Kingdom Hearts: Who Is The Master of Masters ACTUALLY?


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  • The Great Starling
    The Great Starling  2 hours back

    MOM is Sora. I'm 90% sure about it

    • Matthew Burnett
      Matthew Burnett  2 days back

      I would be really disappointed if the MoM is Demyx.

      • Eagles Fan
        Eagles Fan  4 days back

        I think luxord might be the MoM

        • Tyeteon Brown
          Tyeteon Brown  5 days back

          I think skuld is soras mother since she dissapeared in the reports she only had one line 9 words its gotta count for something right lol

          • Darkrising1993
            Darkrising1993  6 days back

            Maybe the Black Box is some part of MoM like No Name has his eye. Maybe it's his heart. I think if this is the case maybe he put his heart in it (or some other part of him) as a way to use as a beacon of sorts to bring him back from this purgatory like place Shibuya. If he knew he'd be trapped there he would've set in motion a way for someone to get him out.

            • Darkrising1993
              Darkrising1993  6 days back

              I think if anything it'd be neat to see if MoM is somehow a alternate timeline Adult Sora grown up somehow living with everyone having died in KH3 and MX succeeds in rebooting the worlds with Kingdom Hearts but somehow Sora survives it and he is alone. Even MX is gone. He has somehow because of this whole mess become essentially immortal and this reboot actually redoes the events that had happened previously i.e. like he went back in time but technically he didn't and he sets a plan in motion for him to stop the 2nd reboot from happening again with the help from the Book of Prophicies (he eye in No Name witnessing the future) but unknown to him the glitch in his plan leading to post-Keyblade War 2 is Sora or this timeline's Sora. And because he starts to twist his plan so that this Sora survives this time and stops MX this time. I know this theory is way to complicated but let's be honest. We wouldn't be surprised if Nomura did this.

              • Trial_With_An_Error
                Trial_With_An_Error  6 days back

                Different height, different body type.

                MoM appears to Young Xehanort in the exact same form and Xehanort was born long after the keyblade war. It’s more likely that he can simply travel through time without the same constraints that Xehanort must follow.

                Another thing is that the Master oF Masters eye is the Gazing Eye, it’s literally one of his eyes. Demyx has both eyes.

                • Brad Johnson
                  Brad Johnson  1 weeks back

                  Mark of mastery = MoM
                  Master of masters = MoM
                  Verum rex main character is sora and riku fused.
                  Hence master of masters is the amalgamation of sora and rikus hearts. Light and dark.

                  • SangaXD
                    SangaXD  2 weeks back

                    We all know the Master of Masters is Walt Disney. Think about it. Imagine him controlling Mickey Mouse and Sora having to fight a corrupted Mickey Mouse.

                    • cortneyfletcher
                      cortneyfletcher  2 weeks back

                      What if soras being groomed as a new master if masters

                      • Matthew cass
                        Matthew cass  1 months back

                        So many fan theories, and thought about who this guy is, and nomura will probably be like
                        “Surprise! It’s Xehanort”

                        • TALON THEOWL
                          TALON THEOWL  1 months back

                          What if sora is the master of masters the whole time just older he went back so long ago chose the foretellers did all this made young sora learn of heartless fight nobody's and everything gain his memories back so when everything comes full circle younger sora will have the knowledge the power abilities and memories of everything so mom can go into young sora and take a younger body and be completed which is how mom wanted just a theory but who knows

                          • RedBaron8698
                            RedBaron8698  1 months back

                            So, was Braig already Luxu when "Ansem" stabs him and extracts his heart?

                            • MASTER- HIGHTOWER
                              MASTER- HIGHTOWER  1 months back

                              *whispers* deadpool

                              • Natty Light
                                Natty Light  2 months back

                                If MoM is sora in some type of weird time travel way, idk how id feel about that. The figure in the secret movie kinda looks like a small frame, almost like sora

                                • alanlancer008
                                  alanlancer008  2 months back

                                  Master of masters is a women. Watch

                                  • Ace Hermit
                                    Ace Hermit  2 months back

                                    One thing I will add to (kinda) dismiss the "Demyx could not be MoM" is that there is a time travel aspect we could consider. After all, the scene with Luxu being revealed as Xigbar/Braig, it revealed that the Foretellers are back in the picture.
                                    Long story short, I'm throwing out the possibility that Demyx could be MoM before he became the MoM.

