Joker Director Finally Explains That Last Crucial Scene

  • Published: 09 October 2019
  • Arthur Fleck's biggest joke just might be the one he pulled on you. Joker director Todd Phillips recently made a few very interesting comments to the Los Angeles Times about the final scene of the movie comments that imply a bizarre truth about the story being presented. In case that's not warning enough, be advised that major spoilers for Joker lie ahead.

    Joaquin Phoenix's Arthur is depicted early and often as having a tenuous grip on reality. The film eventually lets on that it's not always clear which events are fantasy and which are reality not to the audience, and presumably not to Arthur.

    At the end, Arthur is seen with his psychiatrist in Arkham State Hospital after he has apparently killed his mother, incited a riot, shot Murray Franklin on live television, and escaped from police custody with the help of his clown-masked followers. As the shrink attempts to question him, Arthur simply laughs, telling her that she wouldn't get the joke. According to Phillips, it's this particular laugh that might hold a clue about the true nature of the story that just unfolded. He explained,

    "That laugh in that scene is really the only time he laughs genuinely. There are different laughs in the movie. There is the laugh from Arthur's affliction and then there is his fake laugh when he's trying to be 'one of the people,' which is my favorite laugh. But at the end, when he's in the room at Arkham State Hospital, that's his only genuine laugh in the movie."

    Why is that, exactly? Well, perhaps because in the end, the joke is on us, the audience. Phillips has said that one of the main influences on his film was The Killing Joke, the acclaimed 1988 graphic novel in which the Joker says that if he must have a past, he, quote, "[prefers] it to be multiple choice." The director made a direct allusion to this dialogue in suggesting that as many fans have speculated Arthur Fleck might not necessarily be who we think he is. Phillips said,

    "There are lots of ways you could look at this movie. You could look at it and go, 'This is just one of his multiple-choice stories. None of it happened.' I don't want to say what it is. But a lot of people I've shown it to have said, 'Oh, I get it he's just made up a story. The whole movie is the joke. It's this thing this guy in Arkham Asylum concocted. He might not even be the Joker.'"

    Phillips went on to state outright that the man who will become Batman's nemesis may simply be in the background somewhere, watching all of these events play out. He said,

    "Maybe Joaquin's character inspired the Joker. You don't really know. His last line in the movie is, 'You wouldn't get it.' There's a lot going on in there that's interesting."

    Phoenix himself also explained that Joker can be seen not so much as a straightforward narrative, but as a series of suggestions. Keep watching the video to see that the Joker director finally explains that last crucial scene!

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  • Looper
    Looper   2 months back

    How much of Joker do you think really happened in the movie? Which parts?

    • Gus Klimt
      Gus Klimt  4 days back

      All the parts where he's going out with the black chick was in his head..

      MESHIKA MESA  7 days back

      I liked the explanation of the joker's mental health in the movie, hopefully it's not all fake.

    • The PUNISHER
      The PUNISHER  1 weeks back

      Todd Phillips you had a chance that no one had to make a good movie and explain an awesome story about a classic vilain who lives for 80 years but you preferred to say your stupid story about an average guy who hasnt took his medication , gj sir i hope you feel ashamed

    • The PUNISHER
      The PUNISHER  1 weeks back

      Can we please move one with this bad movie?Excellent performance from Joaqin but a bad scenario and he is NOT THE JOKER

    • aljanat5
      aljanat5  2 weeks back

      3:49 Philips is lying, he & Silver did not write Joker, they merely edited my deeply thought out, well researched,, harrowing and thought provoking tragedy. I picked him was as a big name to retain my idea on a budget with near sighted salarymen that don't appreciate fine art trying to interfere but he betrayed the true author-Me. That's life. He needs to be exposed for his deceit.

