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  • larry andrews
    larry andrews  7 days back

    The biggest problem for AB was the 3 years he spent in the first grade.

    • Mike Honcho
      Mike Honcho  7 days back

      What are the Vegas odds on when he'll be cut?

      • zooie z
        zooie z  7 days back

        it's Belichick, not Belicheck you morons. why can't you say his name properly?

        • Razor Back
          Razor Back  1 weeks back

          Fit in or get out basically

          • John OBrien
            John OBrien  1 weeks back

            Chris makes Gillett sound like Shawshank.

            • Gary Gagnon
              Gary Gagnon  1 weeks back

              You can`t change a leopards spots.

              • Lucci Rivera Official Music Page

                He's not hard up for money like most of the NFL players. That's what people don't understand. I love this situation.

                • Pedro Martinez
                  Pedro Martinez  1 weeks back

                  TB + BB + AB + SB

                  • swoopes777
                    swoopes777  1 weeks back

                    TB + BB = SB (AB is irrelevant)

                • Sir_Valion
                  Sir_Valion  1 weeks back

                  You join the Pats you've joined a military academy. No BS. If there is, you are escorted out. Meanwhile the Pats get a comp pick for him if he goes.

                  • Nathan Cole
                    Nathan Cole  1 weeks back

                    He’s to addicted to social, he’s going to cut his own throat again soon enough

                    • Mike Honcho
                      Mike Honcho  7 days back

                      He's already doing it.

                    • zooie z
                      zooie z  7 days back

                      you're right Nate, he's doomed unfortunately. hate to see it with that talent.

                    • Pedro Martinez
                      Pedro Martinez  1 weeks back

                      Unless he is the world's greatest actor - I agree with you.

                    • Sir_Valion
                      Sir_Valion  1 weeks back

                      Nah, he just screwed the two teams that were screwing him. He chose the Pats. He will revert to just playing football.

                  • 53patsfan
                    53patsfan  1 weeks back

                    I do not believe AB will last because he is like a spoiled child who everyone has let him take his tantrums and gave in to him. That will not happen...IT WILL BE TOUGH LOVE! Everyone says it is only 9 million ONLY 9 MILLION!!!!!!

                    • Sir_Valion
                      Sir_Valion  1 weeks back

                      9 mil is peanuts. AB screwed the two teams who screwed him, and got to pick his team. Smart man.

                  • James Greenier
                    James Greenier  1 weeks back

                    No. A Super Bowl appearance gives him global exposure for his brand. That’s why he’s there at NE.

                    • Gary Crook
                      Gary Crook  1 weeks back

                      AB won't last the season. hahahaha,
                      He's not going to New England to play football.
                      He wants his own TV Show, this is just all the noise
                      to get attention before he leaves the NFL.
                      He probably has a collection of videos putting everyone he can in compromising
                      situations so he can embarrass as many as possible.
                      All of this is fake, AB wants his own reality show, he could make more money on one hit show
                      than his whole career in the NFL.
                      It's a ruse.... none of this is about football. lol.....
                      I'll bet he got the TV Show 'bug' on Dancing With the Stars, who wouldn't?
                      way more fun than getting killed playing football.... hahaha......
                      Maybe he'll become the Fellini of Football,
                      who knows?
                      1970 - Federico Fellini's 'The Clowns' - great film,
                      AB is a lock for an academy award
                      his 'pathos' is sheer profundity,
                      I love the deconstructed elements, the way he subverts the notion of collective anomie....
                      UCLA Film School should take notes.....

                      • Boblib1970
                        Boblib1970  1 weeks back

                        In other words......if AB shows up in Foxboro in a hot air balloon, BB cuts him as soon as the balloon hits the ground.

                        • Sweep Stakes
                          Sweep Stakes  1 weeks back

                          That was the best video on AB going to the Pats I've seen so far. Simms talking about the spookiness of the Patriots building.

                          • Eric Aboagye
                            Eric Aboagye  1 weeks back

                            Nobody will say a word ..the breeze will tell you are in a different environment and you got to act right n ball..

