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  • Stig's Persian Cousin
    Stig's Persian Cousin   2 weeks back

    Please stop commenting about me not having plates! The car DID have plates, Dubai plates, this is where I reside! I’m not sure why the second officer in this video considered Dubai plates as no plates but I clearly mentioned this to him in the video as well. I hope this clears any confusion for some people that keep saying I did not have plates.

      DRIFTTANDEMZ101 SIDEWAYZZ  17 minutes back

      @Nancy Vela aww Nancy u look like Sunny😃

    • Crying Hippy
      Crying Hippy  2 hours back

      Stig's Persian Cousin You seem like someone I can trust and I would like to talk to you about an ex GF that moved to Dubai, it was outta the blue she said she got married and moved there, but this is not like her and I'm worried about her well being.
      I want to hope she did find the right man who will Love and Honour her wishes and I was wondering if you could keep an eye on her or offer her your number or contact info in case she needs someone she can trust. She recently moved from Iran and I Love her as a friend, I just need to know she is going to have someone there for her no matter what happens in future, her father recently passed away and she has had too many deaths in the family and her family background you will find interesting and what the government did to them.
      I Live in Toronto and would like to meet you someday if your in town.
      Mamnoon Azizam

    • Daffy Yoshido
      Daffy Yoshido  5 hours back

      This guy is showboating. Hence the camera pointed inside the car during every stop.

    • Damario Haynes
      Damario Haynes  11 hours back

      @Celeno I second that comment.

    • Thomas Coleman
      Thomas Coleman  18 hours back

      The Oregon cop was just being an Oregon cop, your lucky he didn't impound your car and make you settle it in court because that's what cops do in Oregon - they often don't have the decency to show up in court so the charges are dropped which is good but it also wastes your time and is stressful. You still end up paying for towing and any attorneys fees 😑

  • James Lynch
    James Lynch  3 minutes back

    This guy is asking trouble. One day a police officer will make up a reason to throw him in jail or shoot him.

    • ogama843
      ogama843  21 minutes back

      Rich Guy who flies his several hundred thousand dollar car with foreign license plate overseas wonders why he gets pulled over all the time.

      • Becker's Rs
        Becker's Rs  30 minutes back

        Why do you enjoy teasing our cops? If I do that in your country I would be slaughtered.

        • Mira Pimen Hernan
          Mira Pimen Hernan  30 minutes back

          Police officer not used tô rich people.

          • mopeooo
            mopeooo  33 minutes back

            Show off

            • c tb
              c tb  1 hours back

              Shit! Welcome to my world.

              • GuiGui Sleepwalker
                GuiGui Sleepwalker  1 hours back

                @ 3:50 im not confused im a arrogant moron sir

                • DJ Poom
                  DJ Poom  1 hours back

                  This guy is pure class... classy guy 👌🏻

                  • Beach Bum
                    Beach Bum  1 hours back

                    The 2nd officer: Officer Dipshit made up he had an emergency to go to because he found out he was wrong. And when he travels to Europe he doesn't take his own car. Europe for him is Idaho.

                    • Kevin Sargent
                      Kevin Sargent  1 hours back

                      Most US cops are assholes. They have unchecked power trips.

                      • Union Worker
                        Union Worker  2 hours back

                        And they have the right to escalate and kill...Allah help us!!!!!

                        • JR S
                          JR S  2 hours back

                          What a moron to bring a car from Dubai just to show off.

                          • Abdullahi Abubakar
                            Abdullahi Abubakar  2 hours back

                            White man blind and death that's what Jesus say they don't want to hear the truth and they don't to see you you doing batter then them is all about jealous

                            • Abdullahi Abubakar
                              Abdullahi Abubakar  2 hours back

                              State pow pow he he's jealous because he don't have a 1 of them cars

                              • nanox95
                                nanox95  2 hours back

                                the second cop mad cuz he cant have a fancy car like that working for 10 dollars an hour hahaha

                                • JaGE GE
                                  JaGE GE  2 hours back

                                  We have got problems with global warming and air pollution and he is "shipping" his car just to drive it during vacation?

                                  • Mike Joe
                                    Mike Joe  2 hours back


                                    • Ryan Lamp
                                      Ryan Lamp  3 hours back

                                      Third cop: "I pulled you over because you were doing 83. You were also traveling in the left lane, and you can't be in the left lane unless you're passing people." Correct me if I'm wrong, but if you're going 83 and not passing other people, then shouldn't the cop be pulling over the other people who were obviously going faster than 83? In the end, at least that cop was cool, and open minded to learn something new; unlike the second cop.

                                      • Journey With DavaoJack
                                        Journey With DavaoJack  3 hours back


                                        • Ryan Lamp
                                          Ryan Lamp  3 hours back

                                          The Oregon state cop is the type of cop who gives other cops a bad name. He isn't willing to learn anything new because he's already omniscient. I guarantee every time you handed him a document, he had absolutely NO clue what he was even looking at. There's a term for people like him. I believe the term is, "TOTAL DOUCHEBAG!" I love how he saved himself from further humiliation by claiming he had another call. PRICELESS!

