Brett Brown Postgame Interview | Game 2 | 76ers vs Nets | Rd1 ,April 15 , 2019


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  • David J
    David J  5 months back

    Sizers in 5

    • Henry Green
      Henry Green  5 months back

      alright kyle!

      • Daniel Finnegan
        Daniel Finnegan  5 months back

        audio cuts out at 6:04

        • Nick
          Nick  5 months back

          Haters will say Brett didn’t coach tonight. He only coaches in losses apparently.

          Love ya coach

        • Demonta Seward
          Demonta Seward  5 months back

          Sixers in 6😎

          • Kyrie Irving
            Kyrie Irving  5 months back

            Fire him after this year, he doesn't know how to coach a championship team.

            • Liiincoln
              Liiincoln  5 months back


            • Photonic
              Photonic  5 months back

              @Kyrie Irving Youre not putting into context Brett coaching under Hinkies makeover during all those losing years . The Sixers pretty much asked Brett to coach the team while they tank in the hope of trading and saving assets for future stars like Ben , Jo , JJ , Tobi and Butler . Without all the years of tanking we dont get these players , brett took the L's for The Process

            • Kyrie Irving
              Kyrie Irving  5 months back

              @ozone722 Imagine being stupid enough to disagree that a Coach who went 178-314 in their 6 seasons shouldn't be fired. Lol its ironic how you're asking me if I "haven't watched Basketball for the past 5 years" don't you think? 😂

            • ozone722
              ozone722  5 months back

              Kyrie Irving lol 😂 are you serious? Have you not watched basketball for the past 5 years?

            • Marko Smiljanic
              Marko Smiljanic  5 months back

              Trash talking shit, in your opinion, whom should they hire - YOU?

          • Cam Reddish
            Cam Reddish  5 months back