China's Geography Problem


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  • Masudur Rahman
    Masudur Rahman  22 minutes back

    Report does not mention about Pakistan or one road project that uses pakistani ports and arabian sea. Neither it tells about Sri Lankan port that China has. The report does not states total facts.

    • Charles Dickens
      Charles Dickens  5 hours back

      China's responsible for most of the world's pollution, so their geography is messing up our geography.

      • Anshuman Prakash
        Anshuman Prakash  12 hours back

        Hey pok is the part of india dare u to exclude it😠😠

        • Gargi Saini
          Gargi Saini  5 hours back

          Right yar ..I too noticed that

      • Hira Nath
        Hira Nath  13 hours back

        One day China will face its result of bad Karma, its downfall is already coming in the form of trade war with US. You wait and watch. China is responsible for millions of innocent Tibetan people’s death the records of which is rare, only few videos like this Tibetan people suffered a lot. They have to go into exile to India. They had to disperse everywhere, the majority are living in India. India is a country of peace and believer of Ahimsa. Oh China also burnt down many Buddhist institutions, monasteries and holy Sutras, not only that they took away many valuables like precious jewel studded golden stupas, Buddha idols and many others. Their monster PM Mao used to tell that religion is poison and His Holiness a “demon” and the irony is that now they are saying they have the right to appoint next Dalai lama. They did the same with fake Penchen Lama after abducting the real Panchen lama who was appointed by His Holiness. Nobody highlight this issue in media about the whereabouts of this youngest political prisoner. He was taken away at the age of 8 and nobody has any information about His whereabouts.

        Nothing is permanent in this world. Brutal communist Government will lose every power to its people, Hong Kong is the beginning.

        • Hao Song
          Hao Song  13 hours back

          I like your airline videos. But this video is just bad. You have no fundamental knowledge about pretty much anything you talked about.

          • Yann Lars
            Yann Lars  52 minutes back

            Can you expand on your meaning?

        • vikas pingale
          vikas pingale  23 hours back

          Indian Map is wrong in this Video.
          Don't believe this video.

          • vikas pingale
            vikas pingale  12 hours back

            @郭益 China is occupying land illegally.
            Tibet, Taiwan,Hong Kong,Aksai China
            Doesn't matter If you disagree.

          • 郭益
            郭益  20 hours back

            China Map is wrong too. I dont believe this video.

        • Almost There
          Almost There  1 days back

          India has an advantage you fool. Not a disadvantage . Start living here then you might get to know

          • Almost There
            Almost There  9 hours back

            @Kurt Hutchison Yes yes your mom's delicious af ;D

          • Kurt Hutchison
            Kurt Hutchison  13 hours back

            Almost There found the salty Indian lol.

        • cobainzlady
          cobainzlady  1 days back

          you forgot something major about china. Until recently, they used to have polygamy or more accurately, polygyny. that means, one man could have many wives. So they did, and it produced a huge overpopulation. China used to have massive famines and mass death from starvation every so often. Polygyny is a major factor in overpopulation. Similar with India, btw.

          • Jakup II
            Jakup II  2 days back

            You forgot east Turkestan.

            China has problems with Uyghurs wanting their independence since they been living their longer than Han Chinese

            They use fake terrorists tactics on the Christians/Muslim their and have about 3 million in them in concentration camps.

            • Time to make Changes
              Time to make Changes  2 days back

              Hard to chose a side there The followers of the child rapist or communist POS

          • Kam Khan
            Kam Khan  2 days back

            You have not mentioned about China's South West neighbor i.e. Pakistan..
            With CPEC, there is going to be a new trade route for China through Pakistan..

            • Saurabh Wasan
              Saurabh Wasan  2 days back

              Plagiarised from the book “prisoners of geography”

            • FuckGodism
              FuckGodism  2 days back

              The US blockade China's shipping lanes? Right, I guess you've never heard of China's Carrier Killing Hypersonic missiles and that's just one of the many formidable weapons China has in her arsenal that the US has no answer for. And don't get me started on your absurd Laos and Vietnam invading China. So I suggest you Fuck right off with your shitty propaganda.

              • Time to make Changes
                Time to make Changes  2 days back

                Aw a Chinese puppet speaks with a forked tongue you lost the 1979 war with Vietnam and are losing the trade war. Trump has you leader Winnie the Pooh by the balls.

            • 严严涛
              严严涛  2 days back

              Half of things you're talking in this video are shit.

