Fat Joe - Too Black For Latinos, Too Latino For Some Black People (247HH Exclusive)


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  • LELE
    LELE  1 days back

    Why is he saying the N word?

    • Going Up
      Going Up  19 hours back

      Man cause blacks in NY let him get away with that crap. I’m not here for it tho.

  • inferno0020
    inferno0020  3 days back

    He is the only non-Afro American that can use the N word and get away with it...

    • Matthew Dockery-Dixon
      Matthew Dockery-Dixon  3 days back

      Latinos wanna claim being black when it’s convenient. Highkey y’all wanna be “black” in order to get a pass to say n*gga and be in black spaces. PERIOD!

      • Mike Jones
        Mike Jones  6 days back

        If u goin threw the struggle with us u one of of us period point blank. Wit or against us thts all tht matters

        • penguins can fly
          penguins can fly  6 days back

          🤯 holy shit me too. Blacks said I wasn't black enough and xicano said I wasn't xicano enough. Long live the muts

          • Amanda Smith
            Amanda Smith  7 days back

            He said they was “like mutts in the game” LOL 😂😂😂

            • Johnny James Ferreira
              Johnny James Ferreira  1 weeks back


              • Johnny James Ferreira
                Johnny James Ferreira  1 weeks back

                Fat Joe is an uneducated idiot. Mayans/ Aztecs etc were not latin, they were of Asiatic lineage (Siberian aka native indians).
                Latin was a European language invented by the Romans. Latin is extinct, never was a race or ethnicity, rendering the term Latino stupid and pointless.
                Spanish is a language that derives from Galician Portuguese. Both Portuguese & Spanish ppl are Iberians, not latino. And both are European cultures, not south american.
                If not for colonization so called latinos today wouldn't even be speaking Spanish or portuguese because they would have been colonized by the french or english. There is no such thing as "Latin" DNA unless you are an ancient Roman. And for your information, There are 5 latin romance languages & all of them are European, not native indian or african. Basically put, only those who have Iberian DNA are Hispanic. the rest of you are just Hispanic speaking only. and just as speaking English doesn't make you "english"....same goes with Spanish.
                As for the Carribean, it was all native indian land until the Europeans conquered it & brought the blacks there. All islands speak a european language wether it be English, spanish, portuguese, or french. Plus all the cities & towns have European names; so it is heavily influenced by european history wether you realize it or not. Black ppls simple existence on those islands is because europeans brought them there. that ='s influence. An education makes a difference.

                • Inga Mgoduka
                  Inga Mgoduka  1 weeks back

                  Fat Joe is a Latino I though he was black

                  • Tutie AziDiaz
                    Tutie AziDiaz  1 weeks back

                    Alot of ya sound real stupid with this color shit, how many REAL Africans are high yellow? How many, Jamaicans are high yellow, how many afro have a lighter skin all around the world but yet the REAL African doesnt accept them sometimes soooooooo stop talk crap stop looking at people cuz of they color and look at the bigger picture we all have mother African in us wake the fuck up, so you have to be black as fkn night to be pure? Ya stupid even the albino people have to hide in Africa so again ya high yellow ones ain't pure either

                    • Mr.JoeStar
                      Mr.JoeStar  1 weeks back

                      Oh but in 2019 now he says hes black ?? The fuck does black meant to you then joe?

                      • 77musica
                        77musica  2 weeks back

                        Nicaragua has a huge black population and we speak like Jamaica...Bluefields, Pearl Lagoon, Corn Islands, Marshall Point, Greytown, etc...

                        • Mgolt Hox
                          Mgolt Hox  2 weeks back

                          Latino is basically light skin black people

                        • The Real Talion V3
                          The Real Talion V3  2 weeks back

                          I work at the Tesla Factory, In Fremont CA. And I once saw a nice all black Range Rover with Plates that read "FATJOE" And till this day I have wondered if it was really Fat Joe's car

                          • Gabe Stagg
                            Gabe Stagg  2 weeks back

                            The Real Talion V3 I once saw a blacked out Escalade that said Obama on the license plate and it turned out to be some random white dude and his family.

