Penn RAGES When Getting FOOLED By The Same Magician TWICE!


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  • stretch nuttz
    stretch nuttz  29 minutes back

    It was behind the box flap and he put it in the guys hand.....

    • Gerard Mckinnell
      Gerard Mckinnell  43 minutes back

      You are a complete twat! Why do you have Penn with, 'WHAT THE F***; and his mouth covered with the word, 'CENSORED'? Stop this fucking bullshit thumbnail bollocks. I will never watch you shit channel again.

      • Caleb Whyley
        Caleb Whyley  9 hours back

        At 5:24 you can hear him close the box. The random volunteer wasn’t random and knew how to distinguish the gorilla from the parrots and at 5:24 he snuck it into the box

        • Nicolas Renaud
          Nicolas Renaud  14 hours back

          Gilbert gkttem

          • Chris hernandez
            Chris hernandez  14 hours back

            Why those the "Random" volunteer have a Mic on

            • Slauderek
              Slauderek  13 hours back

              Chris hernandez I’m sure they could do it better. I’m just saying what they did. They could’ve cut it while he was walking on stage. Maybe the initial toss wasn’t that good so they re did it for the guy after putting his mic on to make it look more clean

            • Chris hernandez
              Chris hernandez  14 hours back

              @Slauderek do you know long it takes put a Mic on someone to the point where its not noticeable ? In that amount of time you could've set everything up making the illusion less impressive

            • Slauderek
              Slauderek  14 hours back

              They picked the random audience member, then stopped rolling the cameras, gave the guy a mic, rolled the cameras, and gave him another throw so it would flow better and he can go right on stage and be in the act

          • Daniel Watkins
            Daniel Watkins  15 hours back

            random volunteer got like 550ms ping

            • Zandeus
              Zandeus  16 hours back

              Bummer to find out that this show is completely fake.

              • The H2oHammer
                The H2oHammer  17 hours back

                Were he through the ball was not were it was chought.

                • David Estep
                  David Estep  18 hours back

                  Wow. Even I saw how easily that was done. Of course, I can watch the video. When he picks up the box, and then transfers box to his other side, you NEVER see both hands at once during. Then the he presents box to volunteer & literally places (feeds) the gorilla (object) into the volunteers hand (or path of hand). You can see his right elbow is bent with his right hand near his navel and left hand holding box just after pushing up into other dude’s hand. Dude just reached down and grabbed for anything. Was easy to do from behind box.

                  • David B
                    David B  18 hours back

                    Is that really Tellers voice?? I've never heard his voice before!

                    • Brian L.
                      Brian L.  1 hours back

                      When did he talk?

                  • Hello There
                    Hello There  20 hours back

                    This is silly....he hands the dude the gorilla at 5:30 -- and he's not a random voluteer..he's in on the 'trick'

                    • simon w
                      simon w  1 days back

                      I don’t get it. This isn’t a magic trick. The video wzs recorded and he gave the guy what he wanted.

                      • jcr912
                        jcr912  1 days back

                        Pretty sure Gilbert's part was prerecorded, if you analyze it there was a quick cut in the video, I suspect most of it was recorded once and then they recorded several takes with different names in the envelope and spliced it in.

                        • BoBo_Jones
                          BoBo_Jones  1 days back

                          who was the numpty that designed that trophy . not the kind of thing to leave out on show like some of the other awarded trohies out there.

                          • riddersjc
                            riddersjc  32 minutes back

                            Yeah, uhh, that's the point, it has a big F U on it. The real reward is publicity.

                        • Paul Michaud
                          Paul Michaud  2 days back

                          So the guy has a gorilla and the paper in the envelope says gorilla, and that's supposed to be a trick? I'm fooled.

                          • Mark Fuston
                            Mark Fuston  8 hours back

                            And the fact that the video that was recorded beforehand had the guy's, plus the box didn't have a gorilla in it yet he was able to pull one out, that's why they wanted to examine the box, they thought it was a trick box or something.

                        • Moriesto
                          Moriesto  2 days back

                          this is fckn set up!!! look when he throw a ball and then slide after how this ball go not from the left side but from the buttom... unsubscribe!!!