  • Maxim Delaet
    Maxim Delaet  1 days back

    Fake titel. He explains that one day he will explain us. :)

    • cesar Aguilar
      cesar Aguilar  1 days back

      What's the music

      • Dshew89 D
        Dshew89 D  2 days back

        the way i see it is that the car wreck never happened and he was transported to the hospital. the car wreck and the crowd congratulating and exalting him were in his head. otherwise they would have ended it with that scene. instead they end it with reality. my dad was like, I dont understand why they didnt end it with the car scene. I guess he didnt really understand the fantasy element of the movie.

        • vinsanity982
          vinsanity982  2 days back

          I think it was made up. He had a flashback to the killing of Bruce Wayne's parents. If that was intended to be a flashback, the only way that could have happened is if he made it up because he wasn't there when it happened

          • Iyunah Wimberly
            Iyunah Wimberly  2 days back

            “ he really isn’t the joker “ THEN WTH ....

            • random kids from cherry street

              too complicated, some statements seem pretentious+

              • Tim Hansen
                Tim Hansen  4 days back

                If it should turn out that everything happened inside Arthur's head, it doesn't make the movie a joke, it makes it a waste of time.

                • Tim Hansen
                  Tim Hansen  8 hours back

                  Well, it turns out everything did not just happen inside his head. According to the director, most of it really happened. It's the bloody smile at the end I'm not sure about, and the bloody footprints.

                • Wuirox
                  Wuirox  8 hours back

                  You wouldn't get it... me neither.

              • T. Santos
                T. Santos  4 days back

                Now that the movie is a real success they want create more fuss than is needed. If the whole thing was just inside his mind we would be able parts of the movie when he really was just imagining things.

                • WarmMilk
                  WarmMilk  5 days back

                  This film was beautiful

                  • Liber Polo
                    Liber Polo  6 days back

                    It's nice that movie makers and the actors had the bravery to make such a conflicting film

                    • Bruce wayne
                      Bruce wayne  6 days back

                      what the fuck in original comic batman accidently fell arthur in chemical and then he became joker.
                      Movie was amazing but wtf todd is doing "he may be joker or not or this and this" let just be simple story line.

                      • MLG Ryder
                        MLG Ryder  6 days back

                        Whenever I watch Loopers videos, they always never even answer the questions and it pisses me off.

                        • Paul Kiggwe
                          Paul Kiggwe  7 days back

                          Good movie. Too much bullshit confusion behind it. Even from the director himself.

                          • Mathew The Canadian
                            Mathew The Canadian  7 days back

                            Not gonna lie I prefer this possibility rather than Killing Joke

                            • moody owl production's
                              moody owl production's  1 weeks back

                              Joker on you.....hahahhahahahhaa

                              • Beyond
                                Beyond  1 weeks back

                                Only the girl was imaginary and this was the jokers past of batman it was obvious when he at the end walked out of the crazy hospital after killing that women while blood on his feet the trick is with the movie they made us to make us own mind up cuz they letted everything fit in theory about the movie very smart indeed very smart

                                • Beyond
                                  Beyond  1 weeks back

                                  At the end did he create a new joker or batman

                                  • Kareem Z
                                    Kareem Z  1 weeks back

                                    Theres a fine line between making excuses for a vague ending and a genuine ending that can be interpreted in many ways.

                                    I use to be one of those DC nerds but I forgot alot of stuff. I hope someone of you guys remember when joker from batman dark knight explained how he got "those scars" but then there's a different story about Ace Chemicals and red hood story and jokers real wife and real name etc.

                                    What I don't understand was, the joker was adopted right? But his mum was delusional and the joker was also delusional wasn't he when he imagined that girl being his gf?

                                    • Phillip Edmonson
                                      Phillip Edmonson  1 weeks back

                                      They don't put in a asylum and handcuff he was clearly cuffed..for making shit up.

                                      • m1 last
                                        m1 last  1 weeks back

                                        Sorry but what a prickly this directory is given the fans a batman face off selfish prick

                                        • Elvis Sisic
                                          Elvis Sisic  1 weeks back

                                          Stupid explanation i like the simpler one it all hapend and itd better ,exept romantic afer was him imangenin the movie was great .

