Homeless Labrador mom tried to trick us, but we found all her puppies!!! Please share.

  • Published: 31 August 2019
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    I knew I would need the whole unit on this one, so JoAnn Wiltz, Katie McKittrick, and Loreta Frankonyte joined me on this dangerous rescue. A protective mom or dad can be very dangerous - we just make it look easy :-)

    Amazon, Hudson, Nile, Trinity, Lena, Seine, Tigris, and Yukon were all fostered by our friends at Socal Labrador Retriever Rescue and they are ALL ADOPTED ALREADY!!!

    If you are interested in adopting a Labrador, please contact them here: SCLRR.org - Even though Amazon and her babies were adopted, they have other Labradors who are looking for a home.

    Bear and Juniper continued to our friends at The Little Red Dog to be fostered. Bear already found a loving forever home, but Juniper is still looking for a home. If you would like to adopt him, please contact them directly here: TheLittleRedDog.com

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    Thank you for sending us toys for the puppies :-)

    I am sure the next litter of puppies is coming up soon, and if you would like to send a unique looking toy (like the ones in this video), I promise it will make it to one of our next videos!

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  • Fernando Mansilla
    Fernando Mansilla  5 minutes back

    i love the music changing when the rottweiler shows in the freeway, like a foxnews "alert" shit

    • Papotis
      Papotis  17 minutes back

      The mom is calmer than my dog when I tell it; “We are going a walk”

      • Gon Out
        Gon Out  1 hours back

        Omg Bear is so cuteeee. A big dog who love hugs and belly rub, what can be sweeter than that? How can someone abandon this cute teddy bear

        • Grace Till
          Grace Till  1 hours back

          thank you for helping them god bless you all

          • Gokyuzunden FEA
            Gokyuzunden FEA  2 hours back


            • Jia Xuan
              Jia Xuan  2 hours back

              You're very kind ,I have tear in my eyes

              • GreShuriken
                GreShuriken  2 hours back

                It all started with a cheeseburger ❤️❤️❤️❤️

                • Roland Hübscher
                  Roland Hübscher  2 hours back


                  • Ngoc Le
                    Ngoc Le  2 hours back

                    The momma’s eyes were so sad
                    My heart💔 i literally cried😭

                    • Gordon blah
                      Gordon blah  3 hours back

                      like = one punch in the face to bear's previous owner >:(

                      • Jxn
                        Jxn  6 hours back

                        I love this video. What is hope for paws PayPal?

                        • LYNDA DE LEON
                          LYNDA DE LEON  6 hours back

                          Tears of joy !!! ♡ ♡ 😘 God Bless all the rescuers !!! ♡ ♡

                          • peyoyo
                            peyoyo  7 hours back

                            From the 105 fwy to new homes with loving owners. Thank you hope for paws.

                            • Rayven Lacorda
                              Rayven Lacorda  7 hours back

                              Always do that thanks

                              • Lidya Sari Lakka
                                Lidya Sari Lakka  8 hours back

                                Bear very happy

                                • John Catchpole
                                  John Catchpole  8 hours back


                                  • James Hoopes
                                    James Hoopes  8 hours back

                                    In that kind of situation, you might consider calling the CHP. They might help keep you safe.

                                    • KarmaX 5
                                      KarmaX 5  8 hours back

                                      The ex owner needs a slap to the back of his head at least put a the dog in a shelter

                                      • radia me me
                                        radia me me  9 hours back

                                        "Bear had a microchip, but the owner didn't wanted him back". That is so sad, i hope the next owners will love the puppy as should be

                                        • TaunTaun's Mr.President
                                          TaunTaun's Mr.President  10 hours back

                                          Grosses me out when people let dogs lick their faces like that.

                                          • LashNSmash
                                            LashNSmash  10 hours back


                                            • Akira Wolf playz
                                              Akira Wolf playz  10 hours back

                                              The rotweiler and pitbull

                                              • Akira Wolf playz
                                                Akira Wolf playz  10 hours back

                                                Nvm yayyyyy

                                                • Akira Wolf playz
                                                  Akira Wolf playz  10 hours back

                                                  Aww such a good mama!

                                                  • Akira Wolf playz
                                                    Akira Wolf playz  10 hours back

                                                    Ahhh im so sad!😭the poor pitbull has to find more friends and form another pack!