                          • Glenn Krieger
                            Glenn Krieger  2 days back

                            There's something fishy here. And it's been mentioned already in the comment section. From 3:37 to 3:39 there's a clear mismatch between Teller throwing the ball in one direction, and a man catching it in an entirely different direction in the next clip. Plus you see the ball is clearly thrown to the "volunteer" at the end of the row where nobody else could even have a go at catching it.

                            Then, at 5:14 you can clearly see the same guy holding his ring finger away from his glasses (didn't turn around as instructed) making it possible for him to see the next move (as he's part of the trick). Or, he doesn't need glasses at all and he can always just peer from behind his fake glasses, because the fake glasses keep his hand from completely covering his eyes. Anyways, that's when the magician is clearly holding the gorilla behind the upper flap of the box which he folds into the box, with the box itself protecting this move (plus it seems that part of the video is clipped here doesn't it?), placing the gorilla in the box. Where, the supposed volunteer can see where it's at as he's not turned around, and not completely covering his vision on the left side.

                            The whole thing seems fake and yet the magician fools Penn and Teller? Huh? Just killed my faith in this show.

                            • Someone you don't know
                              Someone you don't know  17 hours back

                              Allow me to shed some light on what I'm sure happened here. Firstly, I'll reiterate what above comments said, concerning the throw to the audience and the sudden cut to the row seat. Teller tossed the ball into the audience which landed in the middle and Mark caught it. If you notice, Mark's voice is clearly audible, insinuating that he has a microphone on him; so what likely happened was Mark caught the ball, the producers got a microphone on him and moved him to the edge so it would be easier for him to get up from his seat and to the stage, then decided the to make the cut. Also notice how nobody else is reaching for the ball besides him after the cut, insinuating that that everyone else knew he'd already been chosen and there was no point.

                              Now to go to your next point. My thoughts are the guy covered his eyes, realized his glasses were on and then just closed his eyes. Chances are he was nervous and was clumsy with his movements when told to turn around. If you keep watching you will see that he did turn his body when Gilbert was talking. The trick that was done here, at least from what I can tell, is at 5:31 he handed Mark the gorilla, along with the live feed being freeze-framed in between Gottfried leaving and coming back. Keep in mind that P&T are sitting slightly lower than the stage, so what we as viewers on Youtube saw was not necessarily what they saw.

                              The video isn't faked, we were just able to see the trick that P&T weren't able to pick up on at first glance. I'm sure 9/10 times if they watch the videos back they eventually figure out what fooled them.

                          • Callum Gillman
                            Callum Gillman  2 days back

                            Holy shit... I think this one is super obvious... Ok look at when he's done the parrots bit and shown nothin in box... he tilts box towards himself causing parrots to fall to lower side, he pulls in the gorilla from jacket pocket (clothes very necessary for this trick) and also flips the box lid that, if you notice when Teller inspects have whats called 'Over Flap' tops which cover 2/3rds of the length of the box. Thus when parrots slide downwards he uses the uper box flap to push them down then slips his hand in and literally passes the volunteer the Gorilla with his own hand covered by the tilted box.. take another look... reckon I'm right? Basically the Volunteer cannot pick a parrot and the first thing they touch is the gorilla he hands them..

                            • Kasper
                              Kasper  2 days back

                              This one was 100% unimpressive in my opinion; wayyyy too much technology involved here.
                              I would much rather watch a guy use a method I'm familiar with to make coins disappear or show me my card than to see an act that involves so much dependence on technology.
                              They only part of this I actually enjoyed was seeing Penn's reaction to Gilbert's voice. This isn't magic...

                              • Cybrax Cyberspace
                                Cybrax Cyberspace  2 days back

                                There is no way he fooled them even I could see how he did it...

                              • Adrian metzler-holden
                                Adrian metzler-holden  2 days back

                                Let’s not let this allow us all to forget that trump had Epstein killed.

                                • Adrian metzler-holden
                                  Adrian metzler-holden  1 days back

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                                • Twistie Man
                                  Twistie Man  1 days back

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                                • Adrian metzler-holden
                                  Adrian metzler-holden  1 days back

                                  Twistie Man oh man my predicta text really messed up parts of my rant. You sure I copied this? Lol look at the errors 😂😂😂🤦‍♂️

                                • Adrian metzler-holden
                                  Adrian metzler-holden  1 days back

                                  Twistie Man gay furry thread??? 😂 what’s that? Should I type gay furry into my search bar?

