POSSIBLE SECRET EPISODE REVEALED?! Sora saving Kairi in Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMIND - Theory / Analysis


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  • lekiscool
    lekiscool  7 days back

    Wait.... wait.... wait. Ava didn’t come back? Perhaps Kairi’s heart needed to go back for Ava to appear.

    • Mick's Up
      Mick's Up  1 weeks back

      what i don't understand is why terra's lingering will wields terra's first keyblade when in kh3 he has its evolved version

      • Vinceくん
        Vinceくん  1 weeks back

        "to save his friend Kairi.....or more than that if you're one of THOSE." the SoKai shade.....i love it

        • Jake Ippolito
          Jake Ippolito  1 weeks back

          Actually the power of waking is “traversing Hearts to reach worlds” So traversing via his connection to chirithy to the final world would be an appropriate use of the power of waking

          • Mrtopnotch Smith
            Mrtopnotch Smith  2 weeks back

            This off the wall but what if soras mom is descendant of Ava?

            • Deagron
              Deagron  2 weeks back

              One question we could ask if this scene is from post-game, is will Sora saving Kairi also persuade Chiirity to return to Ven, explaining the scene where they reunite ?

              • patchsoldhoolahan
                patchsoldhoolahan  2 weeks back

                You say 2 official visit to the final world but maybe in-game visits cause when you first meet chirithy he's says you've been there a couple times before by choice

                • Andrew Patton
                  Andrew Patton  2 weeks back

                  His fiancee, Protegy.

                  • David Timmer
                    David Timmer  2 weeks back

                    Yeah, sharing a Paopu in Destiny Islands is pretty much a marriage proposal.

                • Dark Carnival
                  Dark Carnival  2 weeks back

                  Yeah, sure, save Kairi! Because it’s not like she deserved to have some spotlight, right? 😒

                  • adam marshall
                    adam marshall  2 weeks back

                    Wait long time for kh3 but it seemed rushed

                    • adam marshall
                      adam marshall  2 weeks back

                      Throw old worlds from the last games in to see old places

                  • Speedy 3303
                    Speedy 3303  2 weeks back

                    ReMind was a desperate need, KH3 story was short, messy and just shit I’m sorry XD I have too many complaints about it but I personally don’t think ReMind will completely fix the mess it was but I do hope it’ll fix a good bit of it up

                    • Speedy 3303
                      Speedy 3303  1 weeks back

                      Roxas94 Big time, make it like FF15 and change the whole story really. The Disney worlds need a purpose (besides Olympus), let original characters actually do something and not have Sora do absolutely everything, either give Anti-Aqua more screen time or just get rid of it all together it was pointless.

                    • Roxas94
                      Roxas94  1 weeks back

                      Kh3 in general needs fixing

                  • TravTayPlays
                    TravTayPlays  2 weeks back

                    Cant wait. I'd love to see a cut of sora saying goodbye to kairi, reminiscing a similar interaction at the end of kh1. I'll find you, I know you will, all that good stuff

                    • Mustapha El Saytari
                      Mustapha El Saytari  2 weeks back

                      still i dont know why everyone think Sora is gone but worst then Riku ?

                      i mean Riku is in the same place this city was that big so why only sora is gone ? Riku is gone too if he is at the same place

                      but i could think that Sora has a time limit and Riku not and that is why Sora is in danger 🤔

                      • Mustapha El Saytari
                        Mustapha El Saytari  2 weeks back

                        @Arturo Andres look at the secret ending again at the end where Master of Master is on the roof and make the Heart symbol you see from far away the Tower where Riku is at but you know the Mastet of Master is there where Sora is at ? so this will be the same place but only big city with two places connected 🤔

                      • Arturo Andres
                        Arturo Andres  2 weeks back

                        But they are not in the same place.

                    • wettymeister
                      wettymeister  2 weeks back

                      yes yes! i am totally down for a secret episode dedicated to how sora saved kairi

                      • Shareef Haddad
                        Shareef Haddad  2 weeks back

                        I just hope Sora's gonna be ok by the end of this!

                        • Mustapha El Saytari
                          Mustapha El Saytari  2 weeks back

                          nope he is not you know the ending this will be not gone after that so 😂

                      • Zachary Bronfman
                        Zachary Bronfman  2 weeks back

                        I hope Kairi will be playable in the DLC/future

                        • Quayla Dashai
                          Quayla Dashai  2 weeks back

                          For some reason I feel like the MoM is a future Sora from another timeline.

                        • Raphaël David
                          Raphaël David  2 weeks back

                          You should read the sleeping realm theory, because this trailer mostly confirms the existence of alternate timelines in the sleeping worlds (like in UX) rather than expansion of the main story.

                          • Tamlin
                            Tamlin  2 weeks back

                            this trailer is great yes, but It didnt answer my main question. Namely CAN WE PLAY AS KAIRI

                            • 01Danni10
                              01Danni10  2 weeks back

                              Dark Carnival And if you think about it! Where did Kairi go when Sora is trying to Chase the Leech?
                              How did she save Sora from Fading? 🤔
                              Did she also Faught the Leech and send Sora's Body/Heart to the Final World? 🤔

                            • Dark Carnival
                              Dark Carnival  2 weeks back

                              It’s only been confirmed (last I checked at least) that Riku, Roxas and Aqua will be playable aside from Sora. So I count Kairi will be playable, especially seeing how the series hated her.

