Stephen Curry Says "TRADE Draymond Or KEVIN DURANT IS LEAVING" And Draymond GETS MAD


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  • cedric mcmillian
    cedric mcmillian  1 months back

    Cause more good than harm.... 100mil

    • David Stutz
      David Stutz  2 months back

      That's his personality. I remember going to MSU games and how he was. He's authentic.

      • cardell31 CD
        cardell31 CD  2 months back

        I guess nets and rocket winning now

        • cardell31 CD
          cardell31 CD  2 months back

          Fuck stephen curry he ass kd better

          • Jose Ramos
            Jose Ramos  3 months back

            Draymond green more like "DRAMA QUEEN" he such a instigator hater! He's not even 3rd fiddle. Hope he gets traded to the tricks, ooops I mean Knicks. He needs to get slapped! For just being disrespectful to coach K and KD.

            • rasit kaya
              rasit kaya  3 months back

              Anyone can replace garbage green .he can't shoot , his defense is all overrated. 2nd championship lost because of green brick shooting .nobody wants a brick backboard breaker . Trade him save warriors now .we lost 2 championship because of this garbage green

              • Darryl Crane
                Darryl Crane  2 months back

                I think Draymond had 32 points in game 7 at Oracle the bricks were by the most overrated and joke of Unanimous MVP Steph Curry

            • Daniel Mobile
              Daniel Mobile  3 months back

              Since ad is finna leave, ig we should trade green for ad? 🤷‍♂️

              • Pistøla
                Pistøla  3 months back

                Daniel Okusi too late lakers just got him

            • YoLo oLyO
              YoLo oLyO  3 months back

              Trade Green, he cost the warriors 2 rings and do everything to keep Durant, he is the only superstar of the team. No one is more consistent and shoots better than him

              • fxinvestorinc
                fxinvestorinc  3 months back

                Draymond Green needs to go ! He's toxic to the team. Nothing but a bully and a coward. Since KD is injured and can't play. The warriors will lose the championship to the Raptors !

              • Danny Melendez
                Danny Melendez  4 months back

                Go ahead and take an L on this one.

                • yoboyskiiny pickle
                  yoboyskiiny pickle  4 months back

                  Green is not going to leave kd I don't care if kd leaves they still can win a championship

                  • YoLo oLyO
                    YoLo oLyO  3 months back

                    They will win in 5 thanks to draymond

                • oof
                  oof  4 months back

                  they’ve one championships without kd n they can do it again

                • LEON CHARLES
                  LEON CHARLES  4 months back


                  AS STAFF & CLAY AGE ....
                  THEIR IS NO WAY IN HELL.....


                  **** KAREEM...DEVELOPED HIS SKY HOOK AS HE AGED.!

                  DO YOU GET IT ????

                  ." PERIOD "

                  MOREOVER ;

                  *** LET D.GREEN GO !!!!######
                  *** GET RIDE OF THE POISON. !!!!


                  CARMELO , JAMAL CRAWFORD ,
                  MIKE CONLEY , ETC. TO FILL OUT THE BENCH .


                • benny3six1
                  benny3six1  4 months back

                  Fuck KD..he can go......warriors will still win without that unhappy depressed ..offset looking mafucka.....Loyalty to 15 Warriors!!!!

                  • my fat cat ate a door mat meow

                    Draymond is a defensive player. Kd this season was a turnover machine, and made klay and curry brick from his trash offense.Bring the old warriors back.

                  • CEE TV Jamaica
                    CEE TV Jamaica  4 months back

                    It's a pity that they aren't getting along. Draymond has neant so much, and isn't a bad guy. Just very intense and emotional. He will be traded if it comes down to either him or Kevin...

                    • Herminio Quebrar
                      Herminio Quebrar  4 months back

                      The dynasty is lost if draymond leave the team

                      • Mateo Williams
                        Mateo Williams  5 months back

                        Gsw litterally have 3 SUPER STARS and 2 all stars and a 6th man of the Year candidate

                      • Marsee Hoopai
                        Marsee Hoopai  5 months back

                        Warriors only won that 1st ring because Kyrie and Love we’re out. They will not win another without KD.

                        • Players Voice
                          Players Voice   5 months back

                          Do you think they can win another championship this year?

                      • Lee Scott
                        Lee Scott  5 months back

                        They need to trade him he is a bom

                        • ja rd
                          ja rd  5 months back

                          They need to get rid of kd the warriors was doing good without him winning back to back. Nobody was saying anything about draymond then smh. Now kd crybaby ass on the team now everybody wanna kiss his ass. Haha and blame draymond when its really kd.. Let that sink in for a bit

                          • ja rd
                            ja rd  5 months back

                            @Players Voice if kd goes to boston or sixers maybe denver. Its a chance golden state might fall. But thats a big if

                          • Players Voice
                            Players Voice   5 months back

                            Do you think they could still win a championship if KD went to another contender in the NBA?