                                    • Hayes Simon
                                      Hayes Simon  2 months back

                                      You could still not forget about the masters First key blade warriors the first chosen key blad warriors to be revealed

                                      • Nick Kiser
                                        Nick Kiser  2 months back

                                        I'm pretty sure demyx was with vexen at the end of KH3? They went to make things up to ansem the wise right? When did he disappear?

                                        • Andrea Restelli
                                          Andrea Restelli  2 months back

                                          Demyix is the master of masters' nobody

                                          • rajahafiz
                                            rajahafiz  2 months back

                                            Wasnt Birh By Sleep is the second keyblade war?

                                            • Terry Syvertson
                                              Terry Syvertson  2 months back

                                              i just thought of a crazy idea, but what if the master of masters is actually Oswald the lucky rabbit and the reason he's taller than Oswald normally is because he's using stilts of some kind

                                              • Feanx
                                                Feanx  2 months back

                                                it's xeonort

                                                • gtfobuddy21
                                                  gtfobuddy21  3 months back

                                                  Everyones saying demyx is the master of masters cause omg 1 member was luxu so lets all assume its the most basic answer! This is kingdom hearts... donadl could be the fucking MoM

                                                  • Jay Rol
                                                    Jay Rol  3 months back

                                                    M,O.M D id return that was him ath the ending sora cutscene in kh3 he placed his fingers in a shape of a heart over the moon .

                                                    • Wolf Zer01
                                                      Wolf Zer01  3 months back

                                                      What if Sora is Master of Masters but say he wiped his memory and moved to a new vessel? Lol jk but maybe?

                                                      • Karren Kuddlesberg
                                                        Karren Kuddlesberg  3 months back

                                                        Like the Emperor of the Imperium, but more mysterious than Snoke?

                                                        • Tarique Tolbert
                                                          Tarique Tolbert  3 months back

                                                          The master of masters gotta be Sora from the future

                                                          • ThePokefreak98
                                                            ThePokefreak98  3 months back

                                                            MoM is Walt Disney

                                                            • LS Masta
                                                              LS Masta  3 months back

                                                              Guys... we all know Shaggy is the Master of Masters...

                                                              • Senpai Tamaki1
                                                                Senpai Tamaki1  3 months back

                                                                Plot twist! Sora is actually the Master of Masters reborn! Lol jk.

                                                                • Blu3Mane
                                                                  Blu3Mane  3 months back

                                                                  Master of Masters is Sora.

                                                                  • Killua Zoldyck
                                                                    Killua Zoldyck  3 months back

                                                                    Alright hear me out this may sound crazy but i think the mom is actually deadpool it all makes sense he’s mad that disney bought fox so he uses cabels thing to warp into dimension and he started all the key blade war stuff he then disappeared to go back to his present day and now he must return to end the light

                                                                    • guzsky
                                                                      guzsky  3 months back

                                                                      The master of masters is deadpool

                                                                      • Burrito Wyrm
                                                                        Burrito Wyrm  3 months back

                                                                        MoM is actually yoko shimomura

                                                                        • Shareef Haddad
                                                                          Shareef Haddad  3 months back

                                                                          Perhaps this ought to shed some light on the subject:

                                                                          • Keenon McIver
                                                                            Keenon McIver  3 months back

                                                                            So your saying that the Master of Masters has a heart in a box just like Davy jones.....nah thats to predictable and unoriginal ....and Demyx could be acting ....he seems like he has a split personality anyway ....espcially when he said you should never judge someone by their appearance to wth did he go at the end ....I remember he brought in a replica body to the lab and then Boom no more Demyx ...