                          • Jr Woodson
                            Jr Woodson  1 weeks back

                            AB listen to the grown up's.

                            • Casey Mizokami
                              Casey Mizokami  1 weeks back

                              Crazy smart!?! The man is barely able to communicate using words. How about this is why he hired one of the best agents in sports.

                              • samba ba
                                samba ba  1 weeks back

                                AB is a great communicator now you can say you don’t like the person but AB is no dummy

                            • dacosta0656
                              dacosta0656  1 weeks back

                              Chris the only guy in the universe to pick Pittsburgh yesterday

                              • Acepilot12345
                                Acepilot12345  1 weeks back

                                Jason whitlock too. He deleted his Twitter account

                            • Erik Giordano
                              Erik Giordano  1 weeks back

                              AB to the XFL

                              • Sir_Valion
                                Sir_Valion  1 weeks back

                                More like AB to the Super Bowl.

                            • HW2800
                              HW2800  1 weeks back

                              AB is a genius to get out of the Raiders, is great actor and now a Patriot! He will fall in line and get a new 4 year $150 million Patriot deal.

                              • Wolf In Sheep's Clothing
                                Wolf In Sheep's Clothing  7 days back

                                I agree, there's not point in cutting him right now he only signed a contract for 1yr. $15mil, that's peanuts to new england. Most likely Belichick will ride this one out, depending on the outcome of AB's accusations will determine whether he gets resigned or not.

                              • Pedro Martinez
                                Pedro Martinez  1 weeks back

                                He's here in N.E. for one season and one season only.

                              • J Silva
                                J Silva  1 weeks back

                                I would believe it was planned, if it were not for him freezing his feet. If his stupidity allowed him to freeze his feet then he could be dumb enough to actually a t that way without it being a plan

                              • Fernando Luisi
                                Fernando Luisi  1 weeks back

                                @Ilumanati he did all this. As part of his plan you idoit. He wants. People to think. Exactly like your thinking. Cuz. He wanted this to happen. Cuz. Next. When he gets on that field. It's going to be a different story. Use ur brain. He's just got a few years left in him he's. Going for the money. And. Showing off everything he has in these last year's. He has so much to gain. By. This. And. He sees the bigger picture. And. Ahead people like. You. Just see it as he lost 30 mill cuz you can't see past your nose.

                              • Fernando Luisi
                                Fernando Luisi  1 weeks back

                                You hit it right on the money. People can't see the bigger picture or past there nose. It's common sense. He is. At the end of his career and he is going for all the money he can. And he. Can actually get a ring with this team unlike the rest and. The money. Is. Going to be out this world. In his second year contract. He fooled everyone. By having everyone thinkn that he took a loss of 30 mill. But little do they know he is. Thinking of the bigger picture. And. What he is going to. Gain. After way more. Than. He would. Ever get. With the raiders. He. Planned this. Threw the bait. And. Hooked THE PATS. CUZ. NEXT. YEAR. HE CAN. ASK. FOR ALOT. CUZ HE IS GOING TO SHOW OFF. HOW MUCH TALENT. HE. HAS. AND ITS GOING TO. WAIT AND SEE THE STUPID LOOK. ON THESE GUYS FACES WHO THOUGHT OTHER WISE ON YOUR POST. CUZ I WILL COME BACK NEXT YEAR AND SAY. TOLD U SO.

                            • bry
                              bry  1 weeks back

                              Nah he is just crazy and his agent just does an amazing job of picking up and putting the peices together

                              • Sir_Valion
                                Sir_Valion  1 weeks back

                                Yeah, he's so crazy he shafted the two teams wanting to shaft him, and got to choose his team.

                            • Jake Shattuck
                              Jake Shattuck  1 weeks back

                              If he acts up or even shows up late to one meeting, he's cut. If he signs elsewhere in the off-season, we're get up to a third round compensatory pick.

                              And in the meantime, he gets an excellent chance at a ring while we see if he's better than Flash Gordon or if Big Ben made him look incredible.

                              • Acepilot12345
                                Acepilot12345  1 weeks back

                                Nah big ben couldn't make juju look great last night.