Andrew Yang On Giving Every American $1000 A Month, Dropping Voting Age + Circumcision Controversy


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    doublefagswag  1 hours back


    • Joshua B
      Joshua B  5 hours back

      11:30 my lord this makes so much sense!!

      • {Delete this}
        {Delete this}  7 hours back

        With college, was always wondering why you have to pay regardless of passing or not. Like, my friend had to drop out because of family problems after the first 2 months of college, now shes in debt for 50,000$. When in reality it only costed about 400 bucks for what she did there. Just crazy...

        • Rooster Long
          Rooster Long  17 hours back

          I meeeeeaannnnnnnn....

          • laserbeamlightning
            laserbeamlightning  17 hours back

            It's incredible how no matter which interview you watch with this guy, whether it's a left with or right-wing channel from Bill Maher to Ben Shapiro and Joe Rogan, the comment section is overall united and cancer free. This is a good sign of what he could do as president. You need to register democrat and vote in the primaries. It also helps a lot if donate as little as $1 do his website. He is an underdog and needs our help so he can help America.

            • Ugapiku
              Ugapiku  3 days back

              dude I cried when he said voting age from 16 all tho I'm from EU :DDDDDDD such an amazing person, wish him the biggest luck

              • Alex N
                Alex N  3 days back

                Get on social media and spread the awareness so many people still don't know ! Only 200K on HIS FACEBOOK !

                • Jesus Huerta
                  Jesus Huerta  3 days back

                  I came across a McDonald’s that was solely a drive through. There was no place to go inside and eat. It was highly automated where machines were taking the orders, making the food while two operators were overseeing and providing a smile when they handed out the food. The food was quick and hot and they were handling a large load of customers effortlessly. That is the future.

                  • abundant4ever now
                    abundant4ever now  4 days back

                    I am Asian at first I was not convinced where is he going to get the UBI. So I researched more about him and I am convinced. He makes a lot of sense . I donated to Obama. Now I donated to Yang too. He got my vote. #yanggang2020

                    • Purple Media Independent

                      The beautiful thing it has low administrative cost to give each adult citizen $1000/mo. If people on benefit switch over to the Freedom dividend (since it’s an opt in option) that is removes the burden on the wellfare side cost. Savings savings savings.

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                        • Derek D
                          Derek D  5 days back

                          Gave me the feels,

                          • Mike C
                            Mike C  6 days back

                            I can't believe the 1st person I vote for will be Asian. Crazy how life works.

                            • Rippinz Isepic
                              Rippinz Isepic  6 days back

                              Wow I'm sold, this guy is real! But we need to VOTE and register to vote then VOTE for Andrew or nothing changes and we continue to let government do what they want and not what we the people put them in office to do and line their own dang pockets.

                              • Mike Higgins
                                Mike Higgins  6 days back

                                A country this corrupt and this dumb will never elect a man like this. He is too smart for our society. A man at this level of intelligence is not suited for a society that this falling apart.

                                • malkav
                                  malkav  3 days back

                                  well I don't think I really have any tools to help you or even define what helping you would be so I will simply wish you a pleasant day if that is at all possible for you.

                                • malkav
                                  malkav  3 days back

                                  ah I think I misunderstood you slightly now I am starting to get what you mean a bit more. you are more concerned with the impediment the establishment represents rather then the ignorance of the people. which I also sympathize with.

                                • Mike Higgins
                                  Mike Higgins  3 days back

                                  malkav I am not optimistic because the media is trying to block him. The elites in the Democratic Party like the eunuchs in the forbidden city in ancient China would rather pretend the world is perfect. I agree 100% with Andrew Yang. He would I make a great president. But the problem is that this country is beyond saving. Trump for all of his faults have been desperately trying to get the US out of Afghanistan and the defense establishment refused to permit this. Trump wanted out of Syria same thing.

                                  I have read books by Chris Hedges and the severity of the problem is being understated by Yang because he doesn’t want to scare the American people. But we should be.

                                • malkav
                                  malkav  3 days back

                                  I voted for donald trump, I support andrew yang, I am well aware of the reality of global warming. nothing is as simple as it appears, peoples choices are complex, though I sympathize with climate related cynicism and depression about how people ignore that issue, including the man I voted for. at the time of trumps election however, I was more concerned with the potential destructiveness of clintons blatant war profiteering then trumps relative ignorance and boorish nature. perhaps that was a mistake but just try to remember that trumps statements and actions don't reflect the beliefs or desires of the people that voted for him.

                                • Mike Higgins
                                  Mike Higgins  3 days back

                                  malkav The powers that be will never allow an actual progressive or liberal to win. The Democrats cock blocked Sanders in 2016 because Clinton was more electable. Instead we got Homer Simpson. Trump is taking down this whole country. We will end up like Atlantic City. And you know what after what America did to the native Americans and blacks and all over the world. We deserve it.