                        • Imani Brooks
                          Imani Brooks  2 weeks back

                          We need to all learn the difference between,
                          And Culture .
                          I feel like Fat Joe should had used better wording when stating this.
                          Clearly, he’s speaking from a Latino that is from the Caribbean and he shouldn’t speak for all Latinos and overgeneralize.
                          Because not ALL Latino(s) are from the Carribean and one Latino, for example, a Mexican, May have different experiences than the things that he and other Latinos did/do culture wise.
                          Latinos in the Carribean have a huge proportion of black and African Ancestry.
                          The same goes for Brazil and Colombian and some other Latin Countries.
                          And therefore, Some Latinos are black and do have African Ancestry.
                          BUT ALSO, some are white with little to no African Ancestry . For example, the some of Latin countries in central and South America, those Latino have more European and Native American . So it is a big mix match in the Latino population. Basically you can be anything and be a Latino. It’s definitely more of a cultural thing than a “race, skin color” thing. I even know some Asians who are Latino.
                          I think we can all agree on that.
                          Not all Latinos are black.
                          Yes some .. maybe even a lot..
                          Some actual have African ancestry and some don’t.
                          Some are dark skin..
                          Some are white...
                          lol it honestly just depends.

                          • 47fvckegotism
                            47fvckegotism  2 weeks back

                            Imani Brooks I agree with this except even those that’s u mention from Central America have African Dna too and most people from Cuba and Puerto Rico for the most part are MAJORITY white European ancestry with very little native and African ancestry, on average Central Americans and Mexicans get higher African then these places it’s just that throughout central America and so forth the African is dispersed throughout the entire population instead of there being certain pockets where people are predominantly black or etc. but I say this to make the point that very few Latinos don’t have African ancestry and yes there are ones that are predominantly white in both appearance and dna but still even they tend to come back with even a little African Dna as opposed to the USA and the rest of the world where African Dna coming up is not normal outside Africa and certain areas close to Africa this is NORMAL in all Latinos tho. Even if they don’t know it, even the racist ones, it’s a lot of self hate it’s sad.

                        • Mrs Larfronte
                          Mrs Larfronte  2 weeks back

                          If fat joe black Latino so is jlo 🤔

                          • Gabe Stagg
                            Gabe Stagg  2 weeks back

                            Mrs Larfronte yeah we can all say the n word. Were not racist either.

                        • C-LAROCK THE MAYOR
                          C-LAROCK THE MAYOR  3 weeks back

                          The bronx was The thang back in the 70s Puerto Ricans man back then was like lightskin blacks we all rap sing break dance together we got along so Joe is right that's my dude we all came from Africa in some way

                          • Jayallyson Green
                            Jayallyson Green  3 weeks back


                            • 92kartelzbak
                              92kartelzbak  3 weeks back

                              you are not Latino ese you Caribbean technically center American.

                              • Duarte 809
                                Duarte 809  3 weeks back

                                African, European and Native Ancestry only matters on phenotype. We are not in Africa nor Europe anymore! "African Americans" need to be focus on becoming citizens in their own country (United States). You are not a citizens of Africa, African countries don't care about the you! You are American citizens, stop the tribalism of races and skin pigmentation. Your proud "Black or White" skin does not give you citizenship nor power. You should aspire to be individuals with identities, you are Americans of African and European ancestors not "Black and White".

                                • SESS sion
                                  SESS sion  3 weeks back

                                  Fat Ass Joe is not a Latino he is Spanish Speaking Caribbeans or Hispano descendent, he's a sellout just like J-Ho, A-Rod, and others. Have anyone of these characters speak up for Jamaica, Trinidad Aruba, Barbados,,etc,etc in time of natural disasters? and they are Caribbeans or West Indians and have not showed any compassion for any other Islands besides P. R