                                                    • Akira Wolf playz
                                                      Akira Wolf playz  10 hours back

                                                      Yay nvm!

                                                      • Akira Wolf playz
                                                        Akira Wolf playz  10 hours back

                                                        What about the pitbull!?😖😭

                                                        • Margie Osa
                                                          Margie Osa  10 hours back

                                                          so cute

                                                          • Bravo Company General Nelson

                                                            I’m angry at the previous owner of bear if you go through the measures to have your critter chipped then why abandon it

                                                            • butterfliesluvme wetzel
                                                              butterfliesluvme wetzel  11 hours back

                                                              what a beautiful mama with those eyes. precious. i hope they all find a forever home.

                                                              • Lil Daws
                                                                Lil Daws  12 hours back

                                                                The Rottweiler was so brave!

                                                                • L Mendoza
                                                                  L Mendoza  12 hours back

                                                                  You are truly Angels to our best friends. The change in the rescued dog's eyes is amazing. My favorite part of your YT videos.

                                                                  • Be a Pineapple
                                                                    Be a Pineapple  12 hours back

                                                                    I don't understand how someone could do this to a family member. My dog is my family and even for a cuter younger dog I wouldn't leave him. He is my everything

                                                                    • Ethan Szucs
                                                                      Ethan Szucs  13 hours back

                                                                      at 8:50 the dog looks like me when pizza rolls are done

                                                                      • RPG Games
                                                                        RPG Games  15 hours back

                                                                        When i can i will donate you as much money as i can and im hoping thats 100 or 500 dollars!!

                                                                        • Owens Smith
                                                                          Owens Smith  15 hours back

                                                                          We save animals and kill our children. Way to go humans.

                                                                          • ladyhollylady
                                                                            ladyhollylady  15 hours back

                                                                            It makes me sad that even Eldad seems to assume the worst of the Rottie. He didn't do anything wrong and was extremely chill. He wasn't barking or growling or acting aggressive in any way. He showed that he wanted to be rescued. Perpetuating bad breed stereotypes isn't something that suits this channel. How can you expect someone to want to adopt a Rottie when even Eldad was afraid he'd be eaten or that Bear would harm the puppies (who were safe in a damned cage)?

                                                                            You've rescued probably thousands of animals at this point, Eldad. You should know better. Big dogs are great, Rots and Pitts and all the rest. While clearly a big dog could do some serious damage, that doesn't mean they want to or will. I've been a monthly donor for years and I still love Hope for Paws but please Eldad, think about what you're putting out there when you show fear and worry like that without cause.

                                                                            Do not give weight to BSL or size-related fear stereotypes.

                                                                            • Gia BarCodeBrothers
                                                                              Gia BarCodeBrothers  15 hours back

                                                                              And there really are angels in the world.

                                                                              • Xx.EzClapz.xX
                                                                                Xx.EzClapz.xX  16 hours back

                                                                                Dog’s mom: nothing here

                                                                                Person:am i joke to you?


                                                                                • PUG PRPL
                                                                                  PUG PRPL  16 hours back

                                                                                  These look like the future air buddies 🐶🐶🐩

                                                                                  • Anna-Tania Transylove
                                                                                    Anna-Tania Transylove  17 hours back


                                                                                    • Olivia Markwardt
                                                                                      Olivia Markwardt  17 hours back

                                                                                      i love dogs. i have a lab

                                                                                      • Erlund Blackelk
                                                                                        Erlund Blackelk  18 hours back

                                                                                        I cried but I'm still crying

                                                                                        • Molly Meyer
                                                                                          Molly Meyer  18 hours back

                                                                                          that is the sweetest rotweiler ever

                                                                                          • gaming fudge and friends fudges

                                                                                            What happened to the other dog

                                                                                            • Ion L.
                                                                                              Ion L.  19 hours back

                                                                                              Joanne is the best

                                                                                              • Michelle Nilsson
                                                                                                Michelle Nilsson  19 hours back

                                                                                                I would love to adopt some but I live in sweden so I can`t

                                                                                                • dssd619
                                                                                                  dssd619  19 hours back

                                                                                                  All of this kissing dogs on the mouth. You all do know that they lick their own genitals, anuses, poop and other dogs poop right? Disgusting. Just pet them, not french them. No wonder why the rest of the world looks down on USA.