                              • Peter Yang
                                Peter Yang  6 days back

                                Yes Yang gang 2020!!! U got my vote!

                                • ALicia c
                                  ALicia c  6 days back

                                  Omg Yang’s stutter on the Weeeedddd🤣🤣🤣 this dude has done weed before and he can’t hide ittt

                                  • Arnold Horton
                                    Arnold Horton  6 days back

                                    It’s refreshing to hear a candidate attack problems more than people

                                    • hungry panda
                                      hungry panda  1 weeks back

                                      My first time to donate my money to a political candidate.
                                      Go YangGang 2020! "Humanity First!"

                                      • William (Odin) Wright
                                        William (Odin) Wright  1 weeks back

                                        no division Join the wave #andrewyang - change the American fabric to avoid tearing it. See solutions not symbols. Seek Clarity and find Courage.

                                        • Chris Nguyen
                                          Chris Nguyen  1 weeks back

                                          We need to deport 50 millions Mexicans not allow them citizenship. My only problem with Yang and the government. CA traffic is insane!

                                          • USA Arts
                                            USA Arts  1 weeks back

                                            Who support trump - a sexual assaulter, racist, corrupt, pathological liars con businessman. Andrew Yang is an underdog but he has the intellectual capacity to learn fast, most importantly he has the brain, heart and emphatic to lead the country.
                                            He has good knowledge of US & world's political affair. VoteDem 2020.

                                            • Jason Kuang
                                              Jason Kuang  2 weeks back

                                              As a Chinese descent from mainland, I kinda wish they had pressed harder on American-Taiwan political relationship and demanded an answer.

                                              • Wisakedjak Archetype
                                                Wisakedjak Archetype  2 weeks back

                                                Pardoning turkeys and congratulating football players. THAT... THAT'S NOT A JOB FOR THE PRESIDENT!
                                                WTF is up with this broken country?! #Yang2020 can fix this bullshit.

                                                • Epic-Elite Dynamics
                                                  Epic-Elite Dynamics  2 weeks back

                                                  Lol you think a good mental health will result in a good mind that can think right?

                                                  You think thinking is a luxury or a natural right?

                                                  Right now the capacity of your mind is directly related to the money in your pocket son

                                                  Ask a mother fucker who knows what he knows cuz he be knowing what he knows? Ya dig

                                                  • Epic-Elite Dynamics
                                                    Epic-Elite Dynamics  2 weeks back

                                           video game crypto currency

                                                    • C&A MiniVans
                                                      C&A MiniVans  2 weeks back

                                                      That screen behind yang is killing me!!!!

                                                      • david purdy
                                                        david purdy  2 weeks back

                                                        Andrew Yang 2020!

                                                        • Nestor Pelayo
                                                          Nestor Pelayo  2 weeks back

                                                          LATINOS FOR YANG!!!!!

                                                          • Barry Lichtenstein
                                                            Barry Lichtenstein  2 weeks back

                                                            That was great until _Israel again Wtf? Israel is the worst nation in the world?

                                                            Check your facts They dont want two states they want one. And no Jews Be Well

                                                            • TheOther Quallis
                                                              TheOther Quallis  2 weeks back

                                                              I'm so glad to see a candidate talking about college administration bloat. Has anyone ever questioned how much the administrators at your college made? I went to the smallest SUNY school I could find. As an out of state student, I paid about $26,000 a year. In state was about $12,000. The majority of administrators made well over $100,000 and others made a crazy amount more than that. So many students I met through student government changed their career goals to work in college administration....and why wouldn't they?? There is so much money there.

                                                              • jan8919
                                                                jan8919  2 weeks back

                                                                Andrew yang is a once in a life time we better not screw this one up,#andrew yang 2020 and let's make america think again .

                                                                • Fran E
                                                                  Fran E  2 weeks back

                                                                  I love me some Andrew Yang!

                                                                  • Charles Wilkson
                                                                    Charles Wilkson  2 weeks back

                                                                    Anyone voting no to the freedom dividend UBI is automatically opting out of their fair share of the freedom dividend. Their fair share will be given to someone else. They will receive your fair share without your choice. If you vote no to the freedom dividend UBI.

