The Degenerates Have Some Unconventional Pre-Show Rituals | Netflix Is A Joke


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  • syckindahead
    syckindahead  2 days back


    • Grey Ang
      Grey Ang  6 days back

      This series is peak comedy, y'all. I don't know how much more offensive and not "politically correct" can you go from this. All the comics are great and had me howling in laughter. Don't you ever cancel this series, Netflix!

      • McBastard_Tv
        McBastard_Tv  1 weeks back

        She looks really sexy in that skirt she really looks good.

        • mozilla82
          mozilla82  1 weeks back

          Not funny.

          • He Died And Made Me God




            • Aroused Pineapple
              Aroused Pineapple  2 weeks back

              Nikki is so god damn hot I can't take her serious

            • Death Dealer
              Death Dealer  2 weeks back

              Robert Kelly looks like an Andy Serkis character.

              • Swetty Spaghtti
                Swetty Spaghtti  2 weeks back

                Does Nikki have any material other than shitty sex observations? Nope. Hack

                • Don Fields
                  Don Fields  2 weeks back

                  That blond woman can say whatever she wants imo, and definately does not need makeup for one does and if you do, that aint love, but god daaaamn she has nice legs and is one beautiful and funny woman.

                  • Cassandra noneyabusiness
                    Cassandra noneyabusiness  2 weeks back

                    Spoken like a man that's never seen a woman not caked in the lies known as make up. You might wanna like, google her without make up before you go making proclamations like that. She knows her own face, you might wanna listen to her, but if not, ya know, peek for yourself.

                • matthew styles
                  matthew styles  3 weeks back

                  What? U can rape someone and know what ur talking about. Thats such a dumb thing to say. If we didn't listen to a rapist we wouldn't have a good half of the Republican party. Or the Supreme court judges that support them.

                  • Henny Mesrine
                    Henny Mesrine  3 weeks back

                    Women are made for sex, that's IT.

                    • ThumbWiggler
                      ThumbWiggler  3 weeks back

                      Great line up

                      • BMF G0AT
                        BMF G0AT  3 weeks back

                        Idc if shes not funny... Shes hot af

                        • Animelytical
                          Animelytical  3 weeks back

                          1:21 killed me. I am a simple man

                          Edit: What's her name. When she called her husband and he copped to her having a deep voice... "I'm never givin' you no puss..."


                          And I just realised Ashy Larry likes ice chilled lotion 🤣

                          • ThatBadGuy
                            ThatBadGuy  3 weeks back

                            By Glassers logic rape made Cosby a better comedian than her.

                            • Malik Roldan
                              Malik Roldan  3 weeks back

                              Nikki Glaser is my celebrity crush

                              • Malik Roldan
                                Malik Roldan  3 weeks back

                                @ThatBadGuy ughhh

                              • ThatBadGuy
                                ThatBadGuy  3 weeks back

                                Malik Roldan even lower than I thought.

                              • Malik Roldan
                                Malik Roldan  3 weeks back

                                @ThatBadGuy listen I like her personality ok hahahaha

                              • ThatBadGuy
                                ThatBadGuy  3 weeks back

                                Malik Roldan you have low standards.

                            • Joe Greene
                              Joe Greene  3 weeks back

                              It's weird. I find Nikki Glaser funny in everything except her standup.

                            • Priteesh Garg
                              Priteesh Garg  3 weeks back

                              It makes me uncomfortable watching Ashy Larry using lotion 😂😂

                              • Priteesh Garg
                                Priteesh Garg  3 weeks back

                                Black dude- "psyche I don't trust white people" (comedy)

                                White dude - "psyche I don't trust black people" (racism)


                                • Michael Duran
                                  Michael Duran  3 weeks back

                                  But Bill Cosby raped a lot of women, so maybe he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.