                                                                            • John Smith
                                                                              John Smith  3 months back

                                                                              Pete is the master of masters

                                                                              • Nimbvs Alex
                                                                                Nimbvs Alex  3 months back

                                                                                Before I found out xigbar was luxu I thought he was the master of all master because the of his voice and his actions the master of all masters was a troll this whole time it’s future sora 😭

                                                                                • Tonberry Knight
                                                                                  Tonberry Knight  3 months back

                                                                                  I only clicked because of Demyx. I was like the dumb guy is the manipulator? Wtf?

                                                                                  • Yung Dammit
                                                                                    Yung Dammit  3 months back

                                                                                    Master of Masters is Riku, I'm sticking to my original theory that MOM is a old time traveling Riku who left his body to manipulate events in kingdom heart. It's his eye in the keyblades!

                                                                                    • brooksie9999999999
                                                                                      brooksie9999999999  4 months back

                                                                                      as stupid as it sounds its all simply explained by its a paradox plain and simple this story is the story of the boy who broke the paradox he created

                                                                                      its the ying and yang destroyer and creator concept rolled into it at the same time a child pure of heart will go to endless extents to save the ones he loves and when learning of his true powers loses sight of the ones hes hurting because there meaning is nothing compaired to kairi
                                                                                      which is why namine exists

                                                                                      • brooksie9999999999
                                                                                        brooksie9999999999  4 months back

                                                                                        ah and to get into important matters and how this affects the gameand story

                                                                                        riku is the virus riku is brain who was also tera brain was called brain for a reason he figured not only alot out he figured out how his changes would change events and how to act acordingly after on freeforming i suspect brain/the virus wasent even a virus i assume the master knew about it and is how and why he writes the book the way he does

                                                                                        i suspect the book would be worded in such a way that would make brains choices to change certain events seam obvious so if your planning to fuk that up you would for example at a certain point say if to fuk the plan someone needed to die just write in the book that that specific person was apart of what was stopping impending doom from happening "cough" "ava" or think of it in reverse if you wanted somone to die within the time of brain or to be eliminated to push it forwards at a garunteed pace you would imply that person to be crucial
                                                                                        the entire concept is REALLY simple but just would be near on implossible to plot out that fukken well and would only be possible if written on the fly which we all know namora is doing at this point unless all of this is rite and in heignsight would prove this to be more write it would even more im jsut realising now would be his convoluted ass way of showing us that writing a story this complex from the get go and would be impossible and that we as the fans helped impact the story and he is trying to show us that with union cross whilst also trying to pass off this mess
                                                                                        which is also how you would describe a paradox all in all if it turns out to be true it would be the most complex well written near on scifi storys ever told the shit is that hard to understand becaeu it seams to be following reality on a level that only scientists understand and no scientists are yousing scientific theroey to try and crack kingdom hearts XD

                                                                                        10/10 whole way through accept for 3 we all know why
                                                                                        if my theorey here is correct all this story really did is waste fucking time and all it really added was the last seconed replicas ruleset and the 2-5 hints frim kid xeanort and xigbar

                                                                                        i suspect kid xeanort is also trying to usep power but is much smarter then sora or the master and understands that he will be at the final battle no matter what he will have his moment no matter what a chance if nothing to gain the real power his goal is to strive after the paradox and tbh without his imput it wouldent have
                                                                                        and with riku being apart of his life the changes in the mindset there will give him the knowlage to make 1 last pwoer play for sure ;)

                                                                                        but in the end we all know sora gets it and chooses to move life forwards sacrificing himself then reviving as some sort of reward leaving no one dead only past selves gaining closure kingdom hearts the end
                                                                                        well then comes the end of all the good parts and they make up a new villan to try and repeat it all
                                                                                        will be dumb asf

                                                                                      • brooksie9999999999
                                                                                        brooksie9999999999  4 months back

                                                                                        her entire concept of manipulating memories is becasue she is a special being her memorie is timeless and completley eternal because she will forever remain withing his memoey and within his heart
                                                                                        it becomes the pure boys way for eternaly preserving her and her memorey while simultaniusly becoming the creator and destroyer forever hoping that one day he lives past it and lives with her

                                                                                        and sadly it cannot happen the story has to end with him either accepting he is the one that must go or she must be let go and he accepts he must go
                                                                                        no doubt tho with the power of memories sora will poof the fuk back up and be like our you uys remembered me il be with you guys forever and they eat eachothers asses XD

