Fat Joe - Angels Say (Clean)


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    BIZ CARDOZA BEATZ  3 years back


    • Fuckin A Jared
      Fuckin A Jared  4 years back

      LOL this has 21k views, hahahahahahaha! 50 killed your career

      • jason21jburg
        jason21jburg  4 years back

        Miss-pronouncing words to force a rhyme, makes you sound retarded not like a raper.

        • idek Msp
          idek Msp  4 years back

          i know PETE WHO KNOWS FAT JOE

          • LOKDOWNKING
            LOKDOWNKING  4 years back

            OK whatever he did in the 2nd verse IS SOMETHING DIFFERENT N HE NEEDS TO DO THAT MORE OFTEN

            • Dunkster
              Dunkster  5 years back

              Joey Salvatore !!

              • Potato Jones
                Potato Jones  5 years back

                Fat Joe just needs tracks like this, im tired of all the filler songs. 

                • Chris painz
                  Chris painz  5 years back

                  I know him my cousins are related to him

                  • biggyq7777777
                    biggyq7777777  5 years back

                    Muzik Ave in the building! Yo Joe Crack. Best Hip Hop and R&B joints right here fam. Tracks like "Love Jones" and "Royalties". Hit me up if you can bro. We workin out here. BTW THAT STRESSIN TRACK IS PURE FIRE!!!!! Salute fam. Looking forward to speaking with you. @fatjoe Terror Squad Ent.

                    • Carson James IV
                      Carson James IV  5 years back

                      Fat JOE COLD AS EVER!! FIRE!!!

                      • hyylo
                        hyylo  5 years back

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                        • junior Medeiros
                          junior Medeiros  5 years back

                          TS For life kid!!!!!!!!!!!

                          • CONQUER Entertainment
                            CONQUER Entertainment  5 years back

                            Get'em Joe!

                            • adammuhammad99
                              adammuhammad99  5 years back

                              that fur he got on is mean

                              • adammuhammad99
                                adammuhammad99  5 years back

                                one of the realest dudes in hiphop plus he crazy slept on crack got mad dope joints

                                • Muhyee00
                                  Muhyee00  5 years back

                                  Man Joe always got fire!! Both darkside 2&3 was straight FIREEE!!!!

                                  • Rafael Silva
                                    Rafael Silva  5 years back

                                    OH MARY MARY MARY.....

                                    • jordan ramos
                                      jordan ramos  5 years back


                                      • Diego Gonçalves
                                        Diego Gonçalves  5 years back

                                        Terror Squad 2013?

                                        • felipe vaz
                                          felipe vaz  5 years back


                                          • felipe vaz
                                            felipe vaz  5 years back