Shai Gilgeous-Alexander Is Just Getting Started In Year Two | Preseason Debut For OKC Thunder


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  • Mar wan
    Mar wan  5 days back

    Probably gonna leave or be traded away like the rest

    • Ulaş Epli
      Ulaş Epli  5 days back

      Things gonna out of control. İ know preseason matches are meaningless but i think game has lil changes after zion joined the league and other rookies. 3 pointers are getting less . They are using empty lines to run and dunk.they are doing it very often . Game is turning to paint from 3point

      • Swankadelic 47
        Swankadelic 47  5 days back

        SGA got a nice crafty game. Combined with his size in a believer in him.

        • Bmiller9219
          Bmiller9219  5 days back

          This video is all over the place

          • Pipe Picasso
            Pipe Picasso  5 days back

            He is shiftier than Bill Clinton's eyes. 😄

            • Scuderia Aichi
              Scuderia Aichi  5 days back

              As an Okc fan I'm excited for this guy. He's got the potential to be the next big thing. Hope he becomes a franchise player, and generates revenue to build a dynasty.

              • Tim London
                Tim London  5 days back

                I’m ready for the pels to play the thunder so he can go up against his cousin.

                • Tim London
                  Tim London  5 days back

                  Adam K Nickeil Alexander-walker. Rookie pg for the pels

                • Adam K
                  Adam K  5 days back

                  whose his cousin

              • Loro sono umano
                Loro sono umano  5 days back

                Most improved player I'm calling it

                • Robocape
                  Robocape  5 days back

                  Man was a rookie last year

              • MVP BRODIE
                MVP BRODIE  5 days back

                Future All Star. You heard it here ⚡️⚡️⚡️

                • God Speed
                  God Speed  5 days back

                  Most Improved Of The Year?

                  • ArabellaPoppy
                    ArabellaPoppy  5 days back

                    Clippers miss you Shai. Wish we would have kept you.

                    • W Sjr
                      W Sjr  4 days back

                      @Loro sono umano3 defensive masterminds on the clippers yet i think Pg will be more productive defensively than offesnsively than SGA

                    • Loro sono umano
                      Loro sono umano  5 days back

                      I think he will overall be better than PG when he reaches his peak but Clippers are in win NOW mode

                  • Nikolas McDaniel
                    Nikolas McDaniel  5 days back


                    • Kyle Abughanem
                      Kyle Abughanem  5 days back

                      Young Slink

                      • Champagnepapi
                        Champagnepapi  5 days back

                        I already miss him wearing the Clippers uniform

                        • W Sjr
                          W Sjr  4 days back

                          Aw boi did we okc get a beautiful LA steal Okc people did not understand when he was traded what we got