                                                                                    • brooksie9999999999
                                                                                      brooksie9999999999  4 months back

                                                                                      luxu xigbar is the master and the master is sora sounds dumb but stay with me
                                                                                      the master is older luxu and he knows as older luxu he will complete his mission the fact he stands there is proof it has double meaning the fact that both of them stand together is proof just no one got it we assumed otherwise he himself knows that without the book he would stray from the set rules and take control himself luxu not understanding that he is the master thinks that he himself is gstraying away from the plan but does not understand that he is going acording to plan as the master can be sure of xigbar/luxus decisions and everthing else because he knows he himself streyed away and took over he himself is a bigger version of xeanort as hes done this exact rebequathing of his own keyblade and having the "gazing eye" which is he luxu himself he is the ever timeless gazing eye not the eye embeded withing the keyblade as we can clearly see its jsut a form a keyblade takes as quite a few other keylbades have this feature and its not just a 1 off made by the master
                                                                                      not only does he know that he is luxu but he also knows that he is sora and a fractured sora with lost memories will be the cloaked luxu we see that takes off we never see his original form because it is sora sora has mastered both light and darkness and is destined to be the real one that summons kingdom hearts and meets with himself to retart the tale again

                                                                                      the entire story would be a paradox of how the world has reset manya times and only now when the master/sora has made the rite friends he learnt why he did not want to reset and for the first time he does not want the reset but the master who is the embodyment of the rest his life apon life apon life breaching the afterlifes goal and master plan take out over a mellenia thwarted by himself as a younger version would be and will be rather poetic and one of them disney sappy asf the power of friends did this jsut like classic kingdom hearts lore if you take away everything you know and actually relisten to all the stupid things that are said out of context to push along story line or be ominus its the master forcing a hand of events to make sora completley lose his will to hold back and let himself embrace the darkness the entire goal of this is for sora to be the weilder that embraces the darkness jsut as xigbar says is coming
                                                                                      his reward is becoming the master he is the master

                                                                                      the part of being a more powerful xeanort will be the fact that luxu has switched bodys "countless times" he forgot his own name until reminded
                                                                                      if he is the master he will sure have a shitload of vessels to control simultaneously wont he
                                                                                      and he knows that he himself ush forward the creation of the puppet things that can house hearts almost wholeheartedly
                                                                                      he knows there is a keyblade war and he refers to one to come taht is enevetable but it is not any of the ones that we have seen
                                                                                      its the one that he knows he creates with them puppet things in mass number vs sora and the gang and knows it all will happen

                                                                                      and if you ask why why the fuk would anyone trap themselfs in a paradox

                                                                                      its because he knows the end of his vision ends at the keyblade war that sora is in and everything resets and after manya resets he trys to set slight adjustments into motion or admits defeat near on forces sora to his realm for the reset and repeats

                                                                                      the virus and brain luxu allows and will be the one to get the keyblade because that is his doing that is him passing on the knowlage thinking hes taking over planting a virus but in this version of events sora does not want a reset and can see how bring the future ends
                                                                                      which will end the paradox and i hope will now be how it ends because it will be a sap ass shit asf love story of oh im so sorry i lvoed somone and made a paradox to find and fix them
                                                                                      which will be kairi and he dosent mind the reset becasue he gets to spend time with kairi blah blah blah there is no villan only victims in this world sortove bullshit then we all lvie happliy every after and eat ass and be shit
                                                                                      until like naruto style we redo this whole fuk whole all over again with someone new cough riku dolla dolla bills yall

                                                                                      ultimatly it will be a story of growing up as this game has been a growing up point for alot of fans with alot of big life lessons behind it and letting somthing go will be a big one for everyone to take in and namura knows that killing kairi in the end to jusify this whole turn of events will make the story a timeless classic sloidified thoughout the ages IMAGINE THE FUCKING HEARTBREAK MAN

                                                                                      plz read as im sure you will be able to understand all this and convey to tohers my theroey i have alot more shit to back this up tbh im jsut not a youtuber or ap[art of any comunity to get my theroey anywhere ahaha