                                          • KilBarz
                                            KilBarz  2 weeks back

                                            maybe the actual guy who killed Bruce's parents in this movie is the Joker.

                                            • Nizarelious
                                              Nizarelious  2 weeks back

                                              I think the joke Arthur was laughing about at the end of the movie goes like this.

                                              "what do you call an orphan who witnessed both of his parents getting shot dead in front of his eyes?"

                                              Than the doctor asks him would you like to share it with me?

                                              I think the whole movie events were not real except the death of the Waynes. Arthur heard about it in the hospital TV or something and his mind made up this illusion that he became a joker and he was responsible for Bruce's parents death.

                                              • Sean Humphrey
                                                Sean Humphrey  2 weeks back

                                                Anyone else expect him to say “Why so serious?”, at the end?

                                                • Max Feng
                                                  Max Feng  2 weeks back

                                                  waitd does anyone know abt the white scene and walked with blood on his feet

                                                  • KillaCrossover318
                                                    KillaCrossover318  2 weeks back

                                                    This wasn’t a comic book movie. And thank god, I hate comic book movies.

                                                    • D C
                                                      D C  2 weeks back

                                                      Could it also be that the ending scene is in the future where Batman cought him and he recently found out that he's Bruce Wayne? Then he remembers how he caused his parents to be murdered and therefore creating Batman, the only man capable of defeating him.

                                                      • Nasty
                                                        Nasty  2 weeks back

                                                        I mean if there’s 3 jokers that means probably Arthur is the joker that inspires another Joker. Because when bruce is like 20 arthur will be old as heck.

                                                        • Thanos Sofroniou
                                                          Thanos Sofroniou  2 weeks back

                                                          I would rather prefer having the real Joker be the one depicted in this movie as it is. No conspiracy theories and none of that. It would he really sad if all of that was just a fantasy by one random dude.

                                                          • morwen angelus
                                                            morwen angelus  2 weeks back

                                                            You should enjoy it. One day you'll have to work for a living

                                                            • Operation Trolling
                                                              Operation Trolling  2 weeks back

                                                              An origin story of THE JOKER and it may not really be the REAL JOKER?! That is a dissapointment.

                                                              • Haxorzilla
                                                                Haxorzilla  2 weeks back

                                                                Joker had a real laugh when he killed Murray

                                                                • Dave Alexander
                                                                  Dave Alexander  2 weeks back

                                                                  No he doesn't.

                                                                  • • sol likes shrek lol

                                                                    i feel like the ending scene is at the place where he would meet harley quinn as a doctor :0

                                                                    • Atripple
                                                                      Atripple  2 weeks back

                                                                      So the joke might be: This the story about Joker's origin...except it's not the Joker.

                                                                      Well, if it's going that route then the whole thing is pointless (and unfunny).

                                                                      • Stefen the Legend
                                                                        Stefen the Legend  2 weeks back

                                                                        So u made a movie about the joker but it's not the joker?! Lol sounds like u didn't know what u were doing.?

                                                                        • Ronny Kazadi
                                                                          Ronny Kazadi  2 weeks back

                                                                          What the joker tells Murray Franklin on the show is relatable even outside the movie.

                                                                          • De Pijnappelklier
                                                                            De Pijnappelklier  2 weeks back

                                                                            It's a 9 for the way Bruce parents were killed, in the comics, movies, Arkham series it's way better and pretty much the same. In the joker movie it did not make any sense.
                                                                            For a billionaire to walk with his wife and kid while the riots that hated and threatened him were going on for days to walk across the city unprotected like that.

                                                                            It's a 8 for leaving so many questions unanswered, who were his real parents? The age of Bruce and him did not match.
                                                                            The butler did not even look like Alfred.

                                                                            It's a 7 why would a mentally ill woman who is jobless be able to adopt a son?

                                                                            The Actor carried the whole movie with what he had to work with.