                                  • S R
                                    S R  3 weeks back

                                    So here’s my question, because i think the most dividing aspect keeping us (we Hispanics) separated is racism. Suppose, for example, Puerto Rico 🇵🇷, can we say that someone from Puerto Rico who has Taino ancestry and has dark(er) skin is “more” Puerto Rican than say a white Puerto Rican who is also from PR? And this goes for every Hispanic whether you are Mexican-Aztec, Black or White Dominican, o que puta serás jueputa! because at this point.. Spain colonized pretty much 3/4 of this continent that our history as Hispanics/Latinos are so tied together. All this racism/discrimination between us needs to STOP 🛑 so we can start fixing our respective countries. I don’t understand what’s with all this distinguishing-yo soy Pueltorriqueño y Salvadoreńo 🇵🇷🤷🏻‍♂️🇸🇻 y me parezco como un blanco. Entonces en qué puta quedamos por que yo entiendo mano jajaja 😂

                                    I don’t like to think about either of my Mayan ancestors or Spanish Conquerors in a negative frame, despite the fact that yes the Spaniards have burned the books/priceless history of Mayans-but I’d rather have the peace between them IN THIS DAY AND AGE so I can continue loving being both PR/Salvi y el resto di mis primos, hermanos y hermanas hispanohablantes nativo-actually when I think about it I AM the peace between them NOW.

                                    • Huge Titties
                                      Huge Titties  3 weeks back

                                      Blonde-haired, green-eyed Puerto Rican/Cuban guy in 2015... Yet you're black in 2019..😶💭💭💭
                                      It's no wonder he cuts his blonde hair off. I always imagined maybe he had straight-textured hair and was ashamed of it bc it wasn't the typical curly Puerto Rican hair.

                                      • William N
                                        William N  3 weeks back

                                        most Puerto Rican hair is wavy and straight, then loose curly hair and lastly kinky hair.

                                    • 01001101
                                      01001101  3 weeks back

                                      Fat Joe is the only person who sounds the same when rapping and when talking normally.

                                    • Hector Leyva
                                      Hector Leyva  3 weeks back

                                      Look up Afro Mexicans, from Acapulco Guerrero! I love my culture.

                                    • Crissy Tina
                                      Crissy Tina  4 weeks back

                                      Well, He’s Puerto Rican right? Majority of Puerto Rican’s are black anyway... but anywho, you can look at this nigga and tell he has black ancestry in him.

                                      • Crissy Tina
                                        Crissy Tina  4 weeks back

                                        Paulos Kidane yes, thank you. That’s what I meant

                                      • Paulos Kidane
                                        Paulos Kidane  4 weeks back

                                        Crissy Tina African ancestry*

                                    • DonAless 4:20
                                      DonAless 4:20  4 weeks back

                                      To me fat Joe is too new Yorker

                                      • Jay dimes
                                        Jay dimes  4 weeks back

                                        Look Latinos can say the n word think bout it We was sitting on the back of the bus they called us the hard r we were colored too we had to be separated and shit we had to come in as immigrants and shit you know what I mean we were slaves aswell man my point there is nun wrong with a Latino saying the n word

                                        • Jay dimes
                                          Jay dimes  3 weeks back

                                          William N But like I said it’s the still the same in a way we were the first slaves and we we’re slaves we have a similar history if we were segregated right you gotta think bout it I never learned bout Latino history in school can’t blame me blame the system for only talking bout blacks and whites and leaving Latinos out the system that just proves that their is nun wrong with a Latino saying the n word

                                        • William N
                                          William N  3 weeks back

                                          Know your history! The Latinos were segregated in the military and not together with Blacks, even outside the military. The mixed ones were Colored in the sense they were not full White but not seen as Black.

                                        • Jay dimes
                                          Jay dimes  4 weeks back

                                          Paulos Kidane But still nun wrong with anyone saying the n word in my eyes we all humans All I do chill with African Americans and they don’t have a problem with it like fat joe said “the nigga next door to you is Pablo”

                                        • Paulos Kidane
                                          Paulos Kidane  4 weeks back

                                          DimesSZN You have to take that up with the black collision meeting...

                                      • bsc27 Squad
                                        bsc27 Squad  1 months back

                                        who has ever anticipated for a fat joe album??? this muthafucka needs to get off his pedestal... living of big puns royalty checks..

                                        • Willy BustBack
                                          Willy BustBack  1 months back

                                          It's like we a third breed, we have to fight everybody!