              • 严严涛
                严严涛  13 hours back

                @Time to make Changes He didn't demonstrate my country in all aspects, just bad ones, or he know little about China.

              • Time to make Changes
                Time to make Changes  2 days back

                OOOOWWWWW you Chinese get pissed so easy LMAOAU

            • Ramiro Maia
              Ramiro Maia  3 days back

              Ask Ghengis Khan on how to invade China's North

              • Bob Brown
                Bob Brown  3 days back

                8==>~° 0~: omnomnom

                • Mr Big
                  Mr Big  3 days back

                  I saw a Chinaman once.

                  • Andy Aguilar
                    Andy Aguilar  4 days back

                    "China doesn't have a bad geography problem" 9:09 title, chinas geography problem

                    • Diomepa
                      Diomepa  4 days back

                      Is it just me or do others find this hilarious?
                      China is worried about NATO blockading its trade - with NATO and its allies?

                      • Xiuyuan
                        Xiuyuan  2 hours back


                      • Diomepa
                        Diomepa  2 days back

                        @Mardiff V. wouldn't it be easier to - you know stop buying the shit?
                        I mean most of China's trade going out on ships is with NATO or NATO allies
                        If China goes to war with any of those, the rest will institute embargo and China loses 40% of its trade overnight.

                        I mean why would you be worried of being blockaded, while your major trade partners are your supposed adversaries.

                      • Mardiff V.
                        Mardiff V.  3 days back

                        That is a threat to China indeed. The USA has 11 carriers with super hornets, these hornets can carry harpoon anti ship missiles. So if the US Navy deploys 5-6 carriers in the South China sea, it could blockade China's ports. Also destroyers and submarines can carry harpoons.
                        China has built silkworm missiles, designed to take out a US carrier.

                        Remember that Hitler in WW2 almost strangled Britain to submission with just 100 active U-boats (submarines). 100 U-boats were in the Atlantic, 100 U-boats came or left the Atlantic from or to ports in France. And 100 U-boats were repaired and the crew on leave.

                    • K Yu
                      K Yu  4 days back

                      Wow, too much problem in China. Chinese should give up

                      • janchoo
                        janchoo  4 days back

                        **Tibet is definitely not taken over in the last 300 years. China forcefully invaded Tibet in 1959.**

                        • 罗云飞
                          罗云飞  2 days back

                          go to read more history books,stupid boy

                      • Adrian Vertudazo
                        Adrian Vertudazo  4 days back

                        Can you do
                        "Philippines' Georgraphy Problem"??????

                        • Alrukitaf
                          Alrukitaf  4 days back

                          This video is propaganda designed to show that China Can be split up. if you made these sorts of vidsos In a Western country you Could be investigated.

                          • malaysia alexander skudai beh

                            lots of fake info

                          • ROB-IN-PHILLY
                            ROB-IN-PHILLY  4 days back

                            Great synopsis of the areas...But; Tibet, Viet Nam, Laos and Myanmar ( Burma) also act as buffer zones for the southern and southwestern China...China has interest, vast interest, in those countries...China is very shrewd...

                            • Worst Player
                              Worst Player  4 days back

                              china is the new us

                              • Worst Player
                                Worst Player  4 days back

                                u placed a state of Malaysia as indonesia

                                • Sabad Abdi odowa
                                  Sabad Abdi odowa  4 days back

                                  You forgot the Philippines.

                                  • Chee Wei Hon
                                    Chee Wei Hon  5 days back

                                    Despite geography problem, China is able to overcome it. Thanks to president Xi Jinping's Belt and Road Initiative.

                                    • Josh Duda
                                      Josh Duda  5 days back

                                      China does not like Mongolia. Watch Mulan lol jk but seriously, they do not like each other.

                                      • Ken Zhao
                                        Ken Zhao  4 days back

                                        Josh Duda Mulan was from 1000 years ago and they were not fighting with Mongolia. Now more than 70% Mongolian people live in Inner Mongolia province China.

                                    • dill papa
                                      dill papa  6 days back

                                      Ya right, China most likely owns the entire world and controls it from underground.

