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  • Published: 11 August 2019
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    For more than 100 years the automotive sector has been one of the most important industries in the world. For decades it has meant strength, wealth and industrial power.

    Companies like General Motors, Volkswagen or Toyota are real industrial giants with factories scattered all over the world. To a large extent, these companies were responsible for spreading the tentacles of the great industrial powers all over the planet.

    However, the automotive industry isn’t going through its best moments... At least in terms of popularity. The electric car, the autonomous car, car sharing or trend changes make many experts point to the decline of the big car companies. We’ll tell you what is happening in this video and whether this idea is feasible or not.

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  • VisualPolitik EN
    VisualPolitik EN   2 months back

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    • Chris Parlow
      Chris Parlow  17 hours back

      What the hell you have C.E.Os who think their are God's with l saw a few weeks ago pay off and year pay check s of $ 22 million a year. That's just to start. Lus the system Lord's what the people out of cars so they have to move back in city's many lies will be told about this your going to laugh like hell. This is what they what most of all. You will be forced back in to city's They need to control you and be watched also the ELC car can be controlled by rolling black outs this is all very controlled you will be treated as a salve. Guys if you can get cars from the 1960s and 1970s 30s to the 1950s their very simple to in and fix and get pretty much the same miles per a gallion 26 to 37 -8 per a mile . Stop listening to lies. And story's

    • David Coltman
      David Coltman  3 weeks back

      So seeing your content and you only give Tesla about 8 seconds? You are an idiot not to talk about the robotaxi's and autonomous driving that the Tesla's will soon become. Also as the only real competitor to ICE cars.

    • NoNameImagination
      NoNameImagination  2 months back

      Simon, when will you make a video about Hong Kong protests?

    • Chittresh Gupta
      Chittresh Gupta  2 months back

      Fuck use horses and carts they are more royal

    • Jarrod Youngblood
      Jarrod Youngblood  2 months back

      Dumbest vid ever. Completely ignores emerging markets and America historic trends that show people moving out of the cities when economies improve. Thus the need for private cars.

  • Von Dutch
    Von Dutch  1 days back

    Chevy sold America out and now they can just stay in Communist China, but tariffs and boycott is all they'll find here, They're trucks ought to be less than 10k because the currency exchange rate is 7to1 and will grow to 8 to1 soon

    • Adoreus
      Adoreus  2 days back

      This video is way too long for the actual amount of useful info in it.

      • Jimmy煮麵
        Jimmy煮麵  2 days back

        Thanks to Tesla for expediting all these changes possible! ^_^

        • Javier Ruiz
          Javier Ruiz  2 days back

          we are nowhere near peak car consumption.

          • vince33x
            vince33x  3 days back

            "German automakers will spend "$45B on electrification over the ext 3 yrs"...these are vast misallocations of capital being forced on the auto biz because Governments kowtow to the radical environmental movement (read: Religion!). And it is misallocations of capital that cause huge disruptions in an economy. Sadly, most folks are clueless when it comes to finance & Economics (and Governments like to keep it that way, which is the primary reason Governments love to control education & they HATE home-schooling & Private Schools!).

            • tiffsaver
              tiffsaver  3 days back

              Automobile sales are "down" simply because the ENTIRE WORLD'S economy is 'down.' How can anyone afford a new car, or ANYTHING for that matter, when they are living in a tent?? Get real, folks. We are ALREADY in a recession, and the next great depression is right around the corner. Wait and see...

              • Moises Azpeitia
                Moises Azpeitia  3 days back

                Tesla all the way.!!!!

                • Tom Fuller
                  Tom Fuller  3 days back

                  Two words:Market saturation.

                  • Life Of Why
                    Life Of Why  4 days back

                    Cars are purchased in Canada and sent over to china for a HUGE profit.

                    • Alan Fox
                      Alan Fox  4 days back

                      Too many regulations and rules.

                      • Julia Lerner
                        Julia Lerner  4 days back

                        The GOP is doing what it can to prop up the US auto industry by torpedoing local mass transit investments at every opportunity.

                        • David Bartch
                          David Bartch  4 days back

                          Does anybody realize that,  in the USA,  generation X is half the size of the Baby Boomer generation so where we fit in any marketing demographic sales have to decline !!!!! We are talking about New cars. When generation X becomes empty nesters build less.