                                                                                      • brooksie9999999999
                                                                                        brooksie9999999999  4 months back

                                                                                        and the hole in the paradox is that sora is dumb and forgetful and that luxu/xigbar at some point make changes to the book or get a tainted copy of it and after that long dont remember the adjustments so end up jsut making the same mistakes over and over
                                                                                        i dont know what the diffrent this time around is but i suspect that it is like the endless loop in naruto where to break the loop one must learn a big lesson in order to save themselfs from making a mistake forced to live the same moment over and over and over for eternity never to age or pass until you learn your lesson then can live a more whole life i forget what the concept is called in there culture but look into it it litterally is the way to some up everything and no doubt if you look into the mythilogical story behind the concept it will be a direct ripoff of that story xD

                                                                                      • brooksie9999999999
                                                                                        brooksie9999999999  4 months back

                                                                                        oh and jsut to touch base on what the alternate world is i dont know lmao
                                                                                        but it is the prison for abusing the power too much he is a near on permanet resident ebcause of the paradox hes created for himself but i suspect the entire reason for sora to be there is for the master to preform his ability to change bodys on sora then use the power of waking in soras body 1 last time to contact xigbar and then using it with xigbar to go to the his past of that person all the way back to the beggening to pretend to be the master and make adjustments while he prepairs knowing he will have a copy of his book by the end of the endevour
                                                                                        he also chooses xigbars body at the point he does because to luxu at the point where he finds the body identical to his master he works it all out and works accordingly i would assume he was much more serious and mean of a person as the master

                                                                                        il put it to you this way
                                                                                        imagine the idea of being told hi im god take this box it witholds somthing i need you to do this and you dont get to have thihs here book just so you cant make any paradoxs even tho he knows that he will one day attain the book and by 1 day in the not to far future concidering hes around in early unuion cross
                                                                                        not only that but believing you have attained the knowlage to userp god then when you find out after nultiple lifetimes with of work that your goal to userp and outsmart god and thinking you are the most amazing person ever being the ever confident and smartass luxu/xigbar to the oh fuk i got outsmart and i wasted my life stressing about a goal i was destined to attained no matter what what a waste of my life for fuk sakes i mite as well finish my plan seeing as i become god
                                                                                        and would be deeply maddened at knowing he is making himself a theoratical god thinking thats what hes doing and finding out hes not hes making another version of himself god and was outsmarted at every turn and ahs wated his life to make another version of himself waste his own life it become a curse more then anything and the results are always the same the on 1 side of a coin get to spend time with kairi and see her alive again but at the same time force himself to relive her death endlessly in the pursuit of saving her
                                                                                        so the knowlage of this is all coming to and end soo would taint the happyness he gets from it all ending up with the psychotically happy xigbar who jsut wants this all to fucking end

                                                                                        in the end it is going to be a breathtakingly beautiful story imo and i dont hope that it goes this way as anything else would shock me at this point but iknow it will

                                                                                    • brooksie9999999999
                                                                                      brooksie9999999999  4 months back

                                                                                      every single argument you could make for the master being anyone could then be applied to sora and make even more sense sora cna be quite mean sometimes and is very

                                                                                      "1 TRACK MINDED" like ready to trap himself within a paradox level of 1 track minded

                                                                                      • brooksie9999999999
                                                                                        brooksie9999999999  4 months back

                                                                                        its sora

                                                                                        • Ronldbx6
                                                                                          Ronldbx6  4 months back

                                                                                          How in the world did we finally get kh3 and still don't have answers to certain important questions? It never ends i swear 😩!

                                                                                          • tangledfan6
                                                                                            tangledfan6  4 months back

                                                                                            what if the Master of Masters is Yen Sid in his younger years? i mean, in KH III YS mentions the phrase "may your heart, be your guiding key." which was something the Lost Masters often said from time to time, and it's something the MoM said a few times before too.

                                                                                            • Lucas to the max
                                                                                              Lucas to the max  4 months back

                                                                                              The master of masters is actually Donald Duck