Aaron Rodgers, Lamar Jackson, Jimmy Johnson, Marshawn Lynch (1.13.20) | UNDISPUTED Audio Podcast


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  • Adam Ismael
    Adam Ismael  6 days back

    Jimmy G is better than Dak.

    • deadman25us
      deadman25us  6 days back

      Skip out here criticizing Rogers yet Dak and Brady are sitting at home. If your favourites are so much better where are they in the playoffs? LOL

      • Matthieu Thomas
        Matthieu Thomas  6 days back

        Who came to his restaurant SKIP!!!!!!!! Who came 😂😂😂

        • First Name Last Name
          First Name Last Name  6 days back

          Lol more Cowboys talk than playoffs

          • Jason DOE
            Jason DOE  7 days back

            I'm a diehard Cowboys fan, but man I'm getting tired of Skip. I understand Skip and Shannon can't agree on everything but they disagree about everything.

            • LatinaBooty
              LatinaBooty  7 days back

              its a debate show tf are you talking about idiot

          • John Sitzman
            John Sitzman  7 days back

            LSU vs Clemson Score (Spoiler)

            LSU 42 Clemson 25
            GEAUXXXX TIGERSSSSSS!!!!!!!

            • James Simpson
              James Simpson  7 days back

              Titans vs Packers in super bowl

              Skip Shannon

              • STJ
                STJ  7 days back

                Only Skip Clueless could wedge in a segment about Brady, Dak and the Cowboys

                • STJ
                  STJ  1 weeks back

                  Skip is the most bitter knob head of all time

                  • claudus12
                    claudus12  1 weeks back


                    • hoison68
                      hoison68  1 weeks back

                      Skip, you dumb pos, if they have someone other than the pp you are tipping your hand. In any case Reid is a very good, athletic player. You stupid a$$hole.

                      • J. R. Porter
                        J. R. Porter  1 weeks back

                        Lmao it was over after the fumble lol

                        • Zachary Yuen
                          Zachary Yuen  1 weeks back

                          Clemson LSU gets the 2 minute closing segment lol ridiculous

                          • STJ
                            STJ  1 weeks back

                            They just had to squeeze in time to talk about Brady and the Cowboys

                        • d smith
                          d smith  1 weeks back

                          Mentioned every team in the nfl except the niners lol smh

                          • d smith
                            d smith  7 days back

                            Killlerr but they talked about the patriots and the cowgirls all year

                          • d smith
                            d smith  7 days back

                            jerrr great 5 seconds woo

                          • d smith
                            d smith  7 days back

                            fergdaddy _ my point was niners get no love from skip and Shannon and that they only talk about a few teams constantly. It would be easier for you to tell that was my point if you weren’t swinging from that other guys nuts but it’s koo

                          • jerrr
                            jerrr  7 days back


                          • Killlerr
                            Killlerr  1 weeks back

                            They still got all week to mention them