                            • 01Danni10
                              01Danni10  2 weeks back

                              Tamlin Obviously Yes! I'm guessing! 😄
                              Because we just saw some scenes that we didn't see in the Game! 😀
                              1) Xigbar and Luxord Conversation
                              2) Terranort vs Lingering Will
                              3) Axel and Kairi meeting Xion
                              4) Aqua and Ven vs Terranort and Vanitas
                              5) Namine and Sora
                              I feel like the reason we didn't see those in the Game is because they're DLC Exclusive! 😄

                            • Mustapha El Saytari
                              Mustapha El Saytari  2 weeks back

                              i thing all lights are playable but i dont know this what i hope 🤔

                          • Liam Hall
                            Liam Hall  2 weeks back

                            I wonder if Lingering Will is gonna be playable in ReMIND.

                          • David Timmer
                            David Timmer  2 weeks back

                            It's pretty obvious that Sora and Kairi love each other. I mean, they shared a Paopu fruit before the climax, so they may as well be pseudo engaged.

                            • David Timmer
                              David Timmer  2 weeks back

                              @Justin HollandYep. You see Sora and Kairi holding hands at the end before he vanishes. Holding hands is very common among couples and in Japan, romantic affection is more private, because when people see two people holding hands, what's the first thought that comes to mind? Also, Selphie back in Kingdom Hearts 1 describes the Paopu scene as romantic. Xion has Kairi's appearance, because she's Sora's most precious person, what does that say, and Roxas calls Kairi, the girl he (Sora) likes.

                            • Justin Holland
                              Justin Holland  2 weeks back

                              hand holding?

                            • Ashes to Ashes
                              Ashes to Ashes  2 weeks back

                              Yeeeaaah, sorry but they're just friends. Actually the paopu fruit scene was almost not going to happen because Nomura stated he didn't want Sora and Kairi to be interpreted as anything more than friends with a deep bond. Until Nomura himself states that Sora and Kairi are lovers, anything else is just fanshipping.

                            • Giovanni Benoit
                              Giovanni Benoit  2 weeks back

                              Yeah, but they're still "friends" lol. They aren't boyfriend and girlfriend, and they're definitely not married.

                          • Daniel Castro
                            Daniel Castro  2 weeks back

                            Honestly, I always thought the "Sora saves Kairi" scenario should be the Secret Episode, so I'm glad about this.

                          • Adlefga
                            Adlefga  2 weeks back

                            At the end where all the guardians watch sora departing to look for kairi, sora actually goes back to the final world. There he meets chirithy and finds out that saving kairi will be much harder. So sora has this brilliant idea where he travels back in time and tries to prevent the stuff with kairi to happen. But because only his heart can go back he has no physical form. And because now he exists two times in the same time line (or some other nomura shit) his past self also can no longer exist in physical form. Thats why all the other guardians have to fight without sora, and we can chose which guardian we want to play in the battles. Then kairi suvives because future sora did something. And at the point in time where "future sora" traveled back in time "past sora" vanishes and now "future sora" is the present sora. Here is where the actual ending of kh3 plays with sora vanishing after using to much power or because he has no body or some stuff

                            • Daniel Of Tamriel
                              Daniel Of Tamriel  1 days back

                              To add to your theory, the original is sent to Shibuya and actually becomes MoM throughout his adventures, while future Sora replaces him in original timeline.

                            • Adlefga
                              Adlefga  3 days back

                              @TwoKool115 yeah, i don't know. It is just a theory

                            • TwoKool115
                              TwoKool115  3 days back

                              Adlefga in the first trailer, we see Riku fighting Xigbar and I think the RR with Sora as a party member.

                            • Adlefga
                              Adlefga  3 days back

                              @Kamryn Keith In the new trailer it looked like the guardians fights were whithout sora. At least to me.

                            • Kamryn Keith
                              Kamryn Keith  3 days back

                              Adlefga Wait But sora is a party member too tho wasn’t he?

                          • 71wolfangel
                            71wolfangel  2 weeks back

                            For the secret episode i really want some where is Subject X now or what of her. Not many people are hyped for her but I totally am cause I love Lea and Isa. The ending of the DLC i want post beach ending, like days later after the beach day.

                            • Mustapha El Saytari
                              Mustapha El Saytari  2 weeks back

                              not happening you dont think really they will loose a game only for dlc ? this will be a whole new Game with Sora saving Kairi and why he is in that world and why Riku is searching for him and is there too 🤔

                              and after that game 7 darknesses vs 13 Lights so new chapter begins 😂

                          • creed boy
                            creed boy  2 weeks back

                            Saw the trailer looks great

                            • Captain Dystopia
                              Captain Dystopia  2 weeks back

                              great.. more unanswered questions.

                            • Matthew Dickendasher
                              Matthew Dickendasher  2 weeks back

                              The cutscene with Sora and Namine will probably show us how Naminé’s heart went into her vessel in radiant garden. In order her to be real a connection must happen in order for the heart to connect to the body. I’m so excited for Kingdom hearts 3 dlc remind I’m looking forward to play as Roxas, Aqua hopefully kairi and any other character. Can’t wait for Winter!

                              • Nicole Bate
                                Nicole Bate  2 weeks back

                                That is exactly what I was thinking

                              • Zachary Bronfman
                                Zachary Bronfman  2 weeks back

                                Matthew Dickendasher really hoping for Kairi