                                          • OMW2FYB916
                                            OMW2FYB916  1 months back

                                            And then people trip about Mexicans saying the n word

                                            • Leo el Teniente
                                              Leo el Teniente  1 months back

                                              As a Peruvian I'm more Native American than you all !!!! We're the "raza" like the Mexicans !!! We belong to the American Continent (Abya Yala)

                                              • big d
                                                big d  1 months back

                                                Fat joe don’t like niggas on a slick

                                                • Lalo Smith
                                                  Lalo Smith  2 months back

                                                  Afrolatino🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾 🇩🇴 🇩🇴 🇩🇴 🔥💯💯💯💯🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙏🏾

                                                • Onyx Ocelot
                                                  Onyx Ocelot  2 months back

                                                  Most latinos have a serious low iq identity crisis

                                                  • Digital Ninja®
                                                    Digital Ninja®  2 months back

                                                    🇵🇷 Boricuas!

                                                    • Ggg Blogger
                                                      Ggg Blogger  2 months back

                                                      He's blacker then me

                                                      • Yy Yy
                                                        Yy Yy  2 months back

                                                        TOO BLACK FOR LATINOS
                                                        TOO LATINO FOR SOME BLACK PEOPLE?????????

                                                        why dont u say too black for some latinos also pinche vendido because not every latinos is racist or thinking of skin colors......
                                                        and too latino for some black people ???? why use the word "some" in the case of the black people pinche vendido
                                                        why dont u say too latino for black people ?????
                                                        in the case of the blacks because they also racist as fock.

                                                        pinche perra vendido
                                                        go fock your black friends pinche big pun fat joe pendejo asqueroso

                                                        • goldy blood
                                                          goldy blood  2 months back

                                                          Latinos are black ...when master and granny have a baby ...

                                                          • Yy Yy
                                                            Yy Yy  2 months back

                                                            goldy blood

                                                            so latino is ur master and blacks are the grannys ???

                                                        • Christian
                                                          Christian  2 months back

                                                          am mexican and i feel identified with you bruh

                                                          • Edgar Romero
                                                            Edgar Romero  2 months back

                                                            Real Latinos don’t say the n word or don’t join black gangs just keeping it real

                                                            • Jh Uchiha
                                                              Jh Uchiha  2 months back

                                                              Im cuban . i say it. Is that cool?

                                                              • Erick HVAC
                                                                Erick HVAC  2 months back

                                                                Learned behavior from the people they grew up with. I grew up with blacks and latinos in Houston saying the n word so thats just how we talk, i learned to use the word before i even knew what it actually meant. I was too young to understand.

                                                                • russelljohnson2008
                                                                  russelljohnson2008  3 months back

                                                                  Since Fat Joe can liberally use the word nigger to describe blacks, he should see no reason to beef we start using Spanish slurs to describe Latinos. If you can dish it out, be ready to take it.

                                                                  • Going Up
                                                                    Going Up  19 hours back

                                                                    Facts! These cats killing me. My grandma was half white. I’m white too then. This is only allowed in the black community. You can have under 10% of African Ancestry and still be black. It started with that 1 drop rule bs.

                                                                • DJ Trevi
                                                                  DJ Trevi  3 months back

                                                                  Latino is a made-up word. We are a mix that is it and we are mix with different things. Latino is a word that clumps people together, that sometimes have nothing in common. FYI Love your music.

                                                                  • DTX Zeus
                                                                    DTX Zeus  3 months back

                                                                    Why is it nothing but Black people saying cuz I’m rican I have 20-30% black the only thing I got from somewhat black is my hair because if I let it grow the regular way then it would be puffed up and stay up I use to do it like that in 7th grade good way to get girls that was 2years ago do I have More black in me than I think or what?

                                                                    Btw now I just brush back my hair I don’t let it go up no more also I don’t care if I have black in me I don’t know why most of us Ricans get mad when someone says it I don’t really care I just do what I do

                                                                    • POWER GLIDE
                                                                      POWER GLIDE  3 months back

                                                                      Shiii I'm just brown lol

                                                                      • Iyana Bellamy
                                                                        Iyana Bellamy  3 months back

                                                                        I felt this ,, in high school I hung with the Latinos and Hispanics.. the blacks was less accepting of me and then sometimes the other way around