                          • Alvaro Martínez
                            Alvaro Martínez  5 days back

                            no wonder why apple isn't in this chart 2:17
                            i'm apple user btw

                            • gino enas
                              gino enas  5 days back

                              Yes fortunately, thanks to Elon Musk giant push to their precipice. they have been very unlucky for over 100 years, not to have discovered a true innovator in their ranks. So they concentrated their limited efforts in pushing forward in different versions an engine contraption, where half the pistons full time are working to increase deficiency, and the other half are true marvel of energy and heat waste. Sure they produced fantastic paint jobs, fancy knobs, super comfortable seats, and beautiful sounds, spending a fortune on fancy looking wheels, especially designed to be ruined at the first contact with the sidewalk, where you have to closely park it. But never cared to design wiper blades, timing chains, brake pads, tires and lubricating oil to last much longer. Imposing on the car owners expensive trips to their car dealer to take care of many rotating problems.

                              So it is with vengeance that I take delivery of my Tesla without seeing a dealership, a true car from another planet, build by a true Genius, eliminating with a stroke of a genius 90% of the problems that motorists for over a century hated with a passion. never again needing to stop at a gas station, or obligated to visit a dealership for expensive maintenance work.
                              Unfortunately I have fancy wheels a legacy from the grease monkeys of the past, but I am sure that as soon as Elon Musk will have some free time he will be able to design some wheels to last the life time of his magnificent cars without exposing them to parking damage. So RIP GM Ford BMW Mercedes, Porsche, Audi especially VW and all others, for your end is surely coming, having become impotent by your lethargic attitudes. We will not miss you.

                              • Finished Finnish
                                Finished Finnish  5 days back

                                2026 new “car” could be low emission home on wheels vehicles. Recreation vehicle RVs people live permanently. To eliminate high rent costs and homelessness. Room for scooter and everything person needs live comfortably.
                                Abandoned shopping centers can be turned into parking areas for these vehicles.
                                Benefits would be work from home, move the vehicle when ever needed work different cities, vacation.

                                • Tam Reeve
                                  Tam Reeve  6 days back

                                  not sure if I agree with your theory. If you take out the Chinese and Indian market slump in car sales, the industry as a whole is doing pretty well. The issues with the Chinese have nothing to do with urbanization and everything to do with communism.

                                  • Steven Barrett
                                    Steven Barrett  7 days back

                                    I can see fewer cars on the road, gone are those halcyon days of driving with the wind blowing in your hair what's arrived is a magic flashing revenue camera making you now drive like a turtle checking for spy camera's all ready to clip you for a quite a few quid. now the car is relegated to a mere A to B bit of personal transport so why bother, may as well go via Uber or some sort of car-share system. We've stopped buying cars we now lease for a few years that way we always have the most innovative car for right now, eventually we will have a full self driving car, put in the postcode of your destination and go to sleep, get to work and send the car home for others to use = one car will work for us all whereas we have usually had three cars, if we all did that the roads will be empty, Ford will be but a memory along with the other dino-car manufacturers

                                    • Darryl Dee
                                      Darryl Dee  1 weeks back

                                      Cars are too expensive, fuel is too expensive and to top it off, the same old road grids are getting crowded than ever before with more cars and impatient drivers. I live in a suburb of Vancouver (Port Coquitlam) let alone the inner city and there is always someone on my ass (tail gating or semi tailgate/pacing) when I drive my car.

                                      • Finished Finnish
                                        Finished Finnish  5 days back

                                        Vancouver Canada. My old home till I got tired of nightmare traffic in a 1950s road network. 15 years ago there were 30,000 new cars every year on the road. Monster homes and astronomical prices. I come once or twice a year visit relatives. City looks different every time, but not a nice way.

                                    • gino enas
                                      gino enas  1 weeks back

                                      In the '70 the average car financing was 36 monthly payments then to 48, 60 on to 72 months then on to lease or finance half and the other half a few years later, now they are pushing rentals, and that is the end of the road. My question, why do we need 3000 to 4000 pounds of metal to carry our bones around? All those expensive SUV capable almost to curry our house around too, what a a piece of obsolete hip of metal. The almost obligated gigantic German Diesel polluting scandal is the very hard big crack of the German car maker. the latest ? WV is trying to dispose itself of priced jeweler like Lamborghini and some hints of Ducati too. Daimler is disposing its most priced one in the F 1 team starting 2021 The fact that Tesla is outselling all of the North America German luxury car segment, is starting another huge crack. Not to mention the European introducing of Tesla sales, almost all its European sales poached from the German luxury car segment, adding to the German automaker chagrin, finding themselves obliged to push sales on its ICE cars to stay profitable, but for how long? Considering the monthly record breaking World Tesla sales, destined to increase its monthly sales numbers for years ahead. I see only red ink for years to come, as well as some major big crushes, for the entire car industry, but leaving out Tesla, destined to incredible unstoppable success.