                                          • Howard Abdul
                                            Howard Abdul  3 hours back

                                            Lmao 😂

                                            • RiCO-49ers New Jersey
                                              RiCO-49ers New Jersey  3 hours back

                                              Oregon police are fukn stupid 😆

                                              • Rio Winaryo
                                                Rio Winaryo  3 hours back

                                                Please come to Australia 😁

                                                • Steve Mo
                                                  Steve Mo  3 hours back

                                                  Thats a single day in the life of an American truck driver. The lower 48 states have 48 different laws, its like 48 different countries. You can be legal in one state and illegal in another. I have been pulled over many hundreds of times. I got out of it 25 years ago, tired of being a rolling cash register.

                                                  • faz zahidi
                                                    faz zahidi  4 hours back

                                                    Don't know how damn and stupid are we the poor officers here is to keep the road safe, we are all against them. But the guy in order to get a few viewer trying to make the officer look bad we all support and put money in his bank account for his disabey the law and stupidness.

                                                    • Piedone21
                                                      Piedone21  5 hours back

                                                      You can see the American cop was a lot more rude than the Canadian. At least didn't get shot when he reached for his paper...

                                                      • TJ Nguyen
                                                        TJ Nguyen  5 hours back

                                                        Fuking hate cops

                                                        • Osvaldo Ferrer
                                                          Osvaldo Ferrer  5 hours back

                                                          Maybe have everything in 1 envelope rather than fumbling around piece by piece. By any chance are you able to call the areas that you're visiting ahead of time so that their local law enforcement is aware of your presence? Just a thought.

                                                          • Charming Ferret
                                                            Charming Ferret  5 hours back

                                                            Some big business man here, driving his car around to get stopped , waste the officials time and video it for YouTube.We would call him a wanker.

                                                            • Frank Haber
                                                              Frank Haber  5 hours back

                                                              The Oregon trooper was next level though. "Ive got another call.." hahahaha

                                                              • Pedro Lucas
                                                                Pedro Lucas  5 hours back

                                                                I had a blast. Thank you for this. Take care and beware the next time you drive in US, they'll be watching you, specially that Sheriff.."I have another call" :D

                                                                • FaZe rug
                                                                  FaZe rug  5 hours back

                                                                  While cops are talking to you for me i Will blast a music. Fuck the polic

                                                                  • Jose Gonzalez
                                                                    Jose Gonzalez  6 hours back

                                                                    Only good cop is a dead one.

                                                                    • Michael J.
                                                                      Michael J.  6 hours back

                                                                      Couple of those cops are really power tripping. I would love to have a Lamborghini but I don't know if I would want to put up with all the shit

                                                                      • Ben Dover
                                                                        Ben Dover  6 hours back

                                                                        The bigger issue is that you havent notified what ever law inforcement that you are comming, and they type of vehicle you are driving. This way there is no issue. It sounds stupid but it show help.

                                                                        • Justin Crook
                                                                          Justin Crook  7 hours back

                                                                          Second cop is an embarrassment to America

                                                                          • ivan Prizmic
                                                                            ivan Prizmic  7 hours back

                                                                            That second cop dosent deserve to be cop anymore for that behavior he deserve mental hospital for kids

                                                                            • Shreyas Ramesh
                                                                              Shreyas Ramesh  7 hours back

                                                                              It's alright... American police officers are not trained. But happy to see you educating them with this video patiently. Hopefully others who can afford this can do it easier.

                                                                              • Miklo Maez-Garcia
                                                                                Miklo Maez-Garcia  7 hours back


                                                                                • Vibratory Rhythms
                                                                                  Vibratory Rhythms  7 hours back

                                                                                  I shipped the car over on a plane 😂. Good vid

                                                                                  • Hussain Miah
                                                                                    Hussain Miah  7 hours back


                                                                                    • Cim Fox
                                                                                      Cim Fox  8 hours back

                                                                                      man this guy is a moron. he stops every 5 min to tell this story every fking cop in country.

                                                                                      • GrayWolfShaman
                                                                                        GrayWolfShaman  8 hours back

                                                                                        This was fascinating to me - I learned about international traffic and motor vehicle laws while simultaneously studying human behavior from both the driver's and police officers' point of view. Comment by the police officer in Vancouver re: America and the need to exercise caution while complying with the request for paperwork was very telling and for me, very depressing. Thank you for sharing - and thanks for being so polite and considerate with the police you interacted with throughout. Love the car! ;) GWS - NJ, USA

                                                                                        • Adam Jackson
                                                                                          Adam Jackson  8 hours back

                                                                                          The second cop is a asshole

                                                                                          • Equator Group
                                                                                            Equator Group  8 hours back

                                                                                            lol Oregon policeman fanny villager , you are awesome buddy,you do well

                                                                                            • TuRn Banz
                                                                                              TuRn Banz  8 hours back

                                                                                              Why is the second cop so difficult and annoying ?

                                                                                              • blaster12v
                                                                                                blaster12v  9 hours back

                                                                                                LOLLLLL.., realy i have another call... he means ..i dont know the shit i am talking abouth...hahahahah 16:18 Father ... LOL!!!!!!