Dr. Oz Talks About Working With Dog The Bounty Hunter And Helping Him Face His Demons


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  • iMolika Men-Thlang
    iMolika Men-Thlang  2 weeks back

    Why bring Dr. Oz he so fake I’d rather Dr. Eric Berg he is way more legit and helps better us more then this Botox eyebrow raising dude. 🙄

    • M T33
      M T33  2 weeks back

      Did someone say “yas girl” to Dr Oz at 0:57 or am I trippin? 😂

      • Dee M
        Dee M  2 weeks back

        Has the bounty hunter apologized for his racist comments? There have been several.

        • Dee M
          Dee M  2 weeks back

          thamonster100 Oh well thank God you don’t care, now all is forgiven! No accountability? No problem!

        • thamonster100
          thamonster100  2 weeks back

          who cares and this coming from a black person it doesn't matter.

      • Mel 21
        Mel 21  3 weeks back

        Big fan of him and his wife. I hope both are doing good.

        • Roena Skates
          Roena Skates  3 weeks back

          I do not watch Prejudice People's show!😤😤😤😤

          • dance4life1208
            dance4life1208  3 weeks back

            He is a racist why mention him

            • Sweet Listenings
              Sweet Listenings  3 weeks back

              To those of you complaining about the real being mostly black and Christian I have some advice for you...STOP WATCHING!

              Yall do this all the time. You sit here and complain on this channel yet you won't take your asses and write the actual networks that are actually in charge of this type of thing that could give you a show where you are represented.

              What really kills me is how you see white people everywhere yet when minorities get one thing to themselves all you hear is about "where's the white people"?

              Enough is enough!

              • daisy r.
                daisy r.  3 weeks back

                Dr Oz looks super weird and different here 🤔

                • Corey Baker
                  Corey Baker  3 weeks back

                  Dog was def rasict. Tamera and Loni, I just cannot with them anymore.

                  • Chiinx_ Xo
                    Chiinx_ Xo  3 weeks back

                    anyone else think this guy looks like a vampire/dracula......??

                  • King Barbie
                    King Barbie  3 weeks back

                    Hello beautiful people


                    • Hazal Oez
                      Hazal Oez  3 weeks back

                      We got the same last name ÖZ 🤙🏼

                      • Kylie Campos
                        Kylie Campos  3 weeks back

                        Is it just me or is he breaking HIPAA?

                      • diamonddoll1008
                        diamonddoll1008  3 weeks back

                        Dog is a racist. His wife was one, too. Full stop.

                        • Sue 00
                          Sue 00  3 weeks back

                          why they don't bring white/ orher races as guest host.I mean it's good to see different races too. I wanna see arabs/indians etc.

                          just to be clear I'm an international viewer wanted to see more and different cultures background on one of my favourite shows .
                          SO CHILL OUT YALL.

                          • Na Na
                            Na Na  2 weeks back

                            @Kat A. Yeah I don't think they'll be rude, and there's probably been guests who weren't religious. I wish for topics like atheism to be the topic of discussion, It seems like a very foreign concept to them. It would be super refreshing to see them discuss topics beyond social issues.

                          • Kat A.
                            Kat A.  2 weeks back

                            Na Na I think these ladies would be respectful to an atheist on the show. Just as they are to all their guests. Some of their previous guests could have been atheist even if it was never explicitly stated on the show. I can’t ever see the four of them acting some type of way just because someone has a different faith. They talk about different cultures on the show sometimes and they talk about it with interest and genuinely wanting to know more about it and it never seems awkward. Also, Jeannie wasn’t always a Christian.

                          • Na Na
                            Na Na  2 weeks back

                            @Kat A. How do you think they'll react to a atheist ? That would be really interesting lol.

                          • Kisha McCormick
                            Kisha McCormick  2 weeks back

                            @omnom Brown people? Isn't Loni brown?

                          • Jane Justin
                            Jane Justin  2 weeks back

                            I agree with you, I'm black and in the show they always speak about people of color but almost all the guests are black, i would also like to see more Asians and Indians

                        • dbl thnk
                          dbl thnk  3 weeks back

                          People are so negative in the comments.

                          • KH M87
                            KH M87  3 weeks back

                            Why is there a guest host every week? I just don't like it

                            • Chrissy Got The Coils
                              Chrissy Got The Coils  3 weeks back

                              I think it's for the first couple of months of the season just to drive views but I miss it with just them.

                            • sony so
                              sony so  3 weeks back

                              I like it but they need to relax for awhile.

                            • Sasha Jolie
                              Sasha Jolie  3 weeks back

                              Same I just like the original girls

                          • DaniEatzTV
                            DaniEatzTV  3 weeks back

                            Amen 🙏 We all have the strength. It’s better to be knowledgeable 💞

                            • Sheba Rivera
                              Sheba Rivera  3 weeks back

                              Take care of yourself first

                              • Elizibean YT
                                Elizibean YT  3 weeks back

                                Why aren’t y’all airing the show in England on BET anymore?

                                • Daniella
                                  Daniella  3 weeks back

                                  Elizibean YT We need answers

                                • Elizibean YT
                                  Elizibean YT  3 weeks back


                                  Im so sad I’ve been watching the show since it first aired and now its gone :((

                                • PROLIFIC
                                  PROLIFIC  3 weeks back

                                  Elizibean YT i thought i was going crazy

                              • Jamilaa Ali
                                Jamilaa Ali  3 weeks back

                                I am here first