                                • Adrian metzler-holden
                                  Adrian metzler-holden  1 days back

                                  Twistie Man copy and past? You think I’m that good? Thank you. Please go find where I copied my rant from. 😂 you can copy and past what I wrote and put it in the search bar if that helps.😂🤦‍♂️really? You really think I copied and pasted this slather of insults to the orange Cesar Julius?😂 thats a compliment to me.

                              • Retro Grandad
                                Retro Grandad  3 days back

                                You can see him palm the toy in to the box.

                                • Paul Muro
                                  Paul Muro  3 days back

                                  This show is just fake to trick gullible people.

                                  • Paul Muro
                                    Paul Muro  3 days back

                                    The way he was pulling out the parrots and putting them back in the box to hide where the gorilla was and the way he was holding the box so you can't see the full bottom says It all. How didn't the catch that the show is fake I literally was fumbling trying to see where the gorrila was at before he handed it to Mark.

                                    • resonantevol
                                      resonantevol  3 days back

                                      This was a really lame trick.

                                      • SAM FISHER
                                        SAM FISHER  3 days back

                                        He pulls that stuffed animal out from his waste. Rest is obviously staged. Dumb.

                                        • SAM FISHER
                                          SAM FISHER  2 days back

                                          @Random Task staged . Google it

                                        • Random Task
                                          Random Task  2 days back

                                          Since you clearly understood the trick please explain how Mark's name was on the paper and how he forced him into picking the gorilla out of the rest of them?

                                          I'll wait.

                                      • Gosy
                                        Gosy  3 days back

                                        5:27, he's giving him the monkey, idk about the name on the paper.

                                        • Mr Maj
                                          Mr Maj  3 days back

                                          at 5:31 you can see he gave the Gorila that a few secend before he took it out of his coat to picked audience. are Penn and Teller get money to boost magician career with saying we were fooled?

                                          • niranjan joshi
                                            niranjan joshi  3 days back

                                            Can't believe Penn n Teller got fooled. This is as simple as. Gorilla was already behind the box. Look at the way vinny holding the box. He puts the gorilla in the box while pretending to cover the box which was unnecessary. Also he hands gorilla to assistant. Watch video carefully I m sure u guys can figure it out.

                                            • Luis Rendon
                                              Luis Rendon  3 days back

                                              I can't see where he had it hidden on himself, but I do see that he hands it to the "volunteer". I also agree with yo guys when we all saw the change of "volunteer", in occasions like this they simply pass a mic then and there or have the person come immediately to the stage and may or may not set the person up with a body mic.

                                              • tawkinhedz
                                                tawkinhedz  3 days back

                                                This shit is staged as fuck

                                                • Truth Witness
                                                  Truth Witness  3 days back

                                                  Who thinks that Teller is Alisons father..??

                                                  • Marcos Souza
                                                    Marcos Souza  3 days back

                                                    Video tricks does not entertain me. Illusionism is made of real objects, fisical moves, live stuff. Video has its own magic, anyone with a computer can do that.

                                                    • Doggo
                                                      Doggo  4 days back

                                                      what the hell was up with that "random" volunteer??

                                                      • Penguinflo
                                                        Penguinflo  4 hours back

                                                        The randoms name was on Gilbert's card

                                                      • Ordonity
                                                        Ordonity  13 hours back

                                                        Gilbert Godfrey

                                                    • ashwin
                                                      ashwin  4 days back

                                                      I think the stuffed gorilla was behind the box that Vinny was using and you can see how when he was closing the box and when Mark picked the stuffed animal the magician's hand was always inside or over the box and he kept the box at a weird angle. Also at 5:30, he got the animal so quickly seemed like the magician handed it to him.

                                                      • nikos pant
                                                        nikos pant  4 days back

                                                        The slight of hand the guy on live chat is using to place the damn paper in the envelope is mad. I had to freezeframe many times to ''see '' What he was up to. And the distraction was masterful. The cocky dicks did it in plain view. They didn't freeze the live stream. No cheap tricks were used here. Thought this couldn't be performed live and fool them its mad. I know what the asshole did, i know when he did it, i know how he did it, i can see this frame by frame and i can't see the actual move. And i know that's how he did it cause there is no other damned way except cheating and freezing the bloody stream and that is too cheap! A tip off, let's just say i wouldn't trust this envelope to ''hold'' any letter.

