New College Scandal: US/UK Students Cheating From Kenya's Best And Brightest


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  • Johnny Gormany
    Johnny Gormany  3 days back

    Maybe that's why they're allowing the Kenyans to come to the United States to go to the universities they need the real brain and knowledge that the most high gave his chosen people.

    • Linn Geez
      Linn Geez  6 days back

      Not surprised!! Yet Black Africans want to go to Europe instead of honing in on their own talents, and natural gifts.

      • FAFA11234
        FAFA11234  5 days back

        @Linn Greez
        Actually, that's changing.

    • M Franklyn
      M Franklyn  6 days back

      I don't want an East Indian fake doctor to touch me, and they are doing EVERYTHING to keep our people from becoming doctors!

      • Degrees
        Degrees  7 days back

        Is Brenda born in the UK?

        • Lana Frankly
          Lana Frankly  1 weeks back

          I 💕 LVZ funny

          • Anthony Bates
            Anthony Bates  1 weeks back

            This proves "thou that dwellers the in the clefts of the rock are dumber than a bag of what they dwell in

            • ABOVE ALL PEOPLE
              ABOVE ALL PEOPLE  1 weeks back

              lol. They cheat at EVERYTHING. They have to. They cannot compete on an equal basis. They see cheating as their birthright. They act as if they were born without the tools needed to survive this planet. Maybe they are right.

              • ABOVE ALL PEOPLE
                ABOVE ALL PEOPLE  6 days back

                @Jorelle Taylor
                The only thing we are going to see from these devils is FAILURE. lol

              • Jorelle Taylor
                Jorelle Taylor  7 days back

                ABOVE ALL PEOPLE Still waiting to experience this so called “high IQ and superior genes”

                The most deceitful bunch they are

            • Fanny G
              Fanny G  1 weeks back

              He really should have been charging way more and passing that money on to those Kenyans, that's the real crime here.

              • veenomie
                veenomie  1 weeks back

                Also, these are the same people who sponsored Al Qeada, killed Al Qaeda, then said that "black identity extremists" are bigger threats than Al Qeada..

                These cats arent even hiding their evil anymore...just more signs of the end days.

                • TanoWith-Melanin
                  TanoWith-Melanin  1 weeks back

                  Am in the wrong bu$ine$$.BORIS &TRUMP=THE FACE OF AMERIKKKA & LITTLE BRITAIN.I

                  • drysilk
                    drysilk  1 weeks back

                    Let us not forget...... Ignorance is bliss!!!! It is only detrimental to us!!! 🇯🇲🇬🇧🙏🏽❤️

                    • Tra Burd
                      Tra Burd  1 weeks back

                      As blacks we should be boycotting everyday not voting or going to war on these clowns....we aint doing nothing but complaining and thats not going to work... Dont donate no blood nothing

                    • veenomie
                      veenomie  1 weeks back

                      [email protected] is the main problem in Africa and [email protected] is the main problem of our people here in America.

                      If we can get rid of these cuture norms as a people, then we will have made a great step towards the advancement and liberation of our people(s).

                      Plus, this video reveals why our people are the most hated. There are a WHOLE lot of other people worldwide who go into con games with these w.s. devils...for their advancement and our detriment.

                      That's why we must build for ourselves and trust no one who is not putting in that work for us.

                      • Michael Alexander
                        Michael Alexander  1 weeks back

                        White folks still see black folks as their PROPERTY.

                        • M Franklyn
                          M Franklyn  6 days back

                          @V 800+ years of enslaved brainwashing.

                        • V
                          V  1 weeks back

                          Michael Alexander
                          So! What matters is, how black folks, see black folks.

                      • deputy dogg
                        deputy dogg  1 weeks back


                        • Gregory Glass
                          Gregory Glass  1 weeks back

                          H1 visa should be giving to Kenya students bring them to America.

                          • Gregory Glass
                            Gregory Glass  1 weeks back

                            @sealie15 well not our problem need them to turn the nation around in the stems sector to get out of debt

                          • sealie15
                            sealie15  1 weeks back

                            Gregory Glass they don’t want that many Black people here 🤫

                        • Gregory Glass
                          Gregory Glass  1 weeks back

                          But their skin says they have a high. I.Q. just like the Chinese cheating

                          • Gregory Glass
                            Gregory Glass  1 weeks back

                            Sista spoke no lies in this joint right here