Kevin Knox Could Grow Into His Potential In Year Two | Best Highlights From Rookie Year


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  • Sharp Black
    Sharp Black  2 days back

    Hoping for big things from this dude

    • TheBeejAbides
      TheBeejAbides  4 days back

      He was possibly the worst player on the worst team last year. He has a lot of work to do. I never saw a single player shoot as many airballs as this kid, and I only saw him when he played the Sixers.

      • Da Greazy
        Da Greazy  4 days back

        All he does is score on fast breaks

        • Herbie
          Herbie  4 days back

          If Knox shoots close to 40% from 3, which is his goal this year, then he'll become a deadly offensive player. Of course he's gotta get stronger, especially defensively.

          • Broken Glass
            Broken Glass  5 days back

            I know y'all optimistic but his ceiling is prolly gonna be a Nic Batum

            • Joseph Allen
              Joseph Allen  5 days back

              He got Tobias Harris potential

              • Twelve
                Twelve  1 weeks back

                Frank Ntlikina
                RJ Barrett
                Kevin Knox
                Julius Randle
                Mitchell Robinson

                That's the starting 5 of the future imo
                This year Marcus Morris should start at the 3 at least for the first half of the season need veteran leadership on the floor with Julius Randle

                • Joseph Allen
                  Joseph Allen  5 days back

                  Twelve I think Dennis Smith Jr would start over Frank

              • Lou York City
                Lou York City  1 weeks back

                Knox could grow into his potential in year 2.... But if he doesn't, he still has time to become a great player.

                Knicks fans need to stop being desperate for a star, and have patience with their team.

                Even Ntilikina has a chance to become a really good player.
                Give these kids time.

                • TheXLCustoms
                  TheXLCustoms  7 days back

                  @ C D considering I’ve been a Knick fan since 94, live in ny and am following knicks fans on social media I can say that yeah the media pushes a lot of bs that the rest of you guys soak up.

                • C D
                  C D  7 days back

                  @TheXLCustoms Are you crazy? Have you ever spoken to Knicks fans? They are definitely desperate for a star. It's been that way forever. I'm a Knicks fan, grew up in Harlem, work a block from MSG. You not gonna find a casual Knicks fan that ISN'T begging for a star. Every year we looking at some teams star player to come here. We already plotting on Giannis.

                  Dont lie to yourself bro. That's why they keep on with the bs. Call the front office on the foolishness

                • TheXLCustoms
                  TheXLCustoms  7 days back

                  Knicks fans aren’t desperate for a star the media says Knick fans are desperate for a star.

                • C D
                  C D  1 weeks back

                  Big facts.

              • Someguy McGee
                Someguy McGee  1 weeks back

                He has to get his strength, passing, finishing, efficiency, and defense up. Those are ALL attainable things. I genuinely believe he will be a great player one day.

              • Big Homie Nick !
                Big Homie Nick !  1 weeks back

                hope so ! knicks nation !

                • WILLIAM GREY
                  WILLIAM GREY  2 weeks back

                  Zion bitched this nigga in summer league but he cool tho cuz he murdered simmons

                  • BallinLikeFrobe
                    BallinLikeFrobe  2 weeks back

                    Knox highlights: Gets a steal

                    • Survival Bros
                      Survival Bros  2 weeks back

                      Zion's little sister.

                      • Survival Bros
                        Survival Bros  1 weeks back

                        @IntermediateGamer All I know is I pulled a nice Kevin Knox card this week, so I can't run my mouth until I trade it. Ha

                      • IntermediateGamer
                        IntermediateGamer  1 weeks back

                        Survival Bros Didn’t knox block him twice and shot a 3 over him ? (;

                    • Reece Savage
                      Reece Savage  2 weeks back

                      Knox has a lot of potential as long as he stays healthy and keep building muscle. However he's still very young at 19 or 20 years old i dont expect anything more than 11-14ppg and 5-7rpg. He will have battle marcus morris for quality mins who's a much better defender than he is...

                      • Zavion Stevens
                        Zavion Stevens  2 weeks back

                        Knicks just full of potential at every position let’s be honest

                        • Liam Berry
                          Liam Berry  2 weeks back

                          Zavion Stevens Bro stop you’re skipping steps

                        • Zavion Stevens
                          Zavion Stevens  2 weeks back

                          DSJ,RJ,Knox,RANDLE, And Robinson !! That’s 5 legitimate potential all stars 👀

                      • Rick Scorsese
                        Rick Scorsese  2 weeks back

                        His ceiling is Rudy Gay 2.0

                        • Its Me
                          Its Me  1 weeks back

                          @Rick Scorsese i get what your saying with some comparisons but i think knox has the potential to be an elite lights out shooter ..i have his ceiling between Paul george & Kd offensively

                        • Rick Scorsese
                          Rick Scorsese  1 weeks back

                          Its Me They shoot basically the same from outside.Similar builds,great athleticism,around the same height and weight at the same age.Hell,even their numbers as rookies are similar.Their more alike then people seem to realize.

                        • Its Me
                          Its Me  1 weeks back

                          Knox jumper separates him from rudy gay...

                        • Rick Scorsese
                          Rick Scorsese  1 weeks back

                          EJOne Ok

                        • EJOne
                          EJOne  1 weeks back

                          No.. Totally different games

                      • Christian Rodriguez
                        Christian Rodriguez  2 weeks back

                        Reminds me of a young KD

                      • Aries Anderson
                        Aries Anderson  2 weeks back

                        For him I say 3-4 🤷‍♂️

                      • rogsocial
                        rogsocial  2 weeks back

                        Embiid's face @8:20

                        • yurnerodiz
                          yurnerodiz  2 weeks back

                          im early

                          • Demar Derozan
                            Demar Derozan  2 weeks back

                            How do you measure someone’s potential

                          • Big Boy
                            Big Boy  2 weeks back

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                            • davey543
                              davey543  2 weeks back

                              You guys here are trash