                                                                    • fladave99 Mills
                                                                      fladave99 Mills  2 weeks back

                                                                      We lost jobs because politicians got KICK BACKS to ship them to china. Yang is going to tell people to sit at home. How does that create jobs. 300 million people getting 1,000 per month = 30 TRILLION DOLLARS. US economy brings 18 trillion. Yangs math is like his positions - EFFEN LIAR!
                                                                      Amazons profits go to the stockholders including TEACHERS, COPS and your PARENTS. BEZOE draws a SALARY that is not reflective of profits. He makes his money from his STOCK which is paid to him by OTHER STOCKHOLDERS when he SELLS IT, not his customers. VAT tax RAISES THE PRICE OF GOODS FOR EVERYONE AND IS JUST ANOTHER TAX FOR THE MIDDLE CLASS and in no way affects how much the CEO gets paid or his taxes. VAT is paid for by the POOR WORKERS, not the corporation. WAKE THE HELL IP!!!
                                                                      So we have 9 million jobs going unfilled right now. Government schools are turning out kids that cannot read. WHEN ARE THE MACHINES TAKING OVER??? WE NEED MORE PEOPLE!!! So why is this COMMIE LIAR YANG PUSHING HITLERS BASIC ECONOMIC STRATEGY??? And why are YOU so excited about it. Watch the following video about the THIRD RISCH that ended up MURDERING 100 MILLION people all waiting for their HANDOUTS!!! Wake up dude. The internet is not just for PUSSY and BOOBIES. DO SOME RESEARCH before you form an opinion. YANG is not intending to give ANYONE basic income. He wants BASIC CONTROL so he can steal whatever you have left.!

                                                                      WATCH HITLERS BASIC INCOME PROGRAM FOR YOURSELF. YANG AND THE DEMS ARE HITLER and his commie party.
                                                                      BLACK IS THE NEW JEW! WAKE UP

                                                                      • Prior of the Ori
                                                                        Prior of the Ori  2 weeks back

                                                                        HOOOLD UP! 19:30

                                                                        You mean to tell me EA TRIED to do something good? I love you Yang but you GOT to be confusing EA with someone else. LOL

                                                                        • California Girl
                                                                          California Girl  3 weeks back

                                                                          35% at UC Berkeley students are Asiatic, 22% of Stanford students are Asiatic. While Yang believes that not everyone should go to college, all Asiatic students will be applying to American universities and colleges.

                                                                          • California Girl
                                                                            California Girl  3 weeks back

                                                                            Yang is excluding senior citizens on SSI from freedom dividend. 62 Million people are collecting social security. To get $1,000 freedom dividend, seniors will be loosing $1,000 in their monthly SSI payment since Yang is considering social security to be a welfare handout. With the average SSI monthly payment of $1,419, most of seniors will be loosing money if they elect freedom dividend.

                                                                            • Safir
                                                                              Safir  3 weeks back

                                                                              He changed it. SSI & The Freedom Dividend will stack!

                                                                          • Joe Bris
                                                                            Joe Bris  3 weeks back

                                                                            Next thing you know everything going to be at sixteen.

                                                                            • Wendell Lee
                                                                              Wendell Lee  3 weeks back

                                                                              he looks like Jet Li :0

                                                                              • 7th Street Productions
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                                                                                • Manish Kumar
                                                                                  Manish Kumar  3 weeks back

                                                                                  I'm not American, nor do I live there, but I still donated $5 (I know it's not much) to him even though he won't be my president. He is the best American candidate I've ever seen or read about during my 28 years.

                                                                                  • Safir
                                                                                    Safir  3 weeks back


                                                                                • Luka Pešun
                                                                                  Luka Pešun  3 weeks back

                                                                                  stop with the circumcision y'all

                                                                                  • Npis Vang
                                                                                    Npis Vang  3 weeks back

                                                                                    Everyone is with Adrew Yang now. Plan to VOTE for him. He will be your president, your brother, your friend, your family, and you name it. The smartest guy we need to move Trump out of White House. Impeach Trump is not going to work.

                                                                                    • moussa baradji aholi
                                                                                      moussa baradji aholi  4 weeks back

                                                                                      Scarcity is artificial, come live life of abundance ANDREW YANG 2020

                                                                                      • vinni3c
                                                                                        vinni3c  4 weeks back

                                                                                        yang 2020

                                                                                        • glorious rhubarb
                                                                                          glorious rhubarb  4 weeks back

                                                                                          Ppl think automation is a bad thing... its actually how brainwashed ppl are. "AHMIGAAAAD WAT AM I GUNNO DOOOO???? NOOO JAAAAAB???" If you got food, clothes and a place to live for free... then its only your imagination that sets the limits of what you could be doing... Contribute to your immediate society... do some gardening.. get involved in space travel?? there's your job...

                                                                                          • glorious rhubarb
                                                                                            glorious rhubarb  3 weeks back

                                                                                            @Safir I don't think everybody could, or should work in tech or space... why do you think I do? Did you even read what I wrote? are you just trolling me mate? As the current system is, those are some of the only viable options. Yang wants to change that... get sirius bröh...

                                                                                          • Safir
                                                                                            Safir  3 weeks back

                                                                                            Go tell a 50 year old trucker with only a highschool degree to do that. You think everyone can work in tech & space? Plus, his plan would accelerate our society, technologically.

                                                                                        • Doggyhouz LA
                                                                                          Doggyhouz LA  4 weeks back

                                                                                          It’s child labor.