KINGDOM HEARTS III – Launch Commercial

  • Published: 29 January 2019
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    It’s all been leading to this.

    “His heart and his mind are made up. Now believe in him.”

    The ultimate battle for Kingdom Hearts is upon us.

    KINGDOM HEARTS III is available NOW on Sony PlayStation® 4 and Microsoft Xbox One.

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Comments • 631

  • Yen Sid
    Yen Sid  2 weeks back

    did you know my name spelled backwards is disney

    • shizuwolf
      shizuwolf  2 months back

      This is much better than that other trailer. The one with the generic movie music

      • WavePapiMarlo
        WavePapiMarlo  2 months back

        Man what happened, almost 6 months ago was the happiest time of my life, now everyone is hating this game. 🤦‍♂️

        • Lelouch Kyro
          Lelouch Kyro  2 months back

          Because everyone wanted this to be the end of all the games and since Nomura isn't done, it left questions while finishing the current arc. That or everyone just likes hating everything

      • Jaiden georges
        Jaiden georges  4 months back

        His heart and his mind, are made up now believe in him😭❤

        • Farrel Wardana
          Farrel Wardana  4 months back

          "he said every soldiers has two families whose the raise and whose the raise hell with" Sgt. Baker

          • Frostrongemersdark
            Frostrongemersdark  4 months back

            can I use kingdom hearts 3 song for projects

            • Fiona Metzo
              Fiona Metzo  6 months back

              Dude shawty tugs at my heartstrings and then dives into a happy montage what even

              • Magic with Luna
                Magic with Luna  6 months back

                Parent: I'm sorry, Kingdom Hearts 3 was at Target, but I didn't get it because I thought you wouldn't like it...

                Me: You must be kidding me, did you really think I could say no?

              • RoxasTRTx
                RoxasTRTx  7 months back

                His heart and his mind are made up.
                Now believe in him.

                I cry.

                • Janna the Rebel
                  Janna the Rebel  7 months back

                  I can't tell which is more sadder, the Japanese or English verison of this trailer 😭

                  • LaGrone The Greatest
                    LaGrone The Greatest  7 months back


                    • LaGrone The Greatest
                      LaGrone The Greatest  7 months back

                      Did this happen to anyone else when they put in their copy of Kingdom Hearts?? 👀🏰🗝

                  • Matthew White
                    Matthew White  7 months back

                    Cant believe you guys are gonna make the combat in the remake for FF7 like this game, makes me sick, ive been waiting almost 20 years for my favorite game to be remade, and now you make it for all the kids who enjoyed ff15, which was BY FAR the worst installment in the franchise, This company is going downhill fast, cant believe this garbage

                    • Robitussin Brohan
                      Robitussin Brohan  5 months back

                      Matthew White well yes they are the same genre but the combat systems are still very different. Ff15 has a terrible combat system but kh has better combat. I still wish they went back to ATB but if ff7 remake has a well balanced combat system, I wouldn’t mind tbh.

                    • Matthew White
                      Matthew White  6 months back

                      @Matthew0337 obviously they aren't the same lol

                    • Matthew White
                      Matthew White  6 months back

                      @Matthew0337 action rpg. No?

                    • Matthew0337
                      Matthew0337  6 months back

                      Matthew White Ok first off, KH3s and FFXVs combat are not the same at all.

                  • Angel
                    Angel  7 months back

                    sora sofia kingdom hearts

                    • Angel
                      Angel  7 months back

                      sofia the first

                  • A B
                    A B  7 months back

                    How did y'all make us wait 13 years for this garbage game? Everything about this game was slow. The dialogue, the story. You all are clowns to put out a game like this. Absolute clowns and a waste of time and money. I'd sue y'all for wasting my time if i could lol

                    • Jeffrey Ali
                      Jeffrey Ali  7 months back

                      Diarra A omg the game is just fine, stop being a bitch

                  • Onli Watching
                    Onli Watching  7 months back

                    I think I'm the first person to beat the game on a lv 1 Proud mode runthrough... How the hell do I post it.

                    It's just a picture but still. Not a speedrun so it might not mean anything lol.

                    • Pozz Tutorials
                      Pozz Tutorials  7 months back

                      good game

                      • Gonzalo Melendez
                        Gonzalo Melendez  7 months back

                        I dont know why ppl is so crazy for this game ! This game is for kids ! Not even my 10 year old son like this game i just dont get it !

                        • Jeffrey Ali
                          Jeffrey Ali  7 months back

                          Gonzalo Melendez ok, you had me worried there lol 😂

                        • Gonzalo Melendez
                          Gonzalo Melendez  7 months back

                          @Jeffrey Ali no ! I dont play fornite that game is for stupid ppl that spend money for nothing because u dont even get any special abilities only a damn outfit

                        • Jeffrey Ali
                          Jeffrey Ali  7 months back

                          Gonzalo Melendez play fortnite then

                      • Glitched Gamer
                        Glitched Gamer  7 months back

                        Terrible block and evade system

                        • Brent Brave
                          Brent Brave  7 months back

                          Why does Sora not get the Oathkeeper keyblade? Kairi gave it to him! Why does Roxas have it?

                          • knight light
                            knight light  7 months back

                            Thanks for a crappy kh3 I feel like I wasted 60

                            • Jeffrey Ali
                              Jeffrey Ali  7 months back

                              knight light great insight dude, complain more why don't ya

                          • The GanJiCiAn
                            The GanJiCiAn  7 months back

                            Come on Square Enix put Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 and 2.5 Remix on Nintendo Switch. It would sell like crazy!