                                      • ben The Governor’s Channel

                                        Kinda half baked nonsensical accumulation of facts. Reality is that people want to be free and have a fewer payments as possible. Buying a new car has become something extremely burdening, specially with the declining of wages and higher prices. People are either keeping their cars, getting older cars that are easier to maintain and fix with a regular set of tools and this is slowing down the auto industry and it’s starving them of the capital to promote and build all these expensive and unreliable automobiles they and the government are trying to push down people’s throats. As you can see is the other way around. The number of automobiles in the streets is growing while new car sales are dwindling. We don’t want nor can we afford this government mandated agenda that’s mainly subsidized by taxpayers money. It’s the perfect house of cards.

                                        • 787brx8
                                          787brx8  1 weeks back

                                          My prototype reduces knock in engines so you can then advance the ignition timing. Firing spark plugs sooner makes engines more efficient and powerful.

                                          • mbaker335
                                            mbaker335  1 weeks back

                                            Ten people in my extended family who are over the driving age but only three have cars. The cost and inconvenience of having a car is starting the outweigh the convenience of having one. I have one but now drive less than 1200 miles a year. The per mile cost is getting stupid.

                                            • strtngfrsh
                                              strtngfrsh  1 weeks back

                                              Maybe people are figuring out new cars are a money pit. NOTHING looses more value than a new car the very second it leaves the dealer. Wait 3+ years and buy used from a private seller, have it checked out by your trusted mechanic then make your best deal and pay with cash cash. It's already depreciated so when your wanting something else sell it and repeat. You'll be much happier with no monthly payments and less insurance cost to boot.

                                              • Baron von Limbourgh
                                                Baron von Limbourgh  1 weeks back

                                                By 2030 their will only be self driving fleet taxi's and we will all have a subscription to a transportation service provider.
                                                Much like cell phone plans today. Buy a 500 mile or 1k mile a month subscription for 100 bucks or whatever and have access to self driving taxis that bring you anywhere you wanna go when ever you need.
                                                Or pay as you go for a couple of cents per mile if you have commitment issues ;)

                                                Self driving taxi ownership will be an expensive and especially unnesesary burden. If you can simply use the ones abundantly available around you.

                                                • Frag EightyFive
                                                  Frag EightyFive  1 weeks back

                                                  The issue in the US is the price of cars and living keeps going up but wages have been stagnant in comparison. For example I make 2x what I did 15 years ago, but can barely afford a car of the same dollar amount amount. Purchasing power is greatly reduced.

                                                  • Michael swanson
                                                    Michael swanson  1 weeks back

                                                    Utter BS, US car loan defaults are at an all time high and the car industry is in decline. US truck sales are down 41% this year. Don't believe me ? DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH !

                                                    • Dick Ritchie
                                                      Dick Ritchie  2 weeks back

                                                      Fixed costs are enormous for auto manufacturers. A maker must make a profit on each unit. Cars will become cost prohibitive. I think your best bargain is a used Chevy bolt.

                                                      • nowtleft2
                                                        nowtleft2  2 weeks back

                                                        Most of the huge cities will be under water in a hundred years.

                                                        • Matthew Huszarik
                                                          Matthew Huszarik  2 weeks back

                                                          It sure appears automobile manufacturers are just pissing their research dollars away. They are spending far more than a Tesla has spent and getting nothing to show for it.

                                                          • Peter Perfect
                                                            Peter Perfect  2 weeks back

                                                            What happens when Tesla produce million mile batteries, that means a car with a 20000 annual mileage could last 50 years! Electric cars can last far longer than piston engine cars meaning eventually most people will buy used cars just like most people buy used houses and the demand for new cars will collapse. Also if you can hail a robot taxi in 5 minutes from an app why would you ever need to own a car that spends 95% of its time doing nothing and costs so much money to buy and run? This guy doesn't know what he is talking about!

                                                            • Peter Perfect
                                                              Peter Perfect  2 weeks back

                                                              Also the average length of a journey by car is less than 10 miles meaning many people could just use an electric bike or scooter since they are much cheaper to run and easier to park.

                                                          • Shawn Vanden
                                                            Shawn Vanden  2 weeks back

                                                            So f*ckin' sick of traditional car manufactures. They've not only ignored more ecological/sustainable solutions to powering them, but have ignored the "traffic" issue. In most major cities/regions, traffic is untenable. I'm so tired of it, I've begun shifting my "work" priorities in lieu of my independent projects.

                                                            • Chris Ose
                                                              Chris Ose  2 weeks back

                                                              It’s not the decline of the automobile industry, it’s the decline of fossil fuel cars and the rise of electric cars.

                                                              • Baron von Limbourgh
                                                                Baron von Limbourgh  1 weeks back

                                                                The ev autonomous vehicle will be the end of the auto industry.

                                                                Why spend a 50k on a private self driving taxi and maintain it, insure it, park it, tax it, etc. And have it sitting around 95 percent of the time while you eat the depreciation if you can just take an uber subscription for 150 a month and have their self driving taxis move you around whenever you need it to where ever you need to go.