                                      • Your Creator God
                                        Your Creator God  6 days back

                                        China needs slapped now

                                        • KiLLaKonTroL 99
                                          KiLLaKonTroL 99  6 days back

                                          It doesn’t Matter
                                          They in that region are ALL Asians
                                          Split up into Different Tribes by toDay
                                          Still distant cousins

                                          • KiLLaKonTroL 99
                                            KiLLaKonTroL 99  1 days back

                                            @Mardiff V. You further prove my point. This is a Biblical fact.
                                            Names have been changed

                                          • Mardiff V.
                                            Mardiff V.  3 days back

                                            No, come to Europe and you will see that distant cousins can hate each other too. The Dutch do not like the Germans, dispite that Dutch and German are very similar. The Danes and Swedes have fought no less then 14 wars with each other and their languages are very similar.

                                        • avcomth
                                          avcomth  6 days back

                                          Total garbage nonsense. I am disappointed that you made this very twisted video basing it on your crude imaginations and bias. Why would the US try to blockade China? they're both permanent members of the UN Security council. Also any significant military pressure on China would be dissipated with support from Russia. If the US tries to screw China, it will have killed itself in the process. You've been watching too many American propaganda media.

                                        • Hoyeung Wong
                                          Hoyeung Wong  6 days back

                                          I just don't get your logic. So why it makes sense for the US to own Texas, New Mexico or California since they're only part of the US for less than 200 years? Like the US gov bought Florida or Alaska so it makes sense for the US to own them?
                                          And why Scotland and Northern Ireland should belong to the UK? Like none of these lands should belong to its current country?

                                          • Time to make Changes
                                            Time to make Changes  2 days back

                                            The settlement with Mexico we paid for the Southwest.

                                          • Joe Prince
                                            Joe Prince  5 days back

                                            He discusses the geographical influences without acknowledging how important common culture, language and religion are to the consolidation of people's into nations.

                                        • uu f
                                          uu f  6 days back

                                          First of all, you can guess and stuff but your information has no reliability or proof and only a hypothesis. You didn't even say how could China and U.S. go to war in the first place, just giving a biased guess on what would've happened if they did. It is long and complicated about China - U.S. war, but China has allies as well...

                                          • uu f
                                            uu f  6 days back

                                            So for Tibet, your saying that the only reason that India or China can't invade is that that there aren't enough roads. Well, you don't need roads to invade a country. It is actually the mountains sir. That is like saying if 2 countries were at war and the Sahara desert separates it, the two countries can't invade each other because there are no roads but doesn't say that it is too hot.

                                            Sir, there is something called a navy and air force. India invading China... NANI???!

                                            • Mardiff V.
                                              Mardiff V.  3 days back

                                              If you want to occupy a country, you need an army on the ground. Althrough air force are aerial artillery, the army holds a country. The USA learnt that in 1950 when the North Koreans conquered nearly all of South Korea. The US air force bombed the hell out the NK Army, but the NK army moved on. Only the US land forces stopped the NK Army.

                                              Roads are also crucial for supply of an army. No ammo, food, fuel and lubrication at a army ceased to exist. Which happened at Stalingrad in 1943.

                                              Sure the Indian navy can try to blokkade China's cargo vessels. That plays a role, but a minor one.

                                          • uu f
                                            uu f  6 days back

                                            WTF is this BS. Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar invading China? My fingers are now broken from scrolling down the 'Most Powerful Country' list. Oh wait, I forgot about the debts they owe to China.

                                            • Roger Sheddy
                                              Roger Sheddy  6 days back

                                              Interesting propaganda.
                                              The assumption is made by the author that Tibet would be dominated by one or the other either India or China.

                                              Why not just leave them alone to handle their own internal affairs?

                                              Then there's the lovely reference to China's inability to "win the Tibetan people over" to the Chinese point of view.
                                              With what we know of the Humane Chinese methods of using military personnel to violently put down protests, as well as the interesting Chinese bureaucratic action to require people to register in order to be eligible to become reincarnated, as well as their declaration that some teenager that they are busy indoctrinating is the next Dalai Lama (despite the current Dalai Lama still being alive--hello?)...
                                              Very interesting propaganda.

                                              The moment they started talking about these other countries and their borders and potential for conflict,and grossly understating the Chinese military capability, I knew something was going to be funny here.

                                              Oh boy that giant dongly-dangle thing! Notice how they make Chinese aggression into its neighbors territorial Waters look like a logical self defense tactic...

                                              7:50.... that makes me want to start blockading China now. It is ironic how they boast about the nutritive value of rice early in this video and then they say that most of the nation's food is imported by sea routes.

                                              They forgot the one road initiative that they've been pushing where they trade economic aid for governmental control of foreign Nations... and I noticed how their line in the sea includes Taiwan--a Sovereign Nation, and practically scrapes the westernmost islands of the Philippines so that anyone setting foot on a boat on the dock would be in Chinese Waters!

                                              It is no wonder that China is getting in Dutch with its neighbors if they are so aggressive as they are proving to be!

                                              Oh and let's not forget Chinese claims to territory in the Arctic... seriously.

                                              8:30. "Africa has emerged as China's China." Honestly the belt and Road initiative just permitted China to purchase raw resources from corrupt regimes in Africa which have been ignored by the United States for instance, even down to any sources of water so that they can start charging people money for the most basic necessity to sustain them. it is economic piracy that is arguably even worse than the old colonialism for it blocks any sort of potential economic growth in any country from coming to pass.
                                              9:40. More saber-rattling. Yes we know that out of all the nuclear powers that China is the most likely to set off a nuclear war unless you include Iran... the author seems to express a lot of concern for the current regime. The regime which starved hundreds of millions of its own people in its cruel programs in the past.

                                              Map himself had famously said that if they had a nuclear war, if there were 40 million Chinese left that would mean that they won!

                                              My question to you is, if they were so harsh as to starve and execute so many of their own people, then why should they care one fig for some foreigners who are in the way of their access to raw materials?

                                              This was paid for by Chinese Communist Party Patreon...

                                              • larry .friend
                                                larry .friend  6 days back

                                                America bought the Philippines and still owns it. They have been allowed to operate as a sovereign Australia and New Zealand by the British.

                                                • JJ McUrrain
                                                  JJ McUrrain  6 days back

                                                  7:08 Palawan was not highlighted when the Philippines was mentioned.

                                                  • Ray Miranda
                                                    Ray Miranda  7 days back

                                                    Good thing is my country Philippines is separated in any other countries. Far away from any borders. But china still claim our teritory what the fuck Chinese government isn't enough that your country is big??? But WE ARE FILIPINO WE WILL NOT GIVE UP OUR BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY! Chinese people you're not supposed to be here in the Philippines! Why? YOU DIDN'T RESPECT OUR CULTURES AND BELIEFS AND YOU CAN'T SPEAK ENGLISH OR TAGALOG BUT WHEN MY FELLOW FILIPINO'S GO TO YOUR COUNTRY YOU OBLIGATE US TO SPEAK CHINESE? "SPEAK TAGALOG FIRST BITCH" BE FAIR!

                                                    • Prismatic Space
                                                      Prismatic Space  1 weeks back

                                                      This is actually pretty true. China is pretty much surrounded by hostile powers

                                                      • KiLLaKonTroL 99
                                                        KiLLaKonTroL 99  6 days back

                                                        So is Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦
                                                        The Bible even speaks of Arabia
                                                        Arabs are a Mixed Bred nation of peoples.
                                                        Check your maps to see what they are MIXED with.
                                                        All that surrounds them.

                                                    • Love Is Life
                                                      Love Is Life  1 weeks back

                                                      Myanmar was part if India not China

                                                      • Christopher Herrera
                                                        Christopher Herrera  1 weeks back

                                                        Thanks to china many African countries, including Ethiopia have built modern infrastructure. Roads, trains, buildings, etc. The quality of life of many African countries, including Ethiopia have indeed. They are leaving third word status and entering middle income country status: upward mobility. China has a big part in making this happen. Yes it is thru loans but nevertheless it is a investment that helps people. Go to Africa and you will see it. Addis Ababa is a perfectly example. The people there care about their lives improving. They don't care who loaned the money as longer things are getting done. Of course its not perfect and there are still many poor people but it is not how it was 25 or 30 years ago. Hell! even high income countries have their level of poverty.

                                                        • Angkorian Boy
                                                          Angkorian Boy  1 weeks back

                                                          Now China has already occupied Cambodia coastal regions. Secret occupation via contribution and aids; tourists came to stay every day in thousands where the local has no saying. In 3 years, Cambodia will turn to China. 😬

                                                          • Khizar Hayat
                                                            Khizar Hayat  1 weeks back

                                                            This is what ? Nothing but full of Shit. 🚾....You miss friendly Country's..🇵🇰

                                                            • Ümit Karahan
                                                              Ümit Karahan  1 weeks back

                                                              Stupid video because doesn't talk about Xinjiang and Uighurs

                                                              • Dylan Grant
                                                                Dylan Grant  1 weeks back

                                                                Very interesting. I didn't realize China's position is more precarious than people imagine.