                            • wtf why?
                              wtf why?  7 months back

                              what a waste of time (playing + waiting to this, kind of KH") and money. Seriusly 69€ (73$) for this Story, are you fucking kidding me NOMURA and Square??? im out of any future game, first was FF XIII, later the fucking FF XV and now KH3. Bye Square. KH3 4/10.

                              • Jeffrey Ali
                                Jeffrey Ali  7 months back

                                wtf why? Quit your bitching dude, the game is good

                            • shotsghots animation
                              shotsghots animation  7 months back

                              can you make pixar cars dlc set

                              • MatsuyoRific
                                MatsuyoRific  7 months back

                                Now that this game is out, can we get that animated series which would span through the Xehanort saga?

                                • Blaze
                                  Blaze  7 months back

                                  Take my wallet.

                                  • DrOinkman
                                    DrOinkman  7 months back

                                    and now pls teach nomura how to actually finish an arc... felt like playing a commercial for kh4.........

                                    • Isabella Davis
                                      Isabella Davis  3 weeks back


                                    • Jeffrey Ali
                                      Jeffrey Ali  7 months back

                                      DrOinkman it was a fitting end, he said it was gonna be bittersweet so deal with it

                                  • JoeySTRIKE
                                    JoeySTRIKE  7 months back

                                    Amazing game

                                    • Rudy López
                                      Rudy López  7 months back

                                      After watching videogamedunkeys review i no Longer Want to buy this game (i had dreams) plz fix this game

                                      • Jeffrey Ali
                                        Jeffrey Ali  7 months back

                                        Sol and The world the game is fine dude, don't change your mind because some hater want to hate on a game for bullshit reasons. The game isn't perfect but not bad at all

                                    • Gobno
                                      Gobno  7 months back

                                      I really don't like Kingdom Hearts

                                      • K christ
                                        K christ  7 months back

                                        As great as Kingdom Hearts 3 is, it's hard to believe Final Fantasy characters were left out.

                                        • TheDymer
                                          TheDymer  7 months back

                                          Kingdom hearts 4

                                          • donotoperateoncrackisagainstracist

                                            are there reward points for beating the game on balance kindness difficulty.

                                            • DJ
                                              DJ  7 months back

                                              They shouldn't have showrd us so much, but at the same time add more worlds. I mean production time was pretty long.. and only like 7 or 8 worlds to show for it.. really plus all worlds had been fleshed out except for the main story ones. Twilight Town especially, I was looking forward to that but ended up being a dud in my opinion. Along with not having the ability to explore that city for the last battle. This game was good but it could have and should have been more.

                                              • PiccirilloGames
                                                PiccirilloGames  7 months back

                                                Hey! I would like Kingdom Hearts 3 to be dubbed here in Brazil, because a lot of people do not know inlges (like me) And I would love to hear the voices of our voice actors in each character! This would be a dream and I would cry happily

                                                • Jonathan Rojas Cardozo
                                                  Jonathan Rojas Cardozo  7 months back

                                                  chrono cross remake please!

                                                  • Stamination
                                                    Stamination  7 months back

                                                    Please release to PC soon so I can play in the foreseeable future.

                                                    • WolfQueen 281
                                                      WolfQueen 281  7 months back

                                                      Pls dont make it an end

                                                      • LV 7
                                                        LV 7  7 months back

                                                        Sora for Smash Ultimate!

                                                        • Jacob Recinos
                                                          Jacob Recinos  7 months back

                                                          I want to thank you for taking me back to my childhood reliving those times staying up playing both games late at night. I am so grateful for this gift you have given me. 13 years and worth the wait, it’s sad to see it go :(

                                                          • Rico TV
                                                            Rico TV  7 months back

                                                            I just love kingdom hearts and I really want to play the 3 part, but with English voice output a lot is lost for me. partly because the video scenes are too fast to read everything from the subtitle. Would it still be possible to bring a German speech edition?
                                                            You could start a survey or something like that here on youtube to see if it would count and so you would also take a little by the clicks on the video. that would only have to be communicated to German magazines and co and then it should work out.

                                                            I would be very happy about an answer
                                                            Many thanks in advance

                                                            • TheyCallMe Kumar
                                                              TheyCallMe Kumar  7 months back

                                                              I mean 13 years ...

                                                              • TheyCallMe Kumar
                                                                TheyCallMe Kumar  7 months back

                                                                Can’t wait for another 6 years for the next one or wait maybe dlc

                                                              • TheyCallMe Kumar
                                                                TheyCallMe Kumar  7 months back

                                                                The game was to short . It’s been years come on square the worlds don’t even have a second run through and I cleared the game
                                                                In two days .... I’m sadly disappointed

                                                                • Honest Dix
                                                                  Honest Dix  7 months back

                                                                  I wish they have panel of Kingdom Hearts casts:
                                                                  Haley Joel Osment
                                                                  David Gallagher
                                                                  Hayden Panettiere
                                                                  Alyson Stoner
                                                                  Quinton Flynn
                                                                  Willa Holland
                                                                  Jason Dohring
                                                                  Jesse McCartney
                                                                  Bret Iwan
                                                                  Tony Anselmo
                                                                  Bill Farmer

                                                                  • Angel dmf Salgado
                                                                    Angel dmf Salgado  7 months back

                                                                    Did anyone else get a late notification

                                                                    • gaby gamer
                                                                      gaby gamer  7 months back

                                                                      Yo why isnt sephiroth in the game????

                                                                      • LaroTayoGaming
                                                                        LaroTayoGaming  7 months back


                                                                        • adri jimy
                                                                          adri jimy  7 months back

                                                                          You lack essence that darkness of the Kingdom Hearts that mystery that reminds of the final fantasy along with those disney moments that touched your heart. You have lost it and you are a little more commercial and magical world for children. Something tells me that you have not collaborated much with square Enix this time