great fun. Thx a million!!!!

        • Jan Dyze Malaluan
          Jan Dyze Malaluan  1 weeks back

          0:21 the foam by the crash just fell

          • Dom Famularo
            Dom Famularo  1 weeks back

            Jan Dyze Malaluan Thanks so much!!! I planned that!

        • JO2H
          JO2H  1 weeks back

          You can feel is energy❤

        • Carsten Koloc
          Carsten Koloc  1 weeks back

          I love it what you do. Best C... 👍😅❤️🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁

          • Dom Famularo
            Dom Famularo  1 weeks back

            Carsten Koloc yes...Excellent!

          • Carsten Koloc
            Carsten Koloc  1 weeks back

            A long time(Mayer Hawnsworth) is one of my favorite Playalong by drums. Do you know this? Greetings from Europe.

          • Carsten Koloc
            Carsten Koloc  1 weeks back


          • Dom Famularo
            Dom Famularo  1 weeks back

            Carsten Koloc Thanks so much!!!