                        • karen pearl
                          karen pearl  5 months back

                          @ the 1:16 mark... You mentioned that "there comes a time when a player does more good than harm" well if he's doing more good than harm what's the problem?

                          • Players Voice
                            Players Voice   5 months back

                            My bad I phrased it improperly I meant more harm than good

                        • Nifa Basile
                          Nifa Basile  5 months back

                          He's just keeping it 💯

                          • V Ponteras
                            V Ponteras  5 months back

                            Think it's just part of the drama -- they all mature in the first pace anyway..

                          • Mr Nice Guy Bench
                            Mr Nice Guy Bench  5 months back

                            DG is a pest in GSW.

                          • Default Boi
                            Default Boi  5 months back


                            • Terrance Butts
                              Terrance Butts  5 months back

                              Dawg u hating like a hell

                              • Jimmy Reed
                                Jimmy Reed  5 months back

                                Flat out TRADE!!!

                              • Zachary Young
                                Zachary Young  5 months back

                                They hatin on you Green.

                                • Atm Roze Gold
                                  Atm Roze Gold  5 months back

                                  Trade green

                                  • Players Voice
                                    Players Voice   5 months back

                                    For KD they definitely should have💯💯

                                • GoodNight Robicheaux
                                  GoodNight Robicheaux  5 months back

                                  Yo they'll 3peat but KDs out 💯 Dray fucked it up

                                  • Zy Bishop
                                    Zy Bishop  5 months back

                                    Trade DG
                                    Get AD

                                    • weagle2323
                                      weagle2323  5 months back

                                      Pinned by Ame

                                    • JOSEPH CHAVEZ
                                      JOSEPH CHAVEZ  5 months back

                                      Draymond over rated if u put him on Knicks he won't have no statistic

                                      • JOSEPH CHAVEZ
                                        JOSEPH CHAVEZ  5 months back

                                        @Players Voice in my opinion if u kept the coach and got rid of everyone but 1 star draymond would not be wat ppl make him out to be . yes he is a good defender but in my own opinion he is average player

                                    • lou lou
                                      lou lou  5 months back

                                      The were winners before kd lang ass gone de real talk

                                      • Terrill Lewis
                                        Terrill Lewis  5 months back

                                        Giannis. Harden just flops all the Time

                                        • Terrill Lewis
                                          Terrill Lewis  5 months back

                                          @Players Voice I think harden will make it to the second round but get eliminated by the warriors. Giannis will make it the the eastern conference finial and maybe even to the NBA Finals

                                      • David Richardson
                                        David Richardson  5 months back

                                        Day Day is a hard working key piece to the Warrior's success but he's nuts.

                                        • XxDanger 904
                                          XxDanger 904  5 months back


                                          • Maeha Piturachsatit
                                            Maeha Piturachsatit  5 months back

                                            suh dude

                                            • Patrick
                                              Patrick  5 months back

                                              Is durant selfless

                                              • Ronilo Rosero
                                                Ronilo Rosero  5 months back

                                                I think they will parting this time

                                                • Louie Cordero
                                                  Louie Cordero  5 months back

                                                  It's better to keep Green and trade KD Green and the Warriors became champion before KD

                                                  • Rondal Jordon
                                                    Rondal Jordon  5 months back

                                                    Keep him let of go we win with out kd

                                                    • Rondal Jordon
                                                      Rondal Jordon  5 months back

                                                      Keep him

                                                      • Judah Hebrew
                                                        Judah Hebrew  5 months back

                                                        Most of the comments have no idea about basketball with these comments. Draymond is expendable, KD is a SUPERSTAR. Warriors NEED KD. Steph career was gonna be cut short without KD. Steph Curry had to work waaaaay to hard for shots without that other superstar. And KD owed OKC nothing. He was a Sonic not a Thunder, for you that hate just cause Warriors added him.

                                                        • Valerie Johnson
                                                          Valerie Johnson  5 months back

                                                          KD without a doubt is a superstar, but DG brings a good defensive game, which is lacking in a lot of teams today, defense makes for a better offense, which is part of the Warriors success. It's a tuff call.

                                                        • Rastieboy Santiago
                                                          Rastieboy Santiago  5 months back

                                                          Warriors won a championship without KD....just sayin

                                                      • eduardo rangel
                                                        eduardo rangel  5 months back

                                                        Trade DG
                                                        Bring in K. Leonard

                                                        • don brassco
                                                          don brassco  5 months back

                                                          Sound like:Danny A telling Red to trade Bird & Mchale😄

                                                          • LssJCammy Freeze
                                                            LssJCammy Freeze  5 months back

                                                            If you chill with the clip reeling you will be good