                                                                            • Rocky Electric
                                                                              Rocky Electric  3 weeks back

                                                                              Jack Nicholson, Joaquin Pheonix, and Heath ledger. All of their jokers special in a different way and incomparable in my opinion

                                                                              • Rocío Miranda
                                                                                Rocío Miranda  3 weeks back

                                                                                He is the Joker, or rather, he will be. If it were all in his head, the lamest twist of all, the movie would be pointless. Phillips is playing with the audience, wetting our appetite for a sequel. Movie makers are tricksters. The movie told us every instance when what happened was an illusion. I dislike the idea of Arthur inspiring someone else to be the Joker. That would be a letdown, lazy storytelling. If there is a sequel, the challenge is to show convincingly Arthur's evolution from a murderous, but still disorganized psychopath, into a criminal mastermind. That would be interesting. Two Jokers. . . nah.

                                                                                • Viper Vinnie
                                                                                  Viper Vinnie  3 weeks back

                                                                                  For me, this was an absolutely outstanding movie with so many twisted, and dark subjects being portrayed in such a detailed way which i think many dircetors are scared to come even close to, which for me was the best possible thing to do for a backstory on the joker. In my opinion this is the best movie of 2019 and the acting from Joaquin Phoenix's part was brilliant. I even loved all the delusions/illusions or hallucinations which arthur experiences, like when he imagined being on the Murray Franklin show and his relationship with Sophie. Everything is perfect and i truly believe every tiny detail in this film creates the perfect joker. But this whole idea of "it never happened" is just such a terrible idea. For me this would actually ruin the film. Even if it did happen but it was the fact that "he inspired the REAL joker" would be terrible, i do truly hope that todd phillips sees everyones reactions to this possibility because not just me but everyone i have known so far that have heard this stipulation have all agreed it is the complete WRONG way to go for an ending to a backstory we have always wanted, and has instead used the killing joke story and multiple choice way to go from this movie as a clever way to go in order to choose how this movie could correctly lead upto a sequel if it were to happen by hearing the ideas that have been made and seeing which is popular and which is not to create yet another movie as good as this one. So overall. I really do think this, "it never really happened" thing is not the truth, same goes for the "he inspired the REAL joker" because again it would ruin for many the purpose of having such a good yet twisted backstory for such an evil character. I truly hope todd phillips sees what the fans want and follows up on his joker movie with this being the true backstory of Arthur Fleck and him actually being, the true, JOKER

                                                                                  • Swanzgal 81
                                                                                    Swanzgal 81  3 weeks back

                                                                                    I've said many times we cant just look at someone and say oh they look happy, their smiling or joking so they can't have MH 🤔🤔..... All I can say that is a wrong judgement cause you never know what someone is going through and many mask it just like....
                                                                                    " hide behind the tears of a clown"

                                                                                    • CHARLY GRUESOME
                                                                                      CHARLY GRUESOME  3 weeks back

                                                                                      not everything needs to explainations. or even have to be. things are . peaple are what they are. accept it . enjoy it. put on an happy face. and stop trying to understand everything.

                                                                                      • I eat farts
                                                                                        I eat farts  3 weeks back

                                                                                        Not gonna lie after I saw it I kinda was there in deep thought

                                                                                        • Herbalattraction3000
                                                                                          Herbalattraction3000  3 weeks back

                                                                                          This isn't the Joker. That's the thing. The man who Will become the Joker saw him tho and he's inspired. I hope I'm wrong and I hope there'll be a sequal but Joker and batman are of age and in the movie there's atleast a 25-30 years spand between them. This DC universe in Joker is so real and intense. I loved the movie.

                                                                                          • kenyanr1
                                                                                            kenyanr1  3 weeks back

                                                                                            They're hoping people don't label the movie as what it really was:
                                                                                            A movie about mental illness

                                                                                            • Jean Ibrahim
                                                                                              Jean Ibrahim  3 weeks back

                                                                                              why cant people just enjoy the movie? i have no idea what kind of people obsessively tries to find meaning in every single line, but there are a lot of you doing it. just stop and enjoy the movie. or dont and go watch something else.