                                                        Bunch of cocky dicks smh...

                                                        • FinallyIhavecomeback
                                                          FinallyIhavecomeback  4 days back

                                                          It's editing. Watch the envelope at 4:20 you will see it jump for a split second behind Gilbert

                                                          • Erik Peterson
                                                            Erik Peterson  4 days back

                                                            teller clearly threw the ball across the audience but when they switch angles it's heading straight backwards up the aisle

                                                            Edit: seems "mark" already has a microphone on

                                                            • Ben Richter
                                                              Ben Richter  2 days back

                                                              Erik Peterson Probably was a weird edit for time for them to get him mic’d up, or at least have some sort of area mic get near him

                                                          • Michael Pedone
                                                            Michael Pedone  4 days back

                                                            Too easy when Gilbert walks away it's a still on the screen they get the name of the guy and place the prediction in the envelope and switch back to live stream now he just needs to get the gorilla in the guys hand

                                                            • Mark Coghlan
                                                              Mark Coghlan  4 days back

                                                              c'mon. the video of Gilbert was shot before the performance. its staged to look live.

                                                              • Stephen Olan
                                                                Stephen Olan  3 days back

                                                                So it was show before they knew that Mark would be the volunteer?

                                                            • SuperMisterKory
                                                              SuperMisterKory  4 days back

                                                              This trick looks ridiculously staged, don't you think? Okay, let me dissect this a little..

                                                              1) It was clear that the magician handed the gorilla teddy to the man and there is no doubt in my mind that P&T saw that. He held the box at an angle to attempt to try and hide his right hand, it wasn't even misdirection or anything, he did it quite openly.. and I'd be surprised if that genuinely went over P&T's heads because I caught onto that straight away on my first viewing and they've got 100 years of experience between them over me.. come on now.
                                                              2) They've got one of their friends to take part in the trick - there must be some connection there?
                                                              3) The trick was too simple and easy to solve. The use of external video link made them suggest obvious solutions to do with the video and throw the audience from how easy it really was done. "maybe the use of green screen, blue screen, chroma key.." - these are all "technical terms" to do with film trickery, when it was clearly nothing to do with that at all. I feel this was just a way to divert the audiences attention away from how easily the trick was actually done.
                                                              4) Alyson even says "The first time you fooled them" as if he'd done it a second time too.. this was before it was even announced that he'd fooled them a second time. The wording is a little suspicious, it's like she already knew he'd fooled them a second time before they'd "admitted" it. I just think you'd say something like "the first time you came on the show, you fooled them", as opposed to "the first time that you fooled them" if you didn't already know he'd done it again.

                                                              Just my two cents.

                                                              • David Garza
                                                                David Garza  4 days back

                                                                I was looking at it, but then....zzzz.

                                                                • KEVRO
                                                                  KEVRO  4 days back

                                                                  Random audience member? Who gets randomly mic'd up..... yea....

                                                                  • Wess World
                                                                    Wess World  3 days back

                                                                    Lol yall are so fucking stupid. Theres like 1000x edits and cuts. Lol. They mic him up after he catches it and then edit it all yah doofus.

                                                                • john barber
                                                                  john barber  4 days back

                                                                  he through the ball straight to that guy

                                                                  • Danny Helser
                                                                    Danny Helser  19 hours back

                                                                    john barber lucky it didn’t go threw his hands

                                                                • Jonas Oberhauser
                                                                  Jonas Oberhauser  4 days back

                                                                  Took me a while to realize the card in the end has the mark's name 😂😂 very clever to combine it with the force and the misdirection with the parrot, this means you need to watch it twice to figure out at what point they got the name onto the card

                                                                  • Raul Cabrera
                                                                    Raul Cabrera  4 days back

                                                                    5:24 he doesnt smoothly put the gorilla in the box but penn and teller were probably watching the old guy so they didn't see when he puts the gorilla in the box.

                                                                    • Sawk Et
                                                                      Sawk Et  4 days back

                                                                      They all fooled the audience, and that's what really matters.

                                                                      • m j s
                                                                        m j s  4 days back

                                                                        This is great, I dont even have to watch the video, I already know what happens in the end!