Shawn Porter, Abner Mares demo: Jarrett Hurd and Julian Williams | INSIDE PBC BOXING


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    PBC ON FOX   5 months back

    What did you think about the demo?

    • vancegreen1016
      vancegreen1016  3 months back

      Phenomenal! You guys should always use these guys. Brilliant analysis who two solid fighters. I love Teddy Atlas's analysis but he's not a fighter. Getting a expert insider analysis from...well...experts inside the sport with experience is the ring is invaluable. We layman can opine til the cows come home but these guys clearly see and know things we'll never know. Brilliant idea pairing these two. Credit to whomever birthed this concept. Cheers

    • East Love
      East Love  3 months back


    • Mis-ter Solitude
      Mis-ter Solitude  4 months back

      @Who Killed Me? thats a different kind of demo

    • Who Killed Me?
      Who Killed Me?  4 months back

      Good stuff, but too short. The woman is hot and her buttock looks hot in that tight dress.

    • GED Gert
      GED Gert  5 months back

      Yeah it was good shows how much boxing intellect they have

  • Blow' The Whistle
    Blow' The Whistle  3 months back

    Excellent pointers Shawn we know u are our future boxing analysis man!!

    • Kenny G
      Kenny G  4 months back

      Fox is giving us more content than HBO did. Look how compelling this is to the fight fan.

      • Layne Scott
        Layne Scott  4 months back

        I read Porter and Mare’s Contract demanded them to wear Orthopedic Shoes to get the Job !

        • TheChosen1 KPAX
          TheChosen1 KPAX  4 months back

          They both was wrong. Williams spanked that lil hype job

          • A M
            A M  4 months back

            They were right on , Amber said he had to get him early throw that right and stamina . Good job from both.

            • kaotikhip
              kaotikhip  4 months back

              Just got done watching the fight, ABNA WAS RIGHT ON !!

              • jflow 1992
                jflow 1992  4 months back

                Yeah he really was.

                Both of them are so good at this.

            • Box Mad
              Box Mad  4 months back

              Met abner mares in Vegas last week for the Canelo fight, really cool guy 👍🏼

              Btw the presenter Rachel used to work on Sky sports back in the U.K. she’s on another level 😍👌🏽

              • Marvin Williams
                Marvin Williams  4 months back

                Kate got cake

                • Hardknock Nights Live
                  Hardknock Nights Live  4 months back


                  • Esteban Loiza
                    Esteban Loiza  4 months back

                    Great breakdown kate looking sensational

                    • BLACK LIFE STOP 6
                      BLACK LIFE STOP 6  4 months back

                      DAM ..THAT CHIICK FINE .........WHERE MY VASOLINE !!!

                      • H R
                        H R  4 months back


                    • The Truth
                      The Truth  4 months back

                      I think Shawn Porter has a better career in showbiz. haha

                      • dblshotz75
                        dblshotz75  4 months back

                        Two time welterweight champion. Hes doing ok

                    • Ant 718
                      Ant 718  4 months back

                      It's crazy that porter and abner are the same height

                      • Layne Scott
                        Layne Scott  4 months back

                        Ant 718
                        Mares is 5’5 with Orthopedic Shoes and Porter has 2 inches on him.

                    • Rene Alvarez
                      Rene Alvarez  4 months back

                      She's stunning.

                      • Him Shu
                        Him Shu  4 months back

                        Good show

                        • Who Killed Me?
                          Who Killed Me?  4 months back

                          Good stuff, but too short. The woman is hot and her buttock looks hot in that tight dress.

                          • H R
                            H R  4 months back

                            Smh lol

                        • MyEmail
                          MyEmail  5 months back

                          They are copying espn a los golpes

                          • Alejandro Garcia
                            Alejandro Garcia  5 months back

                            Its nice to see these athletes doing this..its an art and porter doing a good job on da show

                            • Jeff Real
                              Jeff Real  5 months back

                              kate is beautiful

                              • Mr Long
                                Mr Long  5 months back

                                abner mares is a racist and Shawn Porter is a sellout for letting him say the N word around him.

                                • SuperBigSlurpee
                                  SuperBigSlurpee  4 months back

                                  Mr Long I’m black myself and I hate when ppl like urself don’t know true history, either way ur ignorant but you probably didn’t have anyone tell you the truth about things

                                • Mr Long
                                  Mr Long  5 months back

                                  t s he's hispanic not black. but I guess two a racist we all look a like right?

                                • t s
                                  t s  5 months back

                                  They both look dark to me lol

                              • JR FLY
                                JR FLY  5 months back

                                Kate 🌹 ... Your so lovely , beautiful , talented and you have that wonderful accent 😍😍😍

                                • Jason Sellers
                                  Jason Sellers  5 months back

                                  PBC is the #1 network for boxing fans

                                  • Jennifer Parson
                                    Jennifer Parson  4 months back

                                    Definitely PBC is putting on fan friendly fights.

                                  • Pancho Villa
                                    Pancho Villa  5 months back

                                    Jason Sellers PBC 🦆Capital

                                • My Dick is Tiny BUT
                                  My Dick is Tiny BUT  5 months back

                                  Shawn Porter is so good at this

                                  • Passive Student
                                    Passive Student  5 months back

                                    Kate look like a full body E.T.

                                    • gene thomas
                                      gene thomas  5 months back

                                      Shawn is a natural at this.... Has a job after boxing forsure

                                      • H R
                                        H R  5 months back

                                        They finally show wat Kate was workin wit... I like

                                        • BWES
                                          BWES  5 months back

                                          That leather dress.....

                                        • TzFrank
                                          TzFrank  5 months back

                                          Good fight breakdown