                                                                It will be the same as cell phone industries. Buy a subscription for 500 or 1k miles a month or pay as you go at a couple of cents per mile.
                                                                Transportation as a service will cost a fraction per mile compared with ownership and that single fact is the death sentence to private ownership.

                                                                Cars will be what horses are now, toys for the rich and famous. And a lot of fleet taxis for the rest of us.
                                                                And the transition will be done and over with by 2030. Anyone who bought a new vehicle during the transition will be stuck with a worthless chunk of metal they have to pay to get rid off. No more trade in value but rather pay to disgard of.
                                                                And anyone employed in the automotive industry will face a bleak future.

                                                            • airtime89410
                                                              airtime89410  2 weeks back

                                                              Good video. the decline is going to accrue in the US and EU markets.

                                                              • jawbreaker
                                                                jawbreaker  2 weeks back

                                                                Tesla have stolen all the sales. You have to be idiot to buy ICE car that requires money just to use it...

                                                                • WICKEDLEE LOOPY
                                                                  WICKEDLEE LOOPY  2 weeks back

                                                                  I think your completely wrong..
                                                                  This is a technology transition period , it's not shrinking at all. Look at China india & even africa...undeveloped countries who with a combined total of almost 4 billion people who have yet to buy a car.

                                                                  • Nitya Poudel
                                                                    Nitya Poudel  2 weeks back

                                                                    Tesla is best car and future.

                                                                    • Chris Braid
                                                                      Chris Braid  2 weeks back

                                                                      I remember driving 600 km from my country place to Perth City for some shopping and was really intimidated by the parking options offered. You couldn’t be sure that you could shop and get back to your car before the time on the meter runs out and then you get slapped with an exorbitant fine. Back in my city we park for one or two hours in city central for free.....

                                                                      • Rambler Andy
                                                                        Rambler Andy  2 weeks back

                                                                        I think it is not so much about the car industry declining in general, rather the timing of the older ICE technology becoming extinct. Already certain traditional manufacturers have developed their last new ICEs, and some, like Volvo, will never develop another new vehicle containing even an existing ICE. So the clock is ticking. Whether hydrogen gets any kind of foothold is extremely unlikely, because owners will grow to like not having to go to fuel stations. Of those who can't charge up overnight, most people can weekly charge or daily charge somewhere for little cost, and the speed is getting faster and faster. It's more about changing the habits of a lifetime than anything else. Oh, and EVs have got to get cheaper. And they will.

                                                                        • Rajesh Upadhyay
                                                                          Rajesh Upadhyay  2 weeks back

                                                                          Japan is not an automobile market.
                                                                          Its public transport system is far well developed.
                                                                          Japan is hub in technology in mechanical engineering usage in automobiles at low cost unlike Germany . Germany is bit high cost automobile manufacturers hub unlike japan.
                                                                          Just reverse section.

                                                                          • Rajesh Upadhyay
                                                                            Rajesh Upadhyay  2 weeks back

                                                                            So much techno is awaiting to fit itsekf on earth in cars & buses and trucks that you can't even imagine.

                                                                            Something far advance is hidden in the future of cars on earth.

                                                                            • Charles-A Rovira
                                                                              Charles-A Rovira  2 weeks back

                                                                              Let's hope that they all use EVs.

                                                                              • #buzzofftoxic Blog
                                                                                #buzzofftoxic Blog  3 weeks back

                                                                                🌍👍We need to let go of old Internal Combustion toxic fueled cars☠😝💰 to clean autumnus green💚🌏 well made personal transport systems #buzzofftoxic 😀

                                                                                • The Bronx Pops !
                                                                                  The Bronx Pops !  3 weeks back

                                                                                  Elephant in room tesla

                                                                                  • shepherdsknoll8
                                                                                    shepherdsknoll8  3 weeks back

                                                                                    Ford broke the $9 level today, around $8.50

                                                                                    • Floyd Looney
                                                                                      Floyd Looney  3 weeks back

                                                                                      Yes, if the average person decides to keep their current car for an extra year it is a HUGE crisis. lol.

                                                                                      • Clayton Root
                                                                                        Clayton Root  3 weeks back

                                                                                        1:43 HOW do they manage to sell 100 million vehicles every year when the highest production year on record was in the 70 million range???

                                                                                        • Victor Hugo
                                                                                          Victor Hugo  3 weeks back

                                                                                          I agree ... rivian, nissan, bytom, and a bunch of other asians have 20k to 30k products that are more than amazing, why pay more? tesla at least influenced the "movement" away from combustion, and their solar, neurolacing, mining, software, AI, and other projects are not taking off, and these man cave garage people are trying to auction off their hyperexpensive designer combustions like crazzzzzzzzzzzyyyyyyyy