The Philadelphia 76ers TORCH The Los Angeles Lakers With Over 140 Points!


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  • Drew Vertical
    Drew Vertical  7 months back

    Born in Scranton you an office fan go sixers please pin

    • Mirmoney Bryant14
      Mirmoney Bryant14  7 months back

      The Sixers are FUN to Watch🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯

      • Sam g
        Sam g  7 months back

        Simmons shot a 3

        • RNEVO
          RNEVO  7 months back

          As a sixers fan I am so happy that the sixers are finally getting it together and winning games and now they are huge threats and if Phillys 4 all stars can all have great games then they will win the east

          • Aaron Figueroa
            Aaron Figueroa  7 months back

            They need to play Wagner more

            • Reddish Center
              Reddish Center  7 months back


              • Jacob M
                Jacob M  7 months back

                Plz sub to my channel

                • MBS_ LUKE
                  MBS_ LUKE  7 months back

                  Simple maths from last night’s Choke cities.

                  Celtics blew a 28 point lead
                  Rockets blew a 26 point lead
                  Clippers beat the Celtics by 11

                  28 - 26 + 11 = 13

                  Flip the 1 and the 3 and u get 31
                  Warriors blew a 3-1 Lead.

                • Lilsaintbb21
                  Lilsaintbb21  7 months back

                  Ben Simmons attempted